Best Pet Insurance for French Dachshunds: Reduce Your Vet Bill

Best Pet Insurance for French Dachshunds

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Dachshunds are curious and brave dogs that are excellent both as watchdogs and companions with a life expectancy of about 12 to 16 years. But this particular breed is prone to gaining weight if their diet is not ideal.

Moreover, while they might not look like the typical hound, their hunting heritage often leads them away from the house to chase prey outdoors. 

If you are a French dachshund parent, you should know about certain health conditions they are prone to. They are a pure breed, and taking the best care of them is important because they are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), a very costly illness.

French Dachshunds are also prone to deafness, congenital heart defects, gastric bloats, back issues, ear infections, and endocrine diseases, so there are many health conditions you may have to face.

That is why caring about your dachshund is not always easy and demands constant attention. Let’s see how you can protect your pet and how health insurance can help you to reduce expensive vet bills. Keep reading to find out the best pet insurance for French Dachshunds. 

Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies

After detailed research, we have chosen five trustworthy insurance companies that can cover all French Dachshunds’ needs.

The insurance policies cover treatments, tests, accidents and medicines, so it is full coverage for your furry friend and relieves you of the burden of the cost. The way pet insurance companies work is they can either reimburse you for the costs, or you can simply use your plan at the vet, without having to pay directly.

Ensure your puppy has a long and healthy life with the following pet insurance companies:




Pet Age

Average Claim Turnaround Time 



Healthy Paws


8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

Within 10 days

24 business hours on average 

$100 to $1,000, depending on pet’s age



8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

Within 180 days

2 days on average 

$100, $250, $500

Prudent Pet


8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

Within 90 days

1 to 7 days 

$100, $250, $500, $1,000



8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

Within 90 days

7days on average

$50 to $1,000



8 weeks old before enrollment

Within 180 days

8 days on average 

$100 to $750

Top 5 Best Insurance Policies for French Dachshunds

Below we will make a more comprehensive review of each of these insurance companies to give you all the information you need to decide which one to go with. It will surely bring financial security to your home and reduce your annual costs on the vet’s visits.

But, you should be aware that some of the insurance policies do not include breeding costs, grooming, pre-existing conditions, preventive or elective procedures, or exam fees. 

Make sure you choose the best plan for you and your puppy, with a the right coverage, reimbursement, deductibles, and annual maximum, according to your needs.  

Without further ado, let’s see what our top chosen priorities can offer for your fluffy friends.

Insurance Policies for French Dachshunds

French Dachshunds Insurance by Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws was founded in 2009 and is a great choice for parents of French Dachshunds. They offer a comprehensive policy with unlimited annual and lifetime coverage caps, which suits a lot of pet parents.

Healthy Paws offers a pet insurance plan that reimburses treatments and procedures as aresult of accidents and illnesses The covered conditions include:

  • Hereditary conditions
  • Chronic conditions
  • Broken bones
  • Cancer
  • Toxic ingestions
  • Congenital conditions
  • X-ray
  • Surgery and hospitalization
  • Blood tests
  • Prescription medications, and alternative treatments

You can customize your plan as long as your pet is 6 years old and get unlimited annual coverage and can also qualify for a 70% reimbursement rate and a $500 deductible.

The percentage is even bigger as your pet gets older. The policy depends on your pet’s age, location and breed, so you can get a free quote from their online quote tool for exact rates.

The claims are super easy using their application, and you can get reimbursed in just a few days.

Like most of the other pet insurance companies, its policy doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, behavioral disorders exam fees,   spaying, gland expression elective procedures or boarding fees.


  • Each policy offers a money-back guarantee after a month
  •  With more than 12 years in the insurance industry, is one of the oldest in the country
  • Covers alternative and chiropractic treatments that most other companies exclude
  • Has a mobile app for submitting claims


  • Waiting period for hip dysplasia treatments is a year
  • Doesn’t cover preventative and wellness care

French Dachshunds Insurance by Lemonade

Lemonade is one the most renowned pet insurance companies in the U.S. that delivers all-inclusive yet budget-friendly insurance coverage for illnesses and accidents in French Dachshunds.

It is one of the best due to the quick claim processing because through its application, you can claim and get reimbursed within minutes. 

Moreover, its policies are low-cost, and a portion of your payments is donated to charity. Lemonade offers both injury and accident insurance and a policy for preventive care.

Very similar to other pet insurance companies, Lemonade offers coverage of the following services:

  • X-Rays
  • Hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Blood tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Prescription medications
  • MRIs
  • CT scans

It has a basic, standard pet insurance plan with some add-ons. The basic Accident and Illness Plan covers both accidents and illnesses, injuries and hospitalizations, but you can also add additional coverage for physical therapy and preventive care, for example.

Moreover, you can also get a special preventative package for pets under 2 years old. The company offers a discount for multiple pets, annual pay, and bundling. It is available in 36 states, so it doesn’t offer its services in 15 states. It also doesn’t cover pets more than 14 years old and excludes:

  • dental care on Dachshunds younger than 2 years old
  • elective procedures
  • anal gland expression
  • issues related to breeding or pregnancy
  • behavioral conditions
  • preventable situations
  • problems related to breeding or pregnancy


  • Various discount programs
  • Various types of policies and riders
  • Fast processing of claims
  • Part of the payments goes to charity


  • Available only in 36 countries
  • Coverage not available for pets older than 14
  • Dental illness not covered for pets under two
  • Policies adjusted only at renewal
  • There is no much available information about their policy

French Dachshunds Insurance by Prudent Pet

Prudent Pet was founded in 2018, and while one of the newer ones on our list, it is one of the best on the market. One of the major advantages of this company is there is no age or breed restriction rule, which is why many French Dachshunds owners choose this insurance provider.

It issues policies in all 50 countries in the U.S and sells both accident-only and accident and illness plans. Moreover, it covers vet treatments performed by any licensed veterinarian not only in the U.S. but also in Canada. 

Accident-Only Plan is the cheapest pet insurance plan that covers up to $10,000 per year for procedures, treatments, specialized care, surgeries, and other accident-related costs.

It also offers essential and ultimate plans with additional coverage for other health conditions like cancer, behavioral disorders, hip dysplasia, hereditary conditions, mortality benefit, boarding fees, and others. 

There’s also the option to add wellness coverage for your dog, for an additional price per month. Your French Dachshunds will most benefit from the Essential plan, costing up to $42.11 a month, and for the Ultimate plan, up to $292.56 per month for an eight-year-old mixed-breed dog.

Like most other companies, Prudent Pet has several exclusions. They are related to therapies which are not administered or prescribed by a vet, breeding, pregnancy and whelping, experimental treatments, and organ transplants.

The waiting period is based on the type of ailment, but the average accident coverage is 5 days, compared to illness coverage, which is about 14 days.

The company works on a reimbursement model, and you can submit your claims by email, postal mail, fax, or through their website. The reimbursement can take up to 30 days, but it can be as quick as 3 days in most cases.


  • Different add-ons available
  • Option for unlimited annual benefits
  • No restrictions for age or breed
  • 24/7 vet support


  • Doesn’t cover parasite treatment
  • Reimbursement can be taken after a month
  • Annual health and dental exams required
Prudent Pet Insurance
Common Health Issues in French Dachshunds

French Dachshunds Insurance by Pets Best

Pets Best was founded in 2005 by a veterinarian, Dr. Jack Stephens, and was later acquired by Synchrony, the company that issues CareCredit, which is used for healthcare and veterinary expenses.

The company insures dogs that are at least seven weeks old, and what makes it one of the best is there is no age limit for insurance. There are two main policy options offered:

Accident and Illness policy which covers chronic and hereditary conditions besides the standard coverage, and accident-only policy, which is much cheaper and can cover only accidents like snake bites or broken limbs. The costs start from only $9 per month for dogs.

It offers three main insurance plans: Essential, Plus, and Elite. The plans Elite over plus further add coverage for acupuncture, chiropractic care, and rehabilitation. Wellness coverage is also available for procedures like wellness exams, microchipping, and some vaccines. 

The waiting period for injuries is 3 days, while for illnesses is 14 days, but there is no waiting period for wellness.

Like most other pet insurance agencies, Pets Best doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions and foods such as vitamins and supplements. Pet insurance policies have two different options, so you can benefit from up to $5,000 or get unlimited benefit.

You can submit your claim within 180 days of the treatment date by email, fax, or mail or through their website, or the dedicated mobile app.

The reimbursement can be sent via check or direct deposit, which can arrive in as little as two days.  


  • Wide range of deductibles
  • No upper age limit
  • Direct pay option available
  • 24/7 vet helpline


  • Just some pets will qualify for illness and accident plans
  • Transaction fees apply
  • Few annual benefit options
Pets Best Pet Insurance

French Dachshunds Insurance by Figo

Figo Pet Insurance has been around since 2011 and covers insurance for dogs and cats. It offers 3 different plans that provide accident and illness coverage, including an unlimited lifetime benefit plan.

Add ones are also available. One of the great offers this company has is 24/7 virtual vet visits, where you can get an instant reply to a quote anytime online.  Moreover, as their customers, you will get access to Figo Pet Cloud, an application that helps you manage your pet’s insurance and health needs.

Figo offers just Three Flexible Options for Illness and Injury, so you can be reimbursed up to $5,000 annually, $10,000 or for an unlimited amount. They are the Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate models.

As an optional add-on, you may add Wellness and Veterinary exam fees for accident and illness visits. Behavioral therapy and alternative therapies are also covered by Figo, but Figo won’t cover cosmetic procedures, pre-existing conditions, experimental treatments, pregnancy, or breeding. 

When it comes to waiting periods, there is a 1-day waiting period for accident-caused injuries, a 14-day waiting period for illness, and a 6-month waiting period for orthopedic conditions.

The costs vary according to age and breed, and you need to get a custom quote to get know more about the costs. The price of the premium also depends on how large your deductible will be, and for Figo, it can range from $100 to $1,500.

The enrollment fee can be paid monthly or yearly, and some discounts are also available, but they vary by state.

The claims are handled very quickly, usually in 2 and a half days, and you can upload them via Figo’s Pet Cloud. You can also submit a claim via phone or fax. 


  • 24/7 virtual vet visits
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Nationwide availability 


  • There is 14 day waiting period for coverage of illness and orthopedic issues
  • Optional exam fee coverage
  • Expensive premiums for older dogs

Common Health Issues in French Dachshunds

French Dachshunds are one of the best dog breeds to adopt as they are incredibly loyal, lively, and loving. They are considered to be a healthy breed and tend to have long lives. However, due to genetic factors, they are prone to several health conditions, and even some of them are unique for this breed.

In most cases, they suffer from:

  • Backs
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Stomach
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Heart
  • Teeth

Due to their distinctive body build, one of the most prevalent illnesses is Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), which is a hereditary condition.  They are also prone to rapid tooth decay and periodontal diseases, so it is important to brush their teeth several times per week.

How much is pet insurance for French Dachshunds?

There are four different types of insurance policies that can be used for French Dachshunds’ insurance.

  • Accident insurance
  • Time-Limited insurance
  • Maximum benefit insurance
  • Lifetime insurance

The price will vary depending on the dog’s age, the kind of coverage you need, your financial standing, and the state you live in.

Signing up your French Dachshunds for pet insurance can cost anywhere from $48 to $94 a month for the basic insurance plan. To enhance the scope of coverage, you can always purchase add-on insurance bundles that include cosmetic enhancements, birthing, microchipping, blood tests, and so on. 

Let’s see how they vary per state and different ages in the table below. You can see that they differ from state to state.


Average Premium for 6-month-old Puppy

Average Premium for 5 year old Dog


$26 to $41

$33 to $50


$45 to $47


New York

$48 to $77

$61.00  to $94

Buying Guide – How to select the best pet insurance for French Dachshunds 

It can be difficult to choose the best insurance company for your pet because there are many insurance companies on the market and you can get easily overwhelmed with so many plans, claims expirations, deductibles and so on. 

You should always have in mind the age of your pet because different pet ages may qualify for insurance differently. The waiting period, deductible, reimbursement options, and exclusions of coverage are also different for every company.

On average, the waiting period is 14 days for illness and 5 days to a week for accidents. There are also different coverage plans, so think before you choose the one which is the most convenient for you.

Ask your provider for details about the policy (what does it cover and what doesn’t) and get a premium if you want your dog to get complete care (hereditary disorders, pre-existing conditions, particular dental issues, and musculoskeletal disorders).

Moreover, some insurance companies are not available in all U.S states, so be sure the insurance provider is available in your state before signing the contract.

select the best pet insurance for French Dachshunds 

Pet Insurance for Your French dachshund - FAQ

They are considered one of the most low-maintenance dog breeds due to their small build. There is no shedding around in your house, so you do not have to worry about them.

They also need moderate exercises because they are small and cannot support too much playing or jumping. However, be careful with meals because they can be a bit of a food scavenger at times.

Yes, it is strongly recommended because they are prone to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and treatment for this condition can be extremely costly.

Due to the fact that this breed is prone to back injuries, pet insurance will cost around $45-$60 per month in the United States, but this depends mostly on the state and the age of the dog.

So, in general, they are more expensive than other dog breeds to insure. Nonetheless, different pet insurance companies require different conditions to be met.

Yes, older dogs need higher insurance premiums as they are more likely to get sick and need medical care.

If your Dachshund is older than 10 years old, it might be harder to insure them because they are considered high-risk by the insurance company.

As the pet insurance for older dogs is higher, the price of your insurance policy may rise every time you renew it, so do not be surprised when you sign the renewal.

Conclusion: The Best Pet Insurance for Your French dachshund

Raising a French dachshund isn’t only about ensuring that they are happy with their meals, napping, and playing. It includes a lot more care and financial involvement.

During its life, your French dachshund can deal with various problems – from dental issues to Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), a disease they are most prone to. During such troubling times, it’s nice to know you have financial support from a quality pet insurance provider.

Between, Lemonade, Pets Best, Prudent Pet, Figo, and Healthy Paws – we’ve included everything you need to know before you apply for French dachshund insurance.

In fact, whichever pet insurance you choose from our list, you can rest assured you are reaching out to the best in the business to take care of your fluffy friend.

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