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Banfield Pet Insurance Review

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Banfield first broke on the market in 1955, and to this day – they’ve remained a pillar in the industry – still adored by numerous pet owners!

Banfield Pet Insurance

Key Benefits

Want to jump straight to the answer?

Banfield is Best Choice for:

  1. Pet owners who prioritize preventive care for their pets.
  2. Individuals who want access to Banfield Pet Hospital’s network of clinics.
  3. Those who prefer a monthly or annual fee structure for their pet’s wellness care.
  4. Pet parents who value the convenience of unlimited office visits and access to Vet Chat.

Banfield may not be the ideal choice for:

  1. Pet owners seeking coverage for accidents, injuries, or illnesses, as Banfield’s plans only focus on preventive care.
  2. Individuals who prefer the flexibility to choose any licensed vet, as Banfield requires the use of their clinics.
  3. Those looking for a comprehensive pet insurance policy that covers both routine care and unexpected medical expenses.

But, let’s cut to the chase – Banfield and Pet Insurance are two different things. Banfield is a hospital that produces wellness programs for your beloved pet. Here, you will get tailored wellness programs for your pets according to their age.

To raise your pet into a real Dogzilla – you must take them on regular vet checks and appointments that frankly cost a lot. The vet medical technology is super-advanced, which explains the high prices.

Since Banfield is a well-established name on the market, let’s jump into our Banfield Wellness Plan review and see how their programs can help you financially, even though they’re not a Pet Insurance Policy.

What is Banfield Pet Insurance?

Banfield doesn’t offer insurance but instead creates wellness programs for your pet. 

It’s a renowned Pet Hospital established in 1955, with over 1,000 locations around the US. Currently, 3,000 dedicated vets are working to improve pets’ lives.

Banfield Hospital offers wellness programs according to the age and health status of your pet. These are called Optimum Wellness Plans or OWPs for short.

There are three basic programs to consider:

  • Active Care
  • Active Care Plus
  • Special Care

Also, as puppies and kittens have different types of needs, Banfield introduces two special programs for pets under six months:

  • Early Care
  • Early Care Plus

Banfield proactively cares for the animals, but it doesn’t cover an unexpected injury or severe illness that happens once in a blue moon.

The main feature of the Banfield Wellness Program is they offer unlimited office visits for new and common pet health concerns. Also, Banfield’s dominant point in stealing the light from insurance companies is the fixed prices for the packages despite the breed, age, or pre-existing conditions. And there are no deductibles at Banfield for those who can appreciate a no-muss-no-fuss experience.

Last but not least, if you enroll your other pet in any of the programs, you’ll get a discount of 5% or 10%. Neat, right? 

Banfield Pros and Cons

To make our Banfield Pet Insurance review more reliable, we will point out the pros and cons of Banfield’s wellness programs.


  • Clear price policy
  • Discounts
  • Covers regular wellness and preventative services
  • Wellness programs appropriate to age, needs, and conditions to each pet
  • No waiting period
  • Includes pre-existing conditions

We’ve collected some Banfield Pet Insurance reviews to pin the Banfield’s cons that prevented meeting the client’s expectations and needs. Here are the main cons:


  • Doesn’t cover unexpected incidents and illnesses
  • Small network size
  • Programs available for dogs and cats only
Banfield Pet Hospital

Clear Price Policy

per pet

No wait period

Dog/Cats Only

Does not cover accidents

Available Plans

As Banfield tailors the programs according to the pet’s age, let’s see what makes the programs different and what do they include.

Let’s start with the baby fluffy beasties programs:

  • Early Care – This package will cover you for vaccination, deworming, coaching sessions on nutrition, an open line for a live Vet Chat, and comprehensive exams.
  • Early Care Plus – The early care plus has only one addition to the original Early Care, and that’s the routine spay or neuter procedure.

These programs are suitable for pets under 6 months old. Once they outgrow this limit, you should consider the following packages:

Banfield Active Care Plan

  • Exam fees for office visits.
  • Two comprehensive exams per year.
  • Two virtual vet visits per year.
  • 24/7 Vet Chat service (online or via text).
  • Nutrition advisory session.
  • One routine diagnostic test per year.
  • Vaccinations.
  • 10% discount on select Banfield products and services.
  • Two fecal exams per year.
  • Two dewormings per year.
  • Unlimited interstate health certificates.
  • Parasite control (additional cost).

Banfield Active Care Plus Plan

  • All Active Care Plan benefits.
  • One professional dental cleaning per year.
  • Urine testing.
  • 15% discount on select Banfield products and services.

Banfield Special Care Plan

  • All Active Care and Active Care Plus benefits.
  • Preventative X-rays (three views).
  • Two eye pressure tests for dogs per year.
  • Two electrocardiograms for dogs per year.
  • 20% discount on select Banfield products and services.

Banfield Early Care Plans for Puppies and Kittens

  • For pets under six months.
  • All benefits of the Active Care Plan.
  • Early Care Plus includes spaying/neutering coverage.
  • 10% discount on select Banfield products and services (Early Care Plus).
  • “Wisdom Panel DNA test” for puppy owners.

Pricing: How Much Does Banfield Pet Hospital Cost?

The Puppies or Kitties packages have different costs, and here’s how they stand:


Early Care

Early Care Plus

Puppy Package



Kitten Package



Banfield’s costs for dogs:

  • Active Care: $37.95/month or $455.40/year.
  • Active Care Plus: $46.95/month or $563.40/year.
  • Special Care: $58.95/month or $707.40/year.

Banfield’s costs for cats

  • Active Care: $26.95/month or $323.40/year.
  • Active Care Plus: $37.95/month or $455.40/year.
  • Special Care: $46.95/month or $563.40/year.

Enrollment & Waiting Periods

One thing you must know upfront is that Banfield offers a discount of 5% for the regular care and 10% for the plus programs if you enroll your other pets.

They have a simple enrollment program at their official site. Right off the bat, they will ask if you’re new to the program. If you have one wellness program for your pet, then you’re entitled to a discount. To confirm you are a user, you must give out information from the previous plan.

Otherwise, to enroll in the wellness program, you must provide information regarding your pet and your personal information so that Banfield can direct you to the nearest hospital in their chain. The final step is to confirm the program, and you’re all set.

There is no waiting period at Banfield.

Banfield Wellness Plan Availability

Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans are exclusively valid at Banfield Pet Hospitals, ensuring comprehensive care for your pet within their network. While these hospitals have a wide presence, it’s important to note that they do not have locations in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. This means that pet owners in these states might need to explore alternative veterinary care options. However, for pet owners in other areas, the Banfield Pet Hospitals offer a convenient and dedicated network to address their pet’s health and wellness needs.

Claims & Service

Banfield is not an insurance company, and it doesn’t operate with claims. When your dog has some kind of incident at a funny time of the night, Banfield doesn’t cover you if you go to other hospitals. However, the benefit you have at Banfield is that you have unlimited vet visits, and you can take your pet to the vet the next morning if the incident allows you to.

Basically, Banfield offers preventative services and an overall wellness program to keep your home wreckers happy.

Banfield Pet Insurance

Banfield Pet Insurance Review: FAQs

You can cancel the program via email at, or you can call them on 888-649-2716. These are the simplest forms you can use.

Yes! You’ll learn how to raise your pet properly. Read some Banfield Dog Insurance reviews or cats, and you’ll see it for yourself.

No. Any transfer from an old to a new pet isn’t an option at Banfield.

Banfield doesn’t cover diseases, but it detects them. You have various options of exams you can run at Banfield.

Compare Banfield Between

Banfield Pet Insurance Alternatives

To find the best Banfield Pet Insurance alternative for you, it’s important to compare the plans offered by different companies.

Consider your budget, your pet’s age and health needs, and the type of coverage you’re looking for. You can also read reviews of different pet insurance companies to get a better sense of their customer service and claims process.

Banfield Pet Insurance alternatives:

  • Embrace Pet Insurance – Better coverage, with a focus on preventive care.
  • Figo Pet Insurance – More customizable plans, with a wide range of coverage options to choose from.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Better rates, especially for older pets and pets with pre-existing conditions.
  • MetLife Pet Insurance – Quicker coverage for unexpected accidents.
  • Lemonade Pet Insurance – Better overall value, with a unique Lemonade Care policy that offers a lower premium and a higher reimbursement rate.
  • Pets Best Pet Insurance  – Cheaper rates, especially for young pets and pets with no pre-existing conditions.
  • Pumpkin Pet Insurance – Best for accident and illness coverage, with a focus on sudden onset illnesses and injuries.
  • Spot Pet Insurance – Best for preventive care, with a unique wellness package that covers the cost of routine vet visits and vaccinations.
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance – Best for lifelong coverage, with no annual or lifetime limits on benefits.
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want to support a good cause, with a portion of every premium donated to the ASPCA.
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want a variety of coverage options to choose from, including wellness plans, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

These companies offer a variety of pet insurance plans with different coverage levels and premiums. Some companies also offer additional benefits, such as wellness coverage, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

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