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Things to Consider Before Choosing Pet Insurance in Texas

  • The type of coverage you need: Some pet insurance plans only cover accidental injuries, while others also cover illnesses. You will need to decide what type of coverage is right for you and your pet.
  • The cost of the plan: Pet insurance can be expensive, so it is important to find a plan that fits your budget.
  • The deductible and reimbursement rate: The deductible is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. The reimbursement rate is the percentage of the vet bill that your insurance will cover.
  • The waiting period: Some pet insurance companies have a waiting period before they will cover certain conditions. This is usually around 14 days.
  • The policy limits: The policy limits are the maximum amount of money your insurance will pay out for a single claim or over the lifetime of your pet.


Hey, y’all swoon-worthy Lone Star State pet owners! Fixin’ to walk with your pet these coming spring afternoons? Or do you love taking your furry buddy on as long as a country mile vacation with you?

If the answer is yes, as well as ensuring your safety in the case of an incident, we also want to make sure you’re well-prepared for your pet to avoid any harm in the first place. It’s a good idea to buy pet insurance way before you take your pet on vacation or for any other reason, and pet insurance Texas provides the finest in the world!

Unexpected pet care expenses will no longer be a concern when your pal has insurance. But how can you tell which of the numerous Texas pet insurance providers is best for your pet?

With so many choices, deductibles, yearly restrictions, and monthly expenses, it might make your mind spin. We aim for your fluffy baby to have the same protection you have for yourself – and here are the best Texas pet insurance providers in 2023.

Plans & Coverage: Lemonade

It doesn’t matter whether you and your pet reside in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, or Austin –  Lone Star State pet owners go above and beyond for their pets.

Lemonade is a unique Texas pet insurance company – it places a high value on the well-being of its customers. The brand provides a wide range of insurance options, including rental and homeowner insurance, in addition to pet insurance services.

Lemonade’s plans begin at only $10 a month. Cats insurance costs around $15 a month, while dog insurance costs $37 a month – on average. For an extra fee, you may buy additional insurance policy coverages.

Annual coverage limits of $5.000 to $100.000 are available to pet owners, along with reimbursement percentages of 70% to 90%. It also offers savings for several dogs and a 10% discount if you cover your house with the same insurance carrier.

Lemonade may be used to treat a wide range of medical diseases and procedures, including X-rays, MRIs and CT scans, accident or illness treatments, surgery, urinalysis, and more.

Coverage excludes pre-existing diseases, behavioral therapies, and cosmetic surgeries, and there is a 2-day waiting time for accidents, 14 days for sickness, and 6 months for cruciate ligament injuries.


  • 10% discount for combining it with a Lemonade home insurance policy;
  • Without a maximum age restriction;
  • Unpaid claims are handed up to a charitable organization.


  • There is no way to contact customer support through phone;
  • Doesn’t cover behavioral therapy.

Plans & Coverage: Embrace

Since Embrace opened in 2003, more than 100,000 dogs have been cared for. People who work for the company run a matching program that gives $2 to a pet-related charity for every insurance policy sold through the company.

Texans who have more than one pet can get discounts, as well as ACH discounts and spay/neuter savings.

Some of the illnesses and problems that Embrace helps with are chemotherapy and radiation, rehabilitation, hospitalization, preliminary tests, behavioral interventions, and more.

Embrace Wellness rewards you and your pet for being healthy. It pays for basic veterinarian training and grooming as part of its preventive care strategy. You can also take $50 off your pet’s annual premium if you don’t use the Healthy Pet Deductible.

This plan is available in three different yearly coverages: $250, $450, or $650 per year. You can cover 100% of the eligible preventive costs.

The list of things that Embrace doesn’t cover is smaller than any other affordable pet insurance Texas company. There are only a few things that Embrace doesn’t cover, like pregnancy, pre-existing diseases, intentional injuries, cosmetic procedures, DNA testing, and stem cell treatment. As part of their policy, a veterinarian’s medical report must be submitted within 12 months before or 14 days after its effective date.


  • Has a mobile app for making claims and managing insurance;
  • Provides a free medical history review;
  • Wellness Program for Healthy Pets.


  • No annual limit option of $30,000;
  • No exceptions for pre-existing conditions.

Plans & Coverage: Healthy Paws

Founded in 2009, the charity organization Healthy Paws is devoted to helping pet owners with financial commitments for their dogs, as well as helping animal rescue groups with ill animals.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the insurance may be tailored to meet your specific needs. For new customers, Healthy Paws does charge $25, whereas the average monthly expense for dogs is $39, and $12 for cats.

Accidents, diseases, cancer treatment, urgent care, genetic problems, dental care, and complementary therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic are all covered under Healthy Paws.

Healthy Paws does not cover pre-existing diseases, examination costs, preventive care, therapy for animals, pet diets, treatments, or supplements not approved by the FDA. Cats and dogs are the only animals covered at this time.


  • Provides a quotation tool that advises alternative providers when the stated premium is higher;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Supports homeless pets.


  • New members pay a $25 charge to join.
  • Preventive care is not available.

Plans & Coverage: Prudent Pet

Owners of pets who want to pay a flat annual fee rather than monthly premiums will find Prudent Pet to be the greatest pet insurance in Texas. With Prudent Pet, you may choose from a variety of yearly plans, from the most basic to the most comprehensive.

There is an average monthly cost of $39 for a dog, compared to an average monthly cost of $23. In addition, Prudent Pet exclusively covers canines and felines.

One of its wellness programs includes vaccinations and veterinarian appointments, which help cover the price of routine care. It also claims to leverage AI to speed up claim processing, allowing its staff to refund clients more promptly.

Prudent Pet will cover the following procedures: broken bones, surgery, bladder infections, hospitalization, hip osteoarthritis, and more. There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions, organ transplants, cosmetic procedures, and alternative therapies.


  • 24-hour veterinary chat service;
  • 10% discount for several pets;
  • No age limit.


  • No mobile app;
  • A high number of exclusions.

Plans & Coverage: ASPCA

It’s no surprise that this is one of the best pet insurance Texas policies because of the inexpensive monthly cost of roughly $10-$29 for cats, $49 for dogs, as well as their 30-day money-back guarantee. The yearly coverage limitations, on the other hand, are smaller. When it comes to unlimited plans, you’ll have to phone the company to request more information.

Apart from cats and dogs, horses are also included in the plans of the ASPCA. Specifically, there are two basic policies for cats and dogs offered by this insurance firm.

With the Accident-Only Coverage, only injuries caused by an accident, such as biting or swallowing tiny objects, are covered. The second option is the Complete Coverage plan, which covers both injuries and illnesses.

As with cats and dogs, horses have two kinds of insurance plans that are similar to the others. When there is an accident injury, the Colic + Accidents plan is available to use. Cancer and inherited disorders, for example, are covered under the Colic + Accidents + Illnesses plan.

As an added convenience, ASPCA offers its pet insurance customers a convenient mobile app via which they can submit claims, contact customer service, check their benefits, and pay their monthly bills all from the convenience of their phones.


  • Includes coverages for horses too;
  • Multiple pet discount;
  • Provides a comparison tool.


  • There is no yearly coverage of more than $10,000;
  • 14-days waiting period.

How Much is Pet Insurance in Texas?

According to the age, breed, and location of the pet, the pet insurance cost Texas is charged differently. Some breeds are costlier than others because of their propensity to get particular ailments.

On the other side, insuring older animals is more expensive since they are more likely to develop health issues. Texas dog insurance costs $30 to $50 annually, while cat insurance costs $15 to $25 annually.

Cats tend to have lower insurance premiums than dogs. Because of their proclivity for bouncing about, dogs’ insurance rates tend to be higher.

Finally, there is the issue of age and breeding. Veterinary care for elderly animals is more expensive since they need more regular appointments. Certain breeds, on the other hand, are more sensitive to illness than others.

Pet insurance companies may occasionally offer you a discount if you purchase the plan directly from them. Some of the best pet insurance in Texas is likely to provide a discount to many animals for Texans, despite their initially high prices.

Which Pet Insurance Provider in Texas is Right for Your Needs?

Before settling on a Texas pet insurance policy, consider factors including coverage, cost, and add-on options. If you’re on a tight budget, Lemonade is an excellent substitute.

Prudent Pet may be a better choice for individuals in search of a policy that includes a few extras, like loss-pet advertising and vacation cancellations.

FAQ: Pet Insurance in Texas

What does affordable pet insurance Texas cover?

Individuals who have basic insurance may be able to get money for injuries they get in an accident. There are a lot of other insurance policies that will cover things like sickness and even burial or cremation costs. It’s important to think carefully about how much money you can spend and how much your insurance will cover before you choose a plan.

Does the pet insurance cost Texas depend on the breed?

In certain cases, depending on the breed of dog or cat, insurance plans may limit coverage for specific medical conditions that are passed down through generations. Some plans may charge a premium or refuse to cover particular breeds entirely depending on the circumstances. Compare different options to determine if a company will charge you more because your pet is of a certain breed.

What Texas dangers do I need to keep my pet safe from?

If you live in Texas, fleas and ticks aren’t the only things you need to worry about. You also need to protect your pet from threats such as coyote or snake attacks, exposure to toxic plants, or kissing bugs. In terms of kissing bugs, Chagas disease can cause cardiac issues in both people and pets if exposed to them. In any unforeseen attack of this sort, it’s best to take your pet to the doctor and have them diagnosed and treated accordingly.

How much does Texas pet insurance cost?

Monthly rates for pet insurance in Texas may vary from $10 to more than $100. At the same time, most pet owners should expect to spend between $30 and $50 per month for a pet plan with adequate coverage. Insurance premiums are affected by a variety of factors, including the age and breed of the pet, as well as the pet location and the level of coverage you choose.

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