Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review

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Two legs or four, a set of wings for more, common or exoticly wild – they all dread the vet once in a while!

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Key Benefits

Our pets may need medical attention more frequently than we’d hope, as certain conditions can strike at any time.

Surprisingly, the majority of pet owners insure their pets shortly before the unavoidable veterinary visit. With most insurance policies requiring a two-week waiting period, you are more than likely to face a hefty charge without the proper coverage.

The sense of security that comes from planning your insurance coverage ahead of time is invaluable. Prompt assistance also increases the odds that your beloved pet will live a longer life, and your credit card balance will remain in the paw-sitive.

At a reasonable price and outstanding customer support, Nationwide Pet Insurance provides this relief for you.

We’ve spared no effort and delivered one of the best Nationwide Pet Insurance reviews. Read on to discover the full cat-vantages this policy has to offer!

What Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Cover

Let’s get straight to the heart of our Nationwide Pet Insurance review by discussing their pet insurance policies.

Nationwide is probably your best shot if you’re on the lookout for a company with extensive experience, offering a range of coverage with a more than decent reimbursement.

The subscription allows you to tailor your plan to your unique needs.  Pick between payment for a percentage of your overall veterinarian expense or a predetermined reimbursement amount for specific medical conditions.

Any licensed veterinarian can care for your pet. There are no out-of-pocket costs with Nationwide. You pay your veterinarian directly, and the insurance company reimburses you based on your coverage.

Everyone’s got a cover but you, dear human! 

Whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bird, or an exotic animal, weigh your pet’s needs and choose between the four: Whole Pet with Wellness,  Major Medical With Basic Wellness, Pet Wellness, and Avian & Exotic Pets.

Whole Pet with Wellness

  • Reimbursement: 90%
  • Deductible: $250
  • Annual benefits: Unlimited

There is no other pet insurance plan on the market today that rivals Nationwide’s Whole Pet Wellness. It’s the only insurance plan in the United States covering medical, wellness, and emergency care.

We could explain it as the pinnacle of Nationwide’s offerings. It addresses health, illness, and damage. Members can visit any licensed veterinarian, submit a paid invoice to Nationwide, and receive a 90% refund for eligible veterinary charges.

The list of items that Nationwide does not cover includes pre-existing conditions, non-veterinary fees (such as tax and trash disposal), boarding, and grooming.

When it comes to their Whole Pet plan, Nationwide provides solid coverage with rapid reimbursements and zero haggling. However, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with this policy.

The lower-tier policies have a decent structure around a benefit schedule.  It all comes down to careful research now. To get the best fit, compare the payout limitations to what your veterinarian charges to decide if it’s more cost-effective to purchase the premium plan.

Whole Pet with Wellness covers: 

  • Accidents and illnesses
  • Surgeries and hospitalization
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Prescriptions
  • Flea/heartworm prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness exams
  • Dental cleaning

Major Medical with Basic Wellness

  • Reimbursement: According to a defined Schedule
  • Deductible: $250
  • Annual benefits: Defined

Major Medical insurance from Nationwide covers illnesses and injuries.

This insurance policy is regulated by a benefit schedule. To be more specific, there is a maximum amount per condition that the insurance will cover for a primary or secondary diagnosis. The Major Medical covers infections, neurology, cardiovascular disease, intestinal issues,  and other conditions.

They will not cover a vast range of conditions, though, many of which appear to be breed-specific. Some are particularly common, such as polycystic kidney disease and hip dysplasia.

The bottom line is that if you purchase the Major Medical plan to pay cheaper monthly premiums, you might be facing a cat-atstrophe if your pet becomes ill or injured.

A piece of advice – maintain meticulous records in order to prevent having claims refused for items that could be deemed preexisting conditions.

Major Medical with Basic Wellness covers:

  • Accidents and illness
  • Some hereditary conditions
  • Cancer

Pet Wellness

Nationwide Pet Insurance’s Pet Wellness plan includes services such as flea and heartworm prevention, vaccination, and wellness testing and checkups. This plan does not have any deductibles. You can purchase this plan as an add-on or as a standalone plan. The price ranges from $12 – $18 a month.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

No age limit

see any veterinarian

Reimburses up to 100%

Avian & Exotic Pets

Why not give your sugar glider health care coverage for a not-so-salty price? 

Only with Nationwide can you buy medical insurance for your bird, rabbit, reptile, or other exotic pet. This low-cost exotic pet insurance policy covers accidents, sickness, and examinations. 

If an unpleasant vet visit occurs, Nationwide will cover up to 90% of the medical costs.

Don’t fret checkups, imaging tests, lab work, hospitalization, and even prescription drugs. Nationwide covers them all!  

Based on the Nationwide Pet Insurance coverage you have, you may be reimbursed for up to 90% of the cost of diagnosing and treating certain diseases.

You can also opt for a discount plan rather than insurance coverage. These programs might help you save up to 25% on your vet fees. The discount program, unlike regular insurance policies, includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The cost of exotic animal insurance varies according to the animal you wish to insure. Preventive care is an add-on to your policy that costs extra.

If you choose a discount plan over insurance, expect to pay $10 to $12 per month for each pet. Annual or multi-pet enrollment saves you money.

To sum up, these are the benefits and drawbacks of Nationwide’s Avian & Exotic Pets:


  • No age limit 
  • You can see any veterinarian.
  • Reimburses up to 100% of vet bills


  • Treatment must be paid in full upfront.

How Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Work

It all comes down to a few mouse clicks on Nationwide’s website. The “Get Started” menu directs you to a brief questionnaire. You now need to provide some basic information – zip code, type of pet, pet’s age, and your personal information. The company then offers you the finest options based on the information you provided.

Once you get a quote, you can select between a discount plan and full coverage. When dreadful vet visits occur, you pay the vet upfront. To start the reimbursement process, submit a claim through Nationwide’s website. Then, depending on the plan you picked, you can receive reimbursements of up to 90% or a solid discount.

Before signing up, see if your employer is qualified for further discounts. To begin the enrollment procedure, the website takes you to a new section.

Reimbursements and Deductibles

Let’s say you believe that Nationwide’s deductible is quite pricey. Here is why your budget will not suffer: 

With a $250 deductible per year, you either get reimbursed up to 90% or your copayment is considerably lower than other insurance companies. Once you pay your deductible, you only pay copayment or coinsurance for the services. Nationwide pays the rest.

We’ll simply put it this way; first, you pay more, then you pay less. A higher deductible will lower your copayment, while with a lower deductible, your copayment rises. 

Nationwide offers an annual deductible for specific plans, and exclusively covered claims will contribute towards your deductible. Once a year, when you reset your policy, the deductible renews as well. 

Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness plan, My Pet Protection plans, Medical and Major Medical plans, and injury plan all have a $250 yearly deductible. 

Let’s say your feline friend starts coughing, breathes rapidly, and faints during the lightest exercise. The vet diagnoses heartworm.

This is why Nationwide’s insurance isn’t a sham. The total bill is $2,050. With a $250 deductible and a 90% reimbursement from Nationwide, you will get $1,595 back. 

Whether your pet underwent a few or many treatments and checkups – you still pay the deductible only once a year.  

Per-incident deductibles are available from Nationwide for $50, but only for their Avian & Exotic Pet Nationwide Pet Insurance coverage.


Nationwide Pet Insurance Claims & Services

Paying a vet fee out of pocket may seem to be a shortcoming, given that Nationwide Pet Insurance claim payouts can take up to 30 days. The benefit is – this is a secure claim and will get approved.

During the process, customers will receive up-to-date information. You can check the status of your claim on your account page at any time. 

Nationwide will process your claim quickly once you submit all dog-uments of the vet’s visit. This includes treatment notes and lab results. If you need to submit further information after submitting your first claim form, your 30-day reimbursement period starts from the most recent submission. 

To avoid delays, make sure that your claim contains your name, your pet’s name, policy number, correct invoice number, and a complete description of services you received.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Enrollment & Waiting Periods

Once your tiny or not-so-tiny trouble maker is 6 weeks old, you could enroll them into an insurance program. The waiting period starts immediately after you make your payment. Both medical and wellness coverage on the Whole Pet with Wellness plan includes a 14-day waiting period.

Wellness plans, on the other hand, begin after 24 hours. You can also enroll in a wellness that isn’t based on any of the pet insurance policies. Meaning – a stand-alone policy.

Whole Pet with Wellness and Major Medical plans: 14 days

Pet Wellness Plan: 24 hours

Nationwide Pricing Plans

You can choose from an abundance of options when it comes to pet insurance policies from Nationwide. You will pay more or less depending on your pet’s breed, age, and any pre-existing illnesses they may have. The monthly premium fee can range from $25-&60 for dogs and $15 – $35 for cats. 

If you purchase a wellness plan from Nationwide on its own or in combination with medical coverage, you should expect to pay an additional $12 to $22 per month. 

For households with two or three pets, Nationwide offers a 5% discount, while households with four or more pets are granted a discount of 10%.

Employer-sponsored group insurance is likewise discounted by 5%.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide Pet Insurance Review: FAQs

Nationwide makes this a super easy process. You can submit claims online from your Nationwide account. Upload a photo of your invoice, complete documentation of all lab and test results and treatments. Once you submit a claim, there is a 30 day waiting period for reimbursement.

You can cancel your Nationwide policy at any time. You can inform Nationwide in writing while stating your name and the reason for cat-cellation. The quickest way, however, is by logging into your Nationwide account and canceling the policy there.

Nationwide will cancel your policy immediately after receiving your request, after which you can no longer file any claims.

To cancel your National Pet Insurance policy via phone:

  1. Call customer service on 888-899-4874.
  2. Provide the details of your insurance and make a cancellation request.
  3. Request a refund for any unused premiums.
  4. Wait for the Nationwide confirmation email.

The good news is, you may combine your Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan with Nationwide pet insurance. With over 900 institutions across the country, Banfield pet hospitals are devoted to wellness resources for long-term care.

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Nationwide does not offer extras or add-ons for wellness or dental care. You can pick between the wellness and dental coverage of the “Whole Pet” plan and the “Wellness” only plan.

Yes. As their policy states, the health plans at Nationwide allow you to use any vet, anywhere. This also includes specialist and emergency providers.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Alternatives

To find the best Nationwide Pet Insurance alternative for you, it’s important to compare the plans offered by different companies.

Consider your budget, your pet’s age and health needs, and the type of coverage you’re looking for. You can also read reviews of different pet insurance companies to get a better sense of their customer service and claims process.

Nationwide Pet Insurance alternatives:

  • Embrace Pet Insurance – Better coverage, with a focus on preventive care.
  • Figo Pet Insurance – More customizable plans, with a wide range of coverage options to choose from.
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance – Better rates, especially for older pets and pets with pre-existing conditions.
  • MetLife Pet Insurance – Quicker coverage for unexpected accidents.
  • Lemonade Pet Insurance – Better overall value, with a unique Lemonade Care policy that offers a lower premium and a higher reimbursement rate.
  • Pets Best Pet Insurance  – Cheaper rates, especially for young pets and pets with no pre-existing conditions.
  • Pumpkin Pet Insurance – Best for accident and illness coverage, with a focus on sudden onset illnesses and injuries.
  • Spot Pet Insurance – Best for preventive care, with a unique wellness package that covers the cost of routine vet visits and vaccinations.
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance – Best for lifelong coverage, with no annual or lifetime limits on benefits.
  • ASPCA Pet Insurance – Best for pet parents who want to support a good cause, with a portion of every premium donated to the ASPCA.

These companies offer a variety of pet insurance plans with different coverage levels and premiums. Some companies also offer additional benefits, such as wellness coverage, multiple pet discounts, and pre-existing condition coverage.

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