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Pet Insurance in Oregon

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Things to Consider Before Choosing Pet Insurance in Oregon

  • The type of coverage you need: Some pet insurance plans only cover accidental injuries, while others also cover illnesses. You will need to decide what type of coverage is right for you and your pet.
  • The cost of the plan: Pet insurance can be expensive, so it is important to find a plan that fits your budget.
  • The deductible and reimbursement rate: The deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. The reimbursement rate is the percentage of the vet bill that your insurance will cover.
  • The waiting period: Some pet insurance companies have a waiting period before they will cover certain conditions. This is usually around 14 days.
  • The policy limits: The policy limits are the maximum amount of money your insurance will pay out for a single claim or over the lifetime of your pet.


With its gorgeous national parks and prosperous cities such as Eugene and Portland, Oregon is the home and travel destination of many animal lovers. 

However, responsible pet owners should always put their furry friends’ health and safety first during these adventures – with a suitable pet insurance. The idyllic sceneries of the State of the Oregon Trailblazers hide many dangers for pets, such as porcupines, rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and plants toxic to domestic cats like indigenous lily flowers. 

Therefore, your pleasant adventurous day in nature with your pet can end with a spendy visit to the vet’s office. In these cases and many others, investing in a pet insurance policy proves to be a good idea.

Your pet’s health should be in the focus in case of an accident or illness instead of the financial stress caused by high vet care bills. So, in this article, we will go through the best pet insurance options for pet parents in Beaver State.


Lemonade is one of the best solutions for pet insurance in Oregon because of its all-encompassing standard coverage, reasonable prices, and useful add-ons that include preventive vet care, vet visit fees, and physical therapy.


  • Lemonade is famous for offering more affordable prices than most competitors, regardless of the pet’s breed and age
  • Owners of puppies and kittens younger than 2 years old get coverage for preventive vet care
  • By choosing annual instead of a monthly payment, you can get a discount ranging from 7%-10% depending on the chosen policy


  • In order to sign up for an insurance policy, pet owners need to disclose medical records from within the last year
  • Unlike many other insurers, Lemonade doesn’t offer dental care coverage

Plans & Coverage

Lemonade offers pet insurance in the Oregon Grape State that includes accidents and illnesses such as toxic ingestions, broken bones, sprains, arthritis, cancer, hip dysplasia, etc. Emergency care for dogs and cats is also covered, as well as hospitalization, prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, and more.

Additionally, Lemonade offers extra add-ons for physical therapy treatments, vet visit fees, and special preventive care add-ons with two coverage levels and prices. The cheaper plan includes three vaccinations, fecal tests, blood tests, and wellness exams, whereas the spendy one also covers routine dental cleaning as well as flea and heartworm medication.

This insurer excludes pre-existing conditions, behavioral therapy, dental care, alternative therapy, and all other elective procedures.


Embrace is one of the highest-rated providers of pet insurance in Crater Lake State that offers five deductible options as well as a special benefit that can lower your deductible every year.


  • Embrace pet insurance doesn’t only pay out a per-item limit, but rather offers a 100% reimbursement of routine care treatments included in the policy
  • $2 of every purchased insurance plan is donated to charity
  • Exam fees are included in Embrace’s standard insurance policy


  • The premium quotes for larger dog breeds are higher than those of Embrace’s competitors
  • Annual reimbursement is limited at $30,000, which is a lower coverage than what most other insurers offer

Plans & Coverage

Embrace offers a comprehensive accident and illness insurance plan for Oregon pet parents that includes expenses for prescription medications, X-rays, cancer treatments, and many other aspects of vet care.

What truly makes Embrace one of the best pet insurance options in Oregon is its Wellness Rewards plan that offers 100% coverage of routine care expenses for vaccinations, microchipping, and annual exams up to $250, $450, or $650 depending on your monthly quote.

The coverage of exam fees makes Embrace stand out from its competition, too. However, this provider doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, breeding and pregnancy care, or cosmetic procedures.

Healthy Paws

For pet parents in the Beaver State who seek unlimited coverage, Healthy Paws is an excellent choice.


  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for pet owners that aren’t satisfied with Healthy Paws’ services
  • The waiting period for processing the claims by customers is as short as two days
  • The company has donated more than $1 million to charitable causes that help end pet homelessness


  • The waiting period for coverage of vet care expenses connected to hip dysplasia (12 months) can be too long for this condition
  • Healthy Paws’ policies for pets older than 6 years don’t allow customization.

Plans & Coverage

Healthy Paws offers coverage with unlimited annual reimbursement with its accident and illness insurance plan. This includes diagnostic tests, prescription medications, surgery, hospitalization, cancer treatments, and much more.

For the nature-loving Oregon pets, Healthy Paws pet insurance excludes costs for any pre-existing procedures, exam or office visit fees, spay or neuter procedures. This insurer also doesn’t offer preventive vet care coverage, so you can skip it if you’re looking for a pet insurance solution that includes routine care treatments.

Prudent Pet

Thanks to its age-inclusive policies, Prudent Pet is a favorable option for owners of older pets and breeds in the state of Haystack Rock that is especially sensitive to hereditary or congenital conditions.


  • Prudent Pet offers unlimited annual reimbursement to pet owners
  • There are no restrictions linked to pets’ breed or age
  • The policies offer coverage of unique issues apart from taking care of medical bills, such as vacation cancellation because of the pet’s illness


  • Prudent Pet has no mobile app for Android or iOS, which is a drawback for many Oregon natives who are busy running errands
  • The accident-only waiting period is longer than that of other pet insurance providers in the Pacific Northwest

Plans & Coverage

In its essence, Prudent Pet has three standard plan options (accident-only, essential, and ultimate), plus, it offers Oregon pet owners an option to obtain an add-on wellness coverage package with customizable benefits.

The most basic Prudent Pet plan is the accident-only plan. With a $10,000 annual limit, it covers emergency issues such as broken bones, dental injuries, bite wounds, and more.

Prudent Pet’s essential package includes both accident and illness-related expenses up until an annual limit of $10,000. The waiting period for emergencies is 5 days, whereas for illnesses is two weeks. This plan covers expenses related to hereditary illnesses, urinary tract infections, arthritis, cancer, etc.

Finally, the Prudent Pet Ultimate package is the most spendy policy offered by this insurer. This plan gets Oregon pet parents covered in detail and offers them unlimited annual reimbursement.


ASPCA is a household name that promises a trustworthy and dedicated approach to animal welfare, which makes its pet insurance a favorable option for pet parents in the busy state of Oregon.

With its comprehensive accident and illness coverage and an accident-only variation for pet owners with more limited budgets, ASPCA is a solid pet insurance option for all pet parents in the state of the Marble Halls.


  • Unlike many other providers of pet insurance in Oregon, ASPCA distinguishes between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions
  • It offers coverage for expenses linked to hereditary or congenital illnesses
  • ASPCA also provides insurance for pet horses


  • There’s limited coverage for dental vet care
  • Oregon pet owners can get a maximum reimbursement of $10,000

Plans & Coverage

The average monthly premium rate of ASPCA’s standard accident and illness policy varies from $20 to $50. Nevertheless, depending on your pet’s specific medical needs, you can use your ZIP code to customize your pet insurance quote. In case you can’t generate a custom quote aligned with your budget on your own, you can use ASPCA’s recommended customization solutions.

ASPCA offers three different reimbursement rates with three annual deductible options starting from $100 and five annual limit options as high as $10,000. In addition to that, pet owners in Oregon can opt for two preventative care plans with fixed rates.

The most basic policy offered by ASPCA is the accident-only package. Unlike many other insurers that fit expenses linked to alternative therapies (such as acupuncture), consultation fees, and vet labor into accident-illness packages, ASPCA offers coverage of these costs in standardized coverage bonuses to its accident-only plan.

For pet parents that seek the most detailed approach to their animal friends’ health coverage for a carefree life in the Beaver State, ASPCA has two wellness add-ons – the cheaper one has a $9.95 monthly rate and a $250 annual limit for basic routine care, while the more expensive one offers an annual reimbursement limit at $450 for a $24.95 monthly rate.

Fetch by Dodo (Petplan)

Fetch by Dodo is a solid pet insurance solution for cat and dog owners living their best lives in Oregon. For those who seek comprehensive accident and illness coverage that includes holistic care, Fetch by Dodo has got you covered.


  • Fetch by Dodo offers $1,000 reimbursement for telehealth vet care for pet parents in Oregon
  • Pet parents that insure a pet adopted from an Oregon shelter or rescue get a 10% discount
  • There is no upper age limit for pet insurance


  • Fetch by Dodo is rather spendy on its services around older pets or breeds more prone to illness in comparison to its competitors
  • The waiting period for accident and illness expenses coverage (15 days) is longer than the one offered by some other insurers

Plans & Coverage

At Fetch by Dodo, pet parents can choose a plan with a $5,000, $15,000, or unlimited annual reimbursement rate according to their preferences. Fetch’s coverage includes dental injuries and illnesses, cancer treatment, exams, sick visit fees, and various aspects of holistic care.

This provider also offers the option for additional reimbursements that include advertising and rewards for lost pets, expenses for vacation cancellation due to pets’ injury or illness, and boarding fees in case of a pet owner’s inability to take care of their cat or dog due to hospitalization.

Fetch’s insurance policy excludes expenses related to pre-existing conditions, breeding issues, and cosmetic vet care. In addition to that, pets covered by this provider are required to have annual vet exams in order to stay eligible for insurance.

How Much Is Pet Insurance in Oregon?

In general, pet insurance in Oregon can cost pet owners from $15 to $80 on a monthly basis. However, vet care coverage costs aren’t set in stone – there are several factors that can have a vital influence on your premium quote, such as:

  • Age – Naturally, cats and dogs get more prone to illnesses and injuries as they age, therefore, insurance policies tend to be more spendy for older pets. It’s advisable to purchase a coverage package while your furry friend is still a kitten or a puppy so that you save money on insurance premiums.  
  • Species – Generally, pet dogs are more susceptible to serious ligament injuries and other illnesses like hip dysplasia, which makes pet insurance costlier for dog owners compared to cat owners in Oregon. 
  • Breed – Pet parents that own large dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes in Oregon should invest in higher premium insurance quotes since they’re more prone to several types of health issues, including heart disease and hip dysplasia. 
  • Customization – Pet owners can adapt their insurance policy’s pricing to their pet’s needs by choosing an annual coverage limit, deductible, and reimbursement rate.

If you live in Oregon and you parent one of these breeds on a limited budget, we recommend choosing accident-only plans that offer the same rates regardless of breed or age.

FAQ: Pet Insurance in Oregon

Do all vets in Oregon accept pet insurance?

In general, all licensed veterinarians in Oregon work with pet insurance, so it is safe to assume that any of the pet insurance providers mentioned in this article can reimburse you for your pet bills.

What does pet insurance in Oregon exclude?

Most pet insurance providers in Portland and Oregon overall exclude pre-existing conditions that occurred before purchasing the policy or during the waiting period.

So, if you opt for a policy with a 14-day waiting period for accidents and your pet suffers an accident while running in the lush Oregon woods two days after the enrollment, the injury will be considered a pre-existing condition, and the provider won’t cover the vet bills for it.

Is Oregon pet insurance worth it?

Pet health insurance is a highly recommendable investment for all pet owners in the State of the Painted Hills. According to a recent survey, 40% of American pet parents without an insurance policy must rely on their credit cards for expenses related to unexpected vet visits.

Pet healthcare coverage is essential because it allows owners to focus on their animal friends’ wellbeing in case of illnesses or injuries, instead of stressing over high vet bills. By choosing one of the recommended providers in this article, you’ll secure your peace of mind as a pet parent in the long run.

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