How Often Should I Take My Dog to the Vet? All You Need to Know

How Often Should I Take My Dog to the Vets

Overview How often should I take my dog to the vet? The answer may surprise you. Like people, our furry friends need to go to the doctor for regular check-ups. It is generally recommended that puppies have their first visit to the vet within 6-8 weeks of adoption, but what about when they get older, […]

How to Use Pet Insurance Like a Pro

How to Use Pet Insurance Like a Pro

Most people don’t even know how intricate pet insurance can be before they unknowingly enlist their pets. We all get that it’s a major preventative measure for animal parents to use pet insurance as fast as possible – sometimes, even life-saving! Still, there are a bunch of assets to be wary about prior to engaging […]

What is Pet Liability Insurance – Complete Guide

What is pet liability insurance

Pet owners can’t even imagine life without their lovely furry companions. Even though pets are sweet and cuddly, the unfortunate fact is that they can sometimes cause significant problems. Dogs and cats are people’s best friends, which is why it’s hard to believe that they can bite or harm the people in your closest environment. […]

A Guide To Pet Illness Insurance – Here’s All You Need To Know

Pet Illness Insurance

Pet illness insurance, also known as pet health insurance, is a type of insurance that helps pet owners cover the costs of unexpected veterinary expenses for their furry companions. It can provide peace of mind and financial protection in the event of your pet’s illness or injury. If you’re a pet owner or are planning […]

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost featured image

About 90.5 million households, or 70% of the families in the USA, own a pet. This astonishing number is no surprise, as pets bring joy to our homes. However, owning a pet can dent your monthly budget because the cost of pet care, treatments, and medication rises continuously. Luckily, you can get pet insurance as […]

What Is Pet Insurance Waiting Period?

Pet Insurance Waiting Period

There’s a common misconception that insurance companies will immediately cover an accident or illness your pet undergoes and expect reimbursement after the claim. While some pet insurance companies may reimburse you just as you’re heading home from the vet, you can’t purchase insurance today and expect to file a claim tomorrow. Pet insurance companies use […]

Which Pet Insurance Does Not Increase With Age? Here’s The Answer

Which Pet Insurance Does Not Increase With Age

Finding suitable pet insurance when your furry friend is getting older is pretty challenging. Un-furr-tunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all pet policy to cover your loyal companion, but you can still find good pet insurance that does not increase with age.  Read on as we are about to run you through the insurance policies suitable for […]

Reasons Why Indoor Cats Need Pet Insurance

Reasons Why Indoor Cats Need Pet Insurance

In general, cats are considered to be more low-maintenance pets than dogs. They maintain their own hygiene by grooming themselves, they can spend more time alone, and you don’t need to take them out on a walk every day as soon as you get home. So, many owners ask themselves – do cats need pet […]

Why Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover Pre-existing Conditions

Why Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover Pre-existing Conditions

Straight Answers! Financial risk. Pet insurance companies are businesses, and they need to make money. If they covered pre-existing conditions, they would have to pay out more in claims, which would make it difficult for them to stay profitable. Moral hazard. Moral hazard is the idea that people are more likely to take risks if […]

What Factors Affect The Price Of Pet Insurance?

What Factors Affect The Price Of Pet Insurance

We all want our pets to be safe. But it’s normal for pets, like humans to get sick or sometimes even injured during play. In these cases, we rush down to the vet, all the while hoping that nothing is going to happen to our furry friend. But let’s face it, a small part of […]