Best Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers – Top 5 Insurances Reviewed

Best Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers

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Every pet owner wishes only the best service and care for their pet from professional providers. Caring for a pet, especially a dog entails more than just walking them. You also have to clean their litter box, take them for regular vet checkups, feed them right, and ensure their health. 

One of the most common canine pets in the United States – 500,000 to 750,000 in count as per stats – is the Golden Retriever. But as purebreds, goldens have a higher risk of developing genetic health issues than mixed-breed dogs. This emphasizes the importance of securing top-notch Golden Retriever pet insurance.

Given the high cost of emergency veterinary care in the US, many dog owners choose to invest in pet insurance as a form of financial protection. Read on as we lay down and compare the best pet insurance for Golden Retrievers in the US.

Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies

Getting the best golden retriever pet insurance is crucial if you want your dog to have access to high-quality medical and veterinary care. Without this insurance, the cost of veterinary care can quickly reach several thousand dollars, if not more.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five pet insurance providers, with a focus on those that cover golden retrievers, to ensure you have all viable options on hand.



Pet Age





Minimum to enroll

8 weeks

2 days on average

70 – 90%

Healthy Paws


Minimum to enroll

8 weeks

3.5 days on average

70% – 80%

Prudent Pet



1-7 days average

70% – 90%



Minimum to enroll

8 weeks

14 days on average

70% – 90%



Minimum to enroll

8 weeks

9 days on average

70% – 90%

Top 5 Best Insurance Policies for Golden Retrievers 

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. On one hand, many of them have been used as field hands, guide dogs, and SAR volunteers. Goldens are also excellent at performing competitive dog sports and enjoy an active lifestyle. 

However, due to the higher likelihood of developing a few health conditions, Golden Retrievers may need more frequent trips to the vet. To cover your pet for all potential health issues and concerns, here are the top golden retriever insurance companies to consider.

retriever puppies

Golden Retrievers Insurance by Lemonade

Lemonade is an insurance company that provides a superbly positive experience for customers. In other words, if an accident or illness befalls your pet, Lemonade allows you to focus on finding the right course of treatment rather than worrying about how you’ll pay for it.

Overall, Lemonade is the best pet insurance for Golden Retrievers because of its perks offered to pet owners. These include a wide range of wellness plan options, competitive prices, and comprehensive injury and illness protection. In addition, their 2-day accident waiting period is significantly shorter than other insurance providers’ standard 14-30 days.

Lemonade’s pet insurance policies pay for vet visits, surgeries, and other expenses related to illness and injury. Their insurance includes various diagnostic procedures, including computed tomography scans, radiographs, serology, and ultrasound treatments like surgery, hospital stays, specialized care, and emergency care drug prescriptions.

Vet bills and examination fees incurred as a result of the insured incidents are also covered if you select the appropriate optional extra coverage. In addition, you can supplement your treatment plan with acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and physical therapy. 

Lemonade’s dog insurance premium comes at $19.44 a month, which makes it among the most affordable providers on our list. 


  • A wellness add-on is available;
  • Immediate response and claim processing;
  • Plan-adjusting pliability;
  • Quick response time for accidents;


  • Not offered in all 50 states;
  • No mental health coverage is provided.

Golden Retrievers Insurance by Healthy Paws

Since its inception, Healthy Paws has consistently ranked among the top pet insurance providers thanks to its competitive rates, extensive coverage options, and friendly staff. 

After signing up with this provider, there will be a 15-day waiting period before accidents and illnesses can be covered. There is a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia coverage, but dogs that were 6 years old or older at the time of enrollment will not be eligible for this benefit. Without yearly maximums, Healthy Paws provides the most comprehensive coverage available. Preexisting conditions and genetic predispositions to any accident or disease are not excluded.

Healthy Paws covers things like hospital stays, surgeries, prescription drugs, and even some alternative medicine. However, they lack wellness plan extras. In terms of hip dysplasia, the condition treatment will be covered as long as it isn’t a preexisting condition. 

After the deductible has been met, the policy will reimburse you for any amount up to the maximum benefit. In addition, there are fewer exceptions to coverage here than there are with many of its rivals. Healthy Paws has a monthly average cost for Golden Retrievers of $67.79, with the chance to choose between 70% or 80% reimbursement and $250 or $500 annual deductibles.

Lemonade vs Healthy Paws


  • Helpful responses to customers’ needs;
  • No yearly or monthly limits;
  • Affordable;
  • reimbursement via bank transfer or check;


  • No extras are available;
  • The enrollment cost is $25;
  • Lack of wellness programs;
  • Does not include vet visit costs or behavioral treatments costs;
  • In New York, animals older than 4 years old are not accepted.

Golden Retrievers Insurance by Prudent Pet

Prudent Pet is committed to being open and honest from the outset and informs their clients on what’s included in their package. 

Prudent Pet provides pet owners with a variety of high-quality insurance plans that may be tailored to each individual’s needs. While there is no upper age limit for the cats and dogs covered by Prudent Pet, your pet’s age will be considered when determining the total cost of your monthly premium. Because older pets are at a higher risk of injury or disease and, therefore, a more considerable risk of needing coverage in their latter years, their insurance is typically a little more expensive.

Depending on the Golden Retriever’s age, the p[rudent Pet premiums can come to $44.02 for 1-year-old pets, $53.69 for 4-year-old pets, $68.20 for 6-year-old pets, and $97.22 for 9-year-old pets. 


  • No annual Limit on Coverage;
  • No age limitations;
  • Reimbursement for posting rewards concerning stolen or missing pets;
  • A 30-day refund policy;
  • Cancellation fees are paid back if a trip is postponed due to caring for a sick pet.


  • Typical monthly premiums are significantly higher than average;
  • There is no mobile app available;
  • Increased grace period for accidents.
Prudent Pet Insurance

Golden Retrievers Insurance by Spot

When it comes to pet health insurance, Spot is dedicated to providing the best-in-class service and high-quality coverage to help pets live longer and healthier lives. Spot Pet Insurance’s primary goals are maintaining your pet’s health and paying veterinary bills in the event of an emergency.

They take great pride in providing excellent customer service. One way they show this is by sending get-well cards to sick pets and connecting pet owners with available veterinary telehealth resources. Your pet’s eligible veterinary care costs may be covered by up to 90% by purchasing one of the company’s many pet insurance plans.

In some cases, behavioral therapy, alternative treatments, vitamins, and supplements, which aren’t typically covered by pet insurance, are incorporated by SitsAccidents, illnesses, medications, diagnostics, exams, and treatment for covered conditions, including alternative therapies, can all be covered by Spot’s policies. Spot offers a range of deductibles, from $100-$1,000, as well as 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement, and benefit limit from $2,500 to unlimited. 

At an additional cost, Spot also offers preventative plans that cover dental care, vaccinations, flea prevention, etc.


  • Limitless annual coverage;
  • Protection for pet microchips included;
  • No maximum age requirement;
  • Telehealth services available around the clock.


  • Higher than average monthly premiums;
  • Prescription pet food is not covered;
  • Accident coverage has a 14-day waiting time.

Golden Retrievers Insurance by ASPCA

If your golden retriever ever gets into an accident, gets sick, inherits a family disease, or develops behavioral problems, ASPCA will pay for all the associated medical costs, including the examination. 

In addition, ASPCA will pay all costs associated with diagnosing and treating conditions included in the plan’s coverage, such as doctor visits and lab work. A Full Coverage plan and an Accident Only plan with preventative care riders are available, with a full payment refund option for the first 30 days.  

ASPCA’s plans can be tailored to fit your needs and provide coverage for a wide range of medical emergencies, including dental and behavioral health issues. Accident and illness coverage under the ASPCA plan doesn’t kick in for 14 days. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of accidents, it is usually preferable to have a shorter waiting period in place. However, cruciate ligament injuries are not subject to a separate waiting period with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. 

For golden retrievers, the provider offers average insurance options based on the dog’s age: $43.49 for 1-year-olds, $46.59 for 3-year-olds, $52.80 for 5-year-olds, $86.97 for 8-year-olds, and $111.82  for 10-year-olds. 


  • Exam costs related to covered injuries and illnesses are covered;
  • Includes payment for emergency visits to the veterinarian;
  • 10% off for multiple pets;
  • Insurance that includes treatment for mental health and dental issues.


  • You can only get up to $10,000 per year in coverage;
  • Your Deductible Choices Are Limited;
  • Accident coverage has a 14-day waiting period;
  • Difficulty getting in touch with customer service agents.
ASPCA Pet Insurance

Common Health Issues in Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever, known for its friendly demeanor and love of adventure, is a fan favorite among dog owners and athletes alike. These hardy and affectionate canines have the potential for long, healthy lives if bred with care.

The Golden Retriever is, however, susceptible to specific health problems, though not as much as other dog breeds. Some typical Golden Retriever health issues are listed below.

Dysplasia of the Hips and Elbows

Hip dysplasia ranks at the top of health problems that affect Golden Retrievers. This form of canine arthritis manifests with abnormal growth of the hip and elbow joints. These are severe joint deformities that, as the dog ages, can become very painful and debilitating and require expensive orthopedic surgeries, prescribed medications, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy.

The only way to ensure your dog doesn’t develop joint problems is to buy a puppy from a breeder who can provide written documentation of the parents’ good joint health. Unfortunately, this illness has no preventative measures or therapeutic options. However, some remedies can either halt the disease’s progression or alleviate your dog’s suffering.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Disorders

Diseases of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels are common in Golden Retrievers. One of the most prevalent and potentially fatal is subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS), a narrowing of the artery that carries oxygenated blood away from the heart and into the rest of the body. 

When the aorta, the main artery carrying blood away from the heart, narrows, it can cause an unexpected death in the pet. To rule out SAS, get your pet checked out right away, especially if it shows signs of fatigue, weakness, or breathing troubles.

Skin Conditions

Golden Retrievers often suffer from allergies and a variety of other skin conditions. Golden retrievers have a thick undercoat that is kept warm by a longer outer coat. Because of this, potentially dangerous bacteria were given a fertile breeding ground. 

They are also susceptible to skin allergies, which can worsen thanks to parasites like mites and ticks. At first glance, a skin condition may seem harmless, but it could actually be an indicator of something much more serious. Skin problems in your Golden can be reduced and controlled with regular grooming, parasite prevention, and bathing. 

In addition, it’s possible that your pet has a contact allergy to something in the environment, like mold, dust, or pollen.

Von Willebrand Disease

This blood disorder runs rampant among Goldens due to their genetics. Inadequate amounts of the clotting protein Von Willebrand factor are to blame. Due to the lack of clotting factors, your dog might bleed excessively after any injury. Sometimes dogs experience internal bleeding, excessive gum or nose bleeding, or bloody urine. Dogs with this illness may show no symptoms, while others may experience life-threatening issues such as severe bleeding.

How Much is Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers?

When purchasing pet insurance, rates can change depending on when you enroll your pet. 

Insurance companies have different premiums, and the coverage you select can vary in how much you pay each month. Not only do policies from various pet insurance providers have different premiums and deductibles, but they also cover different things. 

Similarly to human health insurance, some pet insurance policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions or conditions that run in the family. That’s why it is essential to determine if your dog’s hereditary disorders will be covered and, if so, up to what limit your insurance coverage will go.

Pet Insurance Cost Comparison by Age and Location

Insurance premiums will vary depending on several factors, such as the insurer selected, the coverage chosen, the dog’s age, the policy’s deductible, and the dog’s medical history. 

Unsurprisingly, almost all insurers of pets charge more for coverage of senior canines. After all, insurers view senior pets negatively because they are more likely to suffer fatal injuries or illnesses and cost more to treat.

Let’s examine the average national price range for dog insurance policies by state, which shows varying coverage limits based on the dog’s age and location.


Average Premium for 6-month Puppy

Average Premium for 18-month Dog

Average Premium for 5.5-year Dog

















North Carolina




Best Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers

How to Select the Best Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers?

The availability of multiple pet insurance providers can make narrowing down your options a challenge. Although having options is always beneficial, pet owners may become confused by the plethora of labels, claim deadlines, deductibles, and coverage levels. Before you sign your Golden Retrievers for insurance, here are some things to consider to make the process easier for you!

Know How Much Will Be Paid Out for Claims

For obvious reasons, you should be wary of spending more than necessary or coming out of pocket for anything. To elaborate:

  • Excess: Costs associated with filing a claim with your pet’s insurance provider. High-deductible pet insurance policies might have lower monthly payments. Coverage with lower or zero excesses may cost more.
  • Personal costs: The sum of money needed to pay for the remainder of your pet’s medical expenses after the insurance has paid its share. It’s possible that your policy will pay part of a veterinarian’s fee, leaving you responsible for the other costs. The total amount you will have to pay for medical care is subject to various sub-limits.

Verify the Policy’s Coverage and Premiums

Use these pointers to narrow down your options when deciding between several quotes:

  • Consider whether or not you need dental coverage;
  • Calculate if the value you receive outweighs the policy cost;
  • Learn what is not covered by the insurance;
  • Decide if you want supplementary coverage, in case you opt for all-inclusive plans.

Check If Your Pet Meets the Age Requirements

Generally speaking, pet insurance policies are available for animals aged eight weeks or older. However, if you’re wondering why it’s preferable to start your pet insured from an early age, consider these two arguments:

  • There’s a chance you can get the needed care without having to pay out of your pocket;
  • Some insurance companies will not cover pets aged 9 or older in the event of sickness. 

Policy Considerations

Insurance can help defray the associated costs if your pet is injured or becomes ill. However, here are some things to think about before settling on a policy:

  • Previous health problems. Many insurance providers will not cover pre-existing conditions as part of their insurance policies;
  • Waiting periods. It may take some time from enrollment until benefits can be claimed. Review the policy’s PDS for information on applicable waiting periods.
  • Sub-limits. Claim types may also be subject to separate caps. For the duration of your policy, for instance, you might be capped at a certain amount for claims related to cruciate ligament injuries.
Pet Insurance for best vet treatment

Conclusion: The Best Pet Insurance for Golden Retrievers

As a responsible dog owner, making sure your golden retriever has access to high-quality veterinary pet health care means finding the right pet insurance policy. 

Without pet insurance, the cost of treating your Golden Retriever’s illness or injury may easily reach thousands of dollars. Based on what you are after, here is the verdict:

  • Spot is the best for favorable annual limits
  • ASPCA is best for experienced users
  • Prudent Pet is best for customizable policies 
  • Lemonade is best for clients on a budget
  • Healthy Paws is best for owners of younger dogs 

Choosing a great pet insurance provider is a long-term commitment, so be sure that you have all facts and information at hand before making a final call. All in all, we listed the best providers for Golden Retrievers today, so based on your pet’s needs, you can choose great with any of our reviewed providers.  


The insurance premiums for puppies who are less than two months old are the lowest possible. They can be purchased for no more than $50 each.

The deductible on pet insurance policies is typically between $100 and $1,000. The most popular choices are deductibles of either $250 or roughly $500. 

Premiums can differ based on a number of variables, including the insurer chosen, the desired coverage level, the dog’s age, the deductible level, and the dog’s preexisting conditions.

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