Fetch Pet Insurance Review

Fetch by Dodo Pet Insurance Review

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What do parachutes and pet insurance have in common? If it doesn’t work the first time, you can’t keep using it.

Want to jump straight to the answer?

Fetch By the Dodo is Best Choice for:

  1. Pet owners who want plenty of coverage: Fetch by The Dodo offers a comprehensive accident and illness plan that covers a wide range of veterinary expenses, including exams, emergency visits, specialist visits, diagnostic tests, surgery, and more.

  2. Pet owners who prefer a high reimbursement amount: Fetch by The Dodo provides an option for a 90% reimbursement rate, which means they will cover 90% of eligible expenses, giving pet owners greater financial protection.

  3. Pet owners who value convenience: The company’s app allows policyholders to manage their accounts, submit claims, and scan medical documents.


Fetch By the Dodo may not be the ideal choice for:

  1. Pet owners seeking accident-only or wellness plans: Fetch by The Dodo only offers an accident and illness plan. If you’re specifically looking for coverage for accidents or routine preventive care, you may need to consider other insurance providers.

  2. Pet owners with pre-existing conditions: Like most pet insurance providers, Fetch by The Dodo does not cover pre-existing conditions. If your pet has a pre-existing condition, it may not be the best option for you.

  3. Pet owners looking for coverage of routine care: Routine and preventive care, such as checkups, vaccinations, and teeth cleaning, are not covered by Fetch by The Dodo’s pet insurance. If you want coverage for these services, you may want to explore other options.

Fetch Pet Insurance

Key Benefits

Quality pet insurance should shield your fur baby like an open parachute. No jumps, bumps, or inside lumps could stay in the air. 

About Fetch Pet Insurance

Fetch by the Dodo has a stellar reputation among pet insurance companies. It is among the few pet insurance companies that do not have an age limit.  This places Fetch among the best pet insurance choices for older pets. Puppies and kittens will also benefit from Fetch’s extensive coverage.

Fetch Pet Insurance offers all-in-one coverage for dogs and cats; it covers injuries, accidents, and diseases. Dental issues and online veterinarian visits are also on the list.

Customers may choose a plan that best fits their budget thanks to flexible deductibles, reimbursement percentages, and yearly maximum coverage limitations (up to limitless). To ensure that consumers can always find help or coverage, Fetch offers free online quotations and 24-7 customer care.

Pet owners may personalize the max yearly payments ($2,500 to limitless), deductibles ($250 – $1000), and percentage of reimbursement (from 70% – 90%)

What is Fetch Pet Insurance

Fetch is one of the most well-known pet insurance providers. Cats, dogs, bunnies, and horses are among the animals covered. They also provide a breeder-specific insurance package.

The most detailed plan covers extras like travel charges if a trip is canceled due to a pet sickness or emergency.

Key specifications of Fetch’s policy:

  • Fetch provides three policies with up to $12,000 in vet fee coverage.
  • Quotes for dogs, cats, and rabbits are available online. Horses are covered under Fetch Equine.
  • For new clients purchasing online, there is a 10% price reduction. 
  • Exam expenses: Fetch saves you even more money by covering exam fees when your pet is ill or hurt.
  • Dental care: Fetch insurance covers all permanent teeth for injuries and diseases. 
  • Fetch covers laser therapy, chiropractic treatments, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and more holistic care. 
  • You can take your pet to any vet.
  • The price of the premium may increase if you have filed a claim.
  • Fetch does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Submitting a Claim

Clients using Fetch must submit a claim 90 days after the vet treatment. Due to the current pandemic, the employees of Fetch work remotely. As a result, you should send your claim through email, phone app, fax, or mail.

The reimbursement of your claim may take up to 30 days, but the average wait period is 22 days. You will receive the money faster if you claim for a direct deposit, which shortens the process to 5-10 days. 

You may choose a check reimbursement, which will take a little longer. 

Fetch Insurance Plans: The Good and the Bad

Below, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages that come with applying for a Fetch pet insurance plan: 

The Good

  • Credit for a healthy pet (15 percent discount for every 12 months without the need for a claim, up to a maximum discount of 30 percent)
  • No payment limits for the duration of your pet’s life or for any condition.
  • A+ rating as per BBB (under the company’s legal name, Fetch)
  • You submit a claim via an app, on iOS or Android.
  • Compensation for examination visits or sick visitations ($50 – $250)
  • Covers pet insurance when traveling within U.S. or Canada
  • Can cover up to $1000 in online vet visits
  • Fetch Breeder Puppy Insurance offers a discount for dog breeders

It is a custom with pet insurance that customers who talk about pros in their Fetch comments are those whose pets had major medical concerns. The insurance company compensated for the medical bills, preventing the customer from ending up empty-pocketed. 

The Bad

  • There is no discount if you insure multiple pets
  • Customers often dislike the necessity to provide recent medical records for reimbursement of their medical bills. Once they provide all documentation, Fetch covers future vet visits only.
  • Dogs have to undergo yearly health and dental examinations to extend Fetch dog insurance cover. If you fail to do this, your dog will not have medical insurance until you do the check-up. 
  • If your pet has treatment for ligament or soft tissue damage to one knee prior to the start of the coverage, the other knee will be automatically excluded.
  • Sample quotations are far more expensive than those offered by rivals.
  • Fetch does not offer a wellness plan.
  • The average time it takes to reimburse a claim is between 22 and 30 days. 

The majority of Fetch insurance complaints are about premium hikes. Over the course of a year, clients’ premiums may increase up to 50%. The issue rises as loyal customers feel punished for choosing to extend Fetch pet insurance. As a result, some clients canceled their Fetch policies as they couldn’t afford them anymore. 

Fetch by Dodo Pet Insurance

A+ rating as per BBB

Compensation for vet visits

No payment limits

Discount for every year

Up to $1000 online vet visits

What Does Fetch Pet Insurance Cover

Fetch covers veterinarian expenditures for accidents, injuries, or diseases that occur to your pet, as long as the condition did not happen prior to coverage.

After the cover begins, treatment for accidents begins immediately  – if the incident did not occur prior to the start of the cover, illness insurance begins after the 21-day waiting period.

Fetch Third-Party Reviews

Third-party reviews offer any brand a sturdy legitimacy in the eyes of customers, and pet insurance providers are no different. Here is detailed feedback on the various clients who have used any of the Fetch offers, and how they rated it across various platforms. 

Google Reviews

Tammi used Fetch for her animals. Her dogs’ cancer treatment and heart problems were paid for by the corporation. Two procedures were also part of the therapy. 

Fetch offered her peace of mind because she didn’t have to worry about going bankrupt while trying to pay off massive medical costs. Fetch even included the following medications and natural therapies. She found the claim procedure to be quite straightforward, and she was compensated swiftly.

Al from San Jose found it tough to sign up for Fetch by the Dodo. He attempted online registration but was unable to complete it. He then went to his veterinarian for assistance, but Fetch ended up returning his paperwork. He states he hasn’t had a pleasant experience thus far, and that the registration procedure was exceedingly tough for him.

Frederick from California is the owner of three dogs and two cats. Frederick decided to join Fetch after doing some research online and speaking with his veterinarian. He found filing a claim to be quite straightforward, and he also finds Fetch pet insurance to be very responsive. Before he received pet insurance, the only major expenditure he had to pay was for vet expenses.

BBB Reviews

Customers voice their displeasure on the Better Business Review page. They have a limited Pet Insurance plan to one or two stars.

Mario C. filed his second claim in August, only to learn a month later that some documents were missing. On the same day, he submitted the paperwork and received a confirmation email. A month later, he received another email informing him that his claim will be rejected since he had not responded to their prior e-mail. He ended up having to redo the papers.

Lindsey L purchased the insurance as soon as she purchased a new dog. When she renewed her insurance the following year, the cost skyrocketed as Fetch stated that because the puppy had been treated for anal gland suppression and eye infections, these were now deemed pre-existing conditions. 


Reddit users were largely dissatisfied with the Fetch by the Dodo deductibles and picked alternative insurance providers over Fetch as a result.

Other consumers choose not to use Fetch since it was not available in their location.


Yelp users are mostly satisfied with Fetch’s claim reimbursements.

Lexi N. had Fetch by the Dodo Pet Insurance for both her dog and cat but had never used it until her dog needed x-rays and many medical treatments. She is pleased with the customer service and the 90 percent refund check. She was quite pleased with her insurance selection.

Fetch Pet Insurance

Fetch Pet Health Insurance FAQ

To file a claim, you need to fulfill the designated claim form concerning the accident or incident at hand. Fetch has an automated claim form you can use on their website.

No. Fetch does not entail any penalty in making a claim.

As fees are different across all regions, a change of address can affect your policy price. The possible change will apply based on the latest price updates. Any changes made following the change of your address will take effect with the next policy renewal.

Yes. Fetch by the Dodo will cover boarding costs for your pet via a licensed boarding facility – or by paying £30 a day to the person taking care of your pet for two consecutive days or longer, due to COVID-19 hospitalization.

Compare Fetch by the Dodo Between

Fetch by the Dodo Pet Insurance Alternatives

To find the best Fetch by the Dodo Pet Insurance alternative for you, it’s important to compare the plans offered by different companies.

Consider your budget, your pet’s age and health needs, and the type of coverage you’re looking for. You can also read reviews of different pet insurance companies to get a better sense of their customer service and claims process.

Fetch by the Dodo Pet Insurance alternatives:

  • Embrace Pet Insurance – Better coverage, with a focus on preventive care.
  • Figo Pet Insurance – More customizable plans, with a wide range of coverage options to choose from.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Better rates, especially for older pets and pets with pre-existing conditions.
  • MetLife Pet Insurance – Quicker coverage for unexpected accidents.
  • Lemonade Pet Insurance – Better overall value, with a unique Lemonade Care policy that offers a lower premium and a higher reimbursement rate.
  • Pets Best Pet Insurance  – Cheaper rates, especially for young pets and pets with no pre-existing conditions.
  • Pumpkin Pet Insurance – Best for accident and illness coverage, with a focus on sudden onset illnesses and injuries.
  • Spot Pet Insurance – Best for preventive care, with a unique wellness package that covers the cost of routine vet visits and vaccinations.
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance – Best for lifelong coverage, with no annual or lifetime limits on benefits.
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want to support a good cause, with a portion of every premium donated to the ASPCA.
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want a variety of coverage options to choose from, including wellness plans, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

These companies offer a variety of pet insurance plans with different coverage levels and premiums. Some companies also offer additional benefits, such as wellness coverage, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

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