Banfield vs Nationwide – 2023 Comparison of All Features and Costs

Banfield vs Nationwide Pet Insurance

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Banfield vs Nationwide is a duel that many misunderstand as pet insurance. But, that’s not the case, as only one of these two is Pet Insurance Policy. Banfield offers Wellness Programs, whereas Nationwide is the Pet Insurance Policy.

However, the Banfield and Pet Insurance saga still lingers on Google search. So, in this review, we point out the main differences between Banfield’s Wellness Program and Nationwide’s Insurance Plans.

Want to jump straight to the answer?

Banfield is Best Choice for:

  • Wellness and preventive care: Banfield specializes in wellness programs and regular vet appointments. If you want comprehensive coverage for routine checkups, vaccinations, and preventive care for your pet, Banfield’s wellness programs can be a good choice. They offer tailored programs based on the age and specific needs of your pet.

  • Early age care: Banfield’s wellness programs include specific programs like Early Care and Early Care Plus, which cater to the needs of puppies and kittens under six months old. These programs provide the necessary vaccinations and basic care required for young pets.

  • Limited network and cat/dog coverage: Banfield’s services are limited to cats and dogs, and they operate within a specific network of veterinary hospitals. If you have a cat or dog and you prefer to visit a Banfield hospital within their network, their wellness programs can be a suitable option.

Nationwide is Best Choice for:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Nationwide pet insurance offers coverage for a wide range of situations, including accidents, illnesses, and various vet treatments. If you’re looking for comprehensive insurance coverage that goes beyond routine care, Nationwide can provide a suitable solution.

  • Multiple pets and exotic animals: Nationwide stands out by offering coverage not just for cats and dogs but also for birds, reptiles, small mammals, and other exotic pets. If you have multiple pets or if you own an exotic animal, Nationwide’s pet insurance can cover a broader range of species.

  • Financial protection: Nationwide pet insurance can help protect you financially in case of unexpected veterinary expenses. If you want to have financial support for costly treatments, surgeries, or emergency care for your pet, Nationwide’s insurance plans can offer peace of mind.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield treats standard wellness and preventive services for pets.

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide includes the comprehensive benefit option.


If you’re in two minds or cannot read the difference between Wellness Program and Pet Insurance – keep reading our Nationwide and Banfield Dog Insurance review to clear the mystery. Additionally, you’ll learn more about the Banfield and Nationwide offers and why pet parents trust them so much.

Banfield vs Nationwide: At a Glance

Banfield doesn’t offer lifetime pet insurance but a wellness program.

Banfield is a pet hospital that tailors wellness programs to the specific needs of pets; hence, the five programs available. They believe that kitties and puppies under six months deserve a different treatment. For that reason, they suggest the Early Care program and Early Care Plus program. These two cover the basic needs, with a few additions.

Older pets have different needs you can find better explained in the Active Care, AC+, or Special Care. Each program has slight additional benefits you can find. So, let’s see what Nationwide has to offer.

Nationwide is one of the ruling pet insurance policies that steal pet owners from others for one option others don’t have – cover for multiple pets. While other insurance policies offer pet insurance for cats and dogs, including Banfield, Nationwide Pet Insurance Coverage takes birds, reptiles, and other mammals under its wing.

Nationwide Pet Insurance has different plans for the species, and there are three different programs, including Major Medical, Major Medical with Wellness, and Whole Pet.

Banfield vs Nationwide: Key Features

Both pet insurance policies cover different needs, but let’s scale them to compare what are their main features.

Banfield’s main focus is wellness checkups and regular vet appointments. Probably a key feature of great interest to users is the simple pricing structure and super eligible plans. Besides, if you are to put a lot of money on your pet, the insurance policy should explain it clearly in the forms. Another relevant fact to include is that pet owners with preexisting conditions save on treatment costs.

Nationwide, on the other hand, is a familiar name on the pet insurance market. It has a long tradition in the animal health industry, dating back to 1925. They started the pet insurance policies in 2008 and now offer updated and super effective pet insurance policies.

The high Premiums follow the latest covers one could have. Therefore, in their program, they offer different pet plans with additional easiness to the programs. For example, they offer 5% to 10% discounts to pet families who want to secure their other pets. Also, you have two weeks waiting period tops until the policyholders can file their claim.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Banfield vs Nationwide: Coverage

Banfield Pet Insurance Review

Banfield treats standard wellness and preventive services for pets. What makes them stand out from other pet insurance policies is that Banfield is a medical hospital; hence, the tailored programs.

At different ages, each pet has different needs. We cannot compare puppies and senior doggos. Puppies need tons of vaccines at the beginning of their lives, whereas old doggos need better treatments, just like elderly people. For that reason, Banfield introduces wellness programs based on the pet’s age.

In the Banfield Pet Insurance Reviews, we’ve noticed many positive comments on the simple pricing structure. When pet owners want to get an insurance policy, they want to know the pricing structure well. For that reason, Banfield offers a simple, well-structured pricing plan.

Another Key benefit we must point out is that Banfield has no waiting period. That means it immediately responds to your needs. Ultimately, Banfield doesn’t rule out the cover for pre-existing conditions.

However, even Banfield has a weak spot our readers must know upfront. Banfield is not an insurance plan, and it doesn’t cover accidents and illnesses. You should also know that Banfield operates with limited network size, and it’s only open to cover cats’ and dogs’ needs.




Overall Rating



Total Reviews

Over 550

Over 885


No deductibles



70% – 100%

50%, 70%, and 90%

Annual Limit



Waiting Period for Accidents

No waiting period


Waiting period for Illnesses

No waiting period

14 days







Emergency Care



Wellness Program



Nationwide Insurance Review

Nationwide includes the comprehensive benefit option. It provides basic care for specific situations like accidents or illnesses. Additionally, you get coverage for every type of vet treatment. The second leading advantage is the open options for every pet. Nationwide includes birds, reptiles, small mammals, and other exotic animals you have adopted.

Nationwide also offers discounts to families who have more than one pet.

Although at first glance Nationwide seems flawless – it’s not everything as it seems. Nationwide insurance programs are on the pricey side, and not everyone can afford to pay for them. Furthermore, the program isn’t simple, and the customer support is unavailable online. These are significant drawbacks.

Lastly, if you want to cancel Nationwide Pet Insurance to use others, you can do it easily online via email, or by phone.

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Banfield vs Nationwide: Claims

If you want to file a Nationwide Pet Insurance claim – you can easily do it online. To file the claim online, you need to register on the Nationwide website and follow the instructions. You will have to fill out your personal information as a form of identification and choose the program that suits your needs the most. Once you finish with all the steps, you have to confirm the insurance program.

Banfield isn’t an insurance policy, so there are no claims.

Banfield vs Nationwide: Pricing

The Banfield Dog Insurance pricing includes:

Dog’s Monthly Packages

  • Active Care: $37.95.
  • Active Care Plus: $46.95.
  • Special Care: $58.95.

Cat’s Monthly Packages

  • Active Care: $26.95.
  • Active Care Plus: $37.95.
  • Special Care: $46.95.

Nationwide asks you to file information regarding your pet, and to pay the policy based on your specifics. However, the average dog monthly cost for the premium program is $60,52, whereas for cats is $35,45.

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Final Verdict

The final verdict on the duel between Banfield vs. Nationwide is 50-50. That’s because one is a wellness program, whereas the other is pet insurance. For that reason, we cannot give a final conclusion on which one is a better solution for your pet.

If you have a teething pup or just adopted and separated from its mama, you should consider Banfield’s wellness program. With it, you will learn how to raise a pup properly and get multiple free vet appointments, among other benefits. Remember that pups need lots of vaccines initially, which aren’t covered with insurance.

Contrastingly, it’s never a bad idea to get insurance for your pup. You never know when you’ll need it, and therefore, the sooner – the better!

The final verdict is only a decision you can make. So, which one will it be?

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