Waggy Caddy Review

Waggy Caddy Review

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Canine enthusiasm for outdoor activities is a source of inspiration for many owners. Dogs are fantastic travel companions, making every vacation a more enjoyable experience.

Waggy Caddy

Key Benefits

Still, the independent spirit dogs display in nature is not proof they are self-sufficient. There is a reason why owners are known as pet parents. Just like with babies, dogs require constant care. At home, everything is at hand, but on the road, a proper bag to transport the essentials is a must.

With the Waggy Caddy bag, you do not need a checklist. Everything your dog needs is ready for weekend getaways, camping, vacation, or a daily walk in the park.

The clever Waggy Caddy kit is a one-stop shop for all things dog, helping to keep your dog comfortable and you focused on relaxing, not worrying if you forgot about something or digging in the suitcase to find a bowl or a toy.

If you have a problem maintaining your furry buddy’s necessities in a single place, you should invest in a quality dog bag.

Of course, you cannot buy a product without proper knowledge of what to look for. Check out our review of the Waggy Caddy bag and discover if it meets your needs.

About Waggy Caddy

The Waggy Caddy bag is the brainchild of Nadia Raibin, who launched the bag and kit for dogs who prefer to be out and about. The founder of the production company Mass Movements had to take an unplanned hiatus from her day job. Organizing corporate events and red-carpet parties were halted when the pandemic forced lockdowns, and the events industry declined.

Nadia used her free time to explore the local parks in London, where she observed people walking and playing with their dogs, sometimes struggling to keep pace not just with their pet’s enthusiasm but also with their needs.

The experience challenged Nadia to create a more convenient way of transporting and keeping tidy all the necessary items a dog requires.

Nadia decided to enter the dog accessories business, so the first step for her was to consult with dog owners, requesting opinions on what they wanted from the perfect bag. Their feedback was beneficial in the design of a practical bag but also in selecting the essential items that need to fill in the pockets for ease of use.

Nadia’s final product is a sturdy and roomy bag, and if the pet parent chooses, it can come equipped with 19 items, everything from a water bottle, paw wipes, and brush, keeping everything organized and stress-free.

Based in London, Waggy Caddy offers its product internationally.

Waggy Caddy: The Bag

The best way to perceive the Waggy Caddy bag is as a travel suitcase for dogs, the perfect option for road trips and park excursions. The spacious bag accommodates your dog possessions, at the same time being compact and portable.

It’s a great way to organize all your dog essentials without having to rummage through improvised bags or the trunk of your car. Compartments make it easier to categorize items with fast access to all the necessary things, guaranteeing more playtime with your furry friend.

The material is waterproof, making sure everything is protected if the rain surprises you. Or if during nature hikes, the bag ends up in a lake or river by accident.

The feature that makes this doggy bag stand out from other competitors is that every bag comes with a lightweight and collapsible bowl making it convenient to feed your dog while traveling.

Get what you need fast and enjoy being out with your best friend.

Dimensions and specs:

  • Size: 34 cm x 21 cm x 38 cm
  • 2x zip-up kibble bags
  • Shoulder-carry strap
  • Velcro fastening carry handles
  • Strap to slide over luggage handle
  • Material: waterproof PVC
  • Inner mesh zip pocket on the lid
  • 2 inner insulated compartments
  • Zip-up front compartment: unzips and folds down into a tray
  • Mesh pockets on the back and sides

Waggy Caddy: Accessories for the Bag

This doggy bag is packed with everything you need to keep your best friend clean, hydrated, comfortable, and safe while on the go. The bag comes stocked with 19 items, keeping you organized and stress-free.

The fully stocked items that are included are:

  • Two heavy-duty silicone collapsible water/food bowls
  • Two collapsible waterproof kibble bags
  • Fleece blanket for a car back seat
  • Squeaky toy
  • Collapsible travel water bottle
  • Sturdy plastic frisbee
  • Dog slicker brush
  • Tennis ball
  • Safety belt harness with universal car plug
  • Waste bag dispenser
  • 6 x rolls of biodegradable waste bags
  • Light-up battery-powered collar
  • Paw wipes
  • Healthy training treats
  • Two collar belts, one multicolor, the other plain

Waggy Caddy: Payment Methods

Purchases can be made online via the Swedish payment service Klarna, which provides solutions for the e-commerce industry. The benefit of Klarna is that it offers the opportunity for customers to pay at a later date, or to be more precise, after 30 days.

When the order is confirmed, within two days, customers receive an e-mail with payment instructions from Klarna. Pet owners have 30 days to use the product and only pay if they are satisfied with the item. The payment is made online, with the Klarna app, without extra cost, via credit or debit card.

The uniqueness of Klarna is that the option Pay Later in 30 days is not open to any customer. The eligibility is based on several factors, such as the value of the order, availability of items, and previous shopping history of the shopper.

Meaning, not every consumer will be able to benefit from the option. The chances of being offered the Pay Later in 30 days option, can be improved by providing accurate details like full name and registered billing address.

The assessment for eligibility is performed individually. Pet owners that previously benefited from Pay Later in 30 days do not automatically get the option with every following order. At the same time, a rejection does not mean that a shopper will be denied for all future orders.

Klarna protects payment information. Debit or credit card details are not held, and every transaction is processed on a secured connection with up-to-date industry-standard security protocols.

Waggy Caddy Review

Fast Delivery

Quality harness

Safe Grooming Scissors

Lightweight but sturdy bag

Low Fat and Gluten-Free Treat

Waggy Caddy: Prices and Promos

Prices can vary depending on promotions, and customers should consult the website for current prices. The best recommendation is to register for the free newsletter. You only need to provide your e-mail, and the company will regularly inform you about ongoing promotions and new products.

The carry-all bag for active dogs is available to be purchased without the accessory items. Still, the shoppers will receive the bag with a couple of free accessories, like the kibble bags and a collapsible travel bowl to get you started in the right direction.

A fully-stocked bag with everything you need to keep your dog clean and comfortable will cost you £99.00. The current price of just the bag is £39.99.

The brand frequently offers promotions and discount coupons up to 5% and 10%, and up to 30% off selected items.

What Do Customers Think?

Since its launch a year ago, the brand is starting to attract the attention of dog owners. The roomy waterproof bag is receiving five stars reviews on several e-commerce sites.

Pet parents praise the quality and design of the bag, and the customer service offered by the company is noted great. Also, the company offers the opportunity to change the sizes of the collars that come with the kit.

The utility of the paw print car blanket is getting revving reviews. Some have commented that the bag may be too large, but that is a personal preference. Do not forget a puppy is just like a baby and needs a lot of stuff; extra space is always a big plus.


  • Lightweight but sturdy bag
  • Quality harness
  • Fast delivery
  • Safe grooming scissors
  • Training treats are both low fat and gluten-free


  • No first aid kit
  • Smaller toys than expected

What Is the Shipping Policy?

Purchases made via the Waddy Caddy website get shipped within 1-3 working days of ordering. The delivery date starts on the day of the consignment. Customers receive an e-mail that informs them that the item has been shipped. Priority orders are shipped on the same day if the order is received before 1 PM.

Orders received on a weekday will be dispatched on the next business day. Pet owners need to be aware that Waddy Caddy does not ship out packages on holidays.

For international orders of Waggy Caddy Kit or Bag that contain 3, or more items, shipping is via courier, most often DHL, and it needs to be signed for, ensuring the service.

For some countries, only the courier option is available, and depending on the location, delivery is within 5-7 working days. In certain cases, it can be as fast as two working days.

The cost of shipping is calculated at checkout and is dependent on the destination and method of delivery. Customers can choose the fastest shipping method if they urgently need an item.

An important consideration for international shoppers, and because of Brexit that includes some European countries, is that they may have to pay an import tax on the purchase made from Waggy Caddy.

How to Request a Refund?

The company offers a refund only if the item is damaged or not received due to shipping problems. The refund deadline is 14 days from the day the shopper received the package. Reappraisal of the decision to buy a product is not a justifiable reason to request a refund. Only faulty products are subject to the refund policy.

For hygienic reasons, any return has to be in the original packaging. Refunds are not available for items that have been taken out of the shipping box. Once the plastic wrapping is removed, the item is regarded as a used product.

All bulk orders and wholesale sales are final. These are custom orders, with details agreed upon via e-mail communication with the buyer. In these cases, only damaged items can be returned.

Pet owners entitled to a refund can submit an email at hello@waggycaddy.com with their information order number and a photo of the product.

Once the company receives the package, they will determine eligibility for a refund. If the request is valid, within 3 to 5 days, the refund is sent back through the original payment method.

Waggy Caddy: Bottom Line

The happy memories of your dog romping through a forest or jumping on the beach would not be possible without serious planning and proper logistics. Every pet parent knows that a dog is not low maintenance.

There is plenty of work that goes into keeping them clean and fed.

Pawcation stress is a real thing!

Dogs do not travel lightly. The list of stuff your canine needs is long, and if you have never taken a road trip with your furry friend before, you are up for a surprise.

From toys to keep it occupied, hygiene essentials in case of accidents, food, and water, are all provisions that need to be considered. In some instances, medication is also necessary, and that means extra space for another suitcase in the car.

The Waggy Caddy bag is a great solution to organize your dog essentials. Designed to be durable and easy to carry, at the same time, it comes stocked with the essential items for your canine.

The quality material of the bag guarantees long-time use. When the accessories run out, there is also the possibility to replenish the bag’s content from the Waggy Caddy website.

If you are constantly traveling with your four-legged friend dog, no matter if it’s a road trip or by plane. investing in a quality dog bag is a priority.

It can also be an excellent gift for a friend that has a pet and often travels with their furry buddy. They probably have not thought of getting one of these handy dog bags. It would make a unique present that keeps on giving.

Overall, the Waggy Caddy bag is a quality product, making it an excellent option for anyone with a new puppy or a hyperactive dog. As a pet parent, you can never be too prepared for surprises.

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Waggy Caddy

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