Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

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Routine annual veterinary care can cost a few hundreds of dollars – no biggie. However, emergency trips to the vet can completely jeopardize your financial plans and leave you wondering – why the heck didn’t I enroll in a pet insurance policy?

Key Benefits

Given the ever-increasing healthcare expenses, it’s good to have an insurance policy for your pet just as you have health insurance for yourself. Dogs and cats are our most precious things and they sure deserve to get the best treatment and care.

A pet insurance policy can protect you money-wise in the case of an unexpected accident or illness. One of today’s best pet health insurance policies is Healthy Paws. Healthy Paws is a type of health insurance for your pet that pays for specific medical costs.

So, here comes the question: Is Healthy Paws the right health insurance for your pet? Keep reading to find out.

About Healthy Paws

We have ranked Healthy Paws as one of the few great insurances, if not the best one for 2021. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation was founded back in 2009 as a non-profit to assist pet owners with the financial burdens of caring for their dogs and cats. They also assist animal rescue organizations with the treatment of sick animals.

As an insurance company that has been on the market for many years now, Healthy Paws still thrives and offers great advantages you won’t find in other companies. They have teamed with Aon Corporation, a worldwide insurance broker, and Chubb Group underwrites its pet insurance coverage.

The company still continues to build an outstanding reputation due to all of the great advantages it provides regarding price, coverage, availability, and attitude with customers. We will later discuss all of these factors in order to help you make a decision whether you want to choose Healthy Paws as your pet insurance.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers a variety of conditions such as accidents, diseases, and injuries for dogs and cats, as well as emergency care, cancer care, breed-specific conditions, and genetic and congenital conditions. An exceptional benefit is that there are no coverage limitations or caps.

There is also a one-time $25 enrollment fee when you first register your pet in a plan. Furthermore, because Healthy Paws does not offer multi-pet discounts, you will be charged the full premium fee for each pet enrolled in a particular plan. The insurance company incorporates alternative services in its complete medical, illness, and accident coverage. 

Enrollment and claim submission is very simple to do. You are able to do that online through their website or via the Healthy Paws mobile smart app, and your claim will be evaluated within 10 days and paid within 24 hours. 

Healthy Paws Pros

It’s a fact that every insurance company has its advantages and disadvantages, however luckily Healthy Paws pros outnumber the cons. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant things it offers:

  • There are no coverage limitations or caps
  • Policy covers breed specific illnesses as well 
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic care are examples of alternative medicine
  • Payments can be made directly
  • Short waiting periods
  • Alternative therapies are covered in the coverage
  • Processing claims in a timely manner
  • There are no per-incident, yearly, or lifetime limits
  • Every time a policy quote is filed, the company gifts the client
  • Has a 30-day cash back guarantee
  • BBB Rating: A
  • Great reputation and customer service

Healthy Paws Cons

Just like most insurance companies, Healthy Paws too, has multiple cons. But, we don’t consider them very significant or deal-breaking. Here are some of them:

  • There is no wellness coverage available
  • You only get a one-time membership charge of $25 for new members
  • There are no discounts for several pets
  • There is only one plan available
  • Hip dysplasia has limited coverage
  • Older pets are reimbursed at a lower rate
  • Behavioral therapies are not included
  • Pets beyond the age of eight are subject to certain restrictions

Third Party Reviews

Different preferences are not to be discussed, because every experience is subjective. Every customer has diverging likes and has had a different experience with what Healthy Paws has to offer, however, there is a great number of satisfied customers who have only good things to say.

Also, some top websites such as US News have given Healthy Paws a high rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 which just confirms that they are indeed an efficient and great insurance company. Healthy Paws has top rankings at a number of other companies.

Although one of our best review sources BBB is currently unavailable, Healthy Paws has gained quite a reputation on Reddit. There are many positive reviews by current and previous customers.

Healthy Paws has saved a particular satisfied user over $3k in medical bills, especially for sprained shoulder and a couple of stomach problems. They have reimbursed within a reasonable and timely manner of 24-48hrs and never fought a claim. Premium at a price of $38 per month actually went down this year even after a year of costly claims. The peace of mind and outstanding care for your pet is totally worth it.

Another user claims that Healthy Paws was for his dog, who sadly died recently at the age of ten. He believes that the lowest coverage level is only available if you purchase insurance when you are ten years old. However, although some minor rate increases were noted in the last several years, Healthy paws still covered 90% of the expenses for the pet’s illness.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

BBB Rating: A

Direct Payments

Short Waiting Period

No Coverage Limitations

30-days Cash Back

Healthy Paws Google Reviews

Healthy Paws has an overwhelmingly positive response from reviews on multiple sites and given their excellent conditions and options, it’s no wonder that’s the case. The Google reviews on Healthy Paws are mostly positive ones, with users praising this pet insurance as one of the best. Users have also praised the coverage policy as well as the customer services that were always available.  

Other reviews praise Healthy Paws for being cost-effective with a high pay off at a rate of 90%, unlike other insurance companies the reviewer has had experience with previously. Their personnel is also described as extremely friendly and helpful, treating customers with the respect they deserve. 

A user has stated that Healthy Paws has been incredibly helpful to both their dog and themselves during several challenging medical situations. It has made the most difference in the level of care provided for the dog and the ease with which they were able to make appropriate decisions for it both times. They say they are very grateful for them and every difficulty they helped with. 

Reviews Yelp

Yvonne C. from Seattle states that she’s had Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for the past three years and always had a positive experience. Their claim submission process is straightforward on their website, and they have always compensated promptly and without any problems. The rate only went up a little a few months ago, which is to be expected given how much everything costs these days.

Another reviewer Marisa V. from Stratford, claims that the workers over there are clearly doing their jobs right. As evidenced by an email she received stating that they are sorry for her loss, they understand how complicated and tiring the process can be after a loss. They have canceled the insurance on the client’s behalf and a refund for the month that was paid after the loss. Healthy Paws was really considerate, and the reviewer is grateful. 

A new client also shares his feelings saying he’s so happy to get the Healthy Paws policy! Healthy Paws saved the day when his cat became ill and required emergency exploratory surgery. The surgery went perfectly well, and the care for the kitten was exceptional. Every claim was processed fast and efficiently in a style that was simple to grasp. Their customer service representatives have been kind and friendly while remaining professional. He’s glad for Healthy Paws every time he takes a glance at his kitten! The user can’t say enough good things about this firm.

What is Healthy Paws Pet Insurance?

As every pet parent knows, pet insurance is a type of insurance you purchase to cover the costs of pricy veterinarian care and surgery expenses. This coverage is quite comparable to human health insurance that almost everyone has. 

Pet insurance can cover the typically expensive veterinary procedures in full or in part, therefore offering outstanding care and treatment for your pet. In order to get the proper pet insurance plan for you, you must evaluate and compare pet insurance options. Healthy Paws’ pet insurance is intended to lower the long-term costs of caring for your pet, but you are still liable for routine veterinary visits and pre-existing conditions. 

Available Plans

At Healthy Paws, there is only one available plan. Instead of providing several plans which may confuse you and make your decision even more difficult, they decided to keep their one plan clear and precise. 

The plan covers 90% of your expenses which are stated as coverable. Healthy Paws does not impose a limit on claim payouts throughout a lifetime, an annual period, or a single incident. The plan does not cover pre-existing conditions, which is typical for most pet insurance providers.

Every cost that is covered by the Healthy Paws plan includes treatment for cancer, hereditary and chronic diseases, accidents, illnesses. The hospitalization period, surgeries, medication, blood tests, X-Rays are also included in the insurance package.

Keep in mind that your pet must be enrolled in the plan at least 15 days before your insurance can be used.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Insurance Price and Costs

Healthy Paws pet insurance prices start at $15 for cats and $20 for dogs, although the typical monthly payment is around $30. Healthy Paws covers up to 90% of your expenditure and offers 3 different deductible options: $100, $250, and $500. 

However, different factors affect the pet insurance prices, such as the breed, size, and age of your pet. Let’s take a look at some of the prices:

  • Dogs under 1 year: The prices range between $36.46 and $51.50
  • 3-year-old dogs: The costs are between $44.56 and $62.96
  • 5-year-old dogs: The prices range between $53.07 and $75.00
  • 8-year-old dogs: The costs vary between $66.48 and $104.78
  • 10-year-old dogs: The prices are from $126.11 to $198.86
  • Cats under 1 year: The costs are from $10.17 to $13.83
  • 3-year-old cats: The prices are between $12.45 and $16.93
  • 5-year-old cats: The costs go from $14.83 to $20.18
  • 8-year-old cats: The prices vary from $18.50 to $25.13
  • 10-year-old cats: The prices vary between $35.11 and $47.70

How Does Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Work

If your dog or cat is covered by a plan and has an accident, or anything such as becomes ill, requires emergency or specialty treatment, is diagnosed with cancer, or requires meds, Healthy Paws covers the costs. However, be mindful of co-pays, limitations, and exclusions before getting the insurance.

For a monthly fee of around $20 for dogs and $15 for cats, customers can apply for coverage and file claims on the company’s website or through the smartphone app. Within two days, the business processes 99% of claims. After a 15-day waiting period, your pet’s coverage begins once you’ve been authorized.

Healthy Paws Coverage

Healthy Paws ‘ comprehensive coverage covers treatment for new accidents and illnesses, genetic and congenital problems, chronic conditions, diabetes, fractures, dental, and respiratory problems. You have to pass through the waiting period in order to use your coverage policy. 

Healthy Paws also provides coverage for rare and specific conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, whereas some insurance companies don’t. Cancer, diagnostic therapy, and surgery, including spaying and neutering, are also part of the coverage policy. Healthy Paws insurance helps pet owners save money on hospitalization, medication, and emergency and specialist care.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Alternatives

To find the best Healthy Paws Pet Insurance alternative for you, it’s important to compare the plans offered by different companies.

Consider your budget, your pet’s age and health needs, and the type of coverage you’re looking for. You can also read reviews of different pet insurance companies to get a better sense of their customer service and claims process.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance alternatives:

  • Embrace Pet Insurance – Better coverage, with a focus on preventive care.
  • Figo Pet Insurance – More customizable plans, with a wide range of coverage options to choose from.
  • MetLife Pet Insurance – Quicker coverage for unexpected accidents.
  • Lemonade Pet Insurance – Better overall value, with a unique Lemonade Care policy that offers a lower premium and a higher reimbursement rate.
  • Pets Best Pet Insurance  – Cheaper rates, especially for young pets and pets with no pre-existing conditions.
  • Pumpkin Pet Insurance – Best for accident and illness coverage, with a focus on sudden onset illnesses and injuries.
  • Spot Pet Insurance – Best for preventive care, with a unique wellness package that covers the cost of routine vet visits and vaccinations.
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance – Best for lifelong coverage, with no annual or lifetime limits on benefits.
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want to support a good cause, with a portion of every premium donated to the ASPCA.
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want a variety of coverage options to choose from, including wellness plans, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

These companies offer a variety of pet insurance plans with different coverage levels and premiums. Some companies also offer additional benefits, such as wellness coverage, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

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