Taurine for Dogs: Benefits, Symptoms, and Best Foods

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Everyone knows a healthy dog’s diet should consist of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. But, other nutrients often go unnoticed, and they can significantly influence a dog’s health status. These nutrients include amino acids and specific vitamins. Today’s article looks at why taurine is vital for dogs and what benefits it provides them with, along with […]

How to Cancel MetLife Pet Insurance Policies?

How to Cancel MetLife Pet Insurance Policies

Keep in Mind Before canceling your MetLife Pet Insurance policy: You will need to give at least 30 days’ notice before your policy cancellation takes effect. If you cancel MetLife Pet Insurance policy during the waiting period, you will not be refunded any premiums you have paid. If you have any claims pending, you will need to […]

Best Foods for Maltese Dogs

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Maltese have become very popular in the past few decades as their size allows them to be apartment pets. Like other dogs, they need high-quality, nutritious food that supports their health. Protein sources such as fish, lamb and novel options like elk, kangaroo, and camel (for pets with allergies) make excellent choices for them. Today’s […]

Do All Vets Take Lemonade Pet Insurance? – Can You Count On It?

Do All Vets Take Lemonade Pet Insurance

At a Glance Not all vets take Lemonade pet insurance. Lemonade works with a network of over 30,000 vets in the US, but not all vets are part of this network. You can check Lemonade’s website to see if your vet is in their network. If your vet is not in the Lemonade network, you […]

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? All Options Covered

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Oranges are among the most popular citrus fruits on the planet, and many people have them on a regular basis. But as a responsible dog owner, you might ask yourself if your dog can have oranges just as much as you can. That is the question we are answering in today’s article. We’re looking at […]

Best Dog Foods for Allergies in 2023 – All The Healthy Options

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Over the course of a dog’s life, they might experience various health issues and complications. One of the more common ones is a food allergy. Food allergies can happen because of various causes and can produce different symptoms. They also call for unique therapies and customized diet choices. Read on to find out more on […]

How Does MetLife Pet Insurance Work? – All You Need to Know

How Does Metlife Pet Insurance Work

MetLife Pet Insurance is one of the most popular, convenient, and effective options that pet owners across North America now have at their disposal. Some of the premiums asked by this company can be as low as $9 to $10 per month, but their overall value depends on several factors, such as the animal’s health […]

Does Prudent Pet Cover Neutering? – What Are Your Options?

Does Prudent Pet Cover Neutering

Spaying or Neutering – An Overview When it comes to getting your pet spayed or neutered, you should know that this is an elective procedure. That means that it’s quite likely for it not to be covered by the most basic plans that the majority of pet insurance companies can offer. You may choose to […]

How Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Work?

How does lemonade pet insurance works

Getting pet insurance in North America is practically a must these days, given the value of the vet bills that pet owners can expect in situations such as accidents. If you do not have a savings account specifically made for your companion and you’d feel a little more reassured by getting them insurance, here’s what […]

Routine Vet Care for Dogs – Guide with Everything You Need to Know

Routine Vet Care for Dogs

Caring for pets is always a responsibility and routine vet care for dogs is highly crucial, whether for vaccines or just a screening every now and then can prevent a myriad of conditions that your dog might develop. In today’s article, we’re looking at everything you should know about routine exams, from what they exactly […]