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Pet Health Insurance

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Pet health insurance is a must if we want to avoid expensive journeys to the vet. Just like humans, pets too may suffer from medical conditions that require long and costly treatments. 

A serious health condition in your pet could possibly cause an unexpected shock on the budget. Managing unanticipated veterinary expenses can mean headaches, but with the proper choice of pet health insurance, pet owners can relax.

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace Pet insurance offers a health care policy for your pet. 

Pets best Pet Insurance

Pets Best has a promising and reliable history.

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide includes the comprehensive benefit option.


Nowadays, pet insurance companies are in a constant race to offer the best possible insurance plan for your pet. Most providers offer a common basic coverage that may be modified with different add-ons that come at a price.

Pet owners of multiple dogs might have a slight issue when it comes to pet health insurance. It’s one thing to pay for one dog and another to pay for several. Insurance providers have worked around the insurance policies to provide solutions for pet owners of multiple pets.

Pet Health Insurance Companies: Ratings

Pet insurance companies offer the option to choose a basic coverage plan that may be customized based on your pets’ needs and your budget. Oftentimes, owners don’t know what to choose and who to trust.

In order to help pet owners select the right insurance provider, we have compiled a list of the best pet insurance providers based on numerous ratings:

  1. Embrace 
  2. Pets Best
  3. Nationwide
  4. Figo
  5. ASPCA
  6. Lemonade

These insurance providers seem to have received the most trust from customers. Embrace and Pets Best hold the first positions for most trusted providers by receiving all 5-star reviews. The remaining providers also rank high with a 4.5-star review.

When choosing an insurance company and a plan, do rely on ratings and customer endorsement. After all, the existing customers are the people that have dealt with issues regarding the coverage plan and can give you the best insight into the company and its customer service.

Which Are the Best Rated Pet Health Insurance Companies?

The right pet health insurance should give you your money’s worth. Don’t settle for less as it will result in more money coming out of your pocket. Choosing the ultimate pet health insurance goes a long way, and we only want the best for our pets.

When choosing the right health insurance for your pet, research every aspect of the coverage plan to make sure that the chosen plan is the right one that fits your requirements.

Each insurance company offers a characteristic feature singling it out among the others:

  • Lemonade provides the best deals if you are an owner of a puppy or a kitten
  • Figo provides fast accident coverage and offers the best holistic care
  • ASPCA  is a provider best suited for new owners of multiple pets
  • Embrace is good at dealing with emergencies and offers the best deductibles 
  • Pets Best puts no age restrictions for enrolment of pets
  • Nationwide ranks well due to the excellent wellness coverage

Pet Health Insurance at Affordable Prices

Costs can easily add up when our pet is in need of an emergency intervention. Today, pet owners can purchase affordable pet insurance policies that will be of great help during hard times. Let’s see what to look for when choosing health insurance for your pet.

Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Coverage

When deciding to purchase health insurance for your pet, first you need to break down the plan types and what they cover.

The overall comprehensive coverage usually includes accidents and injuries, hereditary conditions, vaccinations, chronic and serious illnesses, and unlimited visits to the veterinarian office.

The illness and accident plan only covers casualties and a number of serious and hereditary illnesses and conditions. However, there is also an option to get a plan only to cover the bills from an injury. The other option is coverage of routine veterinary examinations and other wellness-related expenses. These are known as pet wellness plans.

When talking about insurance for multiple pets, pet owners might be offered one of two options, depending on the company. The multiple-pets plans offer the same coverage as those for a single pet.

Pet insurance companies might offer one insurance policy for all pets or one insurance policy for each pet with the possibility to adjust the plan per pet.

Choosing Affordable Pet Insurance

Finding the right insurance policy to meet both your requirements and budget is a challenge. Good service may cost money, but there are ways to make things fit together.

The price of the policy greatly depends on deductibles, reimbursements, and a number of add-ons you wish to include in the main insurance policy. The pet’s breed, age, and previous medical conditions are taken into consideration.

Pet insurance policies might vary between $11 and $64 per month for dogs and cats. The policies for cats tend to be cheaper than those for dogs. The premiums get higher as the pets get older.

Embrace is chosen for plans that cover pets’ emergency bills and the waiting period is shorter. The sample premium comes at a price of $25 for dogs, and $12 for cats covering illness and accidents, with an annual limit of $5,000 per year. Embrace is one of the companies offering insurance plans for multiple pets with a discount of 10%.

Figo’s sample premium costs $23 for dogs and $24 for cats, covering accidents and illness. The annual benefits vary depending on the plan and can vary between $5,000 and $10,000. Figo is a company that offers a reimbursement option of a whopping 100%. The company is suitable for pet parents looking for alternative treatments and holistic care.

Among the more pricey insurance providers is Nationwide, with sample premiums going as high as $61 for dogs and $36 for cats; however, the company offers unlimited annual coverage. One of Nationwide’s perks is that it grants insurance for birds and exotic animals.

Nationwide offers many possibilities to choose from and is very transparent when it comes to the coverage plans’ details.

Lemonade is considered one of the providers that offer more affordable coverage. With deductibles ranging from $100 to $500, with an annual benefit of anywhere between $5,00 to $100,000. Lemonade prices its dog policies at $25, plus, the company offers an optional wellness plan for your pet. However, behavioral and alternative therapies are not included in the coverage.

Best Pet Health Insurance: Conclusions

Pet health insurance is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Research the insurance providers in detail and make smart choices when it comes to your pet’s health. 

Compared to how much your budget might suffer if your furry friend is not insured, obtaining an insurance policy will not be that damaging to your budget. 

Choose pet insurance that will make your life easier and make sure your pet is safe and sound. If we had to choose, Embrace would be the company of choice for an affordable insurance policy. If you are into a holistic approach to pet care, then Figo is the right choice for you. Their coverage plans are similar in price to those of Embrace, but Figo will provide you with the desired treatment method for your pet. 

If you are a proud owner of several dogs, make a choice between Embrace and ASPCA.

Best Pet Health Insurance

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