Nationwide vs Embrace Pet Insurance

Nationwide vs Embrace Pet Insurance

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The procedures and prescriptions that keep our little furry rascals healthy have a hefty price tag. Medical care is never cheap, even when it relates to animals. In short, Visits to the veterinary office can be expensive especially if you never count on having to pay one.

Insurance helps reduce the financial burden of having a pet. There are plenty of choices, but in our analysis, two great brands stand on the opposite side of the deal – Nationwide and Embrace pet insurance.

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace Pet insurance offers a health care policy for your pet. 

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide includes the comprehensive benefit option.


There is no doubt that owners are ready to make every effort, in order to save the life of their pet.

In these cases, a good pet insurance plan is a lifesaver, and with top candidates under our belt, here is a Nationwide vs Embrace pet insurance comparison to help you take better care of your furry sidekick!

Let’s get to it!

Nationwide vs. Embrace Pet Insurance: At a Glance

Nationwide got into the insurance business by focusing on people. Recently, they decided to use their experience, and offer their services to all members of the animal kingdom.

Unlike their competition that focuses on cats and dogs. If you have an exotic bird or a snake, you are welcome to make a plan for its health. You can find their best coverage is then an all-inclusive plan, which comes at a higher price.

When it comes to price tags, Embrace is not cheaper. But high prices come with options, and in their case, the offer includes prosthetics. Interestingly, if your dog is having mood issues, you can get him behavioral therapy at Embrace.

At first look, Embrace is a modern company that is more suitable for millennials. They like to have choices and prefer to use its online services. While, with Nationwide, you get a classic format plan. If you are a retiree, finding a safe and viable pet insurance plan can be made easy with Nationwide.

Embrace Pet Insurance vs Nationwide: The Coverage




Overall Rating



Total Reviews




$200 – $1,000

$100 – $250


70% – 90%


Annual Limit

$5,000 – $30,000

$10,000 – Unlimited

Waiting Period: Accidents & Illnesses

Accidents: 2 Days

Illnesses: 14 Days

Accidents: 14 Days

Illnesses: 14 Days

Orthopedic Coverage: Waiting Period

6 Months

14 Days

Emergency Care




Get a Quote

Get a Quote


Both the Embrace and Nationwide pet insurance plans are all-inclusive and target everything from illnesses to accident coverage. Embrace can be more appealing of a choice here, because of the option for customized coverage. The unique thing about Embrace is that it covers the fee for your veterinarian pet exam.

Wellness coverage is an option available in both plans. With Embrace, you get to choose from three coverage amounts to pay for vet visits. Such visits can be related to neutering and spaying procedures, and other preventative treatments.

Nationwide’s offer is easier to understand for customers. As a result, you can tailor the best plan for your and your pet’s needs. Their wellness plans include both vaccinations and flea prevention. You will not be reimbursed for wellness coverage visits each year – and you don’t have to pay extra for chronic conditions.

Nationwide vs. Embrace Pet Insurance: Pros and Cons

The devil is in the details. And, when you want the best deal, like an insurance for your exotic bird pet – then you need to look at the specifics.

Nationwide Pros:

  • Free 24/7 vet helpline
  • Coverage for exotic pets
  • Offers 50% reimbursement level

Nationwide Cons:

  • Payment limits for certain conditions and certain procedures
  • One deductible of $250 available, $250
  • The website is less useful than most

Embrace Pros:

  • Covers fees for almost every type of veterinary care
  • Offers discounts for enrollment of multiple pets
  • Accident-only coverage is available
  • Protection in case of a car accident
  • For every year without a claim, you get a $50 deductibles reduction

Embrace Cons

  • Limited to a minimum deductible of $200 and a maximum yearly limit of $30,000
  • Monthly installment fee if you don’t pay upfront
  • Limited wellness benefits
Embrace Pet Health Insurance Review

Nationwide vs. Embrace Pet Insurance: Waiting Periods

You can enroll your pet with Embrace after it turns six weeks old. The maximum pet age, in this case, is 14 years. If your pet gets into an accident, Embrace will offer you a two-day waiting period to better fit your needs. When it comes to illnesses, the time frame will be expanded to two weeks.

Orthopedic conditions have a waiting period of 6 months. But, under certain circumstances, the waiting period can be reduced to 14 days.

In the industry, there is a typical waiting period of 14 days. The exception as always is the wellness plan, typically activated in a day. Nationwide is sticking to that format, and allows enrolment of pets older than 6 weeks. There is a cut-off age of 10 years. But, the good news is, if the policy doesn’t lapse, the coverage is there for life.

Nationwide vs. Embrace Pet Insurance: Customer Service

Circumstances differ, and they dictate the way we experience a certain service or problem. Both companies have a solid customer service record and their reviews are, for the most part, positive.

With Embrace, customers can use the web portal MyEmbrace, to upload claims. In cases of illnesses and accidents, it takes up to 15 days for reimbursement via the platform. Users also benefit from the PawSupport health line. It is available 24 hours a day, so customers can consult on any issue, they may be noticing with their pet.

Nationwide vs. Embrace Pet Insurance: The Pricing

In the pet insurance business, you get what you paid for. Overall, you get more comprehensive coverage with a price almost identical to all respective competitors. Or, you can take your pick based on the coverage plan selected.

With Embrace, you will get 100% customization of your coverage. On the other hand, if you are traditional and need a simpler plan, Nationwide can be a solid solution.

The available Nationwide plans start at $16.51 a month. If you decide to go with the whole Pet Plan Coverage, then the price will round up to $59 for dogs and $31 for cats – and zero enrollment fee in both cases. If you have a bird for a pet, don’t fret, there are viable plans you can look into as well. In terms of deductibles, the annual sum can range between $100 and $250.

There is an unlimited annual maximum on all plans. Unlike its competitor, Embrace charges an enrollment fee of $25. Plans start at $6.94 a month. If no claims are made in a given year, then the deductible is reduced for that year. If you have several pets in your home, then you can benefit from the 10% discount.

Neither owners nor pets plan on suffering an accident. But, we can prepare upfront with a pet insurance policy that will keep your furry roommate safe. Both Nationwide vs Embrace Pet Insurance offers solutions in an emergency!


Both providers are among the best in the pet insurance niche. The key differences are in the minute details.

Nationwide is a cheaper option covering a broad range of illnesses and accidents. On the other side, Embrace is pricier, but the cost is offset with its unique diminishing deductibles for every year without a claim.

Complaints are frequent about Nationwide outright denying claims because of missing veterinary records. The solid reputation for fast claims approval is another plus for Embrace if you are on the hunt for a plan that will protect your four-legged pal.

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