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Pet Insurance in Maine

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Pet Insurance in Maine

  • The type of coverage you need: Some pet insurance plans only cover accidental injuries, while others also cover illnesses. You will need to decide what type of coverage is right for you and your pet.
  • The cost of the plan: Pet insurance can be expensive, so it is important to find a plan that fits your budget.
  • The deductible and reimbursement rate: The deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. The reimbursement rate is the percentage of the vet bill that your insurance will cover.
  • The waiting period: Some pet insurance companies have a waiting period before they will cover certain conditions. This is usually around 14 days.
  • The policy limits: The policy limits are the maximum amount of money your insurance will pay out for a single claim or over the lifetime of your pet.


Pet owners from the Pine Tree State may find it sad and unfortunate that their furry, four-legged companions are likely to experience illness or some sort of injury throughout their lifetime.

What’s worse, however, is dealing with the additional stress brought by the vet bill, which adds some extra financial stress to the already existing emotional one. 

According to statistics, there are around 0.64% of pet owners in Maine.

This is why getting good, quality pet insurance in Maine should be a top priority for all pet owners. For a monthly or yearly fee, you’ll rest assured that no sudden surprises will usurp your wallet anytime soon.

And if you’re wondering about what the best pet insurance in Maine is, how much Maine medical pet insurance costs, or what the overall pet insurance Maine cost is, you need look no further than this article!


Starting off with the best pet insurance in Maine provider, Lemonade deserves its spot on our list. A company that offers several other types of insurance as well (such as renters’, and house insurance), Lemonade’s pet insurance Maine plans are tailored to suit every pet owner’s needs.

Whether considering the several discount options they offer, the add ons that can elevate their basic plan substantially, or the easy-to-use mobile app which allows you to make claims on the go, you’re sure to be more than happy with what Lemonade has to offer in terms of your pet’s wellbeing.

And even though you may be dismayed when you see their rather low BBB rating (more due to the subpar performance of the other insurances Lemonade offers), you’ll be happy to know that they offer a staggeringly cheap monthly premium.


  • 7%-10% annual discount
  • 10% discount for a bundle including Lemonade home and renter’s insurance
  • Multi-pet discount
  • Free preventative plan for dogs and cats below 2 years of age
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Maximum $500 annual deductible
  • Annual coverage cap of $100,000


  • 6-month waiting period for cruciate ligament ailments
  • Mandatory medical exam record in the past 12 months
  • No coverage for bilateral conditions 
  • No dental coverage

Plans & Coverage

Lemonade’s basic plan begins at $15 for dogs, with an average of $37, while their Maine cat pet insurance starts at $10, and averages at $15. 

This plan covers most sorts of illnesses and accident-sustained injuries, such as broken bones, hereditary conditions, heart conditions, cancer, as well as surgeries, hospitalizations, X-rays, ultrasound readings, and more. 

Some add ons will also allow you to be covered for deworming, vaccinations, blood tests, treatment for fleas or ticks, as well as vet exams.

What it doesn’t cover are, essentially, conditions usually not covered by other policy providers either, such as pregnancy and breeding costs, cosmetic, elective, or experimental procedures, and pre-existing conditions.


Another stellar pet insurance Maine option is Embrace – an insurance policy provider which distinguishes itself through its staggering 5 deductible options! 

What’s even more impressive is that one of these is the Healthy Pet Deductible, which lowers your deductible by $50 each year that you haven’t filed a claim. Sounds nice, right? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Embrace is one of the best pet insurance in Maine providers thanks to covering many other areas not usually covered by other companies, such as dental procedures, chronic illnesses, as well as preventable conditions.


  • A rather adaptable take on pre-existing conditions
  • 3 levels of wellness rewards + a cover for hydrotherapy and acupuncture
  • The Healthy Pet Deductible
  • A mobile app for making quick claims and downloading documents
  • Pet Helpline available during the day


  • $30,000 annual cap
  • Age limit on coverage plans
  • Monthly installment fee of $1

Plans & Coverage

Embraces accident and illness coverage plan compensates for a plethora of conditions, including, but not limited to: dental issues, congenital conditions, hereditary conditions, hip dysplasia, cancer, heart problems, injuries, broken bones, digestive issues, allergies, emergency hospitalizations, X-rays, diagnostics, physical treatment, alternative treatments, vet exam fees, etc.

The drawback is that, once your beloved puppy or kitten turns 14, this plan gets immediately cut, and reduced to an accident-only cover.

Regardless, what the plan doesn’t cover are pre-existing conditions, elective procedures, and breeding-related expenses.

Moreover, they also have a Wellness Rewards Plan for preventative care, which costs between $250 and $650 and gives you a 100% annual reimbursement. 

The monthly charges are, on average, $15-$20 for cats, and $30-$40 for dogs.

Healthy Paws

Limited to insurance for only dogs and cats, this pet insurance Maine provider is recognizable by three things:

  • The Healthy Paws Foundation is one of the most significant animals and pet charity donators, having donated north of $1.6 million to homeless animals, and animal care so far
  • Its maximum pet insurance option offers an unlimited annual insurance cap
  • All of its insurance plans are backed by Chubb – one of the most well-known insurance groups operating in the US

Considering all of this, it’s easy to see why Healthy Paws has found itself under the “best pet insurance in Maine companies” radar. Additionally, it has a quote comparison feature, which allows clients to compare the costs for the same service provided by Healthy Paws and other pet insurance Maine companies.

Offering surprising customization to their customers – you can choose between more affordable, accident-only plans, and a comprehensive one that includes illnesses too – Healthy Paws is the epitome of quality pet insurance.


  • Unlimited annual coverage cap, regardless of which plan you’ve chosen
  • 30-day cash-back guarantee
  • Quote comparison feature


  • No add ons for preventative care
  • Limited reimbursement and deductible alternatives
  • Elderly pets don’t get much customization and coverage

Plans & Coverage

Aside from not covering wellness costs, vet visits, and exams, and in addition to pre-existing conditions and cosmetic procedures, Healthy Paws offers full coverage for many pet injuries and illnesses.

Such include heart disease, cancer treatments, congenital conditions, hereditary conditions, emergencies, surgery, blood tests, chronic ailments, medications, etc.

One thing to note is that the waiting period for hip dysplasia coverage is longer than with other companies, lasting for 1 year. 

Otherwise, the monthly average for cats is around $16, while that for dogs is about $34.


A branch of the ASPCA animal welfare organization, the ASPCA pet insurance policy provider is also among the best Maine pet insurance companies, mainly due to its flexibility.

In other words, ASPCA allows for extremely flexible customization when it comes to making the insurance plan for your pet, taking into consideration multiple factors, such as the pet breed, age, gender, etc., and also, your budget limits.

Another thing that makes ASPCA stand out is office and exam fee coverage, which basically covers all fees related to your actually traveling to the vet clinic and using the vet’s services.


  • Allows you to personalize annual deductibles and reimbursement percentages
  • Includes vet fees, office fees, and exam coverage
  • Allows for multiple add ons, including the Basic Preventative Care package


  • $2 transaction fee if you opt for monthly, instead of annual coverage
  • $10,000 annual coverage cap – much lower than almost all of the competitors
  • Limited to cats and dogs

Plans & Coverage

Even though ASPCA’s pet insurance plans are very customizable, it would be safe to say that a monthly average is around $30 for cats and $50 for dogs.

Such plans tend to include the standard coverage package: chemotherapy, cancer treatments, injuries, and broken bones, heart and blood-related disease, surgeries, hospitalizations, behavioral conditions, dental care, hereditary and congenital issues, and similar. 

With a few add ons, such as the Basic Preventative Care package, for example, you’ll also be able to get coverage for vet and exam fees, vaccinations, tests for parasites, fleas, ticks, deworming, etc.

What isn’t covered at all are pre-existing conditions, elective procedures, and breeding-related costs.

Prudent Pet

Another exemplary Maine pet insurance policy provider, Prudent Pet is also known for its flexibility of arrangements – albeit in a different way. While it doesn’t allow for extensive customization on the spot, Prudent Pet boasts its famous three-tier plans. 

They have an affordable Accident-Only Plan, a middle-of-the-way, most recommended Essential Plan (which also covers illnesses), and a crazy lush Ultimate Plan, which not only comes with unlimited annual coverage but also offers coverage things like burial and cremation fees, boarding fees, vacation cancellation fees, etc.

And to top this all off, Prudent Pet also offers some discounts and flexible deductibles.


  • 24/7 live chat
  • Adjustable deductibles and reimbursement percentages
  • Offers several plans, suited both for budget-friendly users and for pet owners able to afford to go on a limb for their pets
  • 10% discount for multiple pets


  • Somewhat limited adjustability of annual coverage throughout plans
  • The Essential and Ultimate Plans can be a bit too costly for many pet parents in Maine

Plans & Coverage

Prudent Pet has 3 separate pet insurance plans to offer to its users: the Accident-Only Plan, the Essential Plan, and the Ultimate Plan.

The Accident-Only Plan is the cheapest option and covers expenses related to treatments of accident-caused injuries. Its annual cap is $10,000.

The Essential Plan covers both accidents and illnesses and offers treatment for heart disease, cancer, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc. The annual limit is also $10,000.

The Ultimate Plan covers the same things the Essential Plan does, but without the annual coverage cap, and with the addition of covering mortality expenses, lost pet search and advertising, boarding fees (in case you’re hospitalized for longer than 4 days), and vacation cancellation fees.

The Prudent Pet monthly average amounts to about $11-$45 for cats, and about $20-$82 for dogs.

Fetch by Dodo (PetPlan)

Fetch by Dodo is another of the best pet insurance in Maine providers. While it doesn’t stand out with any particular plans, Fetch by Dodo offers something to fit everyone’s budget and every pet’s need. 

Covering both dogs and cats older than 6 months, and allowing you to choose from a wide range of deductibles, Fetch by Dodo deserves the top rating they’ve got from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)!


  • Flexible reimbursement and deductibles arrangements
  • Reimbursement of a staggering 90%
  • A wide variety of coverage options, from $2,500 to an unlimited annual coverage


  • The processing of fees is substantially longer than that of other companies
  • They are limited to only cats and dogs
  • If you opt for a monthly instead of an annual plan, you’ll pay for a comparatively higher premium

Plans & Coverage

Fetch by Dodo has several plans that you can choose from, but their Comprehensive Plan tends to cover most things usually encompassed by other pet insurance Maine companies too – illnesses, injuries, broken bones, vet exam fees, cancer, and heart treatments, ultrasounds, X-rays, chronic, hereditary, congenital conditions, and hip dysplasia. 

Their plans don’t cover pregnancy and breeding expenses, elective procedures, and pre-existing conditions.

They have a minimum monthly fee of $20 for cats and $30 for dogs, with the average going up to $30 for cats and $45 for dogs.

How Much is Pet Insurance in Maine?

The pet insurance Maine cost can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the species, breed, gender, and age of your pet, as well as the particular customization option you’ve chosen, your available budget, and your location. On average, it tends to be about $23 for cats and $40 for dogs.

FAQ: Pet Insurance in Maine

Are there any Maine pet laws that I need to know of?

Yes – dogs need to be registered every year, and need to be vaccinated, and wear a leash when in public. Be sure to know the laws of your area before getting a pet in Maine.

Does pet insurance cover pet medication?

It depends. Most pet insurance companies cover medication for particular illnesses. Preventative and wellness medication, however, is usually part of add ons for preventative care, so it’s not included in most basic plans, even at the best pet insurance Maine providers.

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