Best Pet Insurance for Dobermans: Overview of the Top 5 Providers

Best Pet Insurance for Dobermans

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Lemonade is Best Choice for:

Lemonade is best known for providing insurance coverage for various personal belongings, including home, renters, and pet insurance. They offer a user-friendly digital platform and quick claims processing.

Healthy Paws is Best Choice for:

Healthy Paws is best known for offering pet insurance. They provide comprehensive coverage for accidents, illnesses, and hereditary conditions. Healthy Paws is popular for their unlimited lifetime benefits and fast claim reimbursement.

Prudent Pet is Best Choice for:

Prudent Pet is best known for its pet insurance plans. They offer customizable coverage options for dogs and cats, including accident and illness coverage, as well as routine care add-ons. Prudent Pet focuses on providing affordable options for pet owners.

Wagmo is Best Choice for:

Wagmo is best known for its pet wellness plans. They offer coverage for routine care, including vaccinations, wellness exams, and preventive treatments. Wagmo aims to make pet healthcare more accessible and affordable for pet owners.

Trupanion is Best Choice for:

Trupanion is best known for its medical insurance for pets. They offer comprehensive coverage for illnesses and injuries, including hereditary and congenital conditions. Trupanion is known for its direct payment to veterinary clinics, which can help ease the financial burden on pet owners.

Some may find the figure and strength of a Doberman intimidating, yet any owner can tell you that they’re more than they appear. This breed was reproduced to safeguard people as well as to be loyal companion buddies with a soft side to them.

Sadly, the Doberman breed is inclined toward specific ailments that may be costly to treat down the line. However, you might have the option to take care of the significant expenses if you find a suitable insurance plan for your companion.

Picking the right pet insurance policy for your adored Doberman can seem like a difficult task, but we’re here to help. This guide will assist you with choosing the best pet insurance for Dobermans all important healthcare needs so you can rest assured that your dogs will get proper care when they need it most.

The Top 5 Best Insurance Policies for Dobermans

Just because a company has a high rating, that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your pet. Since every breed has its specific needs, you will need to look for an insurer that’ll be able to cover them in the best way possible.

Picking a provider can require overwhelming research on the part of a pet owner. This is why we’ve filtered all the best-suited insurance companies for Dobermans and provided you with the necessary information that should guide your decision.

The following insurance companies cover common Doberman issues – from Dilated Cardiography to Hip Dysplasia – and offer premium care for your cherished pet:

Below is a table with general info about each provider:

Company Rating Pet Age Claims Reimbursement Deductibles
CompanyLemonade Rating4.9 Pet AgeMinimum 8 weeks old to enroll Claimsexpiration date - 60 days Reimbursement5-7 days on average Deductibles$200, $300, $500, $750, $1,000
CompanyHealthy Paws Rating4.8 Pet AgeMinimum 8 weeks old to enroll Claimsexpiration date - up to a year Reimbursement2 days on average Deductibles$100, $250, $500
CompanyPrudent Pet Rating4.8 Pet AgeMinimum 8 weeks old to enroll ClaimsExpiration date - 90 days after policy terms end Reimbursement1-7 days on average Deductibles$100, $250, $500, $1,000
CompanyWagmo Rating4.8 Pet AgeMinimum 8 weeks old to enroll ClaimsExpiration date - 180 days Reimbursement2 days on average Deductibles$100, $250, $500
CompanyTrupanion Rating4.6 Pet AgeMinimum 6 weeks old to enroll Claimsexpiration date - 90 days Reimbursement3-4 days on average Deductibles$100 to $1,000
Top 5 Best Insurance Policies for Dobermans

Lemonade Pet Insurance for Dobermans

Lemonade is an organization with B-corp certification, affordable prices, and great consumer loyalty. Customers generally seem satisfied with the services offered and how well Lemonade delivers. If your claim is supported, it will often be paid in a short time.

If you have any unclaimed money left at the end of a year, Lemonade will give up to 40% of it to nonprofit organizations picked by you as the policyholder.

An excellent and helpful feature of Lemonade insurance is the provider’s application. Here, customers can complete everything they need, and filing a claim can be as simple as pressing a button. You’re guided and assisted every step of the way, thanks to Lemonade’s AI assistant – Maya.

Getting your loveable Doberman insured through Lemonade is possible in 37 U.S. states. If you are the proud owner of multiple pets, you will be offered a 5% discount if you choose to purchase more than 1 insurance policy.

Lemonade also offers a discount if you pay on an annual basis. The company only has one basic plan available, but it offers comprehensive coverage that includes:

  • Emergency care;
  • Diagnostics;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Surgery;
  • Injections and prescribed medication.

Although you don’t get much of a choice when it comes to subscription plans, you can customize services to fit your needs. You may choose between 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement and set your annual deductible to $100, $250, or $500. You can also choose the annual cap and opt for as low as $5,000 up to $100,000.

Additional Coverage

All of the aforementioned customizations will impact the ultimate price of your plan. However, another thing that can have an effect on the cost is the selection of additional coverage. Extra services are offered as add-ons and include physical therapy, vet visit, and end-of-life coverage.

Furthermore, Lemonade offers a few preventative care options that you can add on top of your plan to help cover the expenses of routine vet visits and immunizations. These policy riders can cover:

  • A wellness exam;
  • An internal parasite test;
  • Vaccines;
  • Blood tests. 

The pricier wellness options cover a larger number of vaccines and examinations and are geared toward your dog’s specific needs. If you have a younger pup, you’ll be offered a package that includes microchipping and spaying or neutering. Meanwhile, if your dog is over 2 years old, your wellness deal will include routine dental cleaning.


  • App for simple claim completion;
  • A range of discounts offered;
  • Quick response time;
  • Customizable plan.


  • Serves only 37 states;
  • No alternative treatment coverage.
Common Health Issues in Dobermans

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for Dobermans

Healthy Paws has been in business since 2009 and is a highly regarded insurance agency, so it’s no surprise that it made our list. With this provider, you can cover your Doberman’s vet bills in case of:

  • Accidents;
  • Illnesses;
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions;
  • Chronic conditions;
  • Cancer;
  • Emergency care;
  • Prescription medications;
  • Specialty care;
  • Alternative treatments.

Although Healthy Paws offers a wide variety of coverage, including alternative treatments like acupuncture and chiropractics, it doesn’t offer any wellness packages. This means that the provider won’t be able to reimburse you for any preventative care or wellness exam fees.

After you enter your Doberman’s information into the site, you’ll get presented with your plan. You can’t customize the reimbursement rate or annual deductible to what you’d like. You won’t need to change the payout limit, as Healthy Paws doesn’t have any.

Healthy Paws is available in every U.S. state and offers a 24/7 telehealth line. The insurer has a 15-day waiting period for illnesses and accidents, which is pretty common. While certain providers have shorter wait times, 14 days is typical for many companies.

However, the waiting period for hip dysplasia coverage is 12 months, which is significantly longer than the standard. Additionally, pets that are over 6 years old at enrollment don’t qualify to be covered for illnesses related to hip dysplasia. 


  • No per-incident, annual, or lifetime caps;
  • Available nationwide;
  • Alternative treatment coverage;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee in some states.


  • Pet owners with senior dogs get significantly less favorable quotes;
  • No additional coverage options;
  • 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia.
Prudent Pet Pet Insurance for Dobermans

Prudent Pet is a relatively new organization that’s already managed to gain a reputation as a dependable pet insurance supplier. With this provider, you get to choose between 3 plans – Accident Only, Essential, and Ultimate.

The annual caps for the Accident Only and the Essential plans are set at $10,000. Meanwhile, the ultimate plan has no limit on yearly benefits. 

No matter what plan you choose, you can customize your reimbursement rate, setting it to 70%, 80%, or 90%. You can also choose your annual deductible, making it $100, $250, $500, or $1,000. 

All plans come with access to Prudent Pet’s 24/7 vet chat. The Accident Only plan is most limited, only reimbursing fees related to injuries caused due to accidents. The remaining 2 plans offer more comprehensive coverage and include:

  • Accidents;
  • Illnesses;
  • Cancer;
  • Prescribed alternative therapies;
  • Congenital defects and abnormalities;
  • Hip dysplasia;
  • Hereditary conditions;
  • Medication;
  • Radiology and diagnostics;
  • Surgery;
  • behavioral disorders.

In addition to this, the Ultimate plan also covers advertising and reward for lost pets, boarding kennel fees, mortality benefits, and vacation cancellation up to certain amounts.You can insure your Doberman with Prudent Pet from anywhere in the U.S. The insurer has a waiting period of 5 days for accidents, 14 days for illnesses, and 180 days for knee or ligament issues. If you have more than one pet and insure both with Prudent Pet, the organization will grant you a 10% discount.

With Prudent Pet, you can also pay for additional exam fee coverage that will reimburse you for vet exams and consultations. You may also choose one of 3 wellness add-ons – Low, Medium, or High. These come at different prices with corresponding benefits.


  • Accessible nationwide;
  • No upper age limit;
  • 24/7 vet chat;
  • Customizable plans;
  • Wellness add-ons.


  • Long wait period for knee and ligament issues;
  • Expensive to insure older pets.
Prudent Pet Insurance

Wagmo Pet Insurance for Dobermans

Established in 2018 as an organization for pet health insurance, Wagmo is completely focused on giving wellness, prevention, and health coverage to your animal companions. The company offers a fair bit of choice when it comes to your Doberman’s insurance plan and is the only provider on our list to offer 100% coverage.

Wagmo provides insurance across all of the U.S. and works on a reimbursement basis, so you can visit any vet you’d like wherever you are in the country. Although you initially pay veterinary fees out of pocket, the company aims to process claims within a day so you can quickly get your money back.

The pet insurance plan includes the usual accident- and illness-related treatments, surgeries, and medication. Additionally, Wagmo covers end-of-life treatment, i.e., euthanasia.

Although there is only one insurance plan available, you can customize your annual deductible to $250, $500, or $1,000 and set your reimbursement rate to 90% or 100%. The company has a $10,000 per-incident limit and a lifetime cap of $100,000.

You can also get wellness coverage to go with your insurance plan, either when you first make a payment or later down the line. This additional service comes in three levels – Value, Classic, and Deluxe. 

All three options include routine and preventive care like exams, vaccines, blood work, and fecal tests. The Classic package also includes urinalysis, flea and heartworm medication, and grooming. Meanwhile, the Deluxe option adds dental care to the mix.


  • 100% coverage is possible;
  • Quick and easy claim procedures;
  • Wellness coverage available.


  • No rehabilitative, alternative, or holistic care coverage;
  • Per-incident cap;
  • Lifetime payout limit.

Trupanion Pet Insurance for Dobermans

Trupanion is a well-established name in the pet insurance industry, yet also one of the pricier providers. However, there are a few things that make this insurer worth your consideration, especially if you’re a Doberman owner.

Trupanion covers 90% of eligible vet fees due to illness, injury, medical procedures, or breed-specific conditions. While you can’t pick a different reimbursement rate, you get a lot of flexibility when choosing a deductible and are able to set the amount from $0 to $1,000.

The company doesn’t offer preventative care, but it does have two policy riders – Recovery & Complimentary Care and Pet Owner’s Assistance. One of the biggest advantages of Trupanion is that you don’t have to pay out of pocket and can file a claim at the vet hospital when you check out. This way, you only pay for your part and won’t need to wait to be reimbursed.


  • Pays vet directly;
  • Flexible deductibles;
  • Pet aging doesn’t drastically raise premiums;
  • Support available 24/7.


  • Examination fees are not covered;
  • Alternative therapies are only available with a policy rider.
Trupanion Pet Insurance

Common Health Issues in Dobermans

Some common bacterial and virus infections that generally all dogs can contract include parvo, rabies, and distemper. The risk of these, though, is usually eliminated with proper vaccinations.

Even though Dobermans are generally healthy, there are certain medical conditions that the breed is prone to. One of these is gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) syndrome, widely known as bloat. 

GDV is a potentially deadly condition especially common for large, deep-chested dogs like Doberman Pinschers. Even something as simple as your dog exercising after a meal can cause bloat. This will demand an emergency vet trip and possibly incur large medical bills.

Other issues your Doberman may be genetically predisposed to include hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, dilated cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart), von Willebrand’s illness (a clotting disorder), and progressive retinal atrophy.

Dobermans are also among the dog breeds most prone to developing cancer, especially mammary tumors which have a lifetime risk of 23-34%.

How Much Is Pet Insurance for Dobermans?

The pet’s prior medical condition, gender, age, location, and other factors will determine the policy costs.

It’s good to keep in mind that your monthly payment may increase because of your dog’s advancing age, changes in medical technology, and the rising number of claims where you live. Thus, prices will not only vary but may be prone to change over time. 

For example, even if your Doberman is cited at $55 a month today, that cost can and likely will fluctuate in the future. However, you can approximate how much you will pay as time goes on.

To do this, we looked at plans for Doberman Pinschers with multiple famous pet insurance suppliers. We investigated the monthly rates for different ages and various locations and came up with the following chart that shows the price range of insurance for Dobermans.

State Average Premium for 6-month Puppy Average Premium for 18-month Dog Average Premium for <6-year Dog
StateArizona Average Premium for 6-month Puppy$49.25 Average Premium for 18-month Dog$49.25 Average Premium for <6-year Dog$61.17
StateAlabama Average Premium for 6-month Puppy$39.43 Average Premium for 18-month Dog$39.43 Average Premium for <6-year Dog$48.95
StateNew York Average Premium for 6-month Puppy$56.47 Average Premium for 18-month Dog$56.47 Average Premium for <6-year Dog$70.22
StateColorado Average Premium for 6-month Puppy$43.96 Average Premium for 18-month Dog$43.96 Average Premium for <6-year Dog$54.76
StateGeorgia Average Premium for 6-month Puppy$32.45 Average Premium for 18-month Dog$34.00 Average Premium for <6-year Dog$40.38

From this chart, we can see how different rates can be depending on the region. Georgia residents see the lowest prices, with an average of $32.45 – $40.38. Meanwhile, the most expensive state is New York, with a $56.47 average premium for puppies that can reach $70.22 for an adult Dobberman.

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance for Dobermans

It’s good to have options when selecting your Dobberman’s health insurance policy. This lets you find the best option that will cover a wide range of health-related issues at the most suitable cost.

However, all these choices can also be overwhelming. After all, your dog’s health is in question, so making a decision isn’t easy. Even if you’re looking at our list of top 5 providers, you can’t close your eyes and pick at random – you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

If you want to make an informed choice that’s ideal for your pup, you should consider the following;


Some pet insurance suppliers offer their services nationwide, while others only operate in specific states. Hence, before you start browsing any offers, it’s wise to check whether the insurance agency is available in your place of residence.

Age Limits

Lower age limits are pretty common, and your Dobberman will generally need to be at least 2 months old to be insured. However, certain pet protection suppliers also have upper age limits and may not enlist a senior pet older than 12.

Type of Coverage

You should remember that different providers will reimburse different things. While medical bills due to accidents or illnesses are typically covered, you should keep an eye out for exam fee coverage, alternative treatments, preventative care, etc.

Waiting Periods

Even once your pet is ensured, you need to wait for a certain time to pass before a policy becomes effective. Each pet insurance agency sets different waiting periods, but overall, you should avoid ones longer than 14 days.

Reimbursement and Deductibles

Pet insurance agencies can offer different deductibles and reimbursement rates. Some offer no customization, while others let you pick and choose the amounts for a highly personalized plan. This mostly impacts the price of your policy, and you should go over a provider’s options before settling on any purchase.

Breed-specific Conditions 

If you’re insuring a Dobberman, you want to make sure any illnesses your dog’s prone to will be eligible for reimbursement. Check whether a provider covers hereditary conditions and see if these cases have a long waiting period.

Your Budget 

Whether you’re paying monthly or annually, you will likely need to cover the policy cost for a long time. This isn’t a bad thing – it means your pet has many happy years ahead. However, always make sure that the price of your dog’s insurance fits into your budget.

What’s Not Included 

A pet insurer can never cover everything, and this is precisely why it’s crucial to consider all options carefully. As much as you should look at the services available, don’t forget to also check out exclusions and read the fine print.

Choose the Best Pet Insurance for Dobermans


Can Dobermans Be Insured?

Yes, Doberman Pinschers can be insured as long as your pet is old enough to qualify with a certain provider. It’s also a good idea to check if an insurer covers hereditary and breed-specific conditions.

How Much Is Pet Insurance for a Doberman?

The cost of pet insurance can vary based on multiple different factors, including the provider, selected policy, location, your dog’s age, etc. Overall, decent coverage for a Doberman Pinscher should cost you, on average, $40 to $60 a month.

Is Pet Insurance Worth it for a Doberman?

Yes, pet insurance policies can protect you from exorbitant medical bills and offer you the means to pay for life-saving treatment for your furry companion if need be. Dobermans are generally more predisposed to certain illnesses than other breeds, so having your pet insured can be a good thing.

Conclusion: The Best Pet Insurance for Your Doberman

Having a Doberman necessitates that you monitor its health needs and understand its genetic health predispositions. Having a dog, in general, means that you have to take on the responsibility for their well-being.

Pet insurance can help you provide your furry companion the best care and give you peace of mind. In the unlikely event of an accident or illness, you will be glad you have a policy that can take a portion of the financial burden off your shoulders.

Our main five picks for pet insurance are Lemonade, HealthyPawas, Prudent Pet, Wagmo, and Trupanion. All of these can cater to a Dobberman’s specific health requirements, but it’s up to you as a pet owner to determine the best choice to protect your companion.

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