Best Pet Insurance for Pit Bulls: Comprehensive Review

The Best Pet Insurance for Pit Bulls

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Pitties are the ultimate softies and require special care, especially since they’re prone to skin problems, bone diseases, and heart defects. As such, you’ll have to visit the vet sooner or later, which, depending on the severity of the situation, can put significant strain on your wallet. 

Many owners turn to pet insurance to avoid paying expensive vet bills. It’s always wise to apply for one before your pittie develops a condition, as it could save you large sums of money. 

If you’re a pit bull pet parent, continue reading our review of the best pet insurance for pit bulls. We’ve researched different companies to bring you the pros and cons of each so you know where to turn for unmatched pet care.

Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies

There are so many pet insurance companies offering this and that, but a good chunk of them fail to deliver. To ensure we only present you with first-class options, we’ve listed five of the best, most trustworthy pet insurance companies that cover all pit bull owners’ needs below.

As goofy and playful as little children, pit bulls are known to suffer quite a few mishaps like sprains, twists, or chipped teeth. In any case, a well-rounded pet insurance policy can allow you to treat every medical need of your pet worry-free.

Without further ado, our top contenders are:



Pet Age




Healthy Paws


8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

Within 90 days

3.5 days on average 

$100 to $1,000, depending on pet’s age



8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

Within 180 days

2 days on average 

$100, $250, $500

Prudent Pet


8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

90 days after policy ends

1-7 days on average 

$100, $250, $500, $1,000



8 weeks old minimal enrolment 

Up to a year

2 days on average

$100, $250, $500



8 weeks old before enrollment

180 days expiration limit

8 days on average 

Varies by the age of the pet

Below, we will dive deeper into the particular breed policies offered by these companies and see their offers and conditions for pit bull insurance. Moreover, we’ll disclose some of the strong suits of each pet insurance company, and we won’t forget to mention their shortcomings.

Top 5 Best Insurance Policies for Pit Bulls 

Pit bulls aren’t categorized as a breed on their own but fall into multiple categories: Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and American Pit Bull Terriers. Nonetheless, pit bulls, in general, are known to suffer from hereditary heart conditions, which might require going to the vet more often. 

Due to pet parents being aware of this health fact, they mainly choose pet insurance that pays special attention to pit bulls, such as the ones we’ll review next:

Pit Bull Insurance by Healthy Paws

Proud parents of pit bulls favor Healthy Paws as one of the most trustworthy pet insurance companies offering animal healthcare services since 2009. In fact, Healthy Paws is a pretty dependable pet insurance option for pit bulls with a particular daily routine and frequent vet visits.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers a standard pet insurance plan that supports illnesses and accidents while automatically delivering unlimited annual benefits for pit bulls. Pet parents who own pit bulls can enjoy Healthy Paws’ insurance policies packed with all the medical essentials except preventive care.

To make it easier for pet owners to understand everything the insurance plan includes, Healthy Paws offers a single insurance plan. Accidents, illnesses, life-threatening health issues like cancer, genetic conditions, and emergency care are all covered under the insurance policy. 

Many pit bull owners choose Healthy Paws as their pet insurance provider because they extend their services to all 50 U.S. states. Plus, by enrolling your pet in a Healthy Paws insurance policy, you get to use the perks of their mobile app, which is quite a neat feature for around-the-clock claim submission.

It’s worth mentioning that if your pittie is over 6, the insurance plan won’t be as encompassing as it would be for a pittie puppy. In addition, Healthy Paws won’t cover hip dysplasia for dogs enrolled at the age of 6 or older – which is one minor setback for pit bull owners.


  • No caps on annual coverage benefits
  • Fast, two-day claim processing
  • Online vet bill submission


  • No add-ons
  • Senior pets enjoy significantly fewer coverage options

Pit Bull Insurance by Lemonade

Lemonade Pet Insurance is one of the most renowned pet insurance agencies in the U.S. Offering comprehensive pet insurance, Lemonade delivers all-inclusive yet budget-friendly insurance coverage for illnesses and accidents in pit bulls.

One of Lemonade’s major benefits is that users can get immediate coverage without visiting the company’s offices. Namely, you can download Lemonade’s user-friendly mobile app and find the best insurance option for your pit bull. 

Lemonade offers its services in 37 states throughout the U.S, such as Washington DC, California, Florida, Nevada, and more.

Lemonade offers pet parents a standard insurance policy covering everything from severe health issues like cancer treatment to broken bones and sprains. However, the standard plan will not cover dental care or behavioral therapy.

Yet, even though the standard insurance plan is limited, you can always get an add-on preventative package. Starting at as little as $15 and up to $40 a month, you can ensure your pit bull gets a well-rounded dental plan and other coverage benefits.

Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies

Annual diagnostics and essential vaccines are some of the perks of using the add-on preventive packages offered by Lemonade. Plus, you get access to a chat option for immediate medical advice.

If you ever want to upgrade your pit bull’s insurance coverage, Lemonade offers more add-ons, like physical therapy and vet fees. 

Since state insurance regulations render pit bulls a high-risk breed, Lemonade doesn’t have the option to provide personal liability coverage in particular states in the U.S.


  • Up to $100,000 in annual coverage benefits
  • Budget-friendly monthly premiums starting at $10 a month
  • Accident coverage comes with a two-day waiting period


  • Limited payout options
  • Older pit bulls aged 14 years and up do not qualify for insurance

Pit Bull Insurance by Prudent Pet

Prudent Pet is another insurance company specializing in pet insurance. It offers pet parents a selection of insurance plans covering accidents and illnesses. Moreover, Prudent Pet is known for providing customizable pet insurance plans that encompass different benefits, such as vet exam fee coverage, wellness coverage, and so on.

One of the major perks of Prudent Pet is the no age or breed restriction rule, which is why many pit bull owners choose this insurance provider. Prudent Pet will allow any canine or feline companion without limiting insurance due to age.

Speaking of perks, Prudent Pet offers its policyholders the option to talk to a veterinarian about any health concern free of charge. This option comes with the insurance plan you choose.

Prudent Pet offers insurance policies for pets everywhere across the U.S. Moreover, if you and your pit bull happen to be out of your hometown and need to see a vet for a sprain or other accident, Prudent Pet has you covered. In fact, Prudent Pet will cover vet treatments performed by any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada.

Prudent Pet offers three insurance plans for your pit bull: the Accidents-only, the Essential, and the Ultimate plan. Your pit bull will most benefit from the Essential plan, costing around $42.11 a month. 

Prudent Pet grants a multiple-pet-enrollment discount of 10%. In addition, it offers some unique insurance plan perks like surgery coverage, rehabilitation/alternative care coverage, and prescription medication.


  • Unlimited annual benefits
  • No age or breed limits
  • 24/7 vet support


  • A monthly transaction fee of $2
  • Premiums are more expensive for older pets
Prudent Pet Insurance

Pit Bull Insurance by ManyPets

As a relatively new pet insurance company, ManyPets has attracted the attention of many pet parents, especially those of pit bulls. Pit bulls require special care and insurance as a dog breed more prone to heart issues and cardiac complications.

ManyPets offers budget-friendly pricing plans that you can easily calculate using the web-based tool on the company’s website. Simply input all the required information and get a quote for your pit bull. 

Unlike some of the other top pet insurance companies on our list, ManyPets isn’t available in every U.S. state. Namely, Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Vermont are not included in ManyPets’ insurance offers. Moreover, if your pit bull is 14 years old or older, it won’t be eligible for insurance.

ManyPets covers diagnostics, surgeries, hospitalizations, cancer treatments, medications, dental illnesses, and more. However, preventive care, cosmetic procedures, and prescription diets aren’t covered in ManyPets’ insurance plans. 

To keep it simple, ManyPets offers a single plan that covers accidents and illnesses, but extra add-ons are available.

Moreover, ManyPets offer a wellness plan as an add-on to your existing insurance. So, if you want to pamper your pit bull, you can do it for around $25 per month. It’s also worth mentioning that ManyPets’ wellness plan isn’t as encompassing as the other offers on our list. The plan does not include fecal tests, spaying/neutering, microchipping, or blood tests.


  • Fast claim processing
  • Unlimited annual or lifetime claims
  • Customizable policies


  • Not available in all states
  • Hip dysplasia isn’t covered for pets enrolled at the age of 6 years old and up
ManyPets Pet Insurance

Pit Bull Insurance by Figo

Figo gets praise for being one of the pet insurance companies that offer comprehensive insurance policies for pit bulls. Namely, Figo extends their pet insurance policies to cover orthopedic conditions (including ACL), hip dysplasia, and rehabilitation prescribed and administered by a licensed veterinarian. 

You’d notice that some of the other pet insurance providers on our list don’t include as much coverage as Figo does, especially when it comes to rehabilitation coverage. Moreover, pit bull owners especially appreciate Figo’s insurance plans because they cover breed-specific surgeries, much like those your pit bull might need. 

Behavioral therapy and alternative therapies are also covered by Figo, which is something we can’t say for many other pet insurance companies. 

Although Figo’s list of covered features is quite extensive, like other pet insurance companies, Figo won’t cover cosmetic procedures, pre-existing conditions, experimental treatments, pregnancy, or breeding. 

Regardless of where you live in the U.S., you can apply for Figo’s pet insurance from every state in America. However, be mindful that the add-on wellness plan can vary in availability in certain states. 

And, should you have more than one pit bull to enroll, Figo will offer you a 5% discount.


  • No upper-age enrolment limits
  • Unlimited annual coverage
  • Nationwide availability


  • No Accidents-only plan
  • Increased premiums for older dogs
Figo Pet Insurance

Common Health Issues in Pit Bulls

Throughout history, pit bulls have been loved for their protective attitude and fearless appearance. Pet owners who look after pit bulls describe them as playful, loveable, and ready to respond to commands.

Sadly, the bubbly personality of pit bulls is tainted by their hereditary heart conditions. On average, pit bulls can live up to 14 years, much longer than other similarly sized dog breeds. 

Other than heart problems, pit bulls have been experiencing the following health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Kneecap dislocation
  • Skin allergies
  • Thyroid malfunction.

Pitties will often develop a skin problem in the form of an allergy, tumor, or even skin cancer. This happens because of the dogs’ short coats, which renders them more prone to outside dangers. It’s best to keep pit bulls away from the sun to protect their skin and prevent sunburns.

In addition, leg problems are a frequent nuisance of pittie owners, as this breed is high-energy, likes to run around, and will often hurt itself. So, if you notice a partial ligament tear, intervene as quickly as possible before it develops into a complete tear.

How Much Does Pet Insurance for Pit Bulls Cost? 

Given the many different pet insurance companies on the market, you can find decent pet insurance for your pit bull that won’t break the bank. 

The pet insurance providers on our list offer affordable pet insurance that comes as an:

  • Accidents-only plan
  • Accidents and Injuries plan
  • One of the above plans plus add-ons you can include in your subscription.

Signing up your pit bull for pet insurance can cost anywhere from $37 to $50 a month for the basic insurance plan. To enhance the scope of coverage, you can always purchase add-on insurance bundles that include cosmetic enhancements, birthing, microchipping, bloodwork, and so on. 

Pet Insurance Cost Comparison by Age and Location

Prices for pet insurance plans differ from state to state and cost differently depending on your dog’s age. For instance, puppies no older than two months get the most affordable insurance.

It isn’t a surprise that almost every pet insurance company charges more for older dogs to be insured. After all, older pets are more prone to fatal injuries and diseases, making them more expensive and thus less favorable for insurance companies.

Moreover, some pet insurance companies won’t accept dogs older than 12 years to be insured.

Let’s have a look at the different price limits for dogs of different ages and locations, as per the national average for dog insurance policies varying by state:


Average Premium for 6-month-old Puppy

Average Premium for 18-month-old Dog

Average Premium for <6-year-old Dog

















New Jersey




As you can see, different locations in the U.S. offer different pet insurance prices. For example, pet owners in Georgia will pay less to have their 6-month-old puppy insured than California pet owners.

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance for Pit Bulls

Having access to various pet insurance companies makes choosing the best one a bit difficult. Although having multiple options is always good, pet parents can get easily overwhelmed with all the labels, claim expirations, deductibles, and plans.

To make things easier, here’s what to keep in mind before you enroll your pittie for insurance:

  • Age restrictions: Always ask for information about how old your pet should be to qualify for insurance (in general, the minimum age requirement is set between six and eight-week-old dogs)
  • Waiting periods: Every pet insurance company sets a waiting period before the insurance starts. On average, the downtime is between 14 days for illnesses and less than five days for accidents
  • Type of coverage: Know what you need – an Accidents-only plan, an Accidents and Injuries plan, or a Wellness plan. As a pit bull owner, you know your pittie will require frequent visits to the wet, so you might want to consider a more robust insurance plan
  • Deductible and reimbursement options: Ask the provider to explain the deductibles, premiums, and reimbursement options for your pit bull specifically since those depend on the breed, the age, and the pre-existing conditions
  • Exclusions: Always inquire about exclusions of coverage because you might end up paying a monthly or a yearly premium and not get the proper care for your pittie (hereditary disorders, pre-existing conditions, particular dental issues, and musculoskeletal disorders)
  • Availability: Before signing up for pit bull insurance, be sure the insurance provider is available in your state (some companies do not operate in every U.S. state).


Pet insurance companies often charge more for pit bull insurance, mainly because the breed is more prone to hereditary issues than other dogs, such as mixed breeds. Still, insuring your pit bull won’t drain your budget because most pet insurance companies offer affordable insurance for pit bulls.

Pet insurance coverage differs from one company to the other, but you should always expect sudden illnesses and accidents to be covered within your pet insurance policy. 

This will include the cost of diagnosis, surgery, treatment, and prescribed medication. Some, but not all, providers cover holistic treatment options, rehabilitation, and mobility devices.

Having pet insurance is always a good idea, especially if you own a specific dog breed like a pit bull. Due to their medical history as a breed, pit bulls are more likely to suffer from congenital diseases, which makes insurance a safety net for unforeseen costs. 

Pit bull owners are often puzzled about insuring their pets and worry their companion might not get the same quality of coverage as other dogs. Learn what your pit bull needs and deserves, as you’ll be able to get suitable pet insurance that doesn’t lack any of the features provided to other dogs.

Yes, you can apply for insurance for your pit bull in every state. However, not every pet insurance company does business on a nationwide scale. 

Some pet insurance companies operate in every state in the U.S., while others limit their scope to only a few dozen states. So, you’ll have to find one that operates where you reside.

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