ManyPets Review

ManyPets Review

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Our ManyPets review is food for thought if you are considering getting pet insurance for your furry best friend.ManyPets was established in 2012. Back in the day, it was known by a different name – Many.

ManyPets Pet Insurance

Key Benefits

Breaking meows, pet pawents!

Many was a company dedicated to simplifying insurance policies. However, in 2017, Many realized there was a huge demand for pet insurance as families started mass adoption of furry friends. Therefore, they’ve decided it was good business for them, and that’s how ManyPets appeared on the market.

Headquartered in the UK, with the first expansion to Sweden and a second one to the U.S. – ManyPets currently counts over 300,000 clients.

In this review, you will find detailed information on the policy and the overall experience the company offers.

About ManyPets

ManyPets Pet Insurance has a spotless reputation with multiple awards for their distinguished coverage, customer support, and overall technology. Initially, Many Pets was a familiar name in the UK and Swedish markets, as they started off and developed their business on that soil. Four years later – ManyPets appeared in the USA as well.

However, there is both good and bad news. The bad news is that ManyPets isn’t available in most states within the US. The good news is that they intend to expand in the near future.

What makes ManyPets single out on the market is their overall service. ManyPets offers limitless coverage for any issue your pet might fall into, no limiting networks, and no hidden administrative fees. Users of their service get top-notch care from any vet of their choice. Also, they are entitled to a reimbursement of up to 100% on eligible bills.

You can notice they’re leaders in the pet insurance markets by their mission to help improve pet health. They strongly stand against companies that profit on the back of sick pets or old ones who need more treatment.

Therefore, they offer customizable policies, where clients get to choose their coverage. It’s super convenient to pick and choose the coverage because you can adjust it to your dog or cat’s specific needs, breed, and age. There’s a cover for both of them there.

ManyPets Pros and Cons

The features of the insurance service make ManyPets too good to be true. Even so, there’s only one way to prove it, and that’s by pointing out the main strengths and weaknesses. Let’s check out the pros and cons:


  • Tailored policies to the specific needs of your pet.
  • Premiums within your budget.
  • Limitless claims regarding time
  • Open wellness program
  • Open to pre-existing conditions covered on certain occasions.
  • No additional cancellation fees.
  • Visit any vet around the US with no restrictions whatsoever.


  • Available only in several states in the US.
  • Several common diseases like hip dysplasia aren’t covered.

ManyPets Coverage Program

What do ManyPets cover? 

It seems to be one of the main FAQs online. ManyPets stay behind furry friends and help them in improving their lives by covering pre-existing conditions that severely affect the lives of pets. So, let’s skim through their insurance program and see what your open options are.

  • Exams – You can test your dog without spending too much because ManyPets puts health first. Therefore, they allow you to continuously check your pup or kitty’s well-being.
  • Diagnostics – You get cover for any Lab test, X-rays, MRIs, blood test, or any other examinations your pup needs.
  • Digestive Illnesses – As bloat is one of the most common conditions for pets, especially doggos – ManyPets covers it.
  • Treatments – Any treatment that isn’t a pre-existing condition will get covered by ManyPets.
  • Broken Bones – Broken Bones fall under accidents, meaning they get covered by default.
  • Cancer Treatments – Middle-aged pets are prone to cancer, and ManyPets covers for their necessary treatments.
  • Hereditary Conditions – ManyPets covers every disease your pet has in their DNA. But, not if it’s a pre-existing condition!
  • Congenital Diseases – You get cover for heart issues if your doggo or purrito were born with it. ManyPets doesn’t cover if the condition is a pre-existing issue.
  • Meds Prescriptions – You get cover for meds only if the FDA or a vet prescribed it. That excludes certain antidepressant meds.

Besides the coverage list that helps your pup put its health in line, ManyPets offers an accessory program – the wellness program – that helps you bring up a healthy pet. So, let’s check that one out too, and see what it means.

The wellness program includes:

  • Wellness exams and vaccinations
  • Preventive meds for fleas, ticks, and heartworm
  • Dental cleanings for cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Holistic care for anxiety, coat and skin health

Ultimately, you can use both these programs and create your own package for the pet. Normally, any paw-parent would only want the best for their furry member of the family, but, we first have to check the prices.

How Does ManyPets Customizable Policy Work?

If you open the ManyPets site, you’ll come across two starter pack plans for dogs and cats. The monthly pay for dogs is $20, whereas the monthly payment for cats is $15.

ManyPets believes pet insurance companies shouldn’t squeeze pet parents as they have enough expenses on their own. Therefore, each program is based on the most affordable criteria so that anyone can afford to cover their pets.

Moreover, ManyPets ensures that every pet parent pays the amount of money based on their pet’s needs. Therefore, there are specific conditions that will give the final sum of the deductible.

Dog parents have more expenses compared to cat owners because dogs are, let’s be honest, clumsy as heck. They are prone to accidents like breaking bones or getting bitten by a snake. Now, when choosing a deductible, every pet parent can choose the appropriate one for their pet.

How to pull that out, you ask? Easy!

By registering at ManyPets, you’ll be asked to give out information regarding your pet. Based on that info, you’ll see a list of options you can choose from. Mix and match everything you consider essential and other covers that might come in handy. At the end of the process, you’ll get to see the final monthly payment. If you find it affordable, you can confirm it. Otherwise, you can get back to customizing and take out the extra deductibles.

ManyPets operates in a communistic manner – everyone gets to spend as much as they need. For that reason, they give their potential clients the option to pick and choose the deductibles. Based on that, you’ll estimate your reimbursement. Bear in mind, though, that ManyPets goes up to 100%!

Maypets Review

Open Wellness Program

Premiums Within Your Budget

Limitless Claims Regarding Time

Pre-existing Conditions Covered

No Additional Cancellation Fees

ManyPets Reimbursements and Deductibles Explained

Now that we’ve explained the customizable policy, we should discuss more on the reimbursements. Keep up with us to learn the price range and navigate through the coverage. ManyPets’ annual deductibles situation is the following:

Annual Deductibles

The annual deductibles begin with $250, $500, and the ultimate is $750. These are the options that pet parents use on average.

However, it’s super important to point out that there are occasions when pet parents opt for a $0 deductible. Although a $0 deductible may seem like an odd option, it’s important to remember that it’s a convenient “compensation” for parents who want to have higher payments in the monthly premiums and don’t have to pay lots of cash at once later.

But, besides annual deductibles, the reimbursement percent at ManyPets is another feature worth discussing. Unlike other pet insurance companies who keep reimbursing for 70%, or 80%, kudos to those of 90%, ManyPets offers 100% reimbursement. Absolute reimbursement is something you’ll find once in a blue moon in whichever pet insurance policy you go for.

However, bear in mind that getting the 100% reimbursement will boost your monthly premium. In return, you won’t have to worry if your doggo falls ill or breaks a bone because you’ll be able to take it to the best care and not worry about your budget at all.

Otherwise, a 100% reimbursement is super convenient when we speak about ‘old soldiers’ who struggle with some kind of illness. Make sure you remember that 1 of 3 dogs will suffer from cancer when approaching old age. Make good choices!

ManyPets Claims Process

The claims process is a standard procedure as with other pet insurance policies. Pay the bill. Scan the bill. Upload it in the online claim. The End – no dramatic and extensive paperwork.

Afterward, ManyPets need a little time to process the claim, but no more than 48 hours. If your claim complies with the coverage, ManyPets will reimburse you in no time.

Note that, as ManyPets offers a 100% reimbursement, you shouldn’t worry when the limit will expire. Therefore, you can submit claims worry-free until the time to renew the insurance arrives. Everything before that won’t affect your monthly premium or anything related to it.

ManyPets Waiting Period

Once you buy the policy, the claim must undergo a review by the insurance company. So, expect some time to pass until you get the policy approved.

ManyPets must evaluate your claim to see if you comply with their terms and conditions. The determinant in waiving your claim is if you get the insurance after an accident has occurred. In this case, chances are that you won’t get the insurance.

The evaluation process takes around 15 days. Keep in mind that ManyPets has the right to waive your claim. You cannot get insurance if you had a different insurance policy within the past 24 hours before purchasing the ManyPets policy.

ManyPets Pet Insurance

ManyPets Insurance Reddit Review

Searching for reliable customer testimonials brought us to Reddit. While browsing their page, we’ve noticed that ManyPets appears among the first-go-tos like Trupanion, Healthy Paws, and Embrace.

From what we’ve seen, ManyPets receives a lot of positive feedback for its flexibility and affordable plans. The greatest interest in ManyPets is the young pet parents who want to find a family insurance company to follow the journey of their furry member.

Still, not many people have heard about ManyPaws yet, and most pet owners go for other insurance policies that offer more or less the same coverage as ManyPaws, plus charge you more. Therefore, many users realized paying tons of money on something they don’t use too much isn’t really worth it. And that’s where open discussions follow.

At Reddit, there are potential clients who are willing to switch their current pet insurance for a customizable plan.

Is ManyPets the Best Pet Insurance Policy for Me?

Based on customer testimonials, it’s safe to say that ManyPets is a rock-solid choice. Their customizable plans are budget-friendly, yet they offer reliable cover for your pet.

We can finalize this review by pointing out the main benefits you can get from ManyPets. Remember that besides the inexpensive premiums, you have limitless claims. That means whenever your dog undergoes some kind of an injury – you won’t have to worry if you overstepped the reimbursement limit. The insurance will settle the bills as you head home. Always.

This one might get you to consider the insurance seriously – open pre-existing conditions option. Although nearly every pet insurance we’ve covered rules out the pre-existing condition, ManyPets makes an exception to this rule on certain occasions.

ManyPets also includes a wellness program. With it, you can treat your dog without worrying if you made the right call by feeding it with certain meals. So, the diet program is in.

Besides, young puppies under six months need specific vaccines, and with the wellness program, you’ll get a guide that will help you understand everything regarding the immune system of your pup or kitty. Plus, ManyPets doesn’t assign you a vet with whom they collaborate. You have the freedom to choose whichever you want around the US.

Last but not least, if you’re not satisfied with the insurance, you don’t have any additional cancellation fees. Just inform the customer support, and they will take it from there.

These are the highlights of the company. Make sure you reconsider their offer before they arrive in town.

ManyPets Pet Insurance

ManyPets Pet Insurance Alternatives

To find the best ManyPets Pet Insurance alternative for you, it’s important to compare the plans offered by different companies.

Consider your budget, your pet’s age and health needs, and the type of coverage you’re looking for. You can also read reviews of different pet insurance companies to get a better sense of their customer service and claims process.

ManyPets Pet Insurance alternatives:

  • Embrace Pet Insurance – Better coverage, with a focus on preventive care.
  • Figo Pet Insurance – More customizable plans, with a wide range of coverage options to choose from.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Better rates, especially for older pets and pets with pre-existing conditions.
  • MetLife Pet Insurance – Quicker coverage for unexpected accidents.
  • Lemonade Pet Insurance – Better overall value, with a unique Lemonade Care policy that offers a lower premium and a higher reimbursement rate.
  • Pets Best Pet Insurance  – Cheaper rates, especially for young pets and pets with no pre-existing conditions.
  • Pumpkin Pet Insurance – Best for accident and illness coverage, with a focus on sudden onset illnesses and injuries.
  • Spot Pet Insurance – Best for preventive care, with a unique wellness package that covers the cost of routine vet visits and vaccinations.
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance – Best for lifelong coverage, with no annual or lifetime limits on benefits.
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want to support a good cause, with a portion of every premium donated to the ASPCA.
  • Nationwide Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want a variety of coverage options to choose from, including wellness plans, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

These companies offer a variety of pet insurance plans with different coverage levels and premiums. Some companies also offer additional benefits, such as wellness coverage, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

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