Does Pet Insurance Cover Neutering?

Pet insurance cover neutering

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Straight Answer?

Generally, no, most pet insurance plans do not cover the cost of neutering because it is considered an elective procedure. However, there are pet wellness plans, also known as preventative care plans or routine care plans, that may provide some reimbursement for neutering.

Here are some of the pet insurance companies that offer wellness plans that cover neutering:

  1. ASPCA Pet Insurance
  2. Embrace Pet Insurance
  3. Lemonade Pet Insurance
  4. Trupanion
  5. Fetch by Dodo
  6. PetFirst


The presence of a pet in a household is life-changing, so we all strive to take good care of our furry friends. But since cats and dogs are among the ones who have the highest reproductive ability, a pair of cats or dogs can obtain even more than 20 offspring a year. Taking care of numerous pets can be both mentally and physically challenging, not to mention costly, so usually, the more preferable option is to neuter your pet.

When taking neutering into consideration, remember to search for pet health insurance providers that offer insurance for neutering, to reduce your costs. Both surgery and additional treatments and hospitalization can be quite expensive, so it’s best to have viable pet insurance at hand.

What Does Neutered Mean: What Does Neutering a Dog Do

Neutering, often referred to as sterilization, is a surgical process of extraction of the pet’s genitals, or rather testicles, since the procedure is intended for male pets. Neutering is important not only for its owners, but also for the pets themselves, and other animals they come in contact with.

Veterinarians recommend neutering your pets as soon as they turn 6 months – but not before that. The process does not affect the pet, therefore it will not fall behind in growth and development.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Neutering? Here is The List of Insurances that Cover Neutering

Pet insurances have their plans, which mainly cover illnesses, diseases, and injuries that require surgery. Even though most well-known pet health providers don’t have a specific coverage plan that covers neutering, many of them provide it as part of their additional plans.

Let’s have a look at some of the best pet insurance providers and whether they cover neutering or not.


Lemonade is a digital insurance company that offers a variety of insurance products, including pet insurance. Lemonade’s pet insurance plans are designed to cover the cost of accidents and illnesses, as well as some routine care expenses.

Overall, Lemonade pet insurance is a good option for pet owners looking for affordable coverage with a user-friendly experience. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully to understand what is and is not covered.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing Lemonade pet insurance:

  • The waiting periods for accidents and illnesses are 2 days and 14 days, respectively. This is shorter than some other pet insurance companies, but it is important to factor this in when choosing a plan.
  • Lemonade does not offer coverage for preexisting conditions, but it will cover “curable” preexisting conditions after 12 months.
  • Lemonade offers a variety of add-ons, such as coverage for the vet visit fee, dental care, and alternative care.


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Whether Figo pet health insurance provides neutering coverage depends on the state where you live in. The provider doesn’t offer independent neutering coverage. However, everyone that’s enrolled in their Wellness Powerup plan, is eligible for a neutering surgery reimbursement, along with additional costs such as hospitalization and medication.

Typically, pet insurance is more expensive for dogs than it is for cats. However, in this specific case, neutering expenses are higher for male cats. Figo’s additional Wellness Powerup plan – which includes neutering – has a monthly price of $23.40 for cat coverage, and $22.15 for dog coverage – if you choose a 90% reimbursement rate.

Additionally, the younger the pet, the lower the prices for the insurance. For example, If your pet is under 1 year old, Figo offers a discount for the neutering insurance.

Fetch by Dodo(PetPlan)

On the other hand, Fetch by Dodo, also one of the longest-standing and best pet insurance providers, does not cover neutering. The company offers a variety of pet insurance packages to meet a variety of demands, but neutering is excluded from the initial offer.

Fetch by Dodo claims that, unlike other medical procedures that cost thousands of dollars and are completely unaffordable, neutering is fairly affordable. They believe that neutering your cat or dog isn’t as big of an expense to require a whole insurance plan, which is the main reason why they decided to not provide it.

However, they do offer a wellness plan, which covers hospitalization and medication for neutering, and can come in handy if you opt for the procedure.


One of the few insurance companies that don’t require any preconditions to get your pet neutering insurance is PetFirst. They have a variety of plans, all of which include reimbursement for neutering since PetFirst advocates for more pets to be neutered.

As a supporter of neutering, the pet insurance company offers many advantages.
For example, the difference in price for younger and older pets is nearly insignificant unlike with other insurances. And, the plan includes all medications needed during and after the surgery.

The costs vary for different breeds. However, on average, the monthly price estimates around $23 at a reimbursement rate of 80%. For a higher reimbursement rate, the price is higher as well.


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Similar to Figo, Embrace also provides a neutering policy, but in a slightly different way. Unlike the other insurances, Embrace’s Wellness Rewards plan is an optional preventative plan. It can help reduce the costs of your pet’s regular care and take preventative measures for a neutering surgery.

The policy which covers neutering surgery compares well with other policies, and it is fairly affordable. The average procedure cost for dogs is $22, and $11 for cats, aged one or younger. The Wellness Rewards add-on comes with a 90% reimbursement rate and doesn’t include any additional expenses.


Such as PetPlan, Trupanion’s policy doesn’t include the expenses for a neutering surgery. But, there are various useful plans you can choose from, such as the basic insurance plan for cats and dogs. Even though this plan doesn’t cover neutering surgery, having such a policy can decrease hospitalization expenses following the procedure if you decide to go for it.

Before purchasing this policy for $24 a month, it’s recommended to neuter your pet when it’s still little because Trupanion offers an additional reimbursement rate. Trupanion believes it’s best to reimburse post-operation expenses since hospitalization is often less affordable than the surgery itself.

Healthy Paws

Here is yet another exceptional pet health insurance provider that doesn’t cover neutering in their pet plans. Healthy Paws doesn’t even offer preventative care coverage like Pet Plan and Trupanion do.

Although they are strong proponents of neutering, they consider the surgery quite affordable, since it can be done for as little as $50. Neither the care nor the follow-up treatment is included in their policy. They believe neutering to be an elective treatment, hence the fact it’s not included in any of Healthy Paws’ add-ons.


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How Much Does Neutering Cost

The price of the neutering can vary depending on various factors. Most often, the price ranges between $75 and $500 if the surgery is performed at a well-known clinic. There are more affordable options that go as low as $35 in some clinics, but the provider’s reputability is important to verify first. 

Some of the most important factors that can alter the procedure cost include: 

  • The species of your male pet, or whether it’s a dog or a cat. Typically, dog neutering is more expensive, but there are concessions.
  • The age and breed of the pet. The older the pet, the more expensive the surgery. Pets under the age of 1 get an additional reduction in price.
  • Any pet pre-existing conditions. In case your pet has had health problems, the price might be higher.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Dog Neutered

In general, getting your dog neutered costs more than getting your cat neutered. However, there are some exceptions here, such as in the case of Figo, where the overall expenses of neutering a dog vary from $100 to $500 without an insurance policy.

If you have insurance, the expenses may be reduced to $20 – $30. But, there are other additional factors that affect the price as well. These include the breed, age, and size of the dog, its previous health issues, etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Cat Neutered

For cats, neutering is more affordable, with prices going from $75 to $350 – given the procedure is done in a respectable clinic and without an insurance policy covering the expenses. With a 90% reimbursement rate, the prices decrease drastically, so the same service might cost between $15 and $25 – if you have insurance coverage for neutering.

A similar factor that affects the cat’s neutering price is their age. Namely, if the cat is younger than 1 year, and has had no previous health issues, a further price reduction might be available.

Does My Pet Need Neutering

Even though neutering your pet isn’t obligatory, it’s highly recommended to do so. Inevitably, a male pet will eventually want to mate, and when the time comes, you might find it harder to calm them down. Plus, neutering is a superb way to reduce plenty of stray dogs.

Neutering also decreases the chances of testicular cancer and other medical problems linked to the reproductive system of the pet. The most efficient prevention against these pet illnesses is to neuter your pet before it turns 1 year.

It is also typical for pets in heat to behave in a nervous and frustrated fashion, and even attack other pets. By going forward with neutering, your pet will calm down, tame their temper, and boost their lifespan.

Does Neutering Calm a Dog Down: What to Expect after Neutering Dog

Insurance policies cover the hospitalization period following a neutering procedure. When the dog moves to home care, some wooziness and post-surgery anxiety can happen. Still, the majority of pets recover rapidly.

It’s recommended to keep the dog tranquil for several days following the procedure and follow up with their prescribed meds. All in all, neutering is one of the best things you can do for your pup especially if you want to ensure it lives a long and stress-free life.

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