Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets

Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets

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If you’re a pet owner – you must’ve heard of pet insurance by now. Maybe you already have one for your beloved puppy or kitten, or you’re considering getting one since you’re aware of how much you could save by doing so.

However, maybe you’re wavering because you own multiple pets and feel overwhelmed by the copious amounts of money you’d have to spend on insurance for each one of them. Pet insurance can be quite expensive when considering a single pet – let alone a whole herd.

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Furr-tunately, there’s something called multiple pet insurance – also known as multi-pet medical insurance. 

These pet insurance policy options aren’t offered by all providers, but most of them do have them as an alternative. Of course, multi-pet insurance comes with plenty of benefits, financial and bureaucratic, which aim to make the whole experience much smoother for pet owners. 

So, what exactly are these benefits? More importantly, which are the best pet insurance companies to enjoy them at? 

Keep reading our article as we’ll answer each question and clear the air regarding multi-pet medical insurance.

What’s Covered by Multi-Pet Medical Insurance?

Multi-pet medical insurance covers everything that single-pet insurance does – of course, depending on the insurance policy you go for. If it’s accident-only pet insurance, it only covers expenses related to accidents.

If it’s an illness pet insurance – it covers illnesses. If it’s wellness pet insurance, it covers routine vet check-ups and other regular expenses. Most insurances, however, cover at least two, if not all three of these options.

Multi-pet insurance covers the same types of expenses as well – but for more than just one pet. Most companies that offer it don’t mind if your 2+ pets are the same or different species; as long as you go for the multi-pet option – they’ll insure your cats and your dogs without any issue.

There’s one thing you must remember, though: Depending on the pet insurance company and the options they offer, multiple pet insurance can function in two ways.

You either get multiple separate insurance plans for each pet that you own, with separate limits, deductibles, reimbursements, and monthly payments, or you make a single insurance plan that covers multiple pets, which then go under the same policy. This means that you’ll get one bill for the expenses of all your pets under this policy.

In addition, these types of plans usually offer an extension option: if you get a new pet, you can integrate it within the same insurance plan as your other older pets. Of course, some companies have a limit for the number of pets you can insure under a single policy, so be aware of that before you start making plans.

Furthermore, as with regular pet insurance plans, try to insure your pet(s) as soon as possible, as that would be the most financially beneficial solution in the long run.

With that out of the way, which companies can you contact in order to insure your furry family?

Companies Providing Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets

To be clear, most pet insurance companies offer multiple pet insurance plans. Some, however, do not – so be sure that you’ve done your research properly before reaching out to your potential candidates.

Depending on whether you want separate insurance plans for each pet or a single one, a joint plan for multiple pets – check whether the company you have in mind offers both options (or the one that you’d prefer).

Some of the best companies that offer multiple pet insurance are Trupanion, Embrace, ASPCA, Nationwide, and Pets Best. You can also find good multi-pet insurance options at other companies, such as Healthy Paws, Fetch by the Dodo, and FIGO, to name a few. Just take your time and look them up.

One of the best things that you’ll find is that many of these actually offer multi-pet discounts. After all, this is one of the main perks of getting a multi-pet insurance plan to begin with.

Discounts Available for Multi-Pet Insurance Policies

Not all companies offer discounts, and those that do differ from one another. Some of the most common multiple pet insurance discounts are 5% and 10%. While it’s true that this doesn’t seem much, in the long run, – it really adds up.

Just consider the 5% option. If the average full coverage of monthly dog insurance is around $32 – a 5% discount option would result in approximately $38.40 saved per year. 10% discounts are even better – you’ll save up to $76.80 per year if you opt for this type of insurance plan.

You can actually do the calculations yourself. Just look at some of the companies that offer multi-pet insurance policies. Pets Best Pet Insurance, for instance, comes with a 5% discount for multiple pets, whereas Embrace Pet Insurance comes with 10%.

Just type in your pet’s basic info, and get a quote. You’ll see for yourself how much you’d be able to save.

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Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets Costs

There is quite a good reason for you to want to save on pet insurance, after all. According to various surveys, the annual amount of money spent on pet insurance can get up to $1,200. Others, however, claim that it gravitates more around $150.

It’s strange – we know! 

There’s a huge discrepancy, which only shows how important it is to choose the right pet insurance provider. Some obviously pump up their prices. Especially when you own multiple pets, which are all insured separately – your insurance bills will probably be through the roof. 

That’s why it’s great to bear in mind the potential $38.40 or $76.80 discount you may get per year if you find a great multi-pet discount. Companies like FIGO or Fetch may be great for overall insurance, but they don’t offer any multi-pet discounts. Considering they’re not really cheaper than the others that offer discounts (Pets Best, Nationwide, Embrace, or ASPCA), it’s obvious which ones you’d save more with.

Additionally, if you go for a multi-pet single plan, you can even find it less of a hassle to deal with multiple separate bills for several pets; you’ll settle everything with a single payment.

Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets

So, who should you make this payment to, which company suits your needs the best?

We mentioned several great pet insurance providers; however, if we’d have to pick our favorite, we’d have to go for Embrace Pet Insurance. Not only are they a great and incredibly reliable pet insurance company in every regard, but they offer a 10% discount for multiple pet plans.

Although other companies like Trupanion, for example, are great too, Embrace is definitely the one to try out when dealing with a bigger number of pets. Whether you own cats, dogs, or a combination of both, whether you want an accident only or full insurance – Embrace can cover all of your pets while giving you the most financially convenient deals.

Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets

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