Ollie vs. Nom Nom 2023: Which Is Your Best Bet For Fresh Dog Food Delivery?

Ollie vs Nom Nom

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Choosing the right fresh dog food delivery service for your pup can be tricky! In this article, we compare two of the most popular options – Ollie and Nom Nom – to help you decide which one is best for you and your pup. 

In this Ollie vs. Nom Nom comparison, we’ll look at factors such as the types of food offered, delivery frequency, and cost. We’ll also provide our opinion on which one is the better option for fresh dog food delivery.

Nom Nom vs. Ollie Dog Food: At a Glance – Who Won Each Category?

Both Ollie and Nom Nom’s dog food are praised for their high-quality ingredients, sustainability, and portioning, but some prefer one over the other. Before we make a detailed Nom Nom vs. Ollie comparison, targeting all features that make each dog food chain exemplary, we’ll give you a short view of which brand won in what category. 

Here are the results:

  • Fresh Meal Options  – Tie

If we compare Ollie and Nom Nom’s food options, we can conclude that both have amazingly delicious choices. Both meal options are sustainable, filling, and healthy. Each package contains enough calories to keep your pup with a filled tummy for the entire day. 

  • Quality of Ingredients – Tie 

When it comes to nutrients, Nom Nom does not include organ meat, while Ollie does. They are tied in the fact that both offer the bulk of the meal’s protein. If you inspect Nom Nom and Ollie visually, Nom Nom looks much more scrumptious. Larger pieces can also make your dog pick and choose what to eat. 

  • Other Products – Nom Nom 

Nom Nom takes the crown with its gut testing kits. They help the owner tackle stomach problems early on. 

  • Allergies & Sensitivities – Ollie

Ollie allows the owner to specify their pet’s allergies before paying, while Nom Nom allows customization after payment. 

  • Customizability & Supplemental Meal Plans – Ollie

Ollie offers a variety of mixed recipes without being charged. They also contact you to see if your dog is adjusting. Nom Nom offers a mixture of food but only weekly or monthly. 

  • Price – Tie 

If you have a small dog, the cost of daily dog food delivery will be the same. When comparing Nom Nom now vs. Ollie, the latter is more expensive if you have a larger dog. The similarity is that both prices vary depending on the plan and recipes.  

  • Discounts – Nom Nom 

Nom Nom offers the biggest discount with 60% off the first purchase. Plus, they have a multi-pet discount. 

  • Portioning – Nom Nom 

With Nom Nom, each meal is individually portioned, while Ollie’s contain a day’s worth in a single pack. 

  • Packaging, Sustainability & Storage – Nom Nom 

Although both companies have recyclable packaging, and the food kept inside is great, Nom Nom prepares it just a day or two prior to shipping, whereas Ollie’s comes frozen. 

  • Shipping – Ollie

Ollie offers free shipping, while Nom Nom has flexible shipping. 

  • Customer Service & Reputation – Ollie 

Nom Nom might offer the option to consult e a vet nutritionist, but Ollie offers professional veterinary help via video call or the Ollie app. 

Ollie vs. Nom Nom Now: Which Is Best for You?

Now that you know the results, below we’ll dive more into why and how we came to these conclusions. 

Fresh Meal Options

Your dog needs to get all the necessary nutrients from its dog food – you can’t just give them meat and kibble. Each recipe needs to contain a fine variety of vegetables, seeds, and protein-filled meats. 

Ollie and Nom Nom both offer 4 different protein options. Although seeds and grains are an important part of every dog food, some are completely grain-free, while others are grain-inclusive. 

After the FDA released a warning about the potential connection between grain-free diets and heart issues, most pet food companies saw to contribute to the health of pets by adding more grain-filled recipes. Both Ollie and Nom Nom include this type of recipe in their dog food. 

For instance, Nom Nom adds a healthier version of rice and taurine in all of their recipes. Ollie, on the other hand, adds rice to their chicken wet food recipe. Both dog food chains added crucial vitamins too to make sure their dog food is both nutritional, balanced, and healthy. 

Nom Nom’s Recipe Selections

Ollie vs. Nom Nom

If we compare Nom Nom vs. Ollie in the meals section, we can several differences. The first meal with Nom Nom starts with whole meats to keep your pet full for the rest of the day. After the whole protein, they get some nutritional value from plants, oils, and eggs. Every pet owner should note that Nom Nom maintains a minimum of 8 to 11% of crude protein in their recipes and has no organ meat. 

Nom Nom dog food offers simple, easy-to-digest, high-quality recipes. The company also prides itself on staying clear of any preservatives in its dog food.  Some of the top picks from Nom Nom’s kitchen are Turkey fare, pork potluck, chicken cuisine, and beef mash. 

Ollie’s Recipe Selections

When looking at Ollie vs. Nom Nom Now, you will see that Ollie has more recipe varieties. Ollie offers four different but equally tasty recipes of produce and organ meat mixtures. Although Ollie includes organ meat, it’s clean and gives important nutrients to your pet. Besides organ meats, Ollie includes blueberries, chia seeds, and fish oils. They are added to each recipe for their antioxidant value, along with vitamins. 

Like Nom Nom, Ollie’s fresh dog food reviews state that the protein range is between 9 and 11%. All of their dog food packages vary in caloric density as well. Moreover, Ollie’s meals meet all the AAFCO feeding standards. Some good recipes here include the turkey, lamb, beef, and chicken recipe.

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Ingredient Quality

If you take a look at a few Ollie dog food reviews, you’ll notice that when compared to other types of dog food, even Nom Nom, Ollie looks the most appetizing. However, making a real Nom Now vs. Ollie comparison will show that the ingredients in both are more or less the same.

Nom Nom’s dog food includes visible, identifiable components, while Ollie looks mashed up. Mashed-up might be more suitable for younger puppies, but larger pieces are better so you can understand what your pet is eating. 

Both are known to source their elements from reputable and trusted farmers and use high-quality ingredients. Unlike other knock-off pet food delivery options, these two contain human-grade meat without any toxins. Ollie might also include organ meat, but, as we said, it is clean and inspected. 

The two companies cook the dog food themselves and don’t ship it from out of the states. Because Ollie sources all its chicken and beef from USDA-approved farms in the US, you can rest assured that your beloved pet is not fed with any additives. Ollie also imports premium, pasture-raised lamb from free-range farms in Australia. 

You should also know that 60% of Ollie’s recipes are meat-composed. That means that the rest 40% are fresh and healthy veggies, fruits, oils, seeds, and starches sourced by trusted US farms. 

Ollie has a USDA certification. This means that the food preparations match the standards needed for human food. This company even has an independent food testing laboratory that inspects the nutritional value and calories through AAFCO standards. 

It’s interesting to note that Ollie adds vitamin B minerals from beef livers instead of adding supplements into the mix. Nom Nom, on the other hand, uses restaurant-quality protein and vegetables. 

Other Products

Aside from its long list of recipes, Nom Nom also offers jerky snacks. These USDA-certified, single-ingredient snacks are $15 a bag and are healthy treats given as rewards. Unlike most kibble treats, the Nom Nom jerky treats have no chemical preservatives.

To top it off, with every packaging, Nom Nom offers a diagnostic microbiological testing kit. Nom Nom also offers two different types of probiotics. One for the digestive and the other for the immune system. 

On the other hand, although they might not offer dried treats, Ollie offers high-quality, baked, dry food. It has no preservatives, fillers, soy, wheat, or corn. The baked food option is the best choice for owners who travel with their pets because this food does not spoil easily. 

Ollie also offers other products in the form of a free telehealth service named Ollie Health. Owners subscribed to the Ollie plan can contact the service 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. By using the Ollie app, pet owners can question veterinarians free of charge. The app also allows you to customize the meal plans and delivery. 

Allergies & Sensitivities

Every credible dog food chain will ask you to provide a profile for your dog. With this in mind, they will choose the right meal plan for your dog. Both Ollie and Nom Nom ask about health issues and allergies; however, Ollie is much more thorough. They ask exactly what your dog is allergic to and about their health conditions before recommending you a recipe. 

Nom Nom recommends recipes before knowing exactly what your dog’s allergens are. They allow you to customize your dog’s health profile after you sign up for a paid plan.  However, Nom Nom does offer you a chance to talk to their vet nutritionist. This way, you can talk to them and discuss how you can help your pet with its uncommon allergy needs.

Customizability & Supplemental Meal Plans

Both Ollie and Nom Nom offer the ability to mix recipes and customize plans. 

Ollie has one of the best customer services, which contacts you to see how your dog is adjusting to the new food. If you notice any peculiarities like weight gain or loss, you contact the care team and make adjustments to the meal. Ollie’s team will add mixed meal options in each delivery just to see what works with your pet.  

Nom Nom is flexible with meal options. Once you determine which meals suit your dog’s needs, Nom Nom will rotate the recipes, with each shipping for free. Know that it’s best not to change your dog’s food too often. Vets best recommend monthly rotations. 

Nom Nom offers supplemental meal plans, and a half portion will save you 42%. Contrary, Ollie replaced their supplemental plan with their mixed plan that consists of 50/50 baked and fresh food. 


Regardless of whether you order from Ollie or Nom Nom, the price will depend directly on how much your dog eats, their size, and their needs. The plan you choose, along with the recipes, will determine the final price. 

Ollie used to be the cheaper option, but because of their newer options, the prices have increased. Currently, Ollie prices range from $2 to $3 a day for smaller dogs. Larger dogs cost extra, starting from about $10 a day. The price changes depending on which recipe is chosen, with the turkey being the most expensive. 

Nom Nom’s prices range between $3 a day for smaller dogs and $11+ for larger ones. They are more expensive if you combine different flavors. Note that if you choose a single flavor option, the price will drop. Nom Nom also requires a $5 fee if you want mixed meals delivered. 


Nom Nom offers discounts if you sign up all your pets for a meal plan. The multi-pet discount saves expenses as there are less frequent deliveries. They also offer a 60% off deal on your first purchase.

Comparatively, Ollie offers 50% off the first purchase. They also offer 50% off the first three packages for first-aid workers and medical staff. 


Both Ollie and Nom Nom have their portions calculated by veterinarians. The goal is to have an optimal calorie count based on specifications. The packs are small but easy to store. 

All Ollie fresh dog food reviews agree that Ollie’s packs are a day’s worth, meaning two meals in a single pack. Although Nom Nom’s packs may be small, they are individually portioned depending on the type of dog. Nom Nom also offers transitional foods for the first week. 

Packaging, Sustainability & Storage

Both companies prioritize eco-friendly packaging. Ollie’s frozen food arrives in recyclable cardboard boxes, vacuum-sealed in plastic packaging. Similarly, Nom Nom’s fresh food is delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes. Neither company uses preservatives. Ollie’s food is delivered frozen, while Nom Nom’s is fresh and made just days before delivery.


While both companies offer free shipping, Ollie provides it with every delivery. In contrast, Nom Nom offers free shipping on orders larger than $30 and provides flexibility in choosing the delivery location. 

Customer Service & Reputation

Ollie distinguishes itself with a telehealth hotline, allowing owners to consult professionals 17 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ollie’s customer service follows up on how the dog adjusts to the new food after the initial shipping, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Features Comparison: Nom Nom vs. Ollie Dog Food

To give you an even better picture of these two dog food companies, you can check the table of comparison below, where we outlined all important features and how they differ in both of them.

Category Ollie Nom Nom 
Shipping Free shippingFree shipping on orders over $30 
Protein Options Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Chicken Pork, Beef, Turkey, Chicken
Are recipes created by vets?YesYes
RefundFull refund-guaranteed if your dog doesn’t like the foodMoney-back warranty in the first 30 days
Price$2 per day$3 per day
Other ProductsAlso offers a baked, dry food option and a free subscription to Ollie telehealthOffers probiotics, plus a gut-health testing kit 
Promo Discounts Has a 50% off discount for the first orderOffers 60% off your first order
Giving BackDonates 1% of the profit to rescue organizations; Regularly donates meals If your pet is adopted from a partner shelter, they give a $50 donation to that shelter in your name
Accreditation USDA-certified for dog food ingredients; AAFCO-certified AAFCO-certified for every stage
Partial plansYou can choose a mixed baked and fresh planYou can choose between half or full portions
Cancelation Any timeAny time
SourcingChicken and beef ingredients are US-grown, while the lamb is imported from Australia; Veggies are sourced from US farmsPrepared with restaurant-quality proteins and vegetables that are US-based.  

What’s Our Verdict? And The Winner Is: It’s a Tie 

After comparing Ollie vs. Nom Nom, we conclude that they are equally matched when it comes to satisfying the needs of your dog. Although Nom Nom offers micro-biotic testing, probiotic supplements, and customizable deliveries, Ollie offers a telehealth hotline. 

When it comes to prices, we compared Ollie and Nom Nom’s prices for our Pekingese, and Ollie came on top. But the price is not that important when it comes to your pet’s health. 

Whichever you choose, know that you won’t a mistake. Have your dog’s needs in mind, and rest assured that you’ll make the healthiest and most nutritious decision for its future.

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Both options are great for your dog. Which one you choose depends on your dog’s needs.

Yes, Nom Nom inspects that their dog food is human-grade. 

Yes. However, you should be specific about this in your order, as Nom Nom usually has larger pieces that might be better suitable for older dogs. 

Yes, Nom Nom is AAFCO-certified. 

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