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Feeding and spoiling your pets is all fine and dandy – providing them with the proper care when emergencies arrive, however, is not. You can invest all of your effort to protect them from becoming ill or injuring themselves, but eventually – you’ll have to face some hefty vet bills.

Besides developing certain conditions, your clumsy pet can also get into an accident that requires medical care. This is precisely where pet insurance, such as Embrace vs. Fetch, steps in to ease the financial burden when you encounter these unforeseen situations. 

Want to jump straight to the answer?

If one had to choose between the two, Embrace is recommended.

Embrace pet insurance would be more suitable for you:

If you are looking for comprehensive coverage, a smaller monthly fee, and additional benefits like dental coverage and preventative care

Embrace is praised for its comprehensive pet insurance plan, covering various potential ailments without unnecessary fees. They offer a bigger reimbursement amount for a smaller monthly fee.

Fetch by Dodo Pet Insurance might be a better fit:

If you prefer customizable plans with different reimbursement options

Embrace pet insurance

Embrace Pet insurance offers a health care policy for your pet. 

Fetch Pet Insurance

Fetch also covers a broad spectrum of conditions and illnesses


The expenses pet parents have to pay in order for their pets to get high-quality care and treatment are costly; that’s why pet health insurance companies are here. If you’re looking for the best pet health insurance, you came across the right article.

We present you Embrace vs Fetch. Let’s take a look and compare what these two pet insurance companies have to offer.

Embrace vs Fetch: Introduction

Embrace has been present on the market since 2003, and they have since developed into one of the top pet insurance companies.

When Embrace won the Wharton Business Plan Competition in 2003, the company was merely a concept that later grew into one of the most respectable businesses dealing with pet insurance. Now, it offers pet insurance plans, covering a wide range of diverse conditions, illnesses, and accidents.

Like Embrace, Fetch also covers a broad spectrum of conditions and illnesses. This company also offers rock-solid customer support, ready to immediately tackle any issue you might be facing.

Keep reading to discover every advantage each of the pet health insurance firms offers to finalize your decision.

Embrace vs. Fetch: Policy Coverage

Fetch provides comprehensive and dependable dog insurance. Fetch is one of the top pet insurance companies, covering a big portion of your vet bill if you decide to enroll with them. This helps you save money without compromising treatment quality – ensuring that your pet is safe in any situation.

Certain data shows that a vet bill exceeding $1,000 is paid every 6 seconds at Fetch. Some of the various conditions it covers include:

  • Alternative therapies
  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgery
  • Injuries
  • Veterinary exam fees
  • Diagnostic treatments
  • Dental treatments

Very similar to Fetch, Embrace also covers a wide range of illnesses and accidents, such as:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Surgery
  • Preventative care
  • X-rays
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia

Accepting reimbursement payments of up to 90% of the total procedure expenses can save you thousands of dollars annually on pet-related medical expenditures. The rewards program available at Embrace adds even more value by establishing a yearly allowance that you can use to cover pet-related medical costs without having to pay out of pocket.

Embrace Coverage Policy

Fetch Coverage Policy

Doesn’t have any illness exclusions

Has some illness exclusions

Dental covers more procedures

Dental covers only a few procedures

Preventative care plan

No preventative care plan

Diminishing deductible

Only a few deductible options

Flexibility to change coverage

Not allowed to change coverage

Fetch by Dodo Pet Insurance

Embrace vs. Fetch: Customer Service & Reputation

In 2015, Embrace introduced its online customer portal, making scheduling and receiving medical care for your pets easier than ever. Pet insurance is one of the most customer-focused businesses on the market. When it comes to Embrace, many customers are satisfied with the staff’s prompt answers and friendliness.

You can contact them via toll-free number, e-mail, and fax. Their working hours are from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM Monday through Friday, and sometimes Saturday during extended working hours.

Fetch has a little advantage over Embrace in this field with their 24/7 live chat. Customers are allowed to contact the company at any time through the live chat, and the customer service employees will answer right away.

The overall customer satisfaction of Fetch is also great – just like Embrace’s. Therefore, we can’t really decide who’s got the upper hand here.

Embrace vs Fetch: Claim Repayment

Embrace pet insurance offers some of the most cost-effective coverage available. When it comes to emergencies, Embrace prioritizes your bank account and your pet’s safety, as evidenced by their reimbursement coverage and flexible insurance coverage. The company runs a well-rounded business that puts the customer in charge of how and where your pet’s diseases or illnesses are treated.

Both companies reimburse up to 90% of all costs associated with deductibles, procedures, prescriptions, and other expenses.

Procedure payments are reimbursed by Fetch based on the circumstances. To receive a reimbursement, you must first file a claim, after which a decision will be made within 5 to 14 days. Prescription drugs such as antibiotics and insulin are covered by Fetch insurance.

Here, Embrace is better than Fetch because it has a smaller waiting period to process a claim, and therefore – reimburses the money faster.

Embrace vs Fetch: Plan Customization

As one of the best pet insurance companies – Embrace covers both cats and dogs. With Embrace pet insurance, you can have basic wellness and preventable procedures covered, as well as a variety of severe illnesses.

There are only two specific plans available at Embrace – an accident-only plan and an accident and illness plan. The accident-only plan is available to pets around 15 years and older who aren’t currently enrolled at Embrace, which is a great benefit Embrace offers. Keep in mind that not many pet insurance companies will accept to enroll your senior dog or cat.

Fetch insurance is great for pet owners looking for customizable programs. You can choose from a range of coverage options, starting at $5,000. Deductibles vary from $250 to $1,000 for different plans each year. You can also select from a variety of reimbursement levels.

Are There Discounts with Embrace and Fetch?

Embrace provides a 10% multi-pet discount and a 5% discount for active military members. On the other hand, Fetch doesn’t offer a multi-pet discount but has a variety of other discounts to explore. These include a 10% discount for veterans, military personnel, adopters of rescue pets, AARP members, individuals working in the veterinary profession, and those with therapy animals. Notably, Fetch also offers a valuable benefit of 15% off for each consecutive claim-free year. Embrace offers a similar advantage, with deductibles progressively decreasing by $50 for each claimless year, potentially reaching as low as $0

Embrace Pet Health Insurance Review

Embrace vs. Fetch: Price of Policy

Insurance for dogs is typically more expensive than insurance for cats. Dogs are statistically more clumsy and prone to accidents, and veterinarian care for dogs is also more expensive.

The dog insurance at Embrace is $30 per month on average, and the cat insurance costs around $15-20 per month, depending on what breed and age the pet is. Money-wise, Embrace is better than Fetch because the reimbursement is bigger, and the costs you have to pay out of your pocket are smaller.

On the other hand, Fetch has three prices with different reimbursement terms. The most affordable is $22 per month, where you get 80% reimbursement. The second option is priced at $40, and that’s the most popular one at Fetch. And, the third option where you get the highest reimbursement costs $63.

Which Pet Insurance Is Right For Me?

Selecting the ideal pet insurance can be a crucial decision to ensure your furry friend’s health and well-being. It’s essential to consider your pet’s specific needs, your budget, and the coverage options offered by providers like Embrace, Fetch, and many others. Assess factors like your pet’s age, breed, and any pre-existing conditions. Additionally, review policy features, deductibles, and premiums. Compare options, explore discounts, and consult reviews to determine which pet insurance aligns best with your pet’s unique requirements and your financial considerations.


In terms of coverage quantity and pricing – both Fetch and Embrace are different. When it comes to deciding which one is right for you, it’s all based on the coverage your pet needs and the money you’re prepared to pay.

However, if we had to choose one – we would definitely go with Embrace. The main reason is their comprehensive pet insurance plan for various potential ailments without charging any unnecessary fees. Embrace offers to reimburse you a bigger amount for a smaller monthly fee.

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