Top 10 Pet Insurance Misconceptions/Myths

Pet Insurance Misconceptions

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Some may think that pet insurance is only necessary for senior pets, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are dozens of infections and diseases that you should watch out for when your pet’s at a younger age. 

Skeptical owners make thousands of excuses for not purchasing their pet’s insurance in time, but it’s their pain they’ll have to deal with if something goes south. To avoid the crowd of forgetful and skeptical owners, learn through all the myths about pet insurance.

Pet Insurance Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions regarding pet insurance that are the reason most owners opt out of it. However, there are many benefits to purchasing pet insurance

It’s your guarantee that you will never have to make the difficult choice between financial security and your pet’s future health and life. The truth is, subscribing to pet insurance in advance is a must-do! Especially if you want to save thousands in your future and save your pet’s life. 

Here are some of the most common misconceptions: 

1. Pet Insurance Is too Expensive

One, if not the most popular myth for not getting pet insurance is that it costs way too much. Many owners doubt that pet insurance is worth the money. The actual thing that scares them is the amount of the premium.

One of the key benefits of pet insurance is that you can decide on a previously-agreed upon premium and fixed monthly costs, according to your budget. And while there are more expensive options, the prices usually range from $15 to $30 a month.

2. Can’t Use the Veterinarian of Your Own Choice

Many pet insurance agencies will allow reimbursement but only for their accredited veterinarian. However most policies will allow flexibility when it comes to getting preventive care, and the same goes for the vet of your choice.

Overall, you can choose a vet yourself, but if the doctor charges more than the prescribed amount, you’ll have to take care of the cost yourself.

3. Making a Claim Will Increase the Premium

This is the most incorrect of all the myths. No matter how many claims you submit, they won’t affect your premium. Premiums work on the already-discussed coverage as well as your pet’s age and the current market in your area. They are also based on the policy at the time of enrollment.

4. Pet Insurance Isn’t Really Insurance

Pet insurance is just as human insurance. The main difference is that pet insurance functions on a reimbursement level. When you contact the pet insurance company make sure that you’re talking to a licensed agent and that they abide by rules established by each state’s department.

5. Pre-existing Conditions Can’t be Covered

The truth is that most pet insurance companies don’t cover pre-existing conditions. But there are some that can and will cover the costs of pre-existing conditions under certain policies. If your pet has a chronic ailment that happened before getting the insurance it won’t be able to receive coverage.

But if your pet has cleared paths with that pre-existing condition, and is free of symptoms then it could get greenlit for coverage of a pre-existing condition.

6. Saving Money Is a Good Alternative

Saving enough money for ‘rainy days’ can be a safe way to cover the veterinary costs, however, the amount can never be predicted.

You might have enough saved up to cover a scheduled surgery, but luck might turn sour and you might be left with a
whole lot of debt. Or worse, the choice between affordable treatment and your pet’s life.

This is why pet insurances are necessary for coverage, just because there are no limits.

7. Pet’s Age Determines Whether They Need Pet Insurance

Pets of all ages need insurance. If you want to protect your dog you’ll have to do it from when it’s a puppy. They need it as puppies, just as much as they would when they’re seniors. If you have a senior dog that is older than 8 you can get accident and injury coverage.

8. It Takes a Long Time to Get Reimbursed

Most of the pet insurances would gladly disagree, as prompt reimbursement is some companies’ main feature. Most of them would claim that the reimbursement policy is a crucial part of customer service. 

If you’re looking for quick reimbursement, locate insurers that are willing to pay claims within minimum time like Metlife.

9. Claims Can Be Denied for any Reasons

Although partially true, pet insurance companies in the United States deny claims most often related to pre-existing conditions. This is why researching your insurer and being clear in your demands is imperative. 

Keeping your pet’s medical records is a good idea if you want to know whether a cleared condition can be covered in the future. 

10. You Can Get Treatment Cheaper

No amount of savings or budgets will be enough when issues come rushing in, and you should always be morally prepared. You have an obligation to your pet to take it to a certified veterinarian, so you shouldn’t go searching for a cheap solution that could lead to scams. 

Alternative treatments can even worsen the medical condition, and then you’ll be required to pay even more to a licensed vet. Pet insurance will only take from $16 to $30 bucks off your card, and it’s worth having the peace of mind.

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