HolistaPet Review

HolistaPet Review

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Do you have an elderly pet? Perhaps a puppy or a kitten with a health condition? Maybe your beloved furry friend is suffering from anxiety, arthritis, or a condition that prevents them from functioning normally?

HolistaPet Review - At a Glance

HolistaPet Suited Best For:

  1. Pet Owners Interested in CBD: Pet owners who are interested in exploring the potential benefits of CBD for their dogs, such as relief from minor pain, anxiety, improved mood, and overall well-being.

  2. Dogs with Minor Issues: Dogs with minor issues like anxiety, muscle soreness, minor skin problems, and digestive discomfort may benefit from these treats. Holistapet suggests that their treats could address these concerns.

  3. Owners of Picky Dogs: Holistapet offers a variety of flavors for their treats, increasing the likelihood that picky dogs will find a flavor they enjoy.

  4. Pet Owners Looking for Natural Ingredients: Holistapet emphasizes the use of natural and organic ingredients in their products. This could appeal to pet owners who prioritize using natural remedies.

  5. Pet Owners Who Prefer Specific Formulas: Holistapet offers treats formulated for different purposes, such as calming, wellness, and mobility. This allows pet owners to choose treats tailored to their dog’s specific needs.

Not Suited For:

  1. Pet Owners Seeking Scientifically Proven Benefits: While many anecdotal claims suggest potential benefits, the scientific evidence for CBD’s effects on dogs is still limited. Pet owners seeking treatments for serious illnesses should consult a veterinarian and consider evidence-based treatments.

  2. Dogs with Severe Health Issues: These treats may be more suitable for minor problems. Pet owners should consult their vet before using CBD treats for dogs with severe health conditions.

  3. Owners of Dogs with Specific Flavor Preferences: Each type of treat is available in only one flavor. If a dog doesn’t like the available flavor for their specific need, the efficacy of the treats might be compromised.

  4. Pet Owners Seeking Multiple Flavors for Each Type: The limited flavor options for each type of treat could be a drawback for pet owners who prefer to have more flavor choices within a specific category.

  5. Pet Owners Seeking Prescription Treatments: For serious health issues, pet owners may prefer prescription treatments and therapies with established efficacy and safety.


Key Benefits

Pros and Cons of Holistapet CBD Dog Treats

Pros Natural Ingredients Variety of Formulas Flavor Variety Third-Party Lab Testing Ease of Administration Potential Calming Effects Positive Impact on Minor Issues
Cons Limited Scientific Evidence Not Suitable for Severe Health Issues Limited Flavor Options Unproven Active Ingredients Efficacy Variability Limited Use Cases Potential for Pet Preferences

If so, you must’ve considered many remedies by now! Still, you’re probably aware that the best ones are those that manage to calm your pet down, alleviating their pain and boosting their immunity and metabolism at the same time, all the while relying on completely natural ingredients. 

Sounds precisely like what you were looking for?

Then, it’s high time to check HolistaPet out! Their CBD (cannabidiol)-infused products come in a grand variety – from oils, supplements, and snacks to shampoos, and sprays – they all serve as an alternative and natural way to treat your pet! 

In case you’re looking to find out more about HolistaPet, we outlined the basic information about the company, the pros, and cons, as well as some frequently asked questions which might be of use to you!

What is HolistaPet?

HolistaPet is a company that specializes in the creation of natural products infused with CBD oil, primarily aimed at dogs, cats, and horses. With a full veterinary advisory board incorporated into its system, HolistaPet aims to deliver the healthiest, most delicious, and high-quality snacks for your pets, in order to help treat their illnesses. 

Whether your pet is suffering from acute or chronic pains, anxiety, stress, epileptic seizures, or even more serious conditions, like cancer, it could benefit from some of HolistaPet’s products. 

Who Makes Holistapet Dog Treats?

Holistapet manufactures all of its products using natural hemp sourced from farms in Oregon and Colorado. While their treats may contain other ingredients, these components may originate from various sources. Nonetheless, Holistapet emphasizes that all the ingredients used in their products are natural and organic, and they refrain from incorporating artificial or synthetic substances.

Holistapet dog treats are produced in their proprietary warehouses located in Los Angeles, California. The company’s ownership of these facilities enables them to maintain control over the safety protocols adhered to in these production sites.


Key Characteristics

  • Offers a variety of CBD products, such as capsules, oils, shampoos, and treats;
  • The products contain full-spectrum cannabinoids (terpenes, CBC, CBG, hemp oil, and others) below the 0.3% THC legal limit;
  • The products contain additional health-boosting ingredients like vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids;
  • Comes with free shipping + save 25% by subscribing for monthly auto shipments;
  • Discounts and promotions of the products;
  • Made in the USA.

About HolistaPet

HolistaPet was co-founded by multiple professionals, some of whom had, at the time, more than 25 years of experience in the organic food industry. Claiming the desire to provide a healthy, safe, superfood supplement for pets as their main driving force, these people invested everything into the highest-quality CBD oil as the basis for all their diverse products.

HolistaPet’s current headquarters are in Commerce, California. Even though the company has existed for a while now, they’re still prioritizing the top-quality of their products, which are being regularly reviewed by the company’s internal veterinary advisory board. 

Some of the members of this board include Dr. Natasha Olby – a neurologist, Dr. Patrick Melese – a zoologist, Dr. Maryanne Murphy – a biology scientist, as well as Dr. Carine Laporte and Dr. Chris Reeder – both board-certified veterinary dermatologists.

In case you want to find out more by contacting HolistaPet directly, you may find use in the following information:

  • Address: 7250 Bandini Blvd #110 Commerce, CA 90040
  • Phone number: (818) 330 3968
  • Email address: support@holistapet.com

Sourcing, Testing, and CBD Information

All of HolistaPet’s CBD products are farmed and harvested from hemp plantations in Colorado, USA. Fully organic and natural, the CBD is collected through a CO2 extraction process, whereby the CBD is separated from adjacent compounds without the need to resort to other, potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

Once this is done, both the oils themselves and the finished products are regularly tested at third-party facilities in order to maintain the level of purity necessary for the production of healthy treats. 

Among other things, all products are tested for CBG, CBC, CBN, THC, CBN, and CBNA, as well as for chemicals that can be harmful to the pets in question.

All products are currently ISO-certified and BBB (Better Business Bureau) approved. Furthermore, all products are GMO-free, organic, and vegan, making them helpful for the environment, as much as they are of assistance to your pet

Moreover, in order to guarantee their integrity, the company is completely transparent about the production and testing process and is open to being directly contacted and questioned if a customer has any questions related to the quality and safety of the products.

The HolistaPet CBD Product Offering

Speaking of the products, the majority include treats, chews, oil tinctures, pellets, and sprays intended primarily for dogs, cats, and horses. Additionally, many of them can be bought in packs. Some of them are unflavored, whereas others come in a variety of different flavors.

Yes, many of the products are actually delicious! Puppy and kitten snacks that taste like peanut butter, salmon, sweet potato, pumpkin, and many other flavors sound like something from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! 

But it isn’t – it’s real! 

In fact, it hardly comes as a surprise that there’s even CBD-infused catnip spray! 

HolistaPet products are designed to lure your pet in and get it addicted to the delicious flavor. If that doesn’t work, the tasteless variants allow you to slip them into your furry companion’s food or beverage. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


All products are vegan

CBD is extracted from hemp plants

All products come with CoA

30-day refund available

Packages, Costs, and Options

The product prices range between $29.99 for HolistaPet Catnip Spray with CBD and $419.95 for 37.500mg HolistaPet CBD Pellets for Horses. As you can see, depending on the pet (and your budget), anyone could find what they’re looking for. 

In order to make this even easier, the products are usually categorized as being for dogs, for cats, for both dogs and cats, or for horses. Out of these, many treats contain interesting combinations of ingredients in order to help with specific issues. Thus, the three main subsections are:

  • Joint and Mobility (150mg): CBD, Boswellia, turmeric root, hemp seeds (cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavored);
  • Heart and Immunity (150mg): CBD, flax seeds, hemp seeds, blueberries (blueberry and sweet potato flavored);
  • Anxiety and Stress (150mg): CBD, chamomile, L-Theanine, hemp seeds (green apple and peanut butter flavored).

Additionally, there are salmon-flavored HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats, and an unflavored 150mg HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats. Many of these products can be combined and bought as bundles, which are, in fact, some of the most popular buying methods for this company!

And it’s not that difficult to realize why; after all, bundles come with a sort of discount, making the overall price slightly lower compared to that of every individual product.

On that note, the prices of said individual products are as follows:

Dog Chews

  • 150mg jar / 5mg per treat – $29.95
  • 300mg jar / 10mg per treat – $39.95
  • 600mg jar / 20mh per treat – $64.95

Dog and Cat Treats

  • 150mg bag / 5mg per treat – $26.95
  • 300mg bag / 10mg per treat – $34.95
  • 600mg bag / 20mg per treat – $64.95

Oils and Capsules

  • 150mg (pets under 20 lbs) – $25.95
  • 300mg (20-60 lbs) – $39.95
  • 600mg (60-100 lbs) – $58.95
  • 1,200mg (100-160 lbs) – $79.95
  • 3,000mg (160 lbs +) – $144.95


  • 200mg CBD Dog Shampoo – $32.95
  • 30ml CBD Catnip Spray – $23.95
  • CBD Horse Pellets – $39.95 – $419.95

Out of all these products, the most popular ones are definitely those which cater to both cats and dogs. For example, the HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats, the HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats + Stress and Anxiety Relief, the HolistaPet Cat Treats, and the HolistaPet CBD Capsules for Cats & Dogs, all have a five-star customer rating!

Not bad, huh?

Also, if you sign up for HolistaPet’s mailing list and/or purchase some coupons and seasonal vouchers, you may get up to 10%-15% off on some of the products.

Great! You’ve bought your product of choice. Now, how do you go about using it?

Usage Guidelines: Keep Your Pet Positively Relaxed

It’s essential that you know your way around the dosages, lest you end up feeding your pet a too high amount of CBD. Even if you do so, though, aside from making them rather lethargic, you wouldn’t be endangering them in any way. 

Still, HolistaPet is careful when it comes to the dosages and their dependence on the pet’s size. They even have a chart, with the help of which you can precisely calculate the amount of each product your pet needs. 

The basic gist is that you feed 0.25mg (regular dose) to 0.5mg (strong dose) CBD per 1 pound of bodyweight. In case you don’t know whether your pet needs a regular or a strong dose, HolistaPet says that a regular dose is intended for boosting daily immunity and metabolism, helping with arthritis, allergies, digestive issues, minor inflammations, stress, and anxiety, as well as age-related difficulties.

A strong dose, on the other hand, is meant for pets suffering from severe chronic pains, cancer, epilepsy, severe anxiety disorder, and heavy mobility issues. 

Whichever dosage you go for, it’s extremely important to monitor your pet before and after ingestion and be quick to visit the vet if you see that something isn’t right. Also, be aware that most of the time it takes days or weeks to notice any effect – so be patient! 

The recommended CBD daily intake schedule is once to twice a day, once every eight hours for severe joint inflammation, or 30 minutes before a potentially anxiety-inducing event.

Testing and Safety for Holistapet Dog Treats

In the largely unregulated CBD market for dogs, ensuring product quality is paramount. Many brands may not deliver the CBD levels they claim. Holistapet, however, stands out by providing third-party lab test reports for their products. These reports, accessible directly on their website, offer transparency regarding the quality and CBD content in their treats. Notably, Holistapet’s lab tests cover multiple products, allowing customers to assess the quality of each treat individually.

Customer Service at Holistapet

As part of our evaluation, we also examined the company’s customer service. Holistapet’s website features a convenient chat option that lets customers ask questions without the need for lengthy support ticket submissions or extended wait times. The chat button is prominently located in the corner of every webpage, ensuring easy access without any need for searching.

The customer service team promptly addressed our inquiries, often providing additional information through relevant links. In addition to the chat function, customers have the option to contact Holistapet via phone.


One aspect that could be improved is the initial interaction with the AI bot when starting a chat. To connect with a live representative, users must select “talk to an agent” directly from the list, which might not be immediately obvious. Choosing other prompts, such as “product questions,” provides a generic list of products rather than connecting to a human agent.

Shipping, Delivery, and Refund Policy

All HolistaPet products come with free shipping wherever you are in the USA. Delivery usually takes 6 to 9 days to arrive, or, alternatively 4-6 days if you go for priority shipping, which costs an additional $7.50. The only carrier for HolistaPet is USPS. 

You also get a 30-day free money-back guarantee period, during which you can return the product if you’re not content with it, and an extra 15-day grace period.

Unfortunately, HolistaPet doesn’t offer international shipping.

Your Pet and CBD: Our Verdict

So, all things considered, what do we think? We think that HolistaPet is one of the best options to go for if you want to treat your pet with a 100% organic, natural ingredient.

It may not be the most potent supplement out there, but it definitely is one of the top-quality ones! And it also guarantees your pet’s safety. What more could a pet owner want? 

HolistaPet is open to feedback, so regardless of your experience, you can let them know what you thought about their products and they will learn from both hits and misses!


HolistaPet Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is – yes! Cats, dogs, horses, and some other pets all have an endocannabinoid system just like humans. This allows for the bodies of these animals to be impacted by CBD. 

Even though the precise list of benefits is still unknown, CBD is known to help with anxiety, inflammation, and positively impacts the brain function of the recipient. This promotes greater memory storage, quickness of thinking, and calmness, among other perks.

If you stick to the recommended dosages, the animal should be fine and safe. The only potential thing to worry about is additional medications. In case your pet is on therapy, consult the vet before buying any CBD product. It is believed by some that CBD prompts the increase of alkaline phosphatase in some animals, yet this hasn’t been proven.

Considering the low amounts of THC in these products, your pet won’t get high, even if you overstep the limit with the dosages. The most you could achieve by “overdosing” them would be to make them extremely sleepy, which will pass after a while.

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