Pawp Pet Insurance Review

Pawp Pet Insurance Review

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Pet parents have become increasingly aware of how wise a decision it is to get timely insurance for their beloved pet’s veterinary expenses.

Pawp Pet Insurance Customer Reviews

Pawp has received mixed reviews from customers. Some customers are very happy with the company’s affordable pricing and easy-to-use emergency fund. However, other customers have reported having difficulty getting their claims approved and have experienced long wait times to speak to a Pawp vet.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Key Benefits

After all, like us humans, animals, too, fall ill or end up injured. Whether it’s a life-threatening disease or a standard routine check, the vet bill usually shows no mercy upon the pet owner.

To avoid such emotional and financial stress, the least you can do is get yourself solid pet insurance. In return, the insurer will cover most of your pet’s trips to the vet for a certain monthly or annual fee.

This is precisely where Pawp Pet Insurance comes in. Available in 50 states, Pet Insurance Pawp is a company with a unique approach to coverage plans. 

In the following Pawp Pet Insurance review, we’ll let you in on all the deets that may interest you!

How Pawp Pet Insurance Works

There are two essential aspects Pawp Pet Insurance reviews usually cover. We’re talking about the telehealth aspect and the emergency fund.

Pawp functions entirely differently than other standard pet insurance companies. You won’t have to cover a set amount of conditions and expenses or submit a physical or online vet invoice and report the animal’s procedure.

The 24/7 telehealth access allows you to connect with any of Pawp’s available licensed veterinarians immediately. After you let the vet in on the symptoms bothering your beloved pet, they will examine your furry friend via video call. 

If your puppy or kitten simply caught the flu, the vet will recommend home remedies or certain medications.

However, if there’s a more severe issue, Pawp’s emergency fund will get activated, immediately hospitalizing your pet and covering for the procedure to follow.

The best part is that the monthly fee is flat, so you won’t have to worry about paying extra during the months when your pet has to visit the emergency room.

Still, this only scratches the surface of what makes Pawp Pet Insurance the best of the bunch. Keep reading for our detailed reviews for Pawp Pet Insurance’s features!

Pros and Cons of Pawp

Is Pawp a good pet insurance? In our opinion, it is! However, the best way to decide for yourself is to go through our comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages.

After all, every pet and pet owner has a different lifestyle and varying pet insurance needs. The best thing to do is to find the right one for you!

Pet Insurance Pawp Pros

  • 24/7 access to video calls and live chats with licensed vets without scheduling an appointment;
  • Access to vets all around the USA;
  • The available vets are all professionals, usually with years’ worth of experience;
  • A single membership can cover up to six pets;
  • The vet is paid directly, without filing pet insurance claims and waiting for reimbursement;
  • Some pet pre-existing conditions are covered if the vet deems your pet’s health condition an emergency;
  • $3,000 emergency fund per year;
  • The fee is flat and not dependent on the species, breed, gender, and age of your pet;
  • It’s relatively more affordable than other competitors.

Pet Insurance Pawp Cons

  • Only emergencies are covered;
  • The annual cap for the emergency fund is a fixed $3,000, which can only be used once per year;
  • You can only use the emergency fund after a 14-day waiting period;
  • All emergencies need to be confirmed by the vets;
  • The vet performs all examinations via video call – if you’re having an emergency, you may have to wait a few hours before hospitalization;
  • No wellness or preventative care coverage.

As you can see, both the pros and cons list is quite long, so it’s essential to thoroughly review everything that Pawp Pet Insurance offers before becoming a customer!

Pawp Plans & Coverage

You must be wondering: “what does Pawp Pet Insurance cover?” Good, because we’ll tell you right now!

It’s worth noting that Pet Insurance Pawp offers little to no customization regarding plans, deductibles, reimbursement rates, and discounts. This is because Pawp offers a single plan at a flat price. Your pet’s species, breed, gender, and age don’t come into play here. 

This plan (a.k.a. membership) covers up to six pets for the same price and lets you schedule a video call or chat with a vet 24/7. However, the coverage only gets activated through the emergency fund if the situation is dire. 

Moreover, you can use up to $3,000 of the emergency fund only once per year for a single emergency. In other words, if one of your multiple pets suffers through some serious ailment and you’ve already used the $3,000 you’ll have to cover other expenses all by yourself.

On the plus side, Pawp tends to cover all emergency conditions, even those resulting from pre-existing conditions. Pawp Pet Insurance pre-existing conditions coverage is something that you rarely (if ever) get with any other pet insurance providers.

The provider also offers coverage for choking, infections, broken bones, sudden seizures and attacks of illnesses, blockages, toxic ingestions, acute problems with breathing, or any kind of life-threatening external or internal injuries.

Deductibles and Discounts

Pawp Pet Insurance doesn’t function with deductibles, so that’s one less worry for you. 

Whenever the online vet thinks that your pet requires emergency care, they’ll advise you to take your pet to a vet clinic, and in four hours, Pawp will cover all expenses within the $3,000-range for the animal’s treatment.

Clean and simple, right?

Another thing to bear in mind is that Pawp doesn’t offer discounts. Still, if you insure more pets, you’ll get good value for your money, as the flat monthly rate remains the same. This goes regardless of the number of pets you’ve covered via the membership.

Pawp Pet Insurance

24/7 access

Pay Vet Directly

$3,000 Emergency Fund Per Year

single membership cover up to six pets

Pawp Pet Insurance Waiting Period

In line with the rest of their policy approach, Pet Insurance Pawp has a single, fixed waiting period of 14 days for all coverage. And since the only type of coverage they offer is one for emergencies, the 14-day pet insurance waiting period applies to emergencies only. 

Two weeks after enrollment, however, you’ll be free to use the emergency funds if necessary.

Pawp Pet Insurance Pricing

Pawp’s offers fixed pricing, and this is, without a doubt, one of the best aspects of its insurance policy.

Other pet insurance providers may offer more flexibility but at varying prices, which may seem excessive at times. That is especially when they couple their plans with several deductibles and lower reimbursement rates. On the other hand, Pawp ensures that you’ll always pay the same price at optimal rates.

Now, it’s true that the monthly price varies between states. In some states, it’s around $25, while in others, it can go as low as $18. 

However, the same price point remains regardless if your pet’s a cat or a dog, young or old, and if it’s a single pet or six different animals. Plus, the relatively low price point sure seems like a good bargain.

One can view this as a sort of a discount in itself, especially if multiple pets are in the picture.

Thus, Pawp Pet Insurance is one of the most affordable options you can find, with their transparency and the comparatively budget-friendly average being a stand-out.

Pawp’s Exclusions

When it comes to discussing Pawp’s exclusions, you’ll encounter a much different picture compared to that usually seen with pet insurance companies.

One thing you should remember about Pawp is that it only covers emergencies. It doesn’t cover pet wellness, routine care, or preventative care expenses. In addition, you’ll have to pay for most illnesses that aren’t emergencies or require long-term treatment.

Thus, we could say that Pawp doesn’t cover chronic pet illnesses, scheduled surgeries, pet vaccinations, dental care that’s not urgent, physical therapy, dewormings, vet visits, and exam fees.

Furthermore, it doesn’t cover X-rays, ultrasounds, alternative therapies, congenital and hereditary issues, hip dysplasia, most pre-existing conditions, breeding and pregnancy-related expenses, pet spaying, pet neutering, and elective surgeries.

Is Pawp the Best Pet Insurance Provider for You?

So, considering all aspects which set Pawp Pet Insurance apart from its competition, how do you know if it’s the right pet insurance for you and your furry companion?

Aside from more practical matters, such as your budget and the number of pets you have, one thing, for example, that you could consider, is your lifestyle. Pet owners with more sedentary lifestyles may benefit from more standard, classic pet insurance plans.

However, if you’re constantly on the move, along with your pet or pets, and if you’re often not in the vicinity of a vet, the telehealth option is ideal for checking whether your pet’s condition is severe or not. Of course, you would benefit most from Pawp if you have strong, healthy pets, which don’t require emergency services more than once per year on average.

Therefore, active pet parents on a budget with young pets with few or no pre-existing or hereditary conditions are the ideal customers for Pawp. They’ll be able to plan out their budget in advance, as the price is fixed and flat, and they’ll know exactly what they’re getting for it.

In essence, Pawp’s emergency fund will function as a sort of security cushion in case some unpredictable accident occurs, and any of your pets needs immediate medical attention.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider Pawp if you have several elderly or high-risk pets whose regular therapy you already know and follow. In that case, Pawp will be useful as backing in case the condition of one of your pets worsens, and they need emergency care.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions About Pawp

Do you still have some burning questions on your mind? Is Pawp a good pet insurance? Better yet, Is it the right one for you?

No worries! Below we’ve compiled some of the most commonly-asked questions regarding this peculiar pet insurance provider. We can only hope they answer anything that’s been left unsaid.

Pawp Pet Insurance has one of the most reliable and easy-to-access customer services, as it is primarily an online insurance provider. You can reach Pawp via their 24/7 live chat, their phone number (833-365-0001), their email address (, or any of their social media platforms. 

Customer service is available 24/7. However, depending on your chosen method, you may have to wait an extended period for a response. Your best bet is to contact Pawp via live chat for immediate assistance.

Yes, Pet Insurance Pawp does come with a fixed waiting period of 14 days before you are able to receive coverage from the emergency fund.

As of right now, Pawp does not offer coverage for birds, or exotic pets. You can only insure your dog or cat pet, but as things are at the moment, that is the case with most other pet insurance companies, too.

No, you don’t need to provide Pawp with any medical records. However, you may want to upload your pet’s health certificate just in case. That way, both Pawp and the telehealth vets will be able to monitor your pet’s health at all times.

Yes, all vets around the US accept Pawp, as it is available in 50 states. No matter your whereabouts, you can always count on Pawp to cover your vet bill. All the vet needs to do is telephone Pawp while you’re with them to deem the transaction successful.

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