Ollie Dog Food Review

Ollie Dog Food Review

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Similarly to humans, nutrition is essential for the well-being of your pet, and no one knows canine diets better than Ollie.

Ollie Review - At a Glance

Ollie Foods Are Suited Best For:

  1. Pet Owners Seeking Premium Quality: Ollie Dog Food receives the highest rating of 5 stars from the Dog Food Advisor. This indicates that the product is of exceptional quality and provides balanced nutrition for dogs.

  2. Dog Owners Looking for Variety: Ollie offers a range of fresh cooked dog food recipes, each formulated to meet different life stages and nutritional needs, such as growth, maintenance, and all life stages.

  3. Pet Owners Concerned About Ingredients: Ollie emphasizes the use of high-quality ingredients, including named meats and nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits. The inclusion of human-grade ingredients suggests a focus on providing wholesome nutrition.

  4. Dogs with Grain Preferences: Ollie provides both grain-inclusive and grain-free options, catering to dogs with varying dietary preferences and sensitivities.

  5. Pet Owners Interested in Transparency: The article provides detailed information about the ingredients in Ollie Dog Food, including nutrient analysis and ingredient benefits. This transparency may appeal to pet owners who want to know what goes into their dog’s food.

Not Suited For:

  1. Pet Owners on a Tight Budget: Ollie Dog Food is positioned as a premium product, which may result in a higher price point compared to some other dog food brands. It might not be the most budget-friendly option for all pet owners.

  2. Dogs with Specific Dietary Restrictions: While Ollie offers a range of recipes, some dogs may have specific dietary restrictions or allergies that require specialized formulas not covered by the product line.

  3. Pet Owners Seeking Dry Dog Food: The review focuses on Ollie’s cooked frozen dog food. If a pet owner prefers dry kibble or is looking for a more convenient storage option, Ollie’s fresh cooked food format may not be suitable.

  4. Pet Owners Preferring Minimal Processing: Ollie’s cooked frozen food is formulated to provide optimal nutrition, but some pet owners may prefer minimally processed or raw food diets.

Ollie Dog Food

Key Benefits

Everything you want from a fully-packed, fresh brand of dog food, Ollie has recipes that appeal to all your dog’s needs. The food is recognized as being high-quality and minimally processed, only consisting of fine protein and vitamins that benefit your dog’s health. 

Ollie appeared as a challenge to the widely popular dry kibble, as a source of all necessary nutrients. Accompanied by its fresh recipe and fine ingredients, it’s one meal your dog will thank the mailman for. 

In the following, you’ll find out what makes Ollie so different and why all dogs go bonkers for its delicious formula! 

About Ollie

Ollie is a fairly new yet already-established dog food brand. It prides itself on delivering fresh dog food on a daily basis. Wherever there’s a hungry pup, Ollie will quickly deliver! 

Ollie’s recipe consists of human-grade fresh goodies and real-food ingredients for healthier and happier puppies. The ingredients are carefully chosen to appeal to puppies and boost their energy. 

Ollie also helps owners maintain smaller, proportioned meals for their pets, consisting of only the necessary and beneficial nutrients. Dogs find the smell and appeal of Ollie absolutely mouth-watering and will beg for more. Owners can finally rest assured that their pup’s belly is full with the right type of fuel.  

With all praises and complaints, Ollie is surely one dog food every dog would love, but is it worth the cash? Take a look at our in-depth review of one of the tastiest dog foods out there, and see if it’s equivalent to the hype! 

Ollie Dog Food Overview: Pros and Cons

The dog food brand is created by none other than dog-parents themselves, Randy, Alex and Gabby. A trio of devoted dog-lovers wanted to create a healthy dog food brand for their dogs, so they can live out to be the best dogs they deserve. 

The Ollie delivery service came as a lightbulb moment to the co-founders who wanted to have dog food delivered as swiftly as possible, so their dogs can experience a full and doggy life. 

The company rose to fame in New York, especially because of the hand-picked and real food recipe. Ollie dog food contains no additives, fillers or artificial flavoring that are known to cause allergies in dogs. 

Ollie puts everything in your dog’s must-eat list in each of its packages, with no additional potentially hazardous ingredients for your dog’s health.

What makes Ollie different from other brands is that it contributes to actual real-animal charity programs. It supports no-kill shelters, and dog rescue organizations, as the trio of founders, have rescued pets before. Ollie also donates 1% of its revenue to help rescue dogs across the States and has donated over 10,000 meals so far. 

Without any further ado, here’s what customers have thought of Ollie’s services and product. 


  • No additives or fillers
  • 100% natural and fresh ingredients           
  • Real-dog food 
  • Quite balanced 
  • Minimal processes 
  • Fresh delivery 
  • Helps reduce stomach irritation 
  • Easy and swift subscription 
  • Free shipping for members 
  • Money-back guarantee 


  • Does not deliver overseas
  • Kinda smelly

How Does Ollie Work?

If you’re unfamiliar with how Ollie works, the following are detailed-step-to-step instructions on how to get started with the Ollie Dog Food program. So, first things first you’ll need: 

  • Take the numerous quizzes available on the website to determine what nutrition is best for your pup 
  • Wait till Ollie produces your own customized nutrition plan
  • Become a member and sign up for the starter box. With the starter box, Ollie will send you two weeks’ worth of puppy food to get your dog started. 
  • Optionally, you can always add or exclude items from your delivery list. Once the starter box has ended, Ollie will provide scheduled deliveries 

The best thing about Ollie is that it allows multiple schedulings and plans. Even though you can‘t purchase Ollie separately, you know you’ll be paying for one full and healthy meal. The Ollie dog food looks edible enough for a human, so you just might drool alongside your dog. All you need to do is fill out your subscription model and you’re good to go. 

How to get an Ollie Subscription?

There’s no easier way to get to Ollie’s dog food faster than with the Ollie Subscription. Like mentioned before, the subscription will ask for your doggo’s personal details and will provide you with their personalized meal plan, but first: 

  • Login and describe your dog’s age, breed, weight and allergies 
  • Ollie provides a customized recipe designed to specifically suit your dog 
  • The food will be delivered on a previously-agreed upon schedule 
  • Take a look at some of Ollie’s examples for the correct portions

After you get your first pack, you can rest assured that you and your dog’s profile are safely guarded among the many Ollie fans. You can check out the profile every time you need an ideal meal plan for your dog, and it will all be based on their age, breed, weight etc. 

Ollie gives owners ideas of precise portions and correct amounts of calories. Always abide by your feeding schedule and maintain the right statures. 

What do Ollie members receive? 

Usually, new members get the Starter Box which includes two weeks’ worth of dog food. The food is usually stored in the freezer until mealtime. Skim through the website’s instructions on how to transition your pet’s daily food intake into an Ollie-intake!

The Starter Box also comes with a pup-trainer. This is an additional container that maintains the food on a fresh and tasty side. It also does not take up much room in the fridge, so there’s plenty of space for human food. You also get a smaller scoop or a spoon that will help you serve just the right size. 

There are four fresh Ollie recipes, each beaming with protein and vitamins to choose from: 

  • Beef recipe: The one that makes it the easiest for your dog to transfer from normal kibble to Ollie. It’s packed with protein, vitamin B and minerals
  • Chicken Recipe: This includes bland chicken with vegetables, chosen most often to glamorize the dog’s coat
  • Turkey Recipe: Best for muscle-building, tissue-healing 
  • Lamb Recipe: Most suited for puppies that require extra energy

Apart from its key ingredients, Ollie can also include: 

  • Fruit: You might have thought that dogs don’t have a need for fruit, they still require it in their diet. Ollie includes cranberries, blueberries and other antioxidant-filled nutrients 
  • Plant-based proteins: Peas and chickpeas put the balance in a balanced diet, providing pure protein powerful for pups.
  • Greens and Vegetables: Dogs get their fiber from greens and veggies included in Ollie like kale, sweet potatoes, cucumber all crucial to your dog’s digestive health.
Ollie Dog Food Review

Money-Back Guarantee

Fresh Delivery

Quite balanced

Real-Dog Food

No Additives or Fillers

How Much Does Ollie Dog Food Cost? 

Unlike the rest of the dog food industry, Ollie presents the cost of the product after evaluating your dog’s proportions and breed. The total amount is based on how many calories your dog needs daily, and that is previously explained in the subscription costs.

For instance, a small poodle would start at around $3 a day. Because the high-quality ingredients aren’t widely available and they’re quite expensive. However, the brand should be able to grant you the best subscription model with the most value. 

Let’s say you own an American Bulldog, which weighs approximately 50 pounds around its second year. The weekly estimate equaled $39 a week, with 3 recipes and 14 packs of food in total. With those numbers, your dog will be one full (but not entirely) and satisfied hound!  

Ollie Dog Food Review: What Do Members Think?

Through the last few years of its launch, Ollie has garnered hundreds of trusted customers. According to their long-time partnership and positive feedback, Ollie is certainly one incoming dog food brand that just might dethrone the likes of Pedigree once and for all. 

Some credible sites like TrustPilot have reviewed Ollie and its food, and like the recipe the ratings are stellar. Ollie had a 4.3 out of 5-star rating, and typically because of: 

  • The diversity of ingredients 
  • Numerous recipes 
  • No additives or artificial colorants 
  • Customized subscription model 
  • Swift Delivery 
  • Kind customer service line

Overall, customers are satisfied with the quality of the dog food. They admire the human-grade recipe and real-food ingredients. Reviewers also distinguished the customizable subscription model as something quite innovative and revolutionary for a dog food company. 

Members often applaud Ollie for its ability to groom up their furry friend’s fur. It contributes to a healthy glow and silkiness in every canine’s fur. Others love that the food is not too chewy for their senior dogs. An older man states that his Pomeranians have finally gotten rid of their painful chews with the Ollie dog food. 

Is Ollie Worth It?

According to research, countless reviews, and our humble opinion, Ollie Dog Food deserves the crown for a healthy and all-in-one beneficial product for your four-legged friend! The fact that it has a fresh-ingredient recipe and clean compounds is enough to make it one dog food worth buying if you want only the best.

There are no dangerous substituents to the formula, so no additives, artificial colors, or preservatives are included in the food. Your dog has its own customized profile, which guarantees them the safest, healthiest and tastiest nutrition program possible, and you get to witness all that.  

Another plus side is Ollie’s lightning-speed delivery, which proves that no dog out there will go starving anymore. This adds to the company’s charitable side. 

When compared to other dog food brands, Ollie might be the more expensive option; however, behind every brand, there are years of proof. So, understandably Ollie would cost a bit more than, let’s say the regular drug store kibble. You’ll have to be prepared to cough up a lot as, similarly to humans health costs money for animals too. A true owner would be prepared to pay as much needed to keep their furry friend healthy for as long as possible. 

But, like every rising company, Ollie had its fair share of subscription issues. Customers who have cancelled their subscriptions have encountered some difficulties, and that is alarming for every owner. 

Cancelling a subscription involves just as much responsibility as taking care of the pet, so this shouldn’t even be considered a problem. A beneficial idea given by customers is for Ollie to allow the members to cancel through their personal profiles by hand. This way they’ll give customers more freedom and trust to run their dog’s profiles. 

Nevertheless, Ollie is one dog food company deserving of praise. With a clean dietary plan and subscription programs, the benefits kind of outweigh the downsides. 

Ollie Dog Food

Ollie’s Promos:

Ollie allows promotional products and discounts to members all the time. Customers have the chance to get 50% off their first purchase. With this fantastic promo, you can save up on three whole other boxes!

There’s also a favorable 25% discount on the second and third box, which means there is no ending to the rewards. Talk about dog food generosity!

How to Sign Up for an Ollie Membership?

If you got on board with this whole healthy-dog-food idea, then you can continue on to Ollie’s website. After you’ve narrowed down all your dog’s personal data, you can start building your profile. Once you’ve entered Ollie’s website you’ll be greeted with a smile fit for a Labrador retriever, and then: 

  • Form Ollie’s personal profile 
  • Include your dog’s specifications 
  • Expect a subscription model plan
  • Customize the plan
  • Wait for your delivery

As easy as one to three, you’ll have the best dietary plan for your dog and he’ll be happy to munch on healthy foods for weeks to come.

Ollie Dog Food: Bottom Line

If Ollie is definitely your choice, know that you’re making the proper decision for your dog’s future. You might have to pay a bit more than expected but it will only contribute to prolonged memories with your pup. 

With the human-grade chosen ingredients and endless customizable subscription opportunities, it’s the best decision for both owner and dog. Ollie is one certified guarantee that you and your dog will share a happy and healthy future together for many days to come.

Ollie Dog Food

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