Brain Training for Dogs Review

Brain Training for Dogs Review

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If you want the best doggie behavior imaginable, every owner needs to start by training the brain. Causing havoc and destruction around the household is cute to nobody, and things can get even worse when disowning the dog becomes the elephant in the room.

Braing Training4Dogs Review - At a Glance

Suited Best For:

  1. New Dog Owners: People who have just welcomed a new dog into their home and are looking for a structured and easy-to-follow training program.

  2. Dog Owners Seeking Mental Stimulation: Individuals who understand the importance of keeping their dogs mentally stimulated and want to engage their dogs’ minds through interactive games.

  3. Positive Reinforcement Advocates: Those who are committed to using positive reinforcement methods to train their dogs, as the program emphasizes science-based training techniques.

  4. Busy Individuals: People with busy schedules who can’t commit to in-person training classes but still want an effective training solution.

  5. People Interested in Self-Paced Learning: Individuals who prefer learning at their own pace and are comfortable following video tutorials and written instructions.

  6. Owners of Dogs with Behavioral Issues: People whose dogs exhibit common behavioral issues like jumping, barking, chewing, etc., and are looking for effective solutions.

  7. Dog Lovers Seeking a Comprehensive Approach: Individuals who are looking for a holistic approach to dog training, including obedience, tricks, behavior training, and more.

May Not Be Suited for:

  1. Advanced Trainers: Experienced dog trainers who have already mastered advanced training techniques and are looking for more specialized training programs.

  2. Individuals Seeking In-Person Interaction: Those who prefer hands-on, in-person training sessions with a professional trainer and personalized feedback.

  3. Owners of Severely Aggressive Dogs: People whose dogs exhibit extreme aggression or dangerous behaviors might require specialized, in-person assistance from professional trainers.

  4. Individuals Without Access to Required Items: Some of the training games may require specific items that users might not have readily available, which could be a limitation for some.

  5. People Expecting Immediate Results: Dog owners looking for instant fixes to behavioral issues may need to understand that training takes time, patience, and consistent effort.

  6. Those Not Comfortable with Online Learning: Individuals who are not comfortable using online platforms for learning and prefer traditional in-person classes.

Brain Training

Key Benefits

That being said, Brain Training for Dogs is the best thing to happen to pet owners since flexible leashes. Thanks to this exclusive program, your dog will be smart enough to stand among Hachiko, Lassie, and all those other canine geniuses. 

Brain Training is a fairly new method more owners are transferring to. As with a few simple instructions given by the revolutionary e-book, all owners end up with a happier and of course, smarter dog.

Like many pet-raising programs, Brain Training for Dogs encountered some distrust. Here’s a detailed review to get a clearer perspective on Brain Training for Dogs.

About Brain Training for Dogs 

Brain Training for Dogs is a new and useful program dog-parents can listen to if they want to improve their pet’s smarts and overall well-being. The program is written by Adrienne Farricelli, an experienced dog owner and trainer who aimed at aiding struggling owners. 

The program contains beneficial tips on how to train your dog into becoming one well-behaved pup, with above-average intelligence. What makes Adrienne a qualified speaker in this manner is that she never enforces violence and focuses on healing mental health issues instead. 

The cerebral training method is a revolution many pet owners needed so to work with their stubborn fur babies. The program will have your dog shuffle through various one-to-one training sessions with you. All activities included are previously examined by scientists. 

What’s best about the e-book is that it is affordable to any curious cat out there, and can be applied to any dog training regardless of age. 

Adrienne’s program attempts to eliminate the old-fashioned dominance-punishment training and replace it with positive reinforcement. 

The program teaches: 

  • How to create a positive environment for you and your pet 
  • How to get your pet eager to learn
  • How to train problem-solving skills
  • How to create an active dog
  • Exposure to high-speed learning with positive reinforcement

Brain Training for Dogs Overview: Pros and Cons

Dealing with a misbehaved pup can be troublesome on its own, without a dozen know-it-alls to add in with their commentary. That’s why specific programs that target these issues exist, and luckily, everyone can find them online. 

The Brain Training for Dogs program is excellent for both owners and dogs alike, as dogs enjoy going through the specialized training system. 

Many programs and behaviorists advise that the dominance technique is no longer suitable, and it can even be harmful to your pet and your mutual bond. 

According to reviewers, Brain Training for Dogs delivers a lot of helpful tips on how to deal with attitude issues manifested by your dog, and how to quickly train your dog out of them. The program also offers insightful information across multiple training videos which devoted owners and non-experts can adapt in their usual routine. 

It’s interesting that the program is easy, practical, and fun to follow for parents as well. If you are a dedicated dog-lover and want your pet to be healthier and thus happier, choose Brain Training for Dogs. 

It’s high time for some food for thought instead of regular dry kibble. By making your dog smarter, you become more of an expert in the field yourself. Although an effective practice, the program needs to be re-evaluated by dog-lovers themselves.

Without any further ado, here are some of the pros and cons of Brain Training for Dogs: 

Pros Cons
Comprehensive Training Approach Requires Access to Specific Training Materials
Science-Based, Positive Reinforcement Not Suitable for Severely Aggressive Dogs
Structured Learning Progression Not Ideal for Advanced Trainers
Suitable for New Dog Owners Limited In-Person Interaction
Mental Stimulation for Dogs Requires Self-Paced Learning
Affordable Pricing Immediate Results Not Guaranteed
Accessible Anytime, Anywhere Some Items for Games Not Readily Available
Covers Obedience, Tricks, Behavior Reliance on Online Learning May Not Suit Everyone
Personalized Support via Email

What Does Brain Training for Dogs Consist of?

If you’re looking for the short info on what Brain Training for Dogs’ structure consists of, look no further as we have narrowed them down for you. Every single feature present in the book has the goal to help your dog be as happy as can be, and vice-versa for you. 

Deeper insight into Brain Training for Dogs will show you: 

  • Emergency procedures: Teaches the owner how to revive their dog 
  • Focusing on mental development: Guides the owner on forming a strong mental connection with the pet 
  • Encouraging mental cognition: Procedures on how to develop your dog’s mental capacities 
  • Discouraging dominance training: Focuses more on positive reinforcement rather than dominance training 
  • Positive behavior training: list on dos and don’ts for when your dog is accompanied by other dogs
  • Logical approach: understand how to interact with your dog properly 
  • Deep insight into the core root of the problem

The detailed features and inexplicable amount of info make Brain Training for Dogs a helpful book like no other. It provides exceptional evidence and research that align with your dog’s behavior. By just reading through Brain Training for Dogs, you’re making the healthiest decision for you and your puppy’s future friendship.

Its unique approach to training dogs through stimulation of mental cognition is the key selling point of the program. The fact that it teaches the owners how to correct the behavior themselves is what makes the program an exceptional example of what dog training can do. 

The course also allows multiple brain-stimulating games for dogs, as well as some responsive ones. 

Brain Training for Dogs

Affordable Price

Cash-back Guarantee

No level limit for lessons

Basic and Advanced Training

Detailed Discussions on Difficulties

What Does the Brain Training for Dogs Course Look Like? 

The program adopts a logical approach towards improving dog misbehavior. It includes 7 different modules and videos on dogs big or small. Similarly to human children, dogs will have to go through the following program: 

  • Pre-school 
  • Elementary 
  • High
  • College 
  • University 
  • Einstein 

Pre School Training

The primary module that introduces the owner to the training program is the basis of the entire system and should not be skipped. The first step is always the most important for both owners and dogs to get properly introduced to the training program. 

This segment focuses on enhancing your dog’s brainpower. It also teaches you how to respond to attitude and gives you insightful instructions. 

Here you’ll find the Airplane game, which dogs and humans find extremely fun. The game involves giving your dog a treat when they remain calm. It basically teaches your dog patience and carefulness.


Similar to pre-school, this part of the program concentrates on enhancing the senses and transferring them into skills. It also features lots of fun activities like treasure hunts, ball pits, and muffin games. 

This part of the module aims at decreasing low-energy levels in dogs as well as stimulating cerebral abilities. The games try to excite your dog as much as they can so they do not feel bored to attack some other item in your home. It also works on improving the bond between dog owners.

High School:

Like teenagers, this program guides the owner on how to work with stubborn dogs. It gives insights into how to curb impulses. This module actually teaches the dog how to portray more patience. 

This part also breaks the fear barrier between your dog and water. It cleanses your dog of all hydrophobia and plays bottle games, bobbing for treats and jazz-ups, simultaneously. 

This part of Brain Training for Dogs acts as a calming stimulator to your restless dog. The games also help kick the bad behavior out, once and for all. 

College Module:

If you’ve reached the fourth part of the program, then congratulations on graduation to video content. The videos advise on how to deal with decreased concentration and mental capacity. 

The video segment allows games like Red Carpet, the Shell game, and Open Sesame, all concentrated on improving mental sharpness. It also exercises your dog’s motor skills. 

Brain Training

University Part:

The fifth segment is actually the strictest, as it teaches controlling unpredicted behavioral impulses. This segment is credited with making the most changes to your dog’s attitude. 

You’ll know when your dog is ready for this part of the program as it will try to exhibit better behavior around other people and dogs. After all, this time it shouldn’t be aggressive towards other individuals. 

Here you’ll find games like the Hot and Cold game and hide and seek, all forwarding patience. 


After five segments, including video and written info, you can slowly introduce your dog into advanced dog brain training. This segment is known to produce the most changes in a dog’s attitude. 

This part works on commands and motor skills. Here both owner and pet learn how to communicate. 

Einstein Phase:

If your dog has passed through the 6 stages of Brain Training for Dogs swiftly, you must notice impeccable behavior and skills. Here you’ll be provided with tips and tricks on how to teach your dog to do household chores and hobbies alongside you. 

After finishing this program, you’ll be one assistant plus, as it can teach the dog how to tidy up, play the piano, etc. 

Does Brain Training for Dogs Program Really Work?

Brain Training for Dogs claims to help pet owners across the world better manage dog misbehavior and aggressiveness the right way. Without violence, forceful punishment, or dominance training, the program teaches you how to listen to your pet so it can listen back. 

With thousands of people subscribing to the methods, the book is credited to be worthy among veterinarians. This means that the program is not a scam and it will only help you in the long run. 

Trainers also agree that the program works magically with almost every dog since the brain is constantly stimulated. Vets claim that through the program, dogs can become much more obedient and responsive. 

The program also builds on your dog’s capabilities to improve and continuously learn. Mental development goes hand in hand with improving your dog’s motor skills as well. 

The temperament curbing segment is what most dog owners admire, as it almost always leads to fruitful results. 

How Does the Brain Training Program Work? 

The book provides clear-cut answers and info on what to do throughout the course. Every activity delivers additional info and some provide video material. Other times, you can find PDF copies and an author’s note from Adrienne herself. 

You can find Obedience 101 training which gives impressive info on beginner training. The best thing about the whole program is that you can interact with other dog owners on the Brain Training for Dogs forum. There you can share experiences with the program and exchange helpful advice on what your dog’s up to. 

With Adrienne Farricelli’s book owners around can have their own guide on how to create the most well-behaved and clever version of their dog.

How Much Does Brain Training for Dogs Cost? 

You can never put a price on your pet’s health, and no amount of money should ever be too large. 

The Brain Training for Dogs book is not subscription-based and you do not have to pay every single month for the course. 

The course is only $49 which is worth it and will prevent you from spending that sum of money on veterinary bills. By paying once, you can have a lifetime of returns to the program, which you can use to train every other dog you get. 

If you need it, which you won’t, there’s also a money-back guarantee within two months of buying. 

Where Can You Get Brain Training for Dogs?

If you’ve decided to purchase Brain Training for Dogs, do it through the official website. This is where you won’t encounter any scams and get the best of your money’s worth. 

Avoid any less-credible websites that will offer you the book for less. It has never been easier to brain train your dog than with this book, all you do is create an account and add info. Once you have your full profile and registration up, you can expect to receive your own copy of the course. 

Wait 3-4 business days and have a lifetime full of doggy-fun memories with the wonderful Brain Training for Dogs program! Interestingly, enough, both of you will benefit from the program – your doggo will be the best version of itself, and you’ll be a proud dog parent.

Brain Training

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