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Things to Consider Before Choosing Pet Insurance in Alabama

  • The type of coverage you need: Some pet insurance plans only cover accidental injuries, while others also cover illnesses. You will need to decide what type of coverage is right for you and your pet.
  • The cost of the plan: Pet insurance can be expensive, so it is important to find a plan that fits your budget.
  • The deductible and reimbursement rate: The deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. The reimbursement rate is the percentage of the vet bill that your insurance will cover.
  • The waiting period: Some pet insurance companies have a waiting period before they will cover certain conditions. This is usually around 14 days.
  • The policy limits: The policy limits are the maximum amount of money your insurance will pay out for a single claim or over the lifetime of your pet.


The Yellowhammer state or Heart of Dixie is home to many snails and the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. But what Alabamians love the most is their furry friend the Labrador retriever – and basically any other pet.  

Being one of the most popular pet-friendly states in the US, ‘Bama pet owners have to provide only the best for their pet. And this is where the best pet insurance Alabama providers come into play, ready to give your furry family member the best medical care money can buy. 

Fellow Alabamians have proven to be excellent pet parents, providing only the best for these valuable members of our families. And in a state that is abundant in potential pet threats – the heat, the reptiles, the poisonous plants, wanting to get your pet insured is completely natural and completely necessary. 

If you are still doing your research on pet insurance policies, we are here to offer you a list of the top State of Alabama pet insurance companies.


Established in 2015, Lemonade rates among the best pet insurance Alabama providers, in 2023 and offers a selection of options that numerous pet parents have found suitable to their budgets and their pet’s needs. 

Combining all the best pet insurance options available, it offers significantly low prices on its insurance packages. Pet owners can select and pay only for coverage that is tailored to their needs. 

Don’t be fooled by some of the negative customer reviews given on Lemonade. Those are typically for the homeowner and renter’s insurance packages, which have nothing to do with the pet insurance. 


  • Several types of discounts are available: up to 10% on annual deals, a 10% multi-pet discount, and 10% if you bundle your pet insurance with the renter’s and homeowner’s insurance packages. 
  • Donates unclaimed money to charities
  • Has a two-day waiting period for accident


  • They don’t offer dental coverage
  • Pets are eligible for enrollment up to age 14.

Plans & Coverage

As a leading pet insurance Alabama provider, Lemonade offers a standard range of treatments and conditions. These include infections, injuries, blood tests, prescriptions medications, veterinary care, and more. If you wish to have access to acupuncture and chiropractic care, physical therapy, and assistance with appointment costs, then you’ll need to consider other add-on options. 

The pet owner can choose between deductibles ranging from $100, $250, or $500, while the coverage limit ranges from $5,000 to $100,000. 


If you are looking for several deductible options in your pet insurance plan – and in the state of Alabama – then Embrace is the provider for you. With it, you may choose from one of the five deductible options available.

Established in 2003, this pet insurance Alabama provider offers the possibility of a $50 deductible every year if you don’t submit an insurance claim

Pet owners can expect to pay pet insurance costs averaging $40 for dogs and $25 for cats. 


  • 24/7 online PawSupport service
  • Discounts available for owners of multiple pets
  • Selection of deductible options


  • An expensive wellness add-on
  • No coverage for prescription food and supplements
  • Annual cap limit of $30,000

Plans & Coverage

Embrace covers more or less all the pet issues covered by other providers, including emergencies, accidents, hospitalization, ultrasounds, and much more. Pre-existing conditions and elective treatments are not covered by the insurance package.

The pet owner is given the option to purchase the Wellness Rewards package offering a $250, $450, or $650 program per year. This covers 100% of the eligible costs for preventive care.

Healthy Paws

One of the best pet insurance companies in Alabama with high coverage caps is Healthy Paws. Pen parents can rest assured that the high medical bills will not be emptying their wallets and yet, that their pet will get the proper treatment regardless of their needs, be it physical, emotional, or else. 

And, to show all pet owners in Alabama how sure they are of the products they offer, Healthy Paws offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. An excellent option for purchasing insurance for younger pets due to the limitation of coverage for older pets.


  • Provides a quick claims process
  • Offers a policy collaboration with Chubb Insurance Group
  • A 2-day processing period for most claims
  • Actively donates funds to charities helping pets


  • Limited to only one policy
  • A long waiting period of 12-months for treatment of hip dysplasia
  • No customization options for pets over 6 years of age

Plans & Coverage

There is simply one insurance plan for accidents and injuries. The plan covers chronic and congenital conditions, surgery, X-rays, ultrasounds, and more. Healthy Paws doesn’t offer coverage for preventive care and wellness add-ons.

Pets that are over 6 years old have deductible options of only $750 and $1,000. 

If your pet has pre-existing conditions that have developed before enrollment for insurance, these conditions will not be covered by this insurance plan. 

Fetch by Dodo (Petplan)

This pet insurance Alabama provider was established in 2001. The best thing about Fetch by Dodo is that it is rather clear on the particular conditions and issues they cover.

You’ll find that their insurance package covers holistic remedies, but at the same time, it doesn’t offer a possibility for preventive care. 


  • Coverage for chiropractic, homeopathic, and laser therapy
  • Available discounts for microchipped pets and purchasing coverage online
  • Offers flexible plans as a result of a range of deductibles


  • Preventive coverage is not offered
  • No wellness package is available

Plans & Coverage

Fetch by Dodo insurance allows for flexibility based on the plan that best suits the pet’s needs. So, a pet owner may choose between $5.000, $15.000, and limitless annual payouts for illness and accidents. 

The plan also includes reimbursements for vacation cancellation fees and coverage of hospitalization, cancer treatment, hip dysplasia, and chronic conditions. 


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty on Animals (ASPCA) is the largest organization in the world providing care to animals in need. Rated among the best pet insurance Alabama providers, it offers several customizable plans for pet owners.

One of the advantages of this insurance package is the microchipping offered and included in the coverage.


  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Microchipping is included in the coverage
  • The policy coverage begins 15 days after the purchase
  • There is no need for recent medical documentation for enrollment


  • A maximum annual cap of $10.000 on claims
  • Limited to insuring cats and dogs
  • A 14-day waiting period for accidents

Plans & Coverage

A comprehensive coverage plan and an accident-only plan are the two options offered to pet owners by ASPCA. Vet check-ups, accidents, and illnesses are among the issue covered by this policy.

To assist pet owners in providing preventive healthcare for their furry friends, this state of Alabama pet insurance provider offers a wellness care plan as an add-on. 

There is a 14-day waiting period to register an illness or an accident of your pet. 


Established in 2013, Figo has a rather unique approach to pet insurance. Its Extra Care Pack plan and the Figo Pet Cloud are putting Figo high on the list of best pet insurance Alabama providers. 

Offering three plans with variable cost and coverage, Figo provides coverage for illnesses and accidents and unique add-ons that can’t be found in other providers.


  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cheaper prices for older pets
  • Choice of reimbursement rates, deductibles, and benefits.
  • 100% reimbursement rate


  • No coverage for behavioral treatments
  • The premium increases as the pet ages

Plans & Coverage

The Figo insurance plans depend on the annual deductible amount, thus the different coverage and pricing. The provider offers three pet insurance plans, and each comes with different benefits.

The Essential plan, the Preferred plan, and the Ultimate plan each come with annual caps of $5.000, $10.000, and unlimited benefits. 

The unique option for purchasing the Extra Care Pack add-on is great for pet owners who have pets that are keen on damaging property. The Figo Pet Cloud app is an excellent opportunity to connect with pet owners that are in the area.

Prudent Pet

The uniqueness of the Prudent Pet’s Ultimate Plan lies in the benefits that extend to boarding and vacation cancellation fees, behavioral treatments, and advertising for lost pets. Safe to say, Prudent Pet is ranking highly among customers as an Alabama pet insurance provider. 

This relatively new company offers several plan options, from basic to comprehensive ones. Their policies are easy to understand and come with variable annual caps.


  • It’s not required to have recent medical documentation for your pet
  • Multiple pet discount of 10%
  • No age limit for coverage


  • There is a long list of exclusions
  • No possibility of customizing coverage caps

Plans & Coverage

This state of Alabama pet insurance provider offers three plans: Accident-only, Essential Plan, and Ultimate Plan. The first two plans have coverage limits up to $10.000, while the last one allows for unlimited coverage.

A pet owner is expected to pay an average of $23 for cats and $40 for dogs for an average pet insurance plan. Prudent Pet does not cover pre-existing conditions, organ transplants, cosmetic operations, and prescription foods

Wellness examinations and vaccination are covered through an add-on called Wellness Coverage intended for regular care benefits. 

Pet Insurance Cost Alabama: How Much is Pet Insurance in Alabama?

Before you start looking for the best pet insurance Alabama Birmingham provider, know that the price of a policy plan depends on many factors. First is the pet’s species.

In general, insurance policies for dogs are more expensive than those for cats. This has nothing to do with size but rather the dogs’ tendency to experience chronic health conditions more often than cats. 

Depending on the dog breed, genetic conditions vary and can hit your wallet hard, hence the difference in price for a different breed. 

Next, you need to consider the age of your pet. State of Alabama pet insurance companies always recommends that you insure your pet as early as possible.

Acquiring insurance at an early age allows for fewer expenses as your pet ages.

Although it’s not a practice everywhere, certain providers tend to have decent discounts to attract clients. There are discounts on multiple pets, bundling insurance, veteran’s discounts, and more.

Insurance plans vary among the top state of Alabama pet insurance providers. A pet owner can get a standard policy starting from $13 to $60 – and that applies to both cats and dogs.

Not just that but there are always additional add-ons that you can choose to buy depending on your pet’s needs. Mind that this will raise the price of the policy.

If you live in a smaller city, prices tend to be lower than those in larger areas. 

FAQ: Pet Insurance in Alabama

How to get cheap insurance premiums in Alabama?

Pet owners in Alabama have proven to be responsible for making sure that their furry friends get insured within the first six months of bringing them home. Alabama pets tend to have a low risk of developing serious health issues which is why the insurance rates are generally lower and acceptable. 

Do Alabama pet insurance providers offer immediate coverage?

Offering immediate coverage is not a practice among pet insurers and companies have around a 15-day waiting period to sit through. The only reason for this is because the insurance providers want to prevent insurance fraud. However, this is not the case everywhere, since some providers offer a shorter waiting period.

Do Alabama insurance providers offer insurance policies for exotic animals?

In Alabama, most insurance policies are mostly limited to insuring dogs and cats. So far, Nationwide is the only provider that offers pet insurance for exotic animals like reptiles, amphibians, and hedgehogs.

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