Pet Care Supplies Review

Pet Care Supplies Review

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The amount of love you shower your pets with should be the same as the amount of care you give them. As all pet parents know, pet care and health supplies can cost a lot, and the expenses are not always affordable.

Pet Care Supplies

Key Benefits

For that reason, it’s best to find a pet care supply company that offers only the best goods at affordable prices.

When you own a dog or a cat, it’s inevitable to buy different kinds of supplies. That’s why we have found the perfect company for everyone’s taste – Pet Care Supplies.

Everything you need to know, and would like to know, you can find below. In this review, we took every standard into consideration in order to prove that Pet Care Supplies is the best pet supply company for 2021.

About Pet Care Supplies

The guys at PetCareSupplies realize that pet care may be costly and that’s the main reason the company has made it its objective to help its customers save money on pet care and health items while attaining quality.

Delivering quality pet products at a reasonable price, accompanied by good customer service is paramount to PetCareSupplies.

Also, when it comes to purchasing pet supplies, PetCareSupplies wants to reassure pet owners that they have made the right choice. The company offers nice deals on pet supplies, making sure customers can afford what their pets need.

Pet Care Supplies offers flea and tick therapies, preventive treatments, and homeopathic therapies to pet owners all over the world, seeking low-cost, but top-quality pet products.

Unlike many similar pet care supply companies, PetCareSupplies provides free shipping on any kind of product no matter the size, weight, or category. Isn’t that neat? What’s even better, customers are entitled to a 100% reimbursement in case you don’t like the product or it isn’t effective.

Some of the best-selling products are made by top-quality brands such as Nexgard, Capstar, Bravesto, Frontline Plus, Capstar, Revolution, and Simparica TRIO.

How Does Pet Care Supplies Work?

Pet Care Supplies is a one-stop-shop, perfect for all of your pet’s needs. It is one of the most popular online pet businesses for 2022, offering a wide range of pet goods for both dogs and cats, homeopathic supplies, hygiene supplies, and more.

Due to being an online company, every purchase has to be made through their official website. First, you need to register an account in your name, which requires some personal information for safety reasons. After that, you can see every available product and you’re good to go.

When you decide which pet care supplies you are going to buy, click the Checkout option and fill in the information you are asked to. PetCareSupplies is a safe and secure company, that’s why it is required to add information details such as an e-mail, a password, home address, and payment details.

After every successful purchase, buyers get a notification from the customer service team, stating that the payment was approved and the items will be delivered to the address provided.

Every personal information the client provides to Pet Care Supplies is protected, so you shouldn’t worry about anyone stealing your data. However, there are many scams lurking around the corners of the Internet, so the company must ask for personal information to make sure you are a real person.

Available Products at Pet Care Supplies

With their vast choice of goods, Pet Care Supplies tries to assist you in maintaining your pet’s general well-being. You can purchase low-cost quality pet supplies to keep your pet healthy, happy, and safe.

On the company’s website, pet care products are divided into four categories: for dogs, for cats, homeopathy supplies, and pet hygiene supplies.

Dog Supplies

In the dogs’ department, you can find various supplies such as chewables, dog sprays, medication, and dermatological creams. The prices vary based on the type of supply and the brand.

For example, items delivered by more quality brands come with higher prices, however, those prices are still affordable. In the dogs’ category, you can find items regarding the following conditions:

  • Flea and tick control for dogs 
  • Wound repair supplies
  • Joint care products
  • Skin and coat supplies
  • Behavioral care supplies

Cat Supplies

The cats’ category includes the same types of products as for the dogs. It contains wound repair supplies, joint care products, skin and dermatology supplies, behavioral medication, and flea and tick creams.

Prices are quite similar to the dogs’ pet health supplies, maybe a little cheaper. You can find a great number of different products with prices varying based on the brands. For any additional information, feel free to check their website.


The homeopathy section is quite popular among pet parents, mainly because of the use of all-natural ingredients. Some of the homeopathy solutions for your pets include:

  • Anxiety supplies
  • Urinary incontinence products
  • Skincare supplies
  • Digestion pills and medication
  • Joint care supplies

If you check out Pet Care Supplies’ website, you’ll find a total of 6 supplies, one of each kind. Some of the products are even meant for traveling anxiety, or for relieving the stress off your pet.

These supplies are the most affordable and low-priced, starting from around $15 to $19. Every item comes with free shipping included in the price.

Pet Care Supplies

Cat Supplies

Dog Supplies


Pet Hygiene

Pet Hygiene

Every pet parent knows just how valuable it is to maintain proper hygiene for their beloved pets. The Pet Care Supplies introduces the Pet Hygiene department, which covers diverse supplies for cats and dogs, like:

  • Eye supplies such as eyewashes, gels, and drops for thorough cleaning or dealing with certain eye problems
  • Ear supplies like ear drops, ear cleaners, and more
  • Oral supplies such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and oral rinses along with complete oral kits that include each of the products we mentioned
  • Aural supplies, more specifically, medicinal ear drops

Customer Support and Contact Information

As a company, Pet Care Supplies offers high-quality goods and exceptional customer service. Their pleasant and professional customer care team will be pleased to answer your questions and assist you, whether it’s a recommendation, an inquiry about your order status, or a product.

You may reach them through:

  • Two available mobile phones: 1-800-788-2124 ; 1-800-951-5000
  • E-mail:
  • Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Working hours are from 9:00 to 18:00, Monday through Saturday
  • The company’s closed on Sundays

Pet Care Supplies boasts a reputation for its customer service. According to several satisfied customers, the customer care representatives are both professional and helpful.

Also, the customer support team at Pet Care Supplies strives to be their best and to respond to customers as fast as possible. Many reviews from previous and regular customers claim that Pet Care Supplies’ customer service is one of the main traits that attracted people to choose the company for purchasing pet supplies.

In case you have an urgent problem regarding product quality, refunds, or customer service, you are free to contact their supervisor at and get a prompt response. Usually, the team supervisor will attempt to fix your issue in less than 2 days.

Pet Care Supplies Shipping and Delivery

Whatever supply you order from Pet Care Supplies, it will be delivered directly to the address you have provided. Regardless of the quantity of your order, you will be granted free shipping. For a price of $6.99, you can also get a monitored shipment and track your order.

A survey on the company’s official website shows that:

  •  98% of the shipments that are delivered outside the USA are sent quickly, within 1 or 2 working days. 
  • 80% of the orders are delivered within 10 working days
  • 95% of the orders are delivered in 15 working days
  • 99% of the orders are delivered in 28 working days

Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some shipments may not be delivered, or come in late. Another circumstance to consider is bad weather, hindering orders from being sent out; in which case it’s best if the customer contacts the customer support via phone or e-mail, to clear things up.


Money-Back Guarantee

Pet Care Supplies offers a money-back guarantee to ensure their clients’ ultimate buyer satisfaction. Pet Care Supplies will issue a full refund or reship your product if it does not arrive within 28 days, no matter the reason.

Note that if you enter an inaccurate address, their team will not be able to offer a refund or reship your order. Keep in mind that the company will also not be able to deliver a refund of your money until you have provided them with the necessary evidence of delivery.

The order becomes the responsibility of the receiver once it’s delivered to the specified address.

If you require some help, contact customer service and they will assist you with any inquires. Also, every customer is eligible for a cashback even if they don’t like the pet care product or are not satisfied with it.

Third-Party Reviews

It’s always smart to see other customers’ reviews on pet care supplies before you purchase something. We have taken this factor into consideration and reassure you that this company is truly genuine in its way of doing business.

On the official Pet Care Supplies’ website, there is a whole section dedicated to customers’ reviews. We couldn’t find a single bad review of an unsatisfied client issuing a complaint against the company, and that says a lot.

A particular user states that she was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford any type of flea product because she owned three cats. However, the customer was pleasantly surprised when she found Pet Care Supplies and their reasonable and affordable prices. Overall, she was very satisfied with the fast shipping, punctual responses, availability of the customer service, and the exceptional pet care products she received.

Another satisfied customer says that he will continue buying from Pet Care Supplies. The pet supply he got came with no shipping cost, just like every other product in the company’s offer, and the received item was a great one. The satisfied customer stated that he would highly recommend Pet Care Supplies to every pet owner. Also, the customer service staff have been friendly yet professional with him, and always provided answers in a timely manner.

Another satisfied user states that she has been purchasing supplies from this web business on a regular basis for the past four months. The customer emphasized the fantastic prices on all items. What she liked most about the company is that all of its policies are clear, without going around the bush. When talking about discounted items, there were no hidden fees, unlike other pet supply businesses she’s had trouble with.

Terms and Conditions

Before making any kind of purchase from Pet Care Supplies, make sure you thoroughly read the Terms and Conditions. There are certain aspects of making a purchase that are solely the clients’ responsibility and the company won’t be affected.

For example, based on where you live, you are responsible for all the local taxes, customs duties, and additional fees and charges levied on the items you purchase. Also, it’s your responsibility to provide an accurate delivery address when placing an order. Once the order has been dispatched, it’s not possible to modify the delivery address.

Pet Care Supplies will not be held liable if your order is halted by international customs, and will also not be responsible for packages held by customs. Pay attention to matters like these in order to avoid unwanted problems.

All in all, opting for Pet Care Supplies would make a difference in your pet-parent life, making your pet happy its supplies are there on time.

Pet Care Supplies

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