What Is Pet Grooming Insurance

What is Pet Grooming Insurance

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Pet grooming insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of accidents and injuries that occur during or after a pet grooming appointment. It can also cover the cost of damage to your pet’s property, such as their collar or leash.

Pet grooming insurance is important for pet owners who want to protect themselves from financial liability in the event of an accident. It can also help to cover the cost of unexpected expenses, such as the need for emergency veterinary care.

Here are some of the things that are typically covered by pet grooming insurance:

  • Accidents that occur during or after a grooming appointment, such as cuts, scrapes, and bites
  • Damage to your pet’s property, such as their collar or leash
  • The cost of emergency veterinary care if your pet is injured during a grooming appointment
  • The cost of boarding your pet if they need to stay overnight at the groomer’s

Here are some of the things that are typically not covered by pet grooming insurance:

  • Preexisting conditions
  • Injuries that occur before or after the grooming appointment
  • Damage to your pet’s property that is not caused by an accident
  • The cost of routine grooming services

Every pet owner knows that grooming is an essential part of the ongoing process of caring for your pet cat or dog.  Visiting the groomers can be a walk in the park for your pet, or it can turn into a scary rollercoaster ride for the both of you. Either way, trusting your groomer with your pet’s appearance can establish a long-lasting bond between the groomer and the pet.

In cases of grooming sessions going south, groomers are advised to seek proper pet grooming insurance that will cover the liability and mishaps that are bound to happen every once in a while. 

Pet grooming insurance comes in handy in cases of a pet getting sick while at the groomers, a dog or a cat suffering an injury during the grooming session, or a pet owner becoming injured while at the groomers. 

Why Is Pet Grooming Insurance Important?

The groomers are the ones who take on the responsibility of giving your pet the proper treatment for looking their best. However, groomers do more than just trim the hair off your Australian Shepherd or snip the little claws off your Great Dane. In most cases, the groomers are the ones that are responsible for any mishaps at the salon.

If you’ve been thoughtful enough to ensure your car or your house, why wouldn’t you do the same for your business? Besides offering groomers a helping hand in emergency cases, pet grooming insurance should also become paramount for any pet grooming business owner for several reasons. 

Pet grooming insurance offers protection in the case something turns for the worst while a groomer is doing their job. However, having a pet grooming insurance will also make the groomer seem dedicated, professional, and respectful of their line of business and their clients.  

Whether a dog becomes truly sick while they are enjoying a nice and relaxing grooming session or something happens to the owner in the waiting room, having a pet grooming insurance can save the groomer a lot of headaches. Pet grooming insurance comes in handy in cases of general liability, commercial property coverage, animal bails, worker’s compensation, unemployment, disability, and coverage of legal fees.

Who Needs Dog Grooming Insurance?

Everyone in the grooming business should have pet grooming insurance, as simple as that. Especially grooming salons that employ more than 1 person are advised to abide by federal insurance prerequisites, just like any other small business should.

Dog grooming insurance is most advised for grooming salon owners since it will encompass general liability coverage. 

How Much Does Dog Grooming Insurance Cost?

Since many insurance companies offer pet grooming insurance, making a choice comes down to personal preferences, and the cost is the first thing groomers ask about before purchasing a plan. 

On average, most dog grooming insurance policies, like the general liability insurance policy for small pet groomers, will vary from a yearly fee of between $300-$700 up to $1 million in general liability coverage. This depends on location, the size of the business, the payroll, and the sale rates and experience.

What Do I Need for Dog Daycare Insurance or Dog Grooming Insurance?

The reasons for choosing a dog daycare insurance or grooming insurance are manifold. Still, it mostly comes down to two main aspects: protection from liability and the security of your current and future assets.

Other than coming off as a professional business owner that cares for their clients, owning a dog daycare insurance or dog grooming insurance will benefit the business and the clientele.

Employing dog daycare insurance means that the pets pet owners have entrusted you with are well taken care of in the case of a mishap or any other predicament. Dog grooming insurance will also aid you with any legal fees that may or may not arise while doing a grooming session.

Covering Your Dog Grooming Operations

If you’re in the dog grooming business, you know that unpredicted situations will become more frequent than bathing a dog, so choosing the right dog grooming insurance is something you should not be without.

Here are some aspects to consider before deciding on a dog grooming insurance: 

  • What kind of coverage will your business require? 
  • If you’re offering mobile grooming services, pet walking, in-house check-ups, or any other service that’ll require a commute or using a client’s key or property, you might want to consider lost key coverage or commercial automobile coverage.
  • How big is your budget?
  • Most dog groomers choose between two basic costs: the lowest-cost policy and the highest-cost policy. The first is used by dog groomers that don’t believe in accidents and choose to pay the minimum fee for insurance, while the latter is used by more conscious dog groomers that want to keep possible mishaps in check, just in case something bad happens.
  • Can you afford pet-care software along with pet insurance?
  • If you choose to take the business online, you’re saving yourself a lot of paperwork. Additionally, your clients will appreciate the technology used, which will save them some time on unnecessary trips to the salon. Your clients can sign waivers online, get notified about shots due, and many other options. 

Why Do Pet Groomers Need Insurance?

Just like any other small business, a pet grooming business needs to be insured, too. Insuring a pet groomer is really no different than insuring your car or your newest smartphone. 

When a groomer is entrusted with a pet, they are in imminent danger of unpredictable behavior, bites, scratches, and so on. If something unforeseeable should happen, it won’t be long before the beloved pet groomer takes the blame – which is why pet grooming insurance is very important. 

Other than offering protection from legal and fiscal liability, owning insurance for groomers gives off the “I care” vibe to your clients, offering both parties some peace of mind. A dog groomer might become a dog’s best friend, but an insured dog groomer is both the dog and the dog owner’s best friend.

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