PetFirst vs Embrace

Petfirst vs Embrace

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Coughs, nausea, cancer, fractures – these are some of the medical issues your pet might experience at one point in their life. Add scans, IVs, MRIs, bloodwork, and vaccinations to the equation, and the need for obtaining suitable pet insurance becomes that more heightened.

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PetFirst reaching more than 40,000 pets all over the USA.

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Embrace Pet insurance offers a health care policy for your pet. 


Except for vet bills coverage, pet insurance policies offer plans that tend to your pet’s every medical, aesthetic, and other need. In a sea of options, PetFirst and Embrace are ranked as the best and most affordable pet insurance plan providers. 

In this review, we’re bringing the two contenders head to head and compare their insurance policies, coverage options, enrollment process, claim filing, and more!

PetFirst Pet Insurance Overview

According to US News, PetFirst comes as the 6th best pet health insurance policy. The coverage plan, reimbursement levels, annual deductible, and benefits are the main factors that contributed to its top ranking and popularity among customers.

Essentially, PetFirst coverage includes an accidents-only plan and a customizable policy option that covers the following:

  • Medical conditions and accidents such as predator bites, fractures, indigestion of foreign objects, or any related incident. There’s also a full coverage on hereditary & congenital conditions like hip or elbow dysplasia, health issues, allergies, or asthma.
    In addition, cancer and other chronic diseases are also included in the plan. 
  • Medical treatments and all needed follow-ups are included in their policy.
  • Travel coverage in Mexico, Canada, or other states in the US is also part of the PetFirst bargain. 

Embrace Pet Insurance Overview

Embrace has traditionally been the most common pet insurance solution for years. Currently, Embrace pet insurance plans take second place as the most affordable pet insurance pet parents can use, due to their convenient reimbursement and coverage plans. 

The Embrace coverage includes all of the following in their plans: 

  • Medical conditions, like accidents and undiagnosed illnesses, congenital and hereditary issues, and cancer and chronic conditions. 
  • Medical treatments that fall under the provided pet insurance plan. 
  • Travel insurance. Embrace has an open vet network, meaning you can take your pet on travel and use their pet insurance for peace of mind.

PetFirst Pet Insurance Coverage

PetFirst pet insurance coverage offers an inclusive coverage policy plan, be it specific or regarding routine care. Take a look at the full list:

  • Accidents – PetFirst insures your pet in the event of an accident. Depending on the accident, the coverage includes IV, med supplies, MRI Scans, CT Scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, urine works, exam costs, hospitalization, and surgery.
  • Undiagnosed illnesses, including fevers, flues, coughing, nausea, and diarrhea.
  • Hereditary & congenital conditions – elbow and hip dysplasia, diabetes, upper respiratory infections, thyroid disease, heart disease, nervous system issues, cataracts, and liver disease.
  • Cancer – diagnosis, chemotherapy, blood work, and scans.
  • Chronic conditions – scans, blood & lab work, surgery, hospitalization, and med prescriptions.
  • Alternative therapies – acupuncture, hydrotherapy, chiropractic therapy, homeopathy, and naturopathy.
  • Dental – applicable to certain occasions only, like accident-related dental issues. 
  • Rehab & Physical therapy. Therapeutic activities and other therapeutic practices that assist pets in recovering from diseases, mental or physical trauma, or surgery.
  • Medical prescriptions – Only when prescribed by a vet.
  • Exam fees for all covered conditions
  • LASER Therapy – used to boost cell regeneration and blood circulation in pets, and treat acute and chronic injuries, sprains and strains, arthritis, edema, and muscular and/or skeletal problems. It also helps with nerve tissue regeneration after surgery.

Moreover, PetFirst provides more comfort with their Wellness cover plan that comes in 3 tiers.

It includes essential healthcare services your pet might need and works as a preventative plan. The PetFirst pet wellness plan is also cost-effective and treats pet parents with a cup of Starbucks whenever they bring their pet in. 

This plan also offers optimal healthcare that includes early pet issue diagnosis and is critical in preventing illnesses whilst minimizing or significantly reducing all medical costs included.

The veterinary treatment included in your PetFirst Wellness membership provides pets with the greatest preventative healthcare and expands their lifespan. 

Embrace Coverage Details 

Embrace also offers a well-crafted coverage plan that includes: 

  • Accidents: Fractures, indigestion, predator bites, and any other unfortunate circumstances your pet might suffer.
  • Undiagnosed illnesses: nausea, coughing, vomiting, flu, fever, etc.
  • Hereditary & congenital conditions. Birth-related or pet pre-existing conditions will not be covered – if the pet has been insured after its first 6 weeks. Otherwise, your pet will be covered for any hereditary or genetic illness for which it has been diagnosed.
  • Cancer-related conditions. Cancer therapy is available for older pets at Embrace.
    Most dogs are diagnosed with cancer when older, and unlike other providers, Embrace covers every essential test and scan related to the diagnosis.
  • Chronic conditions. Embrace offers coverage for long-term diseases and injuries such as arthritis and diabetes, with no pre-condition limits.
  • Dental – Tooth extractions, root canal treatments, and other pet dental procedures will be covered by Embrace for up to $1,000.

Moreover, Embrace employs their wellness program where you have additional coverage benefits like:

  • Routine blood tests
  • Fecal examinations
  • Microchipping
  • Grooming, such as nail trimming
  • Restoration of umbilical hernia 
  • Supplements for nutrition
  • Expression of the anal glands
  • A pet activity tracker
  • Cremation or burial
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Fees for health examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Titer examinations
  • Preventing fleas, ticks, and heartworms
  • Spaying and neutering

The deductible and payment limitations may differ with Embrace, depending on the pet insurance plans you choose.

Petfirst vs Embrace Benefit Limits 

PetFirst and Embrace are two of the best pet insurance policies on the market. In terms of benefits, there is some good news surrounding both insurance policies, so let’s look at these individually. 

On one hand, PetFirst benefit limits can estimate $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 annually. Depending on your pet’s needs, this may be an issue, as the expenses of severe health issues quickly reach these benefits.

On the other hand, Embrace might be more convenient as it caps the annual limits at $30,000. Embrace offers the minimal annual cap of $5,000, and continues moves on to $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 and $30,000 benefit limit. This is perfect for pets suffering from more complex conditions. 

Still, pet parents with younger pets won’t need extensive coverage for at least 5 years ahead, which makes the $2,000 annual cap a happy middle-ground option to consider. 

Pet First vs Embrace Deductibles Compared 

PetFirst offers deductibles of $50, $100, $250, and $500. Low-budget options are much more profitable for novice parents than a, say, $250 deductible. 

Embrace offers three deductible levels of $250, $450, or $650. The reimbursement level affects the price of the policy. Therefore, whichever of the three above you choose – you will be charged a proportional price. Namely, for the $250 reimbursement, you will be charged $18.25 monthly or $225 annually. 

Reimbursement Compared to Petfirst vs Embrace 

Excellent coverage plans mean nothing if the pet health insurance offers a poor reimbursement level. The reimbursement level affects the coverage of the expensive vet bills, so you might want to pay closer attention to this.

Both Embrace and PetFirst pet insurance policies offer conscious reimbursement levels.

PetFirst is much more scalable than Embrace when it comes to reimbursement options.

With PetFirst, you can choose either 65%, 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% reimbursement. The full coverage of the bills comes as a huge plus compared to other providers who steer clear of this option. PetFirst seems more flexible in the reimbursement department.

This insurance policy is the same as Embrace, but it offers 100% reimbursement or absolute coverage for the necessary bills. 

However, don’t let the absolute coverage trick you as PetFirst caps their annual benefits.

With Embrace, pet parents can enjoy 90% reimbursement with their accident-only plan. But, Embrace also has a rather traditional reimbursement scale of 65%, 70%, and 80%. 

In any case, pet parents looking for a suitable option will do fine with the 60% reimbursement level, unless your pet needs more coverage options. 

PetFirst vs Embrace Pricing 

The good thing about these two pet insurance policies is that they’re the most affordable and budget-friendly ones. Embrace was the second-cheapest pet insurance policy in 2021, and PetFirst followed its lead. Both PetFirst and Embrace have customizable pricing systems that vary depending on the pet’s age, breed, and state of residence. 

To be specific, a quote at Embrace for an insured 2-year-old golden retriever with a $500 deductible, 80% reimbursement, and $5,000 annual cap, and a monthly premium coverage plan will cost $29.89. The same pricing adjustment for a house cat the same age as the golden retriever costs $17.03.

PetFirst’s pricing scope varies from $25 to $115. However, the average 2-year-old golden retriever will require monthly costs of $42.37, while the average 2-year-old house cat costs $16.41. 

Statistically, both pricing plans are among the most wanted ones due to their premium plan prices. Other insurance policies may have decent accidents-only pricing plans, but the premiums skint parents’ budgets.

Petfirst vs Embrace Enrollment and Waiting Periods

Embrace poses some age restrictions with their enrollment process and obliges pet parents to ensure their pets at a minimum enrollment of 6 weeks and a maximum enrollment of 14 years.

PetFirst, unlike Embrace, does not have an age limit. You can enroll your pet at any age, but any pre-existing condition isn’t covered by any other insurance policy.

As for the pet insurance waiting period, PetFirst is one of the leading insurance policies. Firstly, they have a 0-day waiting period for accidents, so if your pet has an emergency, you will have a full backup. In case of an illness, the waiting period is 14 days. However, the problem with PetFirst is in their cruciate ligament cases, where the waiting period might extend to a year. 

In comparison, Embrace has a 2-day waiting period for pet accidents, which is not ideal and not great either. In case of pet illness, the waiting period is the same as with PetFirst – 14 days. However, there is a longer waiting period for orthopedic treatments. Namely, pet parents might have to wait for up to 6 months to be reimbursed, unless they own an Orthopedic Exam Report Card. This card is your best option against the long processing period and can shorten the orthopedic waiting period to 14 days.

Enrolling in both insurance policies is hustle-free. PetFirst and Embrace don’t require you to file any vet confirmation for enrollment.

Petfirst vs Embrace Claims 

As leading pet insurance policies, both Embrace and PetFirst have convenient pet insurance claim processing periods.

PetFirst provides you with feedback only 10 to 14 days after your claim filing. Generally speaking, PetFirst processes their claims in only 12 days, with the longest recorded claim process taking 60 days. However, such cases are a rarity with this provider. 

A problematic situation you may face comes if there is a reason for delaying the claim approval. Additionally, you can request reimbursement for the covered services included in the pet insurance plan within the first 90 days of registering the pet accident or illness.


We have also compared PetFirst with some other well-known brands like Figo, Healthy Paws, Nation Wide, Pets Best, and Trupanion. You can check these articles as well, it will help you in making the decision easier.

Which One is Better? Petfirst vs Embrace

The question of whether to choose Embrace or PetFirst can only be answered by pet parents themselves. Since both providers are affordable, you can find different options that will suit your budget and tend to your pet’s needs at the same time. 

The coverage plans are more or less the same, but their different pet plans might be a detrimental factor in choosing one or the other. 

Online feedback has praised both Embrace and PetFirst, giving them ratings of 4/5 or 9.1/10. However, given that Embrace offers more adjustments than PetFirst, like a preventative care plan, one annual deductible, and behavioral treatments coverage, alongside a shorter claiming period, and higher deductible options, it might be a more convenient choice to make.

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