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Frequently asked questions

Essentially, pet health care is almost synonymous with pet insurance for a reason. As we humans need life insurance and financial protection in case of an accident, so do pets. However, there are two types of pet health care preventions: wellness plans and insurance programs.

Wellness plans – or preventative plans – imply programs based on appropriate nutrition, vaccination schemes, free vets visits, free tests, scans, etc. – basically free vet visits. To sum up, Pet Wellness Plans are reimbursement models that will repay the costs of mandatory vet visits. 

Contrastingly, Pet Insurance Programs cover costly payments caused by accidents or chronic illnesses. There are at least three different models for pet insurance programs.

The first model is accidents only. As the name implies, the insurance will cover any accident like breaking bones, getting bitten by – poisonous – predators, poisonous indigestion, etc. The accidents model is also called the basic pet insurance program.

The second model includes coverage from chronic illnesses like heart diseases or asthma on top of the basic plan and inherited diseases. 

The third model is all-inclusive, and it covers accidents, hereditary, chronic diseases, cancer, and special needs.

Each program, including the wellness plans, prices differently for cats and dogs as they have different needs. Also, no insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions.

Luckily, US pet parents have loads of options to own and raise a dog, even if they cannot afford the vet bills. For example, there’s the Animal Humane Society, an organization of multiple pet clinics that provide better pet treatments. The idea behind Animal Humane Society is to find a way to keep the pets in a family and help families with all the possible vet costs that come with raising a pet. 


Moreover, Animal Humane Society focuses on Frogtown, and East St. Paul, as the residents living there have lower fixed incomes. The salaries aren’t even close to enough to raise a pet or regular checkups. Therefore, the Animal Humane Society hosts several free health care days where locals come with their pets for exams or get the needed vaccines.


Likewise, other organizations help cover the bills for pet parents with pets suffering from severe illnesses. TEAR or The Emergency Animal Relief is a non-profit organization that raises funds to help families in Southeastern Michigan with pets suffering from severe illnesses with heavy treatments or surgeries. Thus, if your pet has cancer or suffers from a chronic illness, and you don’t have the needed funds for treatment – reach out to TEAR Foundation.

Pet Insurance is as important as Human Life Insurance. Basically, both insurance policies consider the same risks that can occur in a lifetime. Depending on the program you choose, you can get: 


  • Accidents Only
  • Accidents, Chronic Illnesses, and Cancer
  • Special Needs Insurance


These programs will play a huge role in pet parenthood as they are budget-friendly because vet bills are wildly high. A simple X-ray can cost between $150 – $250, and the average cancer treatment is estimated at $10,000. 


Also, the Veterinary Cancer Society estimates 1 in 4 dogs will develop cancer, with dogs older than 10 years having 50%-50% to develop cancer. The least you can do in such situations is get pet insurance. They will provide the needed care regarding severe illnesses, special needs, and accidents, and you’ll have a clear conscience.


However, no pet insurance tolerates pre-existing illnesses. So, before you get the insurance, you’ll be asked to provide vet treatments that prove your pet is healthy at the time of application. Otherwise, your claim will be dismissed.


Therefore, before it gets too late, make sure you make the right choices for your pet.

This is oddly a relative but also a relevant question. Pet Insurance is worth it in any case as it offers financial aid when you take your pet to various vet checkups, treatments, examinations, etc. In such a situation, the answer is – yes. It’s worth it.


However, there’s a scenario where a pet health insurance policy is not worth it. For example, if your pet is young, with an immune system that’s alive and kicking, and you choose a pet insurance policy covering multiple causes like special needs or cancer treatments, you might have made a mistake. 


At a young age, pets don’t need the offered coverage for cancer because the chances are unlikely to happen. But, pet insurance policies make full-pack coverage programs for a higher price. The trick is to get all in one regardless of whether you need it or not. 


Consult with your vet before filing for pet insurance to avoid such costly errors. Vets will update you on the current development stage of your pet, its current needs, and the possible health perils that might occur in that stage. 


Furthermore, when choosing the program, avoid full-packed packages, and find a suitable policy according to your needs. There are numerous Pet Insurance Policies around the US that can offer you everything you need. To make your insurance worth it, all you need to do is base it on your pet’s needs. 

Pet Care Online is the ultimate pet insurance hive where you can find everything you need related to your pet. 

You have full reviews of the leading and most wanted pet insurance policies, including Trupanion, Embrace, ASPCA, and Lemonade, to name a few. You can have a clear view of each insurance policy’s program, the pricing, pros and cons, and real user testimonials. It’s important to note that not all insurance companies cover exotic pets such as birds and reptiles. 

Furthermore, if you are between two minds, you can check the main comparisons between the companies. The comparison reviews point out the main similarities, advantages, and disadvantages of each insurance policy that will help you navigate to finding suitable insurance for your pet’s needs.

Aside from pet insurance policies, at Pet Care online, you can get informed about wellness plans, too.  Vets assume each dog or cat has different needs at a certain age, so pet parents should know what’s best for their furry member upfront. For example, Banfield, as the leading pet hospital in the US, offers 5 different wellness plans tailored to your pet’s age.


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