When to Buy Pet Insurance

When to Buy Pet Insurance

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If “Should I get pet insurance before going to the vet?” has been a lingering question on your mind, here it goes – yes, you should. All domestic furry friends of ours are in need of life insurance, much like us humans. Pets might need that security against illnesses, accidents, and injuries – as all of them happen more often than you might think.

As vet medical technology becomes more advanced than ever before, the skyrocketing vet bills – minus the insurance – are bound to strike your budget, hard.

Luckily, pet insurance policies help owners keep their animal’s well-being in check without overspending at the same time.

Like all things timing-driven, here is the perfect time to score that pet insurance deal.

When Should I Get Pet Insurance: The Facts

Straight to the point – apply for pet insurance once you get a pet. Despite wondering at what age should you get pet insurance, note that puppies younger than 3 years are prone to developing gum infections. That said, dental treatments like tooth extractions might be on the expensive side.

On the other hand, older pets struggle with chronic diseases as they come closer to their D-day. Mind that they often get diagnosed with cancer. In fact, 1 in 3 dogs suffers from cancer. Unlike humans, cancer in dogs develops much faster – over a few days or weeks, and simply makes the pet’s life unbearable, so you will be left with no other choice but to euthanize it.

But, in this case, had you had the said pet insurance, you would have known that your pet suffers from chronic disease, because most insurance companies cover specific scans related to related conditions as well as cancer. So, that is what pet insurance does – it grants your pet a precise diagnosis at no grand cost, and prolongs its quality of life at the same time.

When is the Best Time to Buy Pet Insurance: The Red Flags 

There are many perils that may threaten the wellbeing of your pet, and without proper pet insurance at hand, you are looking at a costlier treatment. To be able to recognize them, here are the top risk factors that might urge you to get pet insurance sooner rather than later. 

1. Poisonous Herbs:

When you go out for a walk in a park with your pet, and you see a field of daffodils, what’s the first thing you do? Take out your phone – open Instagram – post a story – the end. Well, we all do that and think of it as cute.

But, did you know that the lovely daffodils are poisonous for dogs? 

The same goes for Aloe Vera. Although humans benefit from this tropical plant, to pets, Aloe Vera is a direct poison. Aloe Vera contains saponin, a toxin used for creating soaps. If dogs swallow this toxin, it might have fatal consequences.

And yes, lovely as they may be, tulips are another hazard, this time – to cats. Although we all want to decorate our table with a bunch of fresh tulips, if your kitty comes within their reach, it may cause poisoning. Keep in mind, even humans can be allergic to tulips, so you might want to reconsider your choice of blooms next time.

The symptoms of plant poisoning are often manifested through extreme sleepiness in the pet or continuous nausea. 

2. Predators:

Another possibility that stands for both cats and dogs is snake bites. When it’s super hot outside, pets tend to run in higher grass, because it helps them cool off. But, grass also belongs to snakes who thrive in an unknown hole that your pet often overlooks. 

Consequently, snakes will immediately defend themselves and bite the animal. 

If your pet suffers a snake bite, you must take them immediately to a vet. Otherwise, it can end fatally. In these cases, you won’t ask yourself about the best time to get pet insurance, but why didn’t I get pet insurance sooner than this.

Should I get Pet Insurance before going to a Vet? 

Most definitely, yes! You must sort the policy before your doggo or kitty falls ill because there isn’t insurance that will cover you after an accident.

So, when to get pet insurance and use it to its best advantage? Regardless of whether the pet you got is older, younger, or any age in between – the best time to apply for pet insurance is as soon as possible!

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