FitBark Review

FitBark Review

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FitBark is one of the leading companies that offer GPS tracking devices and dedicated apps for animals. By attaching the device to your pet, you can always pin their location and get data regarding their health – something similar to online trackers.


These devices became leading on the market for their sophisticated design and ease of use. With Fit Bark, your curious dog will get lost once again, but this time – you’ll know how to find it.

Stick with us to learn more about their tracking devices, health apps, and their impact on dogs’ lives. But, first – let’s take a closer look at the company and their dainty.

About FitBark

FitBark is a health-tech company dedicated to improving pups’ lives. It was founded in 2013, and ever since, they’re tirelessly working to fuse technology and pet health on the same frequency.

They have two primary devices – FitBark GPS and FitBark 2.

You’re probably familiar with GPS trackers, but, apparently – the standard ones were too heavy for pups. Fit Bark noticed the lack of a pets’ dedicated GPS tracker on the market and decided to create the world’s lightest one.

FitBark 2, on the other hand, is a health monitoring device that shows the activity score of your puppy or big dog. The second device is convenient for dogs struggling with obesity. You can track your dog’s activity straight from your smartwatch, regardless of which one it is. FitBark 2 directs users to pay attention to the calories dogs eat, so they can take it from there and choose an activity together with the pup.

More than 140 countries around the world use FitBark’s devices, and they are happy with the overall experience of the products. Over 100 universities favor Fit Bark devices because they’ve helped them with real-time data on canine research.

Fit Bark simply unlocked research levels that lacked real-time data, whose findings can be game-changers or at least shocking.

What are FitBark’s Fitness Trackers?

Fitbark’s Fitness Trackers trace the health and activity of your dog. Currently, FitBark was happy to announce the second edition of their first device. Fit Bark GPS, or the first device, tracks your dog’s location and has embedded cellular data to provide real-time info for your dog. However, FitBark GPS is only available in the US market.

FitBark 2 is the second edition, with enhanced functionality to improve the wellness of your pet. It includes the latest wellness monitor model. Another note related to FitBark 2 is that it has no geolocation. Additionally, FitBark 2 doesn’t have embedded Wi-Fi.

How Does FitBark Work?

Both devices have the same set-up principle, and they both come with a dedicated app. So, to use FitBark’s devices, you must install the app first. Afterward, you should attach the Fit Bark monitor to the collar and sync the app and the device.

FitBark Devises Set-Up

When you get your FitBark package, you should have your activity monitor, collar attachments, charging cable, and a brief guide on how to set up the device. Either way, we will explain the process below so you’d know what you’re dealing with beforehand.

First, you must charge the device for an hour and a half. Just plug in the charging cable to the device, and that’s it. You can also charge it through your computer.

Next, download the app. Go to PlayStore or AppStore, and find the FitBark app. Once you download it, create your dog’s profile. You will have to outline the basic information about your dog or if it suffers from any kind of illness. After completing the questionnaire, you will have to choose a lifestyle program for your pup. There’s Average, Active, and Olympian.

Note that FitBark GPS’s batteries drain faster than FitBark 2 due to the cellular data. However, they still last for 2 weeks, which is long enough.

Back to the set-up.

The final step is attaching the tracking device to the collar. Below, we will explain how to do it.

How to Attach the FitBark 2 and GPS Activity Monitors?

Both the FitBark 2 and FitBark GPS operate in the same manner. To start the device, you must attach the device to a collar. Attaching it is super easy. All you have to do is to fasten 2 black zip ties. Just loop the zip ties around the device, and tie the collar. Make sure to properly secure the device to the collar. Also, you can cut off the excess tie and hide the device. That will make your dog look all groomed up.

Along with the FitBark 2, you get 8 zip ties, and with the FitBark GPS – you will get 10.

Both FitBark devices have batteries of excellent quality. FitBark 2’s battery lasts up to 6 months. FitBark GPS, on the other hand, lasts shorter because of the GPS tracker. As the GPS tracker is constantly online, it quickly drains the battery. By quickly we mean up to 2 weeks, just to be clear. However, you must know that with this feature, you’d need more zip ties as supplies.

What do FitBark Apps Measure?

FitBark’s devices monitor your dog’s physical activity and sleep patterns around the clock, so you can have real-time data regarding their health and behavior.

FitBark devices track your dog’s activity or monitor them as they sleep, picking up every information regarding their health. By downloading the app, you will sync with the device. With this step, you will get a total insight into the entire data related to your pet.

Let’s check out what you can track on Fit Bark’s device:

  • Bark Points or Activity Points
  • Resting, active, or playing mode index
  • Sleeping Points Score
  • General Health Information Score
  • Activity Score
  • Burnt Calories
  • Walking Interval.

With these devices, you get to track your pet’s health changes. It’s super convenient to track mobility, anxiety, or skin conditions. If you want to raise your puppy to become a distinguished gentledog, tracking the changes in their development is crucial. FitBark is a must-have! You can sync the app on every one of your devices and have access to real-time data at any time.

FitBark 2 Short Review: What Does It Offer?

Essentially, FitBark 2 is an activity tracker and wellness monitor. You have access to your dog’s wellbeing 24/7 and monitor it while you’re away. Besides the wellness and activity of your dog, with FitBark 2 – you will see how your sleeper ended up in your bathroom. Imagine the entertainment you’ll get by catching your dog red-handed and interrogating it. Who did this? Speak now, Dog, or remain silent forever!

Bark Points

Besides tracking your dog’s activity, Fit Bark gives out health advice based on the information it gathers. Therefore, any information related to the daily activities or sleeping time is converted into BarkPoints, so you can track the health of your dog in real-time.

Once the data reaches the app, you can check what your dog lacks the most. It can need more exercise, walks, or more sleep. Also, you can detect early signs of skin conditions or fleas infestation.

FitBark Review

Syncing to FitBit or OtherHuman Devices

Yes, you read that right!

You can sync FitBark to human health tracking devices. FitBark links to FitBit, Apple Watch, HealthKit, or Google Fit. Now, you can follow your pet’s health next to yours and come up with various info. That way, you will also sync your energies and work out together. Or, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a workout; maybe you can plan your long walks together or have some seasonal activities together.

Monitor Medical Issues

FitBark 2 is one of the best monitoring devices to track your pet’s health. In fact, many universities came across various findings thanks to the device.

FitBark’s monitor provides you with information about your pet’s activity, sleeping schedule, and stress level. Dog’s anxiety is real, and it’s best if you can detect it straight away. Their first indicators are mood swings or changes in behavior. Furr-tunately, the app provides you with results regarding such behavior.

As you can synchronize Fit Bark to Fit Bit, or any other fit device, you can track your pet’s activities throughout the day while you’re away.

Also, if your dog was passive for quite some time, you can track their burnt calories and put them on some diet or activity.

FitBark GPS Information

FitBark GPS also tracks your dog’s activities and wellness; only here, you have GPS tracking too.

FitBark 2 is 7g lighter compared to FitBark GPS as it lacks the battery for location tracking. FitBark GPS’ battery life lasts for 10-20 days.

Here’s what you can expect here:

  • Gives real-time location of your pet
  • Creates safe zone with red flags of entries and exits to those zones
  • 24/7 monitoring of your dog’s location

FitBark Feedback from Customers

To provide reliable feedback on FitBark, we’ve rummaged the internet to find valid customer testimonials and give you a final report.

Customers are super satisfied with the weight that doesn’t burden their dogs while they walk. Also, there are many positive reviews regarding the punctuality of the device, and the seamless synchronization to human devices, as this was the greatest fear by multiple users.

But, to be frank with you, coming across negative reviews didn’t take a lot of time. Some users are not satisfied with the price even with the given benefits. However, remember that quality is always expensive. Sometimes you might have to spend more money to get all the advantages.

FitBark Reddit Reviews

Reddit is one of our most reliable sources for customer reviews. It’s a pet parents community with an open forum. Pet parents express their opinion about everything pet-wise, but with no censures or sugarcoating. It’s exactly what we need when we craft our reviews – a blunt testimonial. Therefore, stumbling upon FitBark monitors and tracking devices didn’t take a lot of time.

We’ve denoted that pet owners are familiar with FitBark already, and they are familiar with the products – especially adventurous pet families. They find the FitBark GPS tracker a must when they go hiking, so they won’t worry if their furry hiker strays away from the pack. They are happy to have such a device because previously, they had to leave their dog to the families to babysit them. Dogs enjoy adventures as they are hyperactive by nature.

Others are super content with the device because they’ve experienced pet theft, and luckily, the dog wore the device on their collar. The owners managed to find their lost pup in no time. In such situations, FitBark is a lifesaver for both the pet and owner.

This is only a peak of the comments where users give reliable arguments as to why FitBark is a good investment. Although Reddit can be harsh when it comes to reviews, there weren’t any bad customer reviews on their site.

FitBark Final Thoughts

Based on our step-by-step guide, you’d probably have a picture of FitBark’s benefits by now. Customers are happy to use it because they can take their dog everywhere they like worry-free.

Note that you can connect the FitBark device with your Fitbit or any other human device to track your dog’s health along with yours. If you have serious intentions of raising your dog properly – FitBark is a must for you.

You can see the time your doggo was active during the day and when to take it for a walk. Remember that the FitBark device is waterproof, which means you can take your pet swimming if the weather is hot.

It will be a nice change, and your pup will definitely take out the energy it stored all day. The batteries are of exceptional quality – ready to last for a long time.

There’s only one problem you might want to consider before purchasing the device – there isn’t embedded Wi-Fi in the device. Hence, you must sort this problem out before using it.


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