Chewy Review, Pros and Cons – Features, Pricing in 2023

Chewy Review

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For animal lovers, pets are nothing less than members of the family. While human supermarkets can cover the basic needs of our furry, feathered, and underwater friends, for everything else – there’s Chewy.

Chewy Review - At Glance

Chewy offers a wide range of pet products, not only for cats and dogs but also for small animals, horses, and farm animals. With over 2,000 brands available, it focuses on high-quality, minimally-processed food. The Autopship feature provides exclusive discounts and easy subscriptions. While customization is limited, Chewy excels in prescription diets. It’s a go-to for diverse products, including exotic pets like bearded dragons. The accredited Pharmacy offers various pet medications. Customer service is 24/7, and hassle-free returns are available. Chewy suits pet owners seeking convenience and variety, though it’s not ideal for extensive customization or next-day delivery.

Chewy Pet Supplies

Key Benefits

Chewy is an online one-stop source for pet products that prides itself on its reputation as a place “where pet lovers shop”. Their goal is to become the number one shopping choice that meets the needs of the most dedicated and demanding pet parents out there.

When you first visit their website, you are likely to be overwhelmed with the limitless choice of pet products in several categories. So, if you are a newbie to and you’re puzzled by many questions about the quality of their service, you’ve come to the right place.

This review aims to present all the opportunities Chewy gives to pet owners, honestly and transparently.

What Does Chewy Offer? provides all imaginable kinds of supplies for domestic animals. Food, healthcare, bedding, grooming, cleaning, you name it – this store has got pet owners covered on all fronts with thousands of products from acclaimed brands.

If you’re a dog or cat parent, you will probably find some pet products at your local supermarket. However, if you own a bird, fish, reptile, or hamster, your shopping search may be less fruitful. Chewy’s offer extends to the needs of all pets as well as horses and farm animals.

Apart from food and treats, another vital category of pet products you can purchase on is medical prescriptions.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can even choose from a variety of home goods to ease your pet-parenting role and also get your hands on some funky pet-themed personalized gifts!

With more than 800 employees who give their best to provide the highest quality of all categories of products for your pet, Chewy is the most versatile shopping choice for pet parents. Nevertheless, they value quality over quantity, offering only fresh foods made of nutritious ingredients and toys beloved by their customers’ animal friends.

1. Pet Foods and Treats

Whether you own an adult dog or cat, a small pet (such as rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs), a fish, a bird, or a reptile – there’s no doubt that Chewy’s assortment will satiate your pet’s appetite.

Chewy’s vast dietary offer for dogs and cats includes dry, grain-free, and freeze-dried types of food. You can also purchase high-quality treats for your furry friends on their website.

Dog food brands featured on Chewy’s online store include Purina Pro Plan, Rachael Ray Nutrish, Hill’s Digestive Care, while cat food brands include Meow Mix, Buffalo Blue, Cat Naturals, and Fancy Feast, to name a few.

2. Animal Pharmacy is also here to take care of your pet’s wellbeing by providing a variety of health and wellness supplies to fill medical prescriptions.

If you want to use their pharmacy section for that purpose, you should set up your vet’s data on your account and inform your vet that Chewy will get in touch with them.

Always remember that Chewy’s pharmacy is by no means a substitute for a vet visit – it’s only here to provide you with prescribed health supplies in coordination with your vet’s professional advice.

Their online service can save you time and money spent on buying meds from a physical store, especially when it comes to repeat prescriptions, such as flea or tick prevention.

However, in case your pet needs immediate medication, you must go to the nearest pharmacy instead of waiting for prescriptions to be shipped.

3. Pet Parent Shop

Being a pet parent isn’t just a chore, it’s rather a lifestyle. The joy of this role expands to all the areas of our life and we want a fragment of every memory with the pet in our homes.

Chewy’s pet parent shop section provides you with miscellaneous items that will strengthen your pet-owner bond even further. Its categories include:

4. Other Products

Chewy also thinks about the fun time you spend with your pets and the little practical things they’ll need.

The store offers you comfortable beds and crates for your pets, shampoos, and brushes for their precious fur, leashes, and collars for a perfect walk, training products, and lots of fun toys.

What Do Customers Say?

This article aims to give you an honest insight into both the advantages and disadvantages of Chewy before you choose it as your regular supplier for all things pets.

For that purpose, we did our research and paid special attention to user reviews, because we all know they’re the most objective proof of a brand’s quality of service.

So, let’s dive deeper into Chewy customers’ experience.

Chewy Pros and Cons

  • Wide choice of pet supplies from every category
  • Focus on quality with thorough product brand examination
  • Some dog foods endorsed by YouTube reviewers
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat
  • Transparent review system with disclosure of all reviews
  • Positive customer feedback on Trustpilot (81% 5-star ratings)
  • Excellent customer service with personal touches
  • Impeccable Better Business Bureau profile (A+ rating)
  • Disparity in prices and discounts for some customers
  • Complaints about late deliveries and inconsistent arrival dates
  • Customer service response time to negative feedback

Chewy Pros

Chewy doesn’t only make sure they provide you with a wide choice of pet supplies from every category, but they also focus on quality. They thoroughly examine product brands before they sell them, making sure to offer the best for your non-human family members. Some of the dog foods they sell are also endorsed by YouTube reviewers.

Chewy’s support team is available 24/7 to answer all your possible questions and concerns. You can call, send them an e-mail or reach out to them via live chat.

Another evidence of this company’s transparency is its review system. They disclose all the reviews left by consumers, including the negative ones. This way you can access honest and accurate feedback from fellow pet parents on their website before purchasing a certain product.

Apart from the user reviews on their website, we dug even deeper for all kinds of feedback about their business performance. We hope to give you an insight into what Chewy really stands for, and gain an accurate perception of the brand before you start spending your pet budget.

We went through Chewy’s customer reviews on Trustpilot and the results were quite satisfactory. Their quality of service is backed by 81% 5-star ratings out of more than 10.000 reviews.

Satisfied consumers have emphasized Chewy’s excellent customer service. Some of Chewy’s clients stated that when their pet was feeling under the weather, generous employees sent pet parents a card wishing their pets a speedy recovery.

Additionally, we took a look at the Better Business Bureau profile of Chewy. The store has an impeccable score of 100% positive user reviews and an A+ rating. This is a solid testament to Chewy’s reputation and reliability on the pet care market.

Chewy Cons

The positive reviews of Chewy largely outnumber the complaints by dissatisfied consumers. However, we will state some of the main negative points for full transparency.

Some customers have found a disparity within their prices and discounts. For example, one user wanted to use a 20% discount but was unable to apply it to the food they selected for their pet. Several others have complained about late deliveries and inconsistency of the arrival dates.

It’s worth mentioning that Chewy’s support team takes time to respond to negative feedback and solve any issues that their consumers face with their service. For instance, in the first case, the customer service was quick to offer the dissatisfied customer a discount for another item.

Chewy Review

A+ Rating

Wishing Card

Available 24/7

Online Shopping and the Perks of a Personalized Account

When it comes to online shopping for whatever purpose, user-friendliness is a priority – and it’s another benefit that Chewy offers to its customers. Navigation on the website is simple and quick. All the products are classified by pet, category, and brand.

Additionally, the company makes sure you can access assistance if you need it, so you can reach out to their customer service through their website at any time of the day via live chat, phone, or e-mail.’s feedback section resembles the one on Amazon, with hundreds of reviews for most products.

It is recommendable to create a personalized account so that you can get the best of your online shopping experience. This helps Chewy suggest potentially useful products to purchase next for your pet.

The main account features include:

  • Overview

This option gives you a general insight into all the options on your Chewy profile – your pet profile, previous orders, impending Autoships, and other settings.

  • Autoship

With the Autoship feature, you can order foods or treats of your choice on a recurring basis with a 5% discount (the first Autoship purchase comes with a 30% discount). You are in complete control over the frequency of shipments and the date of your upcoming shipments. It’s the ultimate offer of a regular food supply for your non-human friend at a lower price – no wonder pet parents love this feature! 

  • My Pets 

This feature captures the essence of personalizing your Chewy account as a pet parent. You are supposed to include personal details for every pet – its name, birthday, gender, breed, and weight. Also, you should include medical data such as underlying conditions, allergies, or vet prescriptions. You can even add a photo of your kitten or puppy. uses information about your pets to recommend you suitable food, treats, and toys for each of them. However, bear in mind the suggestions may not always be accurate – at the end of the day, you know your pet the best!

  • Favorites 

This feature helps you save a product for later purchase. For example, pet parents who are careful with their budget can wait for an item to go on sale, or save it for a larger purchase over $49 to get free shipping.

  • Vet and Prescriptions

To use Chewy’s Pharmacy, you have to get approval from your vet for every health and wellness product. Set up your prescription information on your account and keep it up to date.

Many factors make online shopping a favorable option, especially on a user-friendly website like However, shopping from a physical store has some advantages, too. For instance, your pup or kitty can try treats or choose the toy they like the most, right there on the spot.


Customer Service

This company prides itself on the approachability and promptness of its customer service. If you have any dilemmas before purchasing a product, they will be eager to help and recommend the best for your furry or feathered friend.

If you or your pet are unhappy with a product, had a delay in shipment, or faced other issues with Chewy’s service – their support team is here to do anything in their power to fix that and meet your needs.

Payment, Shipping, and Return Policy

Before purchasing an item, you can select the payment method you prefer on your Chewy account. Apart from the standard payment cards (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay, Discover), Chewy also offers their special Gift Cards. provides decent shipping options for their consumers as well. You can obtain free shipment for any order over $49. Otherwise, you should pay a shipping rate of $4.95 regardless of the order’s weight. It’s recommendable to save small items for your next Autoship so that you avoid paying an additional shipping rate for each of them.

Food and supply orders usually arrive in 1-3 days, while those that require prescription approval might take longer.

As for their return policy, Chewy allows you to return products with a full refund at any time. Prescription medications are an exception to this – you can only get an exchange or refund if you’ve received an incorrect or damaged healthcare item.

In some cases, the company may give you the option of donating an item to a local rescue or shelter instead of returning it.

How do Chewy compare to other sites?

When evaluating how Chewy stands out in comparison to other pet food and supply websites, it’s essential to consider the competition. Several reputable companies, such as YumwoofFitbarkKing Kanine, and Ollie, provide an array of pet-related products and services. Chewy distinguishes itself with its extensive product selection, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. 

The website’s user-friendly interface and subscription services set it apart, ensuring you receive your pet’s essentials on a regular schedule hassle-free. Moreover, Chewy’s commitment to pet welfare extends beyond sales, as they support animal charities and rescue organizations. While each of these companies has its unique strengths, Chewy’s dedication to convenience, variety, and pet advocacy make it a top choice for pet owners

Does it offer goods for all pets or just cats and dogs?

Chewy offers a wide range of goods for a variety of pets, not limited to just cats and dogs. While they do provide an extensive selection of products for dogs and cats, they also cater to other animals, including birds, fish, reptiles, small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs, and even horses. Chewy’s commitment to serving a diverse pet owner base makes it a go-to destination for pet supplies and products for many different types of pets.

Our Final Verdict

If you got to the end of this review, has probably caught your interest. In our and many other pet parents’ opinion, you wouldn’t regret turning to them as your regular supplier for all things pets.

Setting up a personalized account is a piece of cake, their customer service team will welcome you with open arms, and there’s always the option to return food, treats, or toys that don’t work for your pet – what else could you wish for?

With their impressive assortment including thousands of products from high-quality brands, you are bound to find a special surprise for your non-human family members on Chewy.

Chewy Pet Supplies

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