Bark Potty Review

BarkPotty Review

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While becoming a dog parent is certainly an exciting occasion, it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. One of the messiest responsibilities you will face is solving the peeing issue and giving your puppy proper potty training.

Straight to the answer?

Who is Best Suited for Using Bark Potty:

  1. Apartment Residents:  It offers a convenient indoor solution for dogs to relieve themselves.

  2. Busy Professionals:  It provides a reliable option for dogs to go potty without waiting for their owners to return.

  3. Senior Dogs: The Bark Potty can offer a comfortable and accessible option for them to do their business.

  4. Adverse Weather Conditions: Pet owners who want to avoid taking their dogs outside in harsh weather conditions (cold, rain, snow) can use the Bark Potty as an alternative.

  5. Homeowners Protecting Grass: Homeowners who want to protect their natural grassy backyard from excessive dog use can set up a Bark Potty as a designated potty area.

Who Might Not Be Preferred to Use Bark Potty:

  1. Owners with Ample Outdoor Space: People who have a spacious backyard or easy access to outdoor areas where their dog can comfortably and regularly relieve themselves might not need the Bark Potty.

  2. Dogs Comfortable with Regular Walks: Owners who have the time and lifestyle to take their dogs on regular walks multiple times a day might not need the indoor potty solution provided by the Bark Potty.

  3. Preference for Traditional Methods: Some dog owners might prefer traditional outdoor potty training methods and enjoy spending time outdoors with their pets.

Bark Potty

Key Benefits

This problem may even continue when the pup grows into an adult dog.

Of course, you always have the natural alternative – getting your furry friend to take a leak outside. However, an average adult dog needs to relieve itself at least 3-5 times a day, while juvenile dogs feel this need even more frequently – which becomes a problem for pet parents.

Many dog owners have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow them to take their dogs out that often, which is why you need to get an effective and hygienic potty for your pup to meet its physiologic needs indoors.

The solution you’re looking for has a reliable brand name – Bark Potty.

What is a Bark Potty? 

A Bark Potty is a dog-friendly innovation designed to provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for your pet’s bathroom needs. Each Bark Potty is crafted from materials commonly found in dog parks, with the natural scents of real bark that naturally attract dogs to use it. The use of micro-thin mesh netting securely holds the tray in place, preventing any leakage, and the exclusive bark material effectively eliminates unpleasant odors. 

What’s even more impressive is that a single Bark Potty can replace up to sixty regular pee pads, making it a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice. These potties are equipped with a slight elevation, helping your dog understand when they’re on it and reducing the risk of messy accidents, a common issue with standard potty pads.

How Does Bark Potty Work?

Bark Potty’s structure consists of a flat, wax-lined cardboard box filled with bark which is restrained with a mesh. You can put it in your apartment, on the balcony, or in the garden – whatever works best for you and your pup. One Bark Potty box is the equivalent of 60 dog pee pads.

The potty works in a similar way as the grass in your local dog park – the bark and other natural materials are designed to absorb the liquids as soon as your dog does its business. Your pup’s urine would pass through the netting top and drench the mulch, which helps neutralize the unpleasant smells.

Every Bark Potty includes a plastic tray liner designed to soak in liquids. In cases when your furry friend takes a poop in the potty, you put the built-in poop bag dispenser out to get rid of the solid waste – just as you do when the pet relieves itself during a walk.

In order to give you a simple overview of the properties of the Bark Potty, we’ll go through its main advantages and a few disadvantages.

Who’s it for?

This innovative puppy pad alternative offers a practical solution for various situations and pet owners, including:

  • Individuals in the process of house-training their puppies.
  • Apartment residents without access to a backyard.
  • Busy professionals with unpredictable schedules.
  • Senior dogs dealing with incontinence or arthritis.
  • Pet owners looking to avoid late-night walks in unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Those seeking an alternative to artificial grass, which can be challenging to maintain and may lead to unwanted odors.
  • Anyone who has explored real grass solutions but found them unsuitable.
  • Homeowners aiming to preserve their pristine backyard while providing a designated dog run.

Bark Potty Pros

Bark Potty is a 100% natural product. The organic elements it is made of have similar characteristics to the ones of the grass in your nearest park, where you would usually take a daily walk with your four-legged friend.

Apart from the natural odors of these components, its makers have added special pheromones that attract your pet to do its business in the potty, so you won’t need to put much effort into potty training.

Every part of the Bark Potty has its role in keeping things as clean as possible. The wax liner makes sure the urine is contained inside the box, while the mesh netting prevents the bark from leaving any traces on your carpet. Bark Potty prides itself on its environmental-friendly status, so the product is also recyclable.


Bark Potty Cons

On the flip side, Bark Potty may not be a favorable choice for economic pet parents as it comes at a higher price than dog pee pads and other indoor potty systems. Families who own larger breeds or more than one dog would need a double box. Additionally, if your pup has a runny stool, there is no way to clean the potty, and you will probably need a replacement.

Who Is Bark Potty For?

Bark Potty’s mission is to make the lives of all pet owners easier and put an end to the messy inconveniences around pets’ physiological needs once and for all.

As it is stated on their website, Bark Potty’s founders were inspired by their personal experience as pet owners. Hectic work schedules made it hard for them to take their furry friends out for multiple walks during the day. Therefore, they came up with an effective, all-natural solution that would help other busy pet parents around the world.

Bark Potty is an ideal choice for many categories of canines and dog parents, including:

  • Dog owners with a busy lifestyle that can’t provide regular walks for their furry friends or keep them company at home 
  • Apartment dwellers that can’t offer a backyard for their dogs to relieve themselves freely
  • Pet parents who live in geographical areas with many rainy and snowy days or feel unsafe walking at night 
  • Pet owners who do have a backyard but want to protect the grass and plants in it
  • Dog owners struggling with mobility issues
  • Senior dogs that suffer from arthritis and incontinence
  • Dog parents with the intention to house-train their puppies
  • Pet owners that dislike the odor and maintenance of artificial grass
  • Consumers who have purchased natural grass products but were unsatisfied with the price, odor, and the process of maintenance

Do Pet Dogs Like Bark Potty – And Why?

Before you opt for Bark Potty or just after purchasing the product, you may ask yourself – will my pup like it? After all, our four-legged friends can often get naughty and prefer any other corner of the house for sleeping or doing their business except the place they’re supposed to do these deeds in. So, how would you get them to use the potty?

The answer lies in the materials this company uses for making its products. Underneath the ultra-thin mesh net, the Bark Potty contains 100% natural components, including bark chips similar to the ones your furry friend can sniff at the dog park.

As we all know, dogs are prone to habitual behavior, and their sense of smell plays a vital role in their perception of the world. This is why the natural scent of these ingredients makes your pup recall previous walks at the park and relieve itself on the potty. Your pet may even learn this with little or no training at all. Additionally, the Bark Potty comes with two pheromone sprays that serve to attract your furry friend to the odor even more.

If you have previously used dog potty pads and try to put one of them on top of the Bark Potty, it will fit perfectly – which means the transition from a pad to this product is usually easy, and you won’t require any extra floor space.

In case your pet does require a certain level of potty training, it’s always useful to encourage the pup to sniff the Bark Potty and walk on it. Your four-legged friend might not be impressed with the product at the beginning. However, it usually takes a few days, during which you will praise it for approaching the potty – and things will change!

Encouragement and rewards work even for the most stubborn and demanding among our doggy pals. So, when your pet comes around and starts using the Bark Potty for the first few times, don’t forget to congratulate it on being a good dog and give it a treat.

All you need to turn any novelty into a pleasant experience for your dog is some time and patience in your training. Bark Potty even offers you free advice on their website and YouTube channel.

Soon enough, your dog will get to love the design of the potty – because what is there not to love about its natural scent, simplicity, and neatness?

Bark Potty Review


Mesh Netting

Mesh Netting

100% Natural

The Science Behind It

One Bark Potty will get you covered for up to four weeks. This impressive fact can be easily explained through the science behind the product’s ingredients. The trademarked bark has natural antimicrobial properties similar to the ones of cedar and other trees. It removes the unpleasant smells from canine urine by inhibiting the bacteria causing them.

While the potty pads are designed to soak in liquids, the Bark Potty’s fibers keep liquids at the bottom of the lined tray so that the surface remains dry and leak-proof. The evaporation system makes this product an exclusively durable and hygienic solution for dog parents.

Bark Potty – The Best Alternative for You, Your Pet, and The Environment

If you’re still unsure as to what makes Bark Potty special, let’s go through the other dog potty solutions on the market.

Anyone who has used the (not so) good old dog potty pads probably hates the process of cleaning the cold, urine-soaked ones every day. It’s time-consuming and dirty work, plus the liquid on the surface can often wet your puppy’s paws, which means even more cleaning.

Plus, potty pads don’t do anything to neutralize the unpleasant urine odor. You don’t get any benefits in terms of hygiene, and they aren’t even that budget-friendly! Synthetic turf potty options aren’t much better, either. Unless you clean them regularly and thoroughly, they’ll reek of urine – plus, you need a big open space to wash them properly.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are some concerns about the toxicity of their main ingredient. Artificial grass releases volatile organic compounds – chemical gases that are bad for the environment as well as humans and pets. Additionally, the production of artificial turf is anything but eco-friendly, with large amounts of energy used and the emission of greenhouse gases.

Real grass is another common option on the market. Grass naturally offers many benefits similar to the ones of Bark Potty, but it has many drawbacks – it’s dirty, hard to manage, and you will need to pay higher shipping costs due to its weight. Moreover, the grass is vulnerable to climate variations – extreme heat or frost is likely to destroy it.

The Bark Potty merges the advantages of all other solutions and none of the disadvantages. While its natural components will remind your four-legged friend of real grass and therefore attract it to “go”, the potty never rots or dies. It’s light and easy to handle, doesn’t require extensive cleaning, and doesn’t contain harmful synthetic ingredients.

Sustainability is one of the Bark Potty team’s top priorities – their goal is to produce pet products while caring about the future of our planet. The company is partnered with 1% for the Planet, which means one percent of their annual sales goes for an environmental charity.

Bark Potty

How to Purchase a Bark Potty?

Bark Potty works exclusively with subscriptions. If you need to purchase one potty, you can find the product at local retailers. On their website, the company offers two subscription plans you can choose from according to your pet’s needs – Monthly Subscription and Subscription Saver. What is great is, you can find you Bark Potty at Chewy’s!

With the monthly subscription boxes, you receive 1 potty every 4 weeks, while the subscription saver includes 3 potties sent to you every 3 months. Depending on your pup’s needs, Bark Potty provides you with two possible sizes:

  • Standard (16” X 24”, 2-3 lbs) – designed for small to medium pups, priced at $37 per potty in the Monthly Subscription package or $35.15 per potty in the Subscription Saver package
  • Large (20” X 30”, 4-5 lbs) – designed for bigger dogs that require more space and priced at $48 per potty in the Monthly Subscription package or $45.60 per potty in the Subscription Saver package


Bark Potty offers free shipping to the continental part of the United States, whereas they require a fee for shipping to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. The product is delivered to you via FedEx, and you’d normally expect it to arrive within 1-5 days. In case you are planning to make an international order, you may be required to pay import duty or tax according to local laws and regulations.

Cancellation and Return Policy

If you don’t want to renew your subscription, you can cancel it anytime on Bark Potty’s website. They will still send previous orders you’ve paid for. Bark Potty doesn’t offer a return option for their products and doesn’t issue refunds either.

Our Final Verdict

As a dog parent or even someone who plans to get a four-legged friend in the near future, I believe this review sparked your interest in Bark Potty.

Whoever tries to convince you that dog parenting can’t go hand in hand with a tight schedule probably never heard of this amazing product. With the Bark Potty, you’ll make sure your pup has its physiological needs met without endless efforts put into training or cleaning.

So, don’t hesitate – this all-natural toilet will make your home more dog-friendly than ever!

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Bark Potty

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