Embrace vs ASPCA

Embrace vs ASPCA

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Purchasing a pet insurance policy gives you peace of mind in case of an emergency. But, you paw-ready knew this – and you’re here for what you don’t.

Gaining the trust of an insurance company is mandatory, but do you know how to spot a difference in their insurance policies? Well, that’s our focus for the day.

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace Pet insurance offers a health care policy for your pet. 

aspca pet insurance

ASPCA allows you to visit any veterinary clinic in the United States.


We’ll take a look at Embrace vs ASPCA, and their customizable plans with plenty of coverage options.

Choices are never easy if you are not informed, or you simply don’t paw-derstand the available options. Our comparative review of the two brands will assist you in making the right decision and protecting your four-legged friend!

Embrace vs ASPCA: At a Glance

Since its beginnings 15 years ago, Embrace has built a solid reputation in the industry, with most of its clients happy with the quick approval of claims. The company offers pricey plans, but the compensation is deductibles for every year you don’t make a claim.

It can be an excellent choice for doggos with breed-specific conditions. If your pet is struggling with a pre-existing illness, then purr-haps you may want to look for a better deal with another company.

On the other side of the insurance spectrum, ASPCA is a pillar in the industry. Its first policy was issued in 1997, and the company prides itself on affordable prices. Enabling owners on a limited budget to protect and prolong the lives of their pets is their motto.

A few bonus features in their plans are available, including unlimited coverage plans, and best of all – no fee for enrollment.

Embrace vs ASPCA: Key Features




Overall Rating



Total Reviews




$200 – $1,000

$100 – $500


70% – 90%

70% – 90%

Annual Limit

$5,000 – $30,000

$5,000 – Unlimited

Waiting Period: Accidents & Illnesses

Accidents: 2 Days

Illnesses: 14 Days

Accidents: 14 Days

Illnesses: 14 Days

Orthopedic Coverage: Waiting Period

6 Months

14 Days

Emergency Care









The benefit of ASPCA pet insurance is the option to visit any veterinary clinic in the United States and get the care your pet needs. And if you are traveling to Canada with your pet, you’ll be furr-tunate to know that your insurance is valid with the northern neighbor as well.

Owners can benefit from the quality customer service, especially the 24/7 pet health line. You can immediately report suspicious symptoms, and you will receive feedback on how serious it is.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is a big plus. The deductible is in the space between $150 – $500, with the reimbursement ranging from 70% to 90%.

And if we’re talking about customizable pet insurance – you can’t go wrong with Embrace. The company allows you to choose the ideal coverage plan for your situation. Customers can adjust the reimbursement percentage, which ranges between 70% to 90%, whereas the deductible starts at $200 and rises to $1,000.

It’s important to point out that the company offers emergency care.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

Pros and Cons


  • ASPCA covers the behavioral issues of your cat or dog, and also covers expenses in the case of death.
  • Offers policies to fit different budgets. 
  • Customers can select varying yearly limits, reimbursement, and deductibles rates.


  • Up to 30 days to process claims.
  • No coverage for pre-existing conditions. This is standard in the industry, though.
  • Plans don’t cover the same range of dental conditions as some other insurance policies.

Embrace Pros:

  • Discounts for multiple pets.
  • Covers hip dysplasia.
  • Wellness rewards plans.
  • Plans include a diminishing deductible.

Embrace Cons:

  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Plans include annual limits.
  • Full coverage for pets 14 years or younger.
  • No refunds for wellness plans.
Embrace Pet Health Insurance Review

Embrace vs ASPCA: Claims

When owners enroll their pets in the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program, they can choose 70%, 80%, or 90% of reimbursed vet costs. Owners can submit a claim via their online program or the mobile app for iPhone and Android.

The average time frame for reimbursement of claims is nine days. In the worst-case scenario, you can wait for up to a month, with an expiration date of claims of 270 days.

Embrace enables you to claim at any time during your policy term. In case of an illness or accident, a member of your veterinarian clinic needs to fill the claim form. You also need to provide the invoice for the treatment you paid.

You can manage all of these steps via mail. If any detail is missing from the form, Embrace will contact the vet clinic and give you an update on your MyEmbrace account. Claims for accidents and illnesses can take from 10 to 15 business days to be processed.

Waiting Period

The aim of waiting periods is to encourage owners to enroll healthy pets. Plus, they are a mechanism to keep premiums low for everybody.

The standard waiting period in the industry applies to Embrace and ASPCA as well. Both companies have a 14 day waiting period for illnesses and 48 hours in case of an accident. This condition acts as a protection to insurance companies to avoid pet owners who want to take advantage.

As your pet gets older, orthopedic conditions become a reality. With an all-inclusive orthopedic exam, the usual 6 months can be reduced to 14 days.

ASPCA Pet Insurance vs Embrace: Pricing

Price plays a staple part in your final decision to purchase any service you are interested in. Both ASPCA pet insurance vs Embrace are providers that offer competitive costs.

Owners that want basic protection for veterinary emergencies can find a plan with ASPCA. Their monthly premiums are some of the lowest on the market. This makes it ideal for owners with limited funds, as the cheapest policies have annual limits of just $3,000.

Expensive plans reach an impressive $10,000 per year. You must remember that policies depend on the age, sex, and conditions of your pet.ASPCA Pet Insurance offers four levels of coverage. That’s why the best option is to consult the companies’ sites and find the right policies for your case.

Embrace requires an enrollment fee of $25. Owners that pay monthly premiums will also be charged $1 a month as a processing fee. Statistically, dogs get into more accidents, and veterinary care is costlier for them. With Embrace, the average monthly price for a dog ranges from $25-$50. While for a cat, the cost is $15 to $25.

Select the policy that best suits your needs and financial opportunities. In the case of Embrace vs ASPCA – you can’t go wrong either way!

Customer Service & Reputation

The primary grievances regarding Embrace often revolve around unpaid claims, with a noteworthy pattern emerging among pet owners who did not thoroughly review their policy. Many of these individuals were unaware of waiting periods and other exclusions, underscoring the importance of fully understanding your pet insurance policy before making the purchase.
In the case of ASPCA Pet Insurance, customer feedback frequently highlights concerns related to low reimbursement rates, sluggish claim processing, the categorization of conditions as pre-existing, and more. These frustrations stem from customers initially purchasing policies with certain expectations of coverage and reimbursement, only to be left feeling dissatisfied when they most require ASPCA Pet Insurance’s assistance. It serves as a reminder of the importance of carefully examining the terms and conditions of your pet insurance policy to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Claim Processing 

In the realm of claim processing, Embrace emerges as the clear winner. They typically process claims for accidents and illnesses in an impressive five days, a notably shorter timeframe compared to several other pet insurance competitors. For instance, ASPCA Pet Insurance, in contrast, typically averages 15-30 days for processing claims.
It’s worth noting that ASPCA Pet Insurance offers a notable advantage in the form of direct payments to your veterinarian. If your vet accepts this option, the insurance company will pay them directly for the covered portion of your bill, alleviating the need for you to make upfront payments and wait for reimbursement. However, the availability of this feature may vary, so it’s advisable to inquire with your vet about this convenient payment method. On the other hand, Embrace does not offer a direct payment option, making it even more critical to appreciate their swift and consistent claim processing times.


Both Embrace and ASPCA have earned the trust of pet owners, thanks to customizable plans adaptable to individual circumstances.

In every category, they go head-to-head in quality, and the difference is in the waiting period. With Embrace, you get a faster claims response in case of an accident, whereas ASPCA is more diligent with orthopedic coverage. However, deductibles are more generous with Embrace.

In the end, it all depends on what you need, but in any case, you can be sure that you can’t go wrong with either provider.

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