MetLife Pet Insurance Review

MetLife pet insurance review

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Pets are our family, kids that never grow up, and best friends, too. And just as you would want your kids to be safe and sound, you would want the same for your pet.

So, when it comes to insurance, there is no doubt that you need insurance for your pet too. Your pet needs regular veterinary care during its life or when an unexpected accident happens.

With pet insurance, you could afford the best healthcare when needed without going into debt.

You may find different insurance plans that look reasonable and supportive. Would you like annual coverage and be carefree during the year? Or would you prefer immediate compensation?

Whichever you pick, MetLife will make sure no corners are cut when it comes to the health of your precious pet.

Read our MetLife pet insurance review and unveil everything related to pet insurance.

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MetLife Pet Insurance Overview

Although MetLife didn’t offer pet insurance until 2021, it is an insurance company with experience of more than a hundred years, dating back to 1864.

The pet insurance plans offered by MetLife come with substantial benefit amounts per year.

It covers a variety of health conditions in both preventive and curative care of your pet, whether it is sick or suffers an accident, except for elective procedures, vitamins, minerals, or grooming costs.

You can insure your pet through MetLife’s pet insurance, so you won’t have to worry about the financial burden that’ll drop on your back in the case your pet suffers an accident or falls ill. 

One of the reasons pet parents like MetLife’s pet insurance is its availability. You can file a claim by phone, or online, which are all nice perks in this fast-paced society of ours.

 Regarding refunds, MetLife pet insurance will process claims in less than two weeks unless your pet suffers from ligaments-related conditions.

Besides being available, MetLife pet insurance is also flexible – you can customize your own individual plan. You may choose unlimited coverage for $500 or higher with deductible options or 50%-100% reimbursement.

MetLife welcomes more than one pet under a single policy; plus, your pet won’t have to undergo exams before enrolling.

MetLife Pet Insurance Pros & Cons

As with other policies, you might become lost in reading the fine print of the pet policy to get the details.

Sometimes, having a recap of all the perks and drawbacks of a particular field of interest can be pretty handy, especially when it comes to the well-being of your pet. 

To make sure you get the gist of everything that makes or breaks this pet insurance provider for your pet, we have highlighted all the major perks and drawbacks in our MetLife pet insurance review.


  • Simple enrollment process;
  • Opportunity to customize your own plan;
  • Injuries coverage in less than 24 hours;
  • Preventive and wellness care coverage available;
  • Covers cost by all certified vets in the States;
  • Telehealth concierge services covered;
  • Offers grief counseling after a pet’s death.


  • No possibility for direct payment to the vet, only a 50-100% refund;
  • 6-month waiting period for ligament diseases and for policies underwritten by the Independence American Insurance Co.

MetLife Pet Insurance Coverage

If you ask yourself what does MetLife pet insurance cover, you’ll end up with quite the generous list of coverage options.

Generally, MetLife pet insurance covers all – emergency, chronic care, and preventive care and does not have limitations regarding age or per incident.

Whether you own a dog breed with a disposition to a certain illness, or your pet needs to be hospitalized, don’t sweat – MetLife offers pet parents a comprehensive list of coverage.

Besides many health-relief options, MetLife offers the Optional Preventive Care coverage available at an additional cost; plus, Parasite prevention and treatment are available with optional Preventive Care coverage.

MetLife pet insurance product offerings

What Does MetLife Pet Insurance Cover?

MetLife pet insurance coverage proudly presents its prospective clients with a long list of coverage that includes:

  1. Accidents;
  2. Illnesses (including hereditary, congenital & chronic conditions);
  3. Hospitalizations;
  4. Surgeries;
  5. Diagnostic tests;
  6. Exam fees;
  7. Cruciate ligaments;
  8. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL);
  9. Medial Cruciate Ligament (MCL);
  10. X-rays;
  11. Ultrasounds;
  12. Medications;
  13. Holistic care & alternative therapies;
  14. Emergency care;
  15. Pet food/ special diet;
  16. Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD);
  17. PCL, known as Posterior Cruciate Ligament;
  18. and CCL – Cranial Cruciate Ligament.

Optional Preventive Care coverage is available at an additional cost, and Parasite prevention and treatment are available with optional Preventive Care coverage.

What MetLife Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

Like most pet insurance companies, MetLife also includes the following stances that are not covered by insurance:

  1. Elective procedures; 
  2. Expression or removal of anal glands or anal sacculitis;
  3. Breeding or conditions related to breeding;
  4. Vitamins, mineral supplements; 
  5. Grooming costs and bathing (incl. medicated baths);
  6. Illnesses or injuries caused by racing, coursing, commercial guarding, or illegal fights;
  7. and Organ transplants.

Note that specific symptoms, illnesses, or injuries that exist before you enroll your pet for insurance, will not be covered.

How Does MetLife Pet Insurance Work?

MetLife pet insurance plan works for all dogs and cats, despite their age or breed.

You can easily apply online at MetLife’s website. After you have provided all of the information and submitted the form, MetLife will respond to confirm the coverage.

No matter if your pet gets sick or suffers a serious accident, the insurance plan works in a simple and straightforward, three-step way:

Step 1: Pay a Visit to the Vet

The moment your pet needs medical assistance, take it to any certified vet, emergency clinic, or medical professional in the USA. Nothing else to worry about; just find the option for the best veterinary treatment plan for your pet.

Step 2: Submit Your Claim

Once you have paid the vet bill, file a claim containing the vet records and invoice. You have several options available to file – through a mobile app, the website, via email, fax, or mail.

Step 3 – Wait to Be Reimbursed

Your claim will be processed in less than 2 weeks, in most cases, within 10 days. You will receive your reimbursement sum by check or direct deposit for any claim expense that is covered under the policy you have obtained.

In case of missing info, MetLife will check with your vet.

MetLife makes MetLife Pet Mobile App available for you, so you can easily manage your pet insurance and health records. This app also helps you to locate pet service providers that are near you.

The app is also abundant in educational articles and topics for your learning upgrade.

How does MetLife pet insurance work

MetLife Pet Insurance Waiting Periods for Coverage

After you’ve purchased your pet’s insurance policy, you would have to wait for some time for the insurance to kick in; in some cases, it takes days.

Unlike most pet policies that have a waiting period of 15 days, MetLife Pet Insurance will immediately become effective and provide you with selected accident and wellness coverage.

Suppose your claim contains all necessary info related to your pet’s visit to the vet. In that case, the MetLife pet insurance waiting period is less than 2 weeks which is an advantage other pet insurance providers don’t offer. 

In most cases, the waiting period for MetLife insurance is usually 10 days.

Exceptions of this practice are cases where your pet suffers from ligament-related issues (Cruciate Ligaments, ACL, MCL, IVDD, PCL, CCL) and IAIC issues policies. In cases like these, you will need to wait for 6 months.

MetLife Pet Insurance Pricing & Plans 

MetLife Pet Insurance offers you the flexibility to make a plan and define rates in a way that is best for your pet’s needs and according to your budget opportunities.

The premium will depend on the age of your pet, breed, and location, but also on the coverage amount that you choose.

You can customize the coverage of MetLife pet insurance costs with the 3 following options:

  • from $500 to unlimited;
  • $0-$2,500 deductible options;
  • and reimbursement from 50% up to 100%.

If you purchase the coverage online, you can get a premium discount during the first year of the policy.

For the next year, if you haven’t made any claim during the policy year, you can earn a saving of $25 or $50, and your deductible will automatically decrease.

You also have additional discounts at your disposal, like Employer Benefit and Affinity Group Discount, except in Tennessee.

If you are a healthcare worker, member of the Armed Forces & First Responders, or staff/owner of animal care facilities, you become eligible for discounts, too.

MetLife’s rewards program is available in particular states in the US so that you can claim up to 5 MetLife exclusive pet rewards a year; plus, more rewards will be granted in the course of one year.

Why choose MetLife pet insurance

The Final Say

Choosing the best insurance policy for your pet is not easy, as it is not a straightforward decision you would make for your family or your real estate.

It takes a lot of consideration about disease coverage, possible exceptions, limitations, waiting periods, and cost reimbursement, all together with the premium. 

Place your trust in the hands of an experienced team of professionals who will tailor the pet insurance plan to your needs. 

MetLife is a reliable company with a long-standing tradition and history in insurance. 

All you need to do is follow 3 simple sign-up steps for your pet to be safe and sound from any future health-related adversities.

The long list of coverage will surely make it easy for you as a pet parent to choose the most comprehensive insurance plan and stay on the safe side. 

Leave the financial burden to those who can handle it professionally and do the heavy-lifting for you. 

MetLife Pet Insurance Review: FAQs

It’s only logical for pet parents to scratch their heads about pet insurance; owning a pet is more than just having a jogging buddy or someone to cuddle during movie night – it takes care and dedication for your pet to stay happy and healthy.

Following are some of the most typically asked questions about the pet insurance offered by MetLife:

Absolutely. MetLife’s pet insurance has no restrictions on the age and breed of the pets. You don’t need to take an initial exam prior to the policy, and the insurance kicks in less than 24 hours.

Although it does not offer direct payment to the vet, with about a ten-day waiting period for most cases, it is preferable to many pets’ owners and makes it worth it.

As is the case with other policies, in order to cancel the pet insurance, you would need to fill in a cancelation form and send it in writing. However, before enrolling your pet to be insured, check the details with the contact person dedicated to your request.

Yes, MetLife covers medications, alternative therapies, and holistic care, as well as diagnostic test fees, hospital stays, and surgeries that are included in the policy.

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