Healthy Paws vs Fetch by Dodo

Healthy Paws vs Fetch by Dodo

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The most common feature of all responsible pet owners is the need to provide the best care for their furry friends. Pet insurance plans help pet parents deal with any unexpected, often high expenses for various illnesses and accidents. But, the question is which pet insurance offers the best plan and coverage.

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Healthy Paws ranked as one of the few great insurances.

Fetch Pet Insurance

Fetch covers a broad spectrum of conditions and illnesses


There are several pet insurance providers nowadays, and Healthy Paws and Fetch are among the best pet insurance companies. Even though some people believe that both pet insurance companies include almost the same program, options do differ. 

If you are looking for a great pet insurance provider, keep reading as we will put Fetch vs Healthy Paws side by side to help you find out which is the better option for your pet’s needs.

Healthy Paws Overview: Pros & Cons

Healthy Paws is a highly renowned pet insurance provider offering its services to pet owners since 2009. This company comes with a great pet insurance plan for cats and dogs. Instead of providing multiple customizable plans, which can be overwhelming to pet parents, Healthy Paws pet insurance only offers a straightforward plan that the company constantly upgrades. 

Although Healthy Paws pet insurance comes with a non-profit popular as the Healthy Paws Foundation and provides various benefits, it is not without limitations. 

Here are the most significant pros and cons related to Healthy Paws:


  • Promotes a 2-day turnaround on claims;
  • It covers chiropractic care, acupuncture, as well as other alternative treatments;
  • It offers a great money-back guarantee for those who cancel their policy within 30 days.


  • Lower reimbursement levels for senior pets;
  • It doesn’t cover hip dysplasia during the first year of your policy.

Healthy Paws pet insurance is a perfect option for pet parents looking for a pet insurance company with cheap and unlimited annual, lifetime, and per-incident coverage. Those who own older pets may find this pet insurance a bit expensive. Still, it always provides lower premiums than the industry standard for unlimited coverage of pet insurance plans.

Healthy Paws overview

Fetch by Dodo Pet Insurance Overview: Pros & Cons

Fetch or Fetch by Dodo Pet Insurance is a new name for the good old Petplan pet insurance provider. It offers one of the most comprehensive policies and has gained many clients’ trust. If you ask, “Is Fetch pet insurance good?” finding out that the company collaborates with shelter partners all over Canada and the U.S. might answer your question. Even though Fetch is among the most recommended pet insurance companies, it comes with certain drawbacks. 


  • It covers up to $1,000 for each vet visit and up to a whopping $15,000 for treating behavioral problems.;
  • It offers attractive discounts for annual or quarterly payments, rather than paying monthly premiums;
  • It delivers outstanding premiums reduced by 30% for clients who haven’t filed a Fetch pet insurance claim form for at least a year.


Fetch by Dodo attracts attention with its standard plan, which covers various veterinary care associated with behavioral problems, such as hyperactivity and separation anxiety. Many clients appreciate this pet insurance company as it is very generous and offers fascinating discounts for AARP members, retired and active military, and those who adopted a pet from a shelter.

Fetch by Dodo Overview

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Coverage and Limits

Healthy Paws and Fetch by Dodo are pet insurance companies that offer accident and illness coverage. Both of them offer specially designed insurance policies that cover the most common health problems. Still, you must read each of their policies carefully before you purchase, as there is some difference in what Fetch pet insurance covers, and it is more comprehensive than Healthy Paws’ coverage.

Fetch by Dodo covers:

  • Veterinary exam fees;
  • Cancer treatment;
  • Surgery and rehabilitation;
  • Emergency veterinary visits;
  • Holistic care;
  • Behavioral therapy;
  • Breed-specific conditions;
  • Virtual veterinary visits;
  • Complete sick visit;
  • Diagnostic tests;
  • Specialist visits;
  • Imaging and ultrasound;
  • Comprehensive dental care;
  • Trip cancellation because of a sick pet;
  • Unexpected accidents and illnesses;
  • Vet oncology care

Healthy Paws pet insurance covers:

  • Unexpected illnesses and accidents;
  • Hereditary and genetic conditions;
  • Chronic conditions;
  • Congenital conditions;
  • Cancer;
  • Ultrasounds and X-rays;
  • Diagnostic testing and treatment;
  • Bloodwork;
  • Hospitalization;
  • Surgery;
  • Prescription medications;
  • Specialty care;
  • Emergency care;
  • Alternative treatments like chiropractic care and acupuncture.

Neither Healthy Paws nor Fetch pet insurance provides wellness coverage. To acquire wellness coverage, customers need to talk to the pet insurance provider they prefer.

Even though both pet insurance companies offer more or less similar coverage, Fetch takes the prize.

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Enrollment Process

Thanks to the useful online tools, the enrollment process with Healthy Paws and Fetch pet insurance is fast and pretty simple. As soon as the customers go to the company’s official website, they need to enter the required information about their pet and pick the pet insurance coverage that matches their budget and needs. The moment customers enter their payment information, they will become a part of the big Fetch or Healthy Paws pet insurance family.

Both Healthy Paws and Fetch require pet parents to submit proof of their pet’s recent vet exam when they sign up for coverage. These pet insurance companies will use this evidence to isolate any conditions which might be considered a pet pre-existing conditions

The significant difference between Healthy Paws and Fetch’s enrollment process is that Healthy Paws asks for a checkup 12 months before the coverage start date or 30 days if the pet is 6 years or older upon signing up.

Fetch offers a different option – a 6-month-old checkup only. Pets over 6 years of age need to submit proof of a checkup 30 days before the policy starts. If customers don’t offer proof of a checkup, they can contact the customer support agents to advise them on how to cancel the pet insurance.

We dubbed Healthy Paws the winner in this category.

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Claim Filing

Filling a claim is very easy because Healthy Paws and Fetch provide digital claim filing. Healthy Paws pet insurance customers can choose whether they prefer to take a photo using their smartphone and send it via a mobile app or upload vet bills directly to the provider’s official website. The good news is that processing time is super-fast, and almost all claims are paid in less than 2 days.

Fetch by Dodo also accepts claims via its mobile app and website. Unlike Healthy Paws, Fetch’s waiting period isn’t defined, and the company doesn’t disclose a precise time frame for a refund. According to its website, most claims are answered within a few days.

Ta-da! The winner in the claim-filing category is Healthy Paws.

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Limitations

Limitations are essential, and customers need to know everything about them before purchasing pet insurance for their pets. 

Fetch comes with 3 options on payouts:

  • $5,000;
  • $15,000;
  • Unlimited

Fetch by Dodo is proud of its 3 annual limit options. Unlike Fetch, Healthy Paws’ pet insurance plan doesn’t come with maximum limits on payouts, and it means that all accident or annual caps are unlimited.

Since there are no limits on payouts, Healthy Paws takes home the crown!

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Reimbursement & Deductibles

Healthy Paws and Fetch differ regarding reimbursement and deductibles. Healthy Paws pet insurance has some restrictions on reimbursement and deductible sums which depend on the pet’s age upon enrollment.

Cats and dogs 5 years and younger:

  • 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursement;
  • $500, $250, and $100 deductible.

Cats and dogs 6 and 7 years old:

  • 60%, 70%, or 80% reimbursement;
  • $750, $500, or $250 deductible.

8-year-old dogs and up:

  • 60% or 50% reimbursement;
  • $1,000 or $750 deductible.

Healthy Paws enrolls dogs and cats between 2 months and 14 years old, while Fetch doesn’t have age restrictions and provides various customizable options. Fetch also offers to offer various reimbursement rates and deductibles:


  • 90%, 80%, or 70%

Annual deductibles

  • $500, $300, and $250.

Since Fetch welcomes every pet, young or senior, we can’t deny the fact that Fetch is the winner! 

Healthy Paws vs Fetch: Pricing & Plan

Healthy Paws and Fetch have unique pricing options. The key difference is that the prominent Healthy Paws offers a lower deductible but a higher annual limit and all that for the same price, as it only offers a simple plan.

Fetch covers a vast array of costs for almost the same sum, including trip cancellations, dental treatment, and exam fees. On average, the relatively new Fetch by Dodo pet insurance costs $35 a month for dogs and $25 a month for cats. However, the price may vary, and that depends on the pets’ breed and location.

Healthy Paws pet insurance costs $40 a month for dogs, on average, and is about $5 more expensive than Fetch; cats can get insured for $20 a month, which is $5 cheaper than Fetch’s pet insurance cost for cats.

For being budget-friendly, Healthy Paws wins again!

Conclusion: Which One Is the Best?

Both Healthy Paws and Fetch are excellent pet insurance companies with similar coverage, price, and enrollment processes, but the overall victor is Healthy Paws. 

The fast Healthy Paws pet insurance claim processing charms customers and the simple plan makes it less confusing. The nifty mobile app is the cherry on top, so we aren’t surprised to see Healthy Paws stock up on wins!

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