Does Prudent Pet Cover Neutering? – What Are Your Options?

Does Prudent Pet Cover Neutering

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Spaying or Neutering – An Overview

When it comes to getting your pet spayed or neutered, you should know that this is an elective procedure. That means that it’s quite likely for it not to be covered by the most basic plans that the majority of pet insurance companies can offer. 

You may choose to spay or neuter your dog depending on your own needs or for the prevention of diseases later on in their life. In females, spaying can prevent ovarian and uterine cancer, which can easily spread to other organs. 

Another condition that can largely be prevented with spaying is called pyometra, an infection of the uterus that can put your pet’s life in danger very quickly. 

In males, neutering comes with some advantages such as breeding control and protection of prostate health, but it also comes with disadvantages such as a potential increase in weight and possible bone problems. 

A lower bone density is to be expected in males that are neutered particularly early in their life, such as around the age of 6 months or less. 

The majority of dog owners across North America, Europe, and many other places in the world choose to spay or neuter their pets because the procedure prevents the heat period, unwanted pregnancies, ‘male behavior’ such as marking, and in some cases, even cancer. 

Does Prudent Pet Cover Neutering?


However, there’s a caveat that we do have to mention in this case and it’s that the most basic plan that Prudent Pet now has available does not cover either neutering or spaying. 

On the other hand, the Medium and High wellness benefit add-ons do make it possible for pet parents to ‘fix’ their dogs through their insurance. 

The wellness benefit can be considered optional and can be added to the Accident + Illness or the Accident Only plan, depending on whichever one you feel suits you best depending on your current situation.

Does Prudent Pet Cover Neutering

How Much Does Prudent Pet Reimburse for Spaying and Neutering?

Prudent Pet can reimburse up to $60 for every spaying and neutering procedure performed in the United States of America. 

Naturally, the cost of the operation can vary a lot from practice to practice and there are many low-cost places that you can go to if you definitely aren’t willing to pay extra. 

If your vet does charge more than $60 for the surgery, you’ll have to cover anything beyond that out of pocket. 

Does Prudent Pet Pay for Your Procedure Up-Front?

Unfortunately, no. 

The person who created the policy for themselves and their pet is in charge of the bill and will then submit a request to the insurance firm for reimbursement. 

The good part of being insured with Prudent Pet, however, is that it is one of the quickest services we have come across. It usually takes just seven to ten working days for you to get a reimbursement. 

If you have the most basic plan now being sold by Prudent Pet, meaning the Accident & Illness plan, you will not get reimbursement for either spaying or neutering your dog. The plan does not cover these operations. 

Does Prudent Pet Pay for Your Procedure Up-Front

Can You Use This Coverage at Any Vet?


You are allowed to take your dog to any veterinary practice that you deem suitable for performing the procedure. 

Whether you have been going to the same veterinary professional for years and years and you are not looking to switch vets or you trust that the clinic has some of the better equipment in your area, you can rest assured that Prudent Pet will work with the animal hospital to reimburse you as swiftly as possible. 

Prudent Pet might suggest a list of veterinary practices that they might prefer in the beginning, when you opt for your plan, but you are most definitely not restricted to that list. 

The only request that you need to abide by is that the veterinarian needs to be licensed in the United States.

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How to Get Coverage for Spaying and Neutering

As previously mentioned, the only way you can rest assured that you can get your dog spayed or neutered through your insurance with Prudent Pet is to purchase the so-called Wellness Benefit, available with both the Essential and the Ultimate plans.

The operation itself is not the only thing covered by the add-on, though, which is why you should look into it a bit. To give you a few examples, this add-on comes with up to two wellness exams per policy term, a rabies and a DHLPP vaccine, and the biological product protecting dogs against Lyme Disease.

A heartworm test is also included and so is a fecal exam. The blood screen, health certificate, microchip, and regular deworming at the veterinary practice of your choice are other perks of the Wellness Benefit. 

The majority of the reviews that we have gone through on Prudent Pet are quite positive, so it does really seem like the company does reimburse pet owners as fast as possible. The brand’s representatives are rather responsive to any issues encountered by the dog parents, too. 

You can request a quote on the Prudent Pet website at any time of your convenience. 

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