Pet Dental Insurance – Detailed Guide

Pet Dental Insurance

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About 70% of the households in the U.S. house at least one pet. But taking care of a pet means taking great care of the pet’s overall health and an often overlooked part of a pet’s overall health is dental care. 

Pet parents need to pay special attention to their pets’ oral hygiene to prevent some typical teeth and gum disease because dental disease in cats and dogs can be just as severe as any other pet illness. In case pet parents leave it untreated, bad dental hygiene may lead to malnutrition, tooth loss, gum infection, and bad breath. Unfortunately, that happens regularly as dental treatments for pets can be pretty expensive. 

The busy lives of employed pet parents prevent them from doing routine oral cleanings, allowing the dental problem to worsen gradually, which leads to more expensive dental treatments down the road. Since most pet dental treatments cost more than $1,000, getting pet dental insurance is always a great idea.

What is Pet Dental Insurance?

Pet dental insurance is quite popular and covers a long list of dental care, from periodontal disease to accidents. Dental issues treatment can involve anesthesia and radiographs, and even extractions or antibiotics, so pet dental insurance cover those expenses.

However, pet dental insurance isn’t available as a separate insurance plan and is instead included within most typical pet insurance plans. Pet parents pay an extra monthly fee to their annual premium for this option. Just like with other health-related procedures, they get reimbursement for their pets’ dental treatment costs included in the insurance plan they have chosen.

Is Pet Dental Insurance Expensive

It all depends on the type of dental insurance you choose. If you have bought insurance that covers only certain dental illnesses and accidents but doesn’t cover routine dental work, you would need to pay extra money. Typically, you have to pay between $10 and $50 more every month to add on an extra dental plan that covers services like routine oral checks and treatments. 

Still, there are various costs linked to pet insurance plans which are based on the breed, age, and overall health of the pet. Breeds that have predispositions for specific diseases generally have more expensive insurance premiums. Pet premiums can vary in cost based on the location where their owners live.

What is Covered in Pet Dental Insurance

Pet dental insurance can be a part of pet insurance plans. Even though pet dental coverage varies, there are two main pet dental coverage plans: dental illnesses and dental accidents. Many pet insurance companies like Pets Best and Embrace Pet, cover both dental illnesses and dental accidents and offer reimbursement for dental issues such as:

  • Root canals
  • Damaged teeth
  • Teeth removal
  • Crowns
  • Gum disease
  • Stomatitis
  • Gingivitis

Some pet insurance companies cover only dental illnesses or only dental problems which are a result of an accident. For instance, Lemonade’s pet insurance includes only dental accidents.

We encourage all pet owners to check their insurance policy before they buy it to see if there are any requirements that they need to meet to claim dental insurance. For instance, Pets Best offers dental illnesses plan only for pets that are under age 3 or for pets that had a full dental exam in the previous year under anesthesia that proved the pets have no dental problems.

What is Excluded in Pet Dental Insurance

The typical pet dental insurance plan doesn’t cover some common dental issues, and here are some of them:

  • Endodontic, cosmetic, or orthodontic treatments such as fillings, implants, and caps
  • Routine dental care, including teeth cleaning
  • Pre-existing pet conditions that happened before dental coverage was effective

How Can You Find the Right Pet Dental Insurance

Dental pet coverage is essential, but it shouldn’t be your only priority by any means. Our fur friends may have other illnesses and accidents in their lives that need to be covered in the insurance plan as well.

We encourage all pet owners or potential pet owners to hold on to the following criteria when looking for a pet insurance company:

Policy Coverage & Claim Repayment

Check the list of issues that each pet insurance company you are interested in covers and excludes, and choose the one that matches your priorities. You also need to go through the insurance plan average claim repayment before you make your decision.

Customer Service & Reputation

Once you have found the company that meets your dental insurance requirements, read the company rating and check the comments from their clients. Always buy dental pet insurance from a highly renowned company.


Check the price before you get the dental insurance plan for your beloved pet. We know that you are ready to give the best for your fur friend, but do research and find a company that offers the best dental services for an acceptable price!

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