Ollie vs The Farmer’s Dog 2023: Which Is Your Best Bet For Fresh Dog Food Delivery?

Ollie vs the farmer's dog

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As pet owners, we’re always looking for the best food and care products for our furry friends. In 2023, Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog are two of the leading pet food companies. But which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll compare Ollie vs The Farmer’s Dog to help you make the right decision for your pet.

The Farmer’s Dog vs. Ollie: At a glance – Who Won Each Category?

Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog are two big companies that advocate for healthier and well-nourished pets and offer outstanding plans. To give you a better picture of which one is better, we’ve comprised the following list of categories and extracted the clear winner in each one:

  • Price – Tie

Both companies are flexible in terms of plans, and their fresh meals come at reasonable prices. The plans can be readjusted if you find them too expensive.

  • Meal Options – Ollie

Both companies promote healthy and human-graded meat meals mixed with handpicked veggies. The food is made in US kitchens, which guarantees quality. However, Ollie recently included a baked meal option along with the fresh, so Ollie scores 1 point here. 

  • Ingredient Quality – The Farmer’s Dog

Both companies offer high-quality food. However, The Farmer’s Dog points out that their quality surpasses the AAFCO dog food standards. 

  • Customizability – The Farmer’s Dog

Out of the two choices, The Farmer’s Dog offers more options to customize the plan. 

  • Recipes – Tie

Both companies follow recipes from a vet for a balanced dog diet. They are full of the necessary vitamins, and minerals dogs cannot get from regular dog food.

  • Supplemental Meal Options – Ollie

The Farmer’s Dog currently doesn’t offer any supplements. Contrary, Ollie offers three organic pills.

  • Treat & Other Products – Ollie

The Farmer’s Dog currently doesn’t offer treats, whereas Ollie offers three healthy snacks with flavors every pup loves.

  • Portioning – Tie

Ollie puts two portions in a bag, while Farmer’s Dog puts up to 4 days’ meals in a package. 

  • Packaging, sustainability & storage – Ollie

With the first delivery, Ollie sends a spoon, puptainer (container to keep open food in), and an instruction list on how to use and store the food. 

  • Shipping – Tie

Both companies offer free shipping.

  • Customer Service & Reputation – Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog has more options to reach them and a 24/7 customer support team. As for the reputation, both companies boast 5-star reviews.

Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog: Which Is Right for Your Pup?

Now that we briefly skimmed the features let’s elaborate more on each one. 


The cost of Ollie vs Farmer’s Dog differs, but both companies offer customizable plans. To find the average price when comparing Farmer’s Dog vs. Ollie, we asked for 3 different plans from each company for pets of different ages, sizes, and weights. Here are the results:

  Farmer’s Dog My Ollie
Puppy Standard Poodle, 50 pounds
  • $118.20 for 2 weeks of food supply
  • 20% trial discount it is $94.61
  • $8.99 Tax 

Fresh Meal

  • $143 regular price for 2 weeks of food supply
  • 50% discount makes the offer $71.59

Mixed Meal

  • $60.44 regular price for 2 weeks supply
  • 50% discount makes the offer $30.22
Adult Labrador Retriever, 70 pounds
  • $148.10 for 2 weeks of food supply;
  • 50% trial discount $74.03
  • $7.03 Tax

Fresh Meal

  • $80.93 regular price for 2 weeks of food supply
  • 50% discount makes it $40.47


  • $66.59 regular price for 2 weeks of food supply
  • 50% discount makes it $33.30
Senior male Husky, 80 pounds
  • $148.10 for 2 weeks of food supply;
  • 50% trial discount $74.03
  • $7.03 Tax

Fresh Meal

  • $80.93 regular price for 2 weeks of food supply
  • 50% discount makes it $40.47


  • $66.59 regular price for 2 weeks of food supply
  • 50% discount makes it $33.30

Comparing Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog price, we can see that they’re going in opposite directions. Namely, Ollie believes that adult spayed dogs need fewer calories, so they lower the price. The Farmer’s Dog does agree with that, but it has different packaging, as you will see later.

Meal Options

When it comes to meals, which is better, Ollie or Farmer’s Dog? 

Every package The Farmer’s Dog ships contains calculated calories according to your dog’s size, weight, and age. They are formulated under vet guidance, so your pets can have a quality diet to improve their overall health and well-being.

Otherwise, The Farmer’s Dog offers three fresh meals:

  • Turkey Pack: This meal contains USDA Turkey, Spinach, Parsnip, Chickpeas, Carrot, Parsnip, TFD Nutrient Blend, Broccoli, Spinach, and Salmon Oil. 
  • Beef Pack: This meal contains USDA Beef, USDA Beef Liver, Sweet Potato, Kale, Sunflower Seeds, Lentils, Carrot, TFD Nutrient Blend, and Salmon Oil 
  • Pork Pack: USDA Pork, USDA Pork Liver, TFD Nutrient Blend, Salmon Oil Sweet Potato, Potato, Green Beans, and Cauliflower.

My Ollie also offers fresh, meaty products, but they have more options than The Farmer’s Dog that can suit your needs. Here’s what you can find here:

  • Fresh Meals: Also known as the premium meal plan. This plan includes fresh mand-graded beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb mixed with vegetables, fruits, and grains.
  • Half Fresh Meal: This is a budget-friendly meal plan. It offers the same as the fresh meal, only half doze to meet budget needs.
  • Mixed Meal: This is the most popular meal plan. It is a mixture of a fresh meal and a baked meal. The fresh meal options are lamb, chicken, turkey, or beef, while the baked options are beef and chicken.

Ingredient Quality

The Ollie dog food vs. Farmer’s dog food comparison is close in terms of quality and performance.

When we did the Ollie Dog food review, we found that all products are minimally processed. This means Ollie added the required vitamins and minerals to boost your pet’s metabolism. 

The meals are slow-cooked in a US kitchen, and all veggies, fruits, or raisins are hand-picked from trusted growers and producers. The final Ollie products have no additives or artificial flavors. 

However, The Farmer’s Dog food review also showed similar quality as Ollie. The food they produce is also slow-cooked from human-graded meat and vegetables made in USDA kitchens that control the pet food quality. Moreover, The Farmer’s Dog food quality surpasses the nutrition industry standards for dogs set by AAFCO.


Regarding customizing your plan, both options work similarly. However, we saw that The Farmer’s Dog is slightly better. Namely, it offers full customization and planning for your pet’s diet. 

After you start the procedure, they ask you to fill up a 3 minutes survey just to familiarize them with your pet’s needs and current state. This allows you to create the best diet plan even if your pet has special needs. Once you add the information about your pet, the Farmer’s Dog algorithm will create the meal option, and you can choose.

In case you’re not satisfied with the plan, diet, or price, you can change it.


The food The Farmer’s Dog sells is made from real vegetables full of vitamins and minerals and human-grade meat with only nutritional values. Moreover, it’s tested on humans, and the recipes follow the instructions of the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile. There is a special formula for dogs in different life stages, conditions, growth, or obese or too skinny.

Supplemental Meal Plans

My Ollie offers several naturally-based supplements:

  • Belly Rubs: These supplements are created with pumpkin seeds and papaya leaves that help your pups with their digestion.
  • Zoomies: These supplements include Glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric that boost the health of puppies or dogs struggling with bone aches and ligament pain.
  • Chill Pills: These supplements are a mixture of chamomile flower, passion flower, and ginkgo biloba leaf that allow the pup to relax or calm down.

Farmer’s Dog, on the other hand, does not feature supplements in their line currently. Only fresh food meals.

Nutritional Value

Both Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog prioritize the use of high-quality, all-natural, responsibly sourced, and whole-food ingredients in their dog food recipes. They both have veterinary nutritionists involved in the development of their recipes and ensure that their meals meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines for a complete and balanced diet suitable for dogs of all life stages.

Additionally, both companies follow a low-heat cooking process in USDA-certified kitchens to preserve the nutritional value of their ingredients. They refrain from using artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives in their products.

Given their similar commitment to high-quality, whole-food ingredients and adherence to AAFCO guidelines, it can be considered a tie in terms of nutritional value between Ollie and The Farmer’s Dog. Pet owners can have confidence in the nutritional quality of the food provided by both companies.

Treat & Other Products


Treats: Ollie used to offer treats but has discontinued them in order to focus on their new line of baked food.

Baked Food: Ollie now specializes in baked food made from high-quality, human-grade ingredients. This food is available in two flavors: chicken or beef, and it meets AAFCO standards for All Life Stages, making it suitable for dogs of any age.

OllieHealth: Ollie has introduced OllieHealth, a telehealth service complementary to their food plan subscribers. This service allows pet owners to access knowledgeable veterinarians online for non-emergency questions about preventative care and other everyday topics.

Mobile App: Ollie offers a mobile app that simplifies the management of your dog’s membership. You can update your dog’s recipes, shipping preferences, manage your account, and even consult with veterinarians through the OllieHealth service. The app can also notify you when your Ollie food delivery arrives.

The Farmer’s Dog:

Treats: The Farmer’s Dog does not offer treats at this time.

DIY Nutrient Pack: Instead of treats, The Farmer’s Dog provides a DIY nutrient pack containing nine essential nutrients. This pack is designed for dog owners who prefer to cook homemade dog food but still want to ensure their dog receives a nutritionally balanced meal. It can be particularly valuable for those who need to prepare meals at home due to their dog’s allergies or food sensitivities.


When it comes to the portioning section of this Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog review, both companies offer food calculated according to the information you provided during the survey.

Specifically, Ollie’s food is packed for daily use, or you have two meals in a pack. You need to scoop half the food and leave the rest in the freezer. If your dog has issues with the food, you can always inform My Ollie to lower or boost the calories until you find the ideal meal intake.

The Farmer’s Dog portioning, on the other hand, is larger. One package may contain food for 4 days, especially if you have a smaller dog. 

Packaging, Sustainability & Storage

When it comes to finding comparing The Farmer’s Dog vs. My Ollie regarding packaging, sustainability, and storage, both Ollie and Farmer’s Dog have different ways of portioning and packaging the meals.

Since each Ollie meal comes per packaging, one delivery comes with 28 packages – enough for 3 weeks. Packages are compact, and they can fit in any freezer. Ollie ships the delivery with a small container, a scoop, and instructions on properly using and storing the food. 

The Farmer’s Dog packaging is bulkier compared to Ollies. If you have a small dog, you might have to be careful about storing the food in the fridge because it might easily spoil. On the other hand, it is easier if you are a large dog owner because one pack lasts per day. 


In the shipping dilemma of My Ollie vs the Farmer’s Dog, know that The Farmer’s Dog offers free shipping for packages for the entire US. However, take note of the $10 tax estimated in the total price.

Unlike The Farmer’s Dog, My Ollie offers free shipping without any taxes.

Customer Service & Reputation

Every Farmer’s dog vs. Ollie comparison has to show customer service options, as this is an important factor considering you may want to solve some problem regarding the order.

My Ollie offers an FAQ section where customers can find answers to their issues. Also, you can email them or make a direct call.

As for the reputation, their site features numerous positive comments about the quality of the food supported by 5-star customer reviews. However, we wanted to check the reputation outside the official site box, and we started our Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog Reddit review.

Reddit is a reputable forum with real-use testimonials. We found many positive comments about My Ollie food and the customer support team. 

On the other hand, The Farmer’s Dog customer support team is available 24/7, and you can reach out to them by phone or mail or dm them on their official social media sites. Additionally, you also have an FAQ section. What’s more, The Farmer’s Dog doesn’t fall behind My Ollie when it comes to reputation on Reddit. 

Features Comparison: Ollie vs The Farmer’s Dog 

Before we proceed to the final verdict of the Farmer’s dog vs. Ollie review, let’s quickly glance through the main features of both companies.

  Farmer’s Dog My Ollie
Meal Options
  • Beef Meal
  • Pork Meal
  • Turkey Meal

+9 veggies ingredients to combine

  • Fresh Portion: Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey + veggies, raisins, and fruits
  • Half Portion: the Budget-friendly option of fresh portion
  • Mixed Portion: half baked and half fresh option.
Price Plans

Customizable and flexible

Average price per day: $5

Customizable and flexible

Average price per day: $2

Discounts 20% and 50%  50%

Made of fresh meat, cooked in US kitchens; 

Vegetables, and other ingredients come from trustworthy growers and suppliers; 

The recipes follow the formula given by trustworthy vets

Made of fresh meat;

Cooked in US kitchens with fresh vegetables, fruits, and raisins

Treats and Supplements /


  • Chicken and apple treat
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Beef and sweet potato


  • Chill Pills
  • Zoomies
  • Belly Rubs
Customer Service & Reputation 10/10 10/10
Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping
Hidden fees $10 or $7 Tax No
Packaging Regular Comes with a scoop, container for spoil prevention, and instructions on how to use the food

What’s Our Verdict? And The Winner Is: It’s a Tie 

Now that we have covered the features in detail and finally highlighted the main ones in the table above, we can say that this Ollie vs the Farmer’s Dog is really a tie. Both companies have advantages and disadvantages, but only you can give the final say.

In terms of the food quality, and overall effectiveness, we have seen only positive comments on popular forums, and both products are highly recommended. Additionally, they come with free shipping and an offer to refund in case the dog responds negatively to the food.

Now that you have the main points to make a valid My Ollie vs. Farmer’s Dog comparison, the choice is up to you!


No. There is no information about Ollie’s dog food being recalled to this day.

Ollie offers half-baked half fresh food, which is currently the most popular offer.

Yes. Every dog deserves to eat high-quality and nutritional food every day. There are very few cases where dogs reject fresh food.

It depends on the plan you choose, but it can be around $240 more or less.

Ollie is the cheaper option.

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