What is Exotic Pet Insurance?

What is Exotic Pet Insurance

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Lots of families own a pet. However, while most people stick with dogs or cats, some families prefer owning exotic pets. Although you may feel surprised to see rodents, bunnies, or reptiles living in someone’s home, as a pet, it’s not an uncommon sight as people enjoy taking care of them.

As an exotic pet parent, you should know that smaller animals like naughty hamsters and fluffy bunnies require the same health care as tried-and-tested pets such as cats and dogs. It means that purchasing pet insurance for your exotic pets can reduce your expenses significantly. With exotic pet insurance, your vet costs will be minimal, and you will get your pet the right care they need when they need it.

Who May Need Exotic Pet Insurance?

Exotic pet insurance offers insurance for all types of non-typical pet animals that people might have. So, this pet insurance helps cover the health expenses for geckos and gerbils, hedgehogs and hamsters, all reptiles and rodents, and even bunnies. 

Whether you own a pet goat, a frog, or another unusual or exotic pet, you should think about buying pet insurance. Even though most vets are used to working with domestic animals, they are more than happy to offer medical treatment for exotic animals.

However, unlike other pets, some exotic ones require special care that can cost more than the average. That’s why there are lots of exotic pet insurance companies where you can purchase coverage for your beloved exotic pet.

Why you need Exotic Pet Insurance

If you take excellent care of your pet and if you are ready to pay the expenses for sudden health issues, you may not need exotic pet insurance. Choosing an exotic pet that is less prone to health issues may save you some money.

Depending on your personality and the type of exotic animal you own, you may need to get insurance for your pet. Knowing that amphibians and reptiles often get diseases in the wild, they are expected to be more prone to some diseases that can easily be transmitted to people. So, if you want to protect yourself and your pets, you definitely need to invest in exotic pet insurance to lower your out-of-pocket expenses for treatment, medication, and checkups.

What Animals can be Covered With Exotic pet Insurance?

Exotic Pet Insurance covers animals that are considered pests and don’t fall under the individual pet insurance policy. Although the first things that come to our mind when we say exotic pets are reptiles such as lizards and snakes, this pet insurance policy covers other exotic animals, too. Some of the most common exotic animals that people own as pets and are covered by the trendy exotic pet insurance are:


Even though they aren’t the most popular home animals, amphibians such as frogs and newts can also be insured by exotic pet insurance. They could be independent and wild, but if you give them love and care about your amphibian friends, they can become your real friends, and you may feel the need to insure them.


When we hear the term ‘rodent’, we usually think about ugly rats found in abandoned basements and sewers, as the word hasn’t developed to be a common name for all species. As a rodent pet owner, you should know that the term can cover many animals, of which some are less domesticated than others. 

Namely, each animal with growing pointed teeth could be covered by the exotic animal bracket. It isn’t necessary to have insurance for your pets, but if you have an exotic pet, it is always good to purchase an insurance policy for your friend. The most popular rodent pets that exotic pet owns can insure include:

  •  Chinchillas
  • Gerbils
  • Ferrets
  • Hamsters
  • Guinea pigs
  • Opossums
  • Mice


The exotic pet term also covers reptiles. The opinions and perceptions of the reptiles, such as lizards, snakes, and terrapins, have changed in the last few years, and today many people decide to get reptiles as their pets. The good part is that families are ready to love and look after this type of pet, and there are tons of highly educated vets that are ready to help and take care of reptiles 24/7. That’s why there are insurance companies that offer creative insurance plans, like pet insurance for exotic animals.

Reptile insurance is relatively cheap. Generally, exotic pet insurance costs at least $9 per month on average. However, just like the health insurance for humans or more traditional pets, pre-existing illnesses aren’t insurable. Still, there are various levels of coverage for exotic pets, so pet parents can purchase them to reduce their expenses for treatment and medication. The most popular pet reptiles that families want to insure are:

  • Turtles
  • Tortoises
  • Chameleons
  • Snakes
  • Geckos
  • Lizards
  • Iguanas

What it Covers

Exotic pet insurance plans are like policies for insuring cats and dogs. Policies for ensuring exotic pets typically cover health issues, including serious pet illness, chronic disease, and traumatic injuries. More comprehensive exotic pet policies also cover preventative care such as overnight boarding, veterinary check-ups, and diagnostic tests. When it comes to mammalian exotics, like ferrets, rats, iguanas, guinea pigs, and pigs, exotic pet policies also cover emergency pet dental help.

An exotic pet policy can also cover alternative therapies that a licensed vet will provide for the pets, but only if that certain condition is included in the insurance plan. Surgeries and medications are also covered, but only for non-hereditary cancers and diseases.

Types of Plans that Cover Exotic Pets

There aren’t many insurance policies that cover exotic and avian pets, so most pet insurance companies don’t offer this type of plan. Nationwide Insurance is a great helping hand for pet owners as it covers all kinds of pets. This pet insurance company is the most prominent insurer covering domestic, exotic, and bird pets. Here you can find the following plans:

  • Pet insurance for rabbits
  • Pet insurance for birds
  • Guinea pig insurance
  • Pet insurance hamster
  • Pet insurance for guinea pigs
  • Pet insurance for dogs and cats

As an exotic pet owner, you will do everything to help your pet have a long, healthy, and happy life. So, find the health insurance plan that perfectly suits your pet’s condition, and your pet parrot, lizard, pig, or ferret will thank you.

Is Exotic Animal Insurance Worth It?

Pet Insurance for exotic animals is worth it, and it is always a good idea to purchase one. However, since there are various types of exotic animals, you should check what benefits it provides for the exotic animal you own. If you have a pet guinea pig, you may skip insuring it, but if you own other more fragile animals, then purchasing exotic pet insurance for them can be exceptionally beneficial.

Having exotic pet insurance is an excellent investment for some people as we all expect our pets to live long. To provide a healthy and happy life for your pet, you should take them for routine checkups at a professional vet. Sometimes you also need to give your pets some medications and take them to various treatments, which costs a lot of money. So yes, exotic animal insurance is most definitely worth it!

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