Cuddle Clones Review

Cuddle Clone Review

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It’s been several years since your pet passed away and you still can’t fill that emptiness you feel inside. If only you could hug them and see them one more time.

Cuddle Clones Review At Glance

Best Suited For Using Cuddle Clones:

  1. Pet Lovers and Owners: They can have a plush replica of their pet, allowing them to keep their pet’s memory alive in a tangible way.

  2. Pet Owners Grieving a Loss: Hugging a Cuddle Clone can provide a sense of closeness and comfort during this difficult time.

  3. People Seeking Unique Gifts: Cuddle Clones can serve as a thoughtful and unique gift for someone who adores their pet.

  4. Pet Owners Facing Separation: Individuals who are going away to college, moving overseas, or experiencing separation from their pet can have a Cuddle Clone as a way to have a piece of their beloved pet with them.

Cuddle Clones may not be the ideal choice for:

  1. Pet Owners Looking for Functional Toys: If someone is looking for a functional pet toy rather than a sentimental keepsake, they might not find Cuddle Clones suitable, as they are designed primarily for emotional connection.

  2. People with Limited Budgets: Cuddle Clones can be considered a luxury item due to their cost. Individuals with limited budgets might find the price point prohibitive.

  3. Individuals Not Attached to Their Pets: Cuddle Clones might not hold the same significance.

  4. People with Short Timeframes: If someone needs a gift or memorial item urgently, Cuddle Clones’ typical 8-week delivery time might not meet their timeline.

Cuddle Clones

Product Variety Options

Pets are a big part of our lives, bringing joy to every member of the family. They may have shorter lives than humans, but they’ll always hold a special place in our hearts. 

The team at Cuddle Clones can make that wish come alive. Your pet may bring you joy again, but this time it will be a stuffed version that will keep you company. Maybe send a replica of your living pet to someone overseas? Or take it with you when you go away to college? The replica hits the spot whenever.

Are you interested yet? Let us provide an overview of what Cuddle Clones is all about and the kind of products it offers. Maybe you’ll choose more than just a plush pet companion.

About Cuddle Clones

The idea to create plush clones was born during a lazy afternoon when Jennifer Williams was enjoying the company of her pet. The uniqueness of her dog’s features and the possibility that she might lose her pet one day hit a spot – that got her thinking. 

In college, she met Adam Greene and presented him with the idea of creating something special for pet owners. Thus, in 2010, Cuddle Clones was born. The partners had trouble finding a manufacturer to join in for the production of larger quantities while keeping the quality and uniqueness of the products.

Jennifer decided to seek better options and opened a factory in the city of Dongguan in China. It was a slow process at the beginning, trying to create as many breed patterns as possible. Once the main breed templates were created, things became much easier. Now the templates are used for the beginning stage and the features are then worked out with great attention to detail. 

The big break came about in 2015 when Jeniffer and Adam’s product became a viral sensation. In order to accommodate all customer requests, they had to hire new staff and bring in laser technology for cutting the fabric. Nevertheless, they remain true to doing the rest by hand, which makes it even more special for the customer. 

Key Features of Cuddle Clones

  • Crafted entirely by hand, offering custom plush products like stuffed animals, slippers, and golf club heads.
  • Diverse range of animals replicated, including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and more.
  • Extensive product selection featuring your pet’s photo.
  • Full refund (excluding shipping costs) for custom plush items if notified within 30 days.
  • Non-plush products are non-refundable.
  • Established U.S.-based company with over a decade of experience, acquired in early 2022 by another U.S. firm.
  • Active involvement in charitable contributions to animal shelters across the U.S.
  • Accessible customer support through live chat, phone, and email.
  • International shipping options available.

Why purchase Cuddle Clones?

Buying plush toys is not something new, and we all have one lying around somewhere. They are soft, cuddly and a great companion for a kid. Now upgrade that and imagine having your own pet as a plush companion. Isn’t that exciting?!

There shouldn’t be a specific reason why you should own or gift a Cuddle Clone, but if you are looking for an excuse, we can give you several reasons.

  • You love your pet so much, you proudly want to carry its face on a tote bag or put it on a coffee mug.
  • You recently lost your pet and wish to honor it by recreating a plush clone. You will be able to hug a version of your pet to get you through the grieving period. 
  • You are going overseas, away to college, or leaving home due to separation and can’t take your pet with you? Is there a better reason than this?
  • You want to surprise a special person by creating a fun and unique gift for them.

Whatever the reason behind your choice, it will be a unique way to put your pet on a pedestal.

Cuddles Clones Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Offers Plush Replicas of Beloved Pets Costly Investment
Individually Handmade with Attention to Detail Emotional Impact Varies
Wide Range of Product Variety Not Suitable for Everyone
Customizable Options for Different Pet Species Requires Special Care (Dry Cleaning Only)
Can Serve as Unique Gifts Water Contact Damages the Plush
Involved in Humanitarian Work (Donates to Animal Shelters) Higher Delivery Time (8 Weeks)
Transparent and Informative Blog Initial Factory Production Challenges

Product Variety Options and Costs

Over the years, Cuddle clone has expanded its list and it now includes a wide range of custom pet products. Depending on your personal desires, or if you wish to buy a personalized gift, Cuddle Clones offers a selection of quality products to choose from

The products are divided into several categories depending on the customer demands. 


The first product that was offered by the company is a replica of your pet capturing its unique features. They are made of high-quality faux fur and plush materials like acrylic and polyester.

When placing the order, the customer may choose and specify all body positions that they want to be captured in their pet. If the pet breed is not listed, the customer needs to provide details on the breed and species they want to be made. 

The size of the replica varies depending on the breed of the pet. Cuddle Clones have developed a chart of anticipated pet sizes that the customer will receive:

  • Dogs and cats come in sizes between 13 and 24 inches
  • Small animals like rabbits vary between 4 to 8 inches
  • Large animals like horses will be between 20-24 inches

All pet species and breeds come at the same price of $299.00. For the price of $20, one can additionally order a pouch to store the pet’s ashes. The usual delivery time is 8 weeks, however, if you are in a rush, there is an option for faster delivery at an additional cost. 

Golf Club

This collection allows golf enthusiasts to have their pets join them on the golf course. The customers may choose between golf club head-covers, towels, golf balls, and ball markers. 

The prices range from $199.00 for golf club covers, $24.99 for ball markers, to $19.99 for towels and golf balls.


Wish you had decorative features with your pet around the house? You can choose from fleece blankets, pillows, Christmas ornaments, posters, notebooks, and portrait canvases.

The price range of these products is between $24.99 for ornaments to $89.99 for blankets with a picture of your pet. 

Customers can also order sandstone 4×3 inch figurines for the price of $89.00 without a base, or $99.00 with a base that may include the pet’s name. 

For the price of $139.00, the customers have the option of purchasing a red or green Christmas stocking. Since the delivery takes 8 weeks, it is wise to plan ahead and order it to arrive in time for the holidays. 


Your pet can join you during your coffee break by putting it on a mug. You can also select from products like tumblers, phone cases, and beers koozie with prices varying from $7.99 to $49.99. 

Did your pet use to accompany you to the market? Create a tote bag that will be a wonderful accessory for a price of $49.99. That way you will always have company when shopping. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the wide use of masks, Cuddle Clones are also offering a multi-layer face mask with your pet for the price of $24.99. It’s not a medical-grade N95 mask, and the filters are not included in the package. 

Cuddle Clones


Golf Club




Gift Cards


Cuddle Clones are also offering personalized custom items for pet owners. You can choose from pajamas and socks, sweaters and shirts, at prices ranging from $19.99 for T-shirts to $74.99 for pajamas. If you wish to go all in, you may purchase plush slippers with a replicated head of your pet for the price of $249.00.

Gift Cards

Did you forget to order your Christmas or birthday gift on time? Not to worry because Cuddle Clones offers the option of purchasing a Gift Card. Let the recipient personalize their gift by getting a gift card ranging from $25 – $300. 


The Cuddle Clones website is pretty user-friendly. Look around and check out the products they offer. Before making any orders, the first thing you need to do is create your Cuddle Clones account. Then, let the website guide you through the process of designing your pet replica.

Upload as many good-quality photos of your pet from different angles. This will provide the details the manufacturer needs to create the truest version of your pet. If you want to point out some specific feature, let the company know to pay special attention to that.

When planning your budget for ordering a pet replica, make sure you also calculate tax and shipping which are not included in the price. Shop Pay offers a choice to pay in full or divide the purchase and pay in 4 installments, with no additional fees and interest-free.

Is It Worth It?

Customers often question whether the product they are purchasing is worth the money. Let’s be realistic. Buying a Cuddle Clone is a bit costly if you think of it as just a toy. However, they are not just toys

These replicas of your beloved pets are individually made, hence the long waiting period of 8 weeks. The attention to detail is stunning! Bear in mind that there is someone out there creating your pet by hand, just for you. It doesn’t come from a factory line, and that’s what makes them even more special!


  • Wide selection of customizable products, including actual replicas, clothing, accessories, and homeware
  • Great gift options for pet owners 
  • $30 discount if you order more than one of the same cuddle clone
  • 30-day warranty
  • 30-day return policy
  • International shipping options available 
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Excellent customer service


Is It the Right Choice for You?

When you think of creating your pet replica, you are bound to become excited. But before pressing the order button, think of the emotions that will arise in you, especially if you have recently lost your pet. This is fairly individual and varies from person to person. 

Some families or individuals will embrace the moment of having their pet present in the form of a plush clone. Others, maybe not so much. It might bring sorrow and cause even more pain for losing the pet.

Consider this carefully if you are choosing a gift for someone, especially since the resemblance will be stunning. Not everyone is strong enough to see their pet replica. 

Yet there are those who recreate all the pets that they have owned, in order to honor them. It’s all about perception.

Cuddle clone

Care for Your Cuddle Clone

Cuddle Clones are not the usual plush pets that you buy and throw in the washing machine. Since they are custom and handmade to capture the unique features of your pet, you need to take special care of them. Keep them dry, clean, and away from moisture. Due to using a water-based airbrushing technique for coloring, any contact with water will damage them. Hence – dry cleaning only!

Give a Helping Hand

Cuddle Clones is not only about replicating pets and creating unique gifts. They are also involved in humanitarian work by helping individual animal shelters. Every time you purchase an item, a portion of the money goes for the shelters. And yes, even if you are not satisfied and have returned the item, the money intended for the shelters will be sent to them. 

The donated money goes to provide meals and medical care for the sheltered animals. Donations are given on a monthly base and the shelter is chosen from the nominations given by customers. 

If we have to talk numbers, $27,885 were donated for medical care, while there are 3,229,415 donated meals to the shelters. We can mention that Cuddle Clones has been very generous in donating numerous toys and plush clones, too.

Stay Informed

When it comes to transparency and information, Cuddle Clones is generous in this area.  The blog they have created offers useful information and advice on pet behaviortheir health, and wellness. You can have a laugh by reading the Cuddle Clones Chronicle with all the fun pet stories. 

Among the other news, you can read about the charity work that Cuddle Clones are doing with the shelters. A list is provided of all the shelters that have received a donation with a link to each and every one of them. Maybe you would want to reach out and help one of the provided shelters.

Keeping Them Alive

The idea behind Cuddle Clones was to capture the emotional connection between the pet owner and the pet. Whatever the intent behind the purchase of Cuddle Clones, make sure you choose the right one.

Emotions are difficult to read, but if such a replica of your pet will give you joy, then, by all means, go and get one. Cuddle Clones is about putting a smile on people’s faces, not making them sad. 

There is also a lot to learn from Cuddle Clones with respect to caring for animals. Their charity work is making a difference. They are not doing it just to be talked about, but rather to really help the shelters in meeting the animal needs. 

Keep those memories of your pet alive with Cuddle Clones!


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Cuddle Clones

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