Do Employers Offer Pet Insurance as a Benefit?

Do Employers Offer Pet Insurance as a Benefit

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Nowadays, we are rightfully inclined to expect decent opportunities at the workplace that benefit us and our families. As pets are becoming members of more families, one of the crucial questions that potential employees would have in mind is – do employers offer pet insurance?

Non-human family members bring joy and emotional support to an increasing number of working people around the world. Nevertheless, pet parenting is not all rainbows and sunshine – sometimes it entails expensive vet bills for vaccinations, meds, and even surgeries.

A sick or injured pet can take a significant toll on its owner’s financial and emotional state. Luckily, many companies are becoming aware of this fact, and are introducing employer sponsored pet insurance in the modern workplace.

The Importance of Pet Insurance Employee Benefit:

Dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals aren’t just used for practical intentions. Their place in the family is as important as that of a kid who depends on the parents.

So, an increasing number of employers offer the pet insurance employee benefit as a response to the emotional attachment many pet owners have with all domestic furry friends.

Below are the main ways in which employer sponsored pet insurance positively affects the overall workplace atmosphere.

1. Encouraging Pet Ownership:

Workers in a company that offers pet insurance as an employee benefit are more likely to adopt or buy a pet, as this factor grants them a sense of security in terms of covering vet service expenses.

This is beneficial for the overall workplace environment because owning a pet positively affects one’s mental and physical health. Studies have shown that pets can help with high blood pressure and alleviate anxiety and depression in their humans. Needless to say, the employees’ wellbeing should be every decent company’s top priority.

2. Reducing Financial Stress:

Having a sick or injured pet at home is a stressful occurrence that negatively affects all aspects of your life. Coverage plans serve to help pet owners cover the vet service expenses and remove the part of their stress that is connected to financing their pet’s medical care.

According to the Financial Fitness Group, more than 80% of workers face financial stress. For pet parents, veterinary care plays a significant part in their financial burden.

So, offering pet insurance as an employee benefit is an important business investment as it results in reduced levels of stress and anxiety among your workers.

3. Boosting Productivity:

Why is it crucial to take care of your employees’ emotional state? 

Studies have shown that when working people are stressed out, they are less productive and find it harder to focus on the job.

It’s simple – workers will be more productive and invested in their tasks when they are happier, more relaxed, and provided with a sense of security.

4. Enhancing Employee Retention and Recruitment:

Establishing pet insurance as an employee benefit can improve the overall reputation of a company. It paints your business in a favorable light – as a healthy workspace that does everything in its power to retain current outstanding employees and recruit new ones in the future.

While most workers value the overall benefits package provided by their employer, the number of companies offering pet insurance is still quite low. Therefore, deciding to take this step can bring a revolutionary touch to a brand.

5. Empathy and Validation of Workers’ Personal Values:

Most working individuals prefer companies that respect and align with their core personal values. Naturally, family is the first thing that all of us hold dear, and as we already emphasized, non-human friends are inseparable parts of it for pet owners.

Introducing pet insurance as an employee benefit shows that you care about this important aspect of pet parents in your company. This improves your business status as a fair and healthy work environment.

Employ Pet Insurance for Employers: A Final Word

In its essence, pet insurance is here to make sure our pups’ and kittens’ medical needs are met. However, vet care coverage plans have a great indirect effect on every aspect of an owner’s life, including their professional performance.

Not every company is ready to turn into a completely pet-friendly environment, but it is perfectly reasonable for current and future workers to expect pet insurance as an employee benefit. 

Hopefully, more and more businesses will become aware of the importance of this issue, because pet coverage plans make each office a safer space for everyone.

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