How to Choose Best Cat Insurance – Complete Guide

How to Choose Best Cat Insurance

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Cats are definitely more independent than their clumsier nemeses – dogs. And it’s true. Cats can take care of themselves, only, they’re not immune to various diseases and accidents. A lot of things can happen, and when you’d see the vet bill – you’d regret not investing in that insurance. 

But, nowadays, there are many pet insurance policies on the market. Each insurance company offers different coverage plans, price ranges, or reimbursements to help pet parents with their budget, and their pets. But, how can one tell what’s the best pet insurance? We’ve put together a complete guide to help you choose the best insurance for your cat. 

How to Choose the Best Cat Insurance

The insurance market is flooded with all sorts of cat pet insurance policies and suggestions on which one to take. However, only you can determine what suits you and your pet best. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for the best cat insurance. 

Cat’s Age

Although many would agree that the best time to get pet insurance for your cat is as soon as possible, there are a few notions regarding pet insurance policies you want to note. 

Your cat’s age plays an important role in the type of insurance you should get. For example, if your cat is really young, it’s not really advisable to get coverage for cancer, as you’ll only be wasting money. 

But, bear in mind that 1 in 5 cats suffer from cancer once they reach old age. That means it’s quite common. In such an instance, you must make sure to get coverage on time before it’s too late. Because if your cat develops an illness before, you won’t be entitled to a claim as the disease counts as pre-existing

Your Need

Apart from covering pets, pet insurance policies exist to help pet parents with the budget. Therefore, you can choose what pet insurance policy suits your wallet best, and pick an insurance policy. Below we’ll discuss the pricing system in more detail.

Coverage Programs

Unlike dogs, cats are less prone to accidents and serious illnesses even scientifically. For that reason, almost every pet insurance company offers lower-cost insurance policies for cats than dogs. However, that doesn’t mean that the coverage program for cats is poor compared to the dogs. Hence, the coverage plans are custom to a pre-planned list of possible illnesses.

There are three basic coverage modules you will at almost every insurance policy.

  • Accidents Only – this module covers only accidents, also known as basic. That includes injuries caused by accidents. The pet insurance will cover the vet expenses for the accident, but in case the pet needs further treatment, the insurance policy isn’t obliged to cover from this point onward.
  • Accidents & Illnesses – this module is an extension of the basic coverage module. Illness is an umbrella for four types of coverage plans: Congenital, Special Needs, Hereditary, Cancer. Therefore, pets get coverage for the illnesses they’ve inherited from their mama or papa like asthma, hip dysplasia, or were born with it like heart diseases. Keep in mind that it’s important to get the cancer coverage before your pet actually gets it, otherwise it will be ruled out as a pre-existing condition. 
  • Premium Modules – as the name suggests, these modules top all other coverage plans. With a premium program, your pet gets cover for accidents and illnesses, but it might get a free wellness program, dental health coverage, or even grooming – depending on the pet insurance policy you choose.

Cost of Cat Pet Insurance

The policy pricing is determined based on how the insurance company structured the program. There are all-inclusive -programs, diseases & accidents, or accidents-only programs. Pet parents can pick the best coverage program that suits their budget, and pet’s needs, but here’s what they can expect regarding prices.

Pet Insurance Monthly Premium Programs
PetsBest $8.86
Figo $9.42
Healthy Paws $12.64
AKC or Pet Partners $13.92
Embrace $16.43
ASPCA $16.57
PetFirst $19.20
PetPlan $20.16
Trupanion $20.40
Nationwide $29.92

These are the 10 most popular pet insurance policies and the average prices for a monthly premium.

Claim Process

Usually, pet insurance policies need 10-20 days to process a claim. However, that entirely depends on the type of claim. For example, if you file for an accident – it can take a day or two to process a claim.

But, if it’s something that cannot wait, then pet insurance companies can take up to 20 days on average until you get approval and reimbursement.

Choosing pet insurance with a faster claim process is more important than the coverage plan. What use of a pet insurance policy if it doesn’t act fast?

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