Pet Insurance for Rescue Dogs – Is It Good?

Pet Insurance for Rescue Dogs - Is It Good

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Adopting a rescue dog can be a rewarding experience for both the owner and canine.
It gives the chance for a happy home to dogs that had a rough chapter in their lifetime, whilst bringing a new source of joy in the owner’s life at the same time.

Rehoming a rescue dog is a noble idea, but owners need to consider all factors that come into play when taking care of a vulnerable animal.

That’s why it’s crucial to sign up for a pet insurance rescue dog policy that will come in handy when you need to cope with issues that can result in injuries or illnesses.

Difference Between Rescue and Adoption

Terminology sometimes gets confusing, which particularly holds when it denotes the same thing. Is there any difference between rescue and adoption? Although you are giving a dog a new home either way, to be clear, adopting an animal means selecting a pet from the shelter’s inventory or rescue organization.

More specifically, funding methods are the key difference between animal shelters and rescue organizations. Rescue organizations are non-profit, meaning they depend on private donations. Animal shelters get funding from the local municipality.

So, what is considered a rescue dog? Dogs that got adopted after the past owner deserted them or because they entered into a shelter as strays.

Most rescue organizations attempt to implement a smooth transition throughout the adoption process before the dog goes to its new home. For this purpose, a familiarization process occurs at the shelter facility, between the dog and its new owner. When both feel comfortable with each other, they can become full-time roommates.

A motive for adoption can be that shelter dogs are often strays and may face a grim fate if not rehomed in a given period. These days, shelters and rescue non-profits offer services like online adoptions.

Settling in My Rescue Dog

Rescue dogs are just like any other dog, minus the potential behavior issues. When bringing the new pet home, you will need items like a bowl, food, toys, and treats.

Even if you have gotten fully stocked it still can be an anxious time.

If you are rescuing a puppy, then remove dangerous objects from the dog’s area. It is young and naïve and can easily get hurt while romping around the house. Even if your dog has received training, it may lapse in it when entering a new environment.

Here are a few l tips to make certain your rescue dog settles in smoothly.

  • Resist the desire to pet your dog
  • Take your dog for walks
  • Prepare a comfortable sleeping area
  • Clear instructions about house rules
  • Praise them when following commands
  • Satisfy its curiosity

Is Pet Insurance Good for Adopted Pets?

Once the adopted pup has settled in and starts having fun in the backyard, chasing a Frisbee or something, its owners should begin planning for the future, which means an insurance policy. Canines are active creatures and can get injured, and, a cast for a broken leg or worse, surgery, are not cheap at all.

The process of pet insurance for rescue dogs is generally the same as with any other pet. Insurance providers do not discriminate based on the luck a pet has had in life. They only care if the dog or cat meets the criteria for a policy.

Rescue dogs will have received veterinary care during their stay in the shelter. The vet service will inform the owner of the dog’s health.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan for an emergency, and a pet insurance policy provides owners with peace of mind in a crisis.

Insuring an Adopted Pet

Before an insurance policy is activated, a rescue dog will have to have a recent veterinary exam to confirm its health status. Insurance providers do not offer reimbursement for treatments of pre-existing conditions such as arthritis, cancer, and heart diseases.

Your dog’s age, breed, and pre-existing conditions are a factor in the number of your monthly premiums. Depending on the insurance company, you can select coverage options or go with a standard policy.

Pets are full of love and love to share it. So, imagine what happens with a rescue dog that needs that extra TLC on your part – it’s a bond like no other!

Of course, whilst you are tight as a knot, don’t find it surprising that you often ask yourself – does my dog know I rescued him!?

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